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Wow it's been so busy lately, in fact crazy busy would be the only way to describe it. I cannot believe I am 28 weeks pregnant today (Monday) eek into the third trimester I go. So I thought I would do a round up of what has been going on from 25-27 weeks.

Well with lots events and trips to London keeping me on my feet I have started to feel a little bit of an energy dip mainly due to things becoming more uncomfortable at night and finding it harder to get a good nights sleep. For the first time I have been experiencing a bad back and rib pain something I didn't really have with Mr A but then again every pregnancy is different. What I have found though that eases it the most is keeping active, I discovered this after having a down week where I thought I would take things easy and it was actually a lot worst and I realised that Mr A and I love our outdoor walks every day or swimming and adventures close to home and further afield and it seems the best idea to just keep to that routine.

I have also been lucky enough to receive two amazing pregnancy subscription boxes in the past month - the Nonabox and Project-B, both of which really put a smile on my face and contained lovely little gifts to help you through your pregnancy and beyond. Check out my little vlog about them - can't wait to see whats in next months boxes.

In the Nonabox you get around 6-9 products and costs £24.95 per month and is tailored to the stage of your pregnancy and up to two years post-birth. I really loved the full sized Aden & Anais swaddle muslin and cannot wait to use it when our new arrival is here. I also love the Cheeky Rascals Belly Belt which extended the life of your normal jeans. My other two favourite products this month was the Bennetts nappy cream - mainly because it's a long established South African brand which is nice to see as well as the Waterwipes travel pack.

Muslin swaddle blanket
My fave 4 Nonabox products - Swaddle Muslin, Waterwipes, Bennetts nappy cream, Cheeky Rascals Belly Belt

The Project-B boxes run from 12 weeks of your pregnancy through to the arrival and are crammed with useful nibbles, products, samples advice and recipes for each stage of your pregnancy and costs £14 per month. My most recent box was the The Energise box for 20-24 weeks and I loved the Bear paws products as well as the Apothederm stretch mark cream which I have been using everyday. I also really loved the Teapigs samples as well as the full sized - What to Buy your Baby book which is really informative.

Fave Project-B products - Apothederm cream, Alpha Bites, What to buy your baby book, Teapigs tea


  1. I love that they have subscription boxes for expecting mommies, IF I ever plan on having more I will definitely have to check them out! Hope the 3rd trimester treats you well :) Thanks for linking up with The Collective!

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy! I've been crazy busy too, it's scary how fast time is flying by isn't it!?

    L x // bloglovin'

  3. Lots of luck with your pregnancy, I found the belly belts to be really good.

  4. time's flying!! I love teapigs ;)

  5. Those AlphaBites are so yummy! We got some samples in our MADS goodie bag and we had to eat them dry the next morning as the kids were hungry! x

  6. Cute video, Laura. I like your hair cut. These subscription things always look like such fun. Great that there's stuff to pamper you. Eek, you're growing a baby!!! :)

  7. Lovely video!! I wish i'd known about subscription boxes when I was pregnant - and I love your hair! x

  8. I love the swaddle muslin! Such a cute video too! x

  9. It's such good idea to have a subscription box for pregnant mums to be. I love the muslin and the alphabites *i secretly eat F's shhhh. x

  10. My kids really like those Bear products and I love Tea pigs - good selection! x


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