5 Easy ways to keep your Garden looking great this Winter


winter picnic
A winter picnic...why not? (image

So after a few on and off wet weeks and the temperature dropping plus the generally busyness of this time of the year, it has meant until a few days ago our garden was looking rather sorry for itself. With a few last remaining courgettes to be picked, the dried remains of our tomato plants and various other veggies, untamed grass and weeds popping up everywhere we knew we needed a maintenance day. We put on our wellies, braved the slugs and de-weeded most of our garden, plus tided up the raised flower beds, packed away various garden toys, sorted out the shed and basically have started to get the garden ready for winter. The whole process was very therapeutic and already the garden looks more inviting despite the colder weather.

It's made me think what can be done to keep your outdoor space from looking like a long lost world during the winter months and how to keep it a place you still want to spend time in.

1. Maintenance - don't leave it to become overgrow for the whole of winter, you will only feel more overwhelmed when spring comes around. By just spending half an hour a week when it's dry, pulling weeds, sweeping dead leaves and keeping the area clean and tidy will go along way in the upkeep of your outdoor space.

2. Learn about what flowers and vegetable you can grow during the colder months to try and inject a little bit of colour into your garden. I know that garlic, leeks and swiss chard are all very hardy and can be planted throughout the year as well as Pansies and Evergreens.

artificial grass
Artificial grass means a perfect lawn all year round

3. If you want to keep your outdoor space looking well trimmed, neat and stylish all year round you could always opt for artificial grass and with companies such as Lawn Perfection who recently worked with Ikea on an interior installation the grass looks so realistic that you can hardly tell the difference. You can also add large pot plants to the patio space to have a good balance between the natural and artificial, creating an inviting and well manicured area all year round.

free range child
Mr A loves keeping the bird feeders full.

4. Make your garden wildlife friendly. During the colder months wildlife, especially birds who don't migrate need your help more than ever, especially with food resources running low so we always make sure that our bird feeders are full and it's lovely to watch the birds coming to visit our garden from the comfort of our cosy kitchen.

5. Look after your garden furniture. Make sure you pack away any untreated wooden chairs as well as wiping down your furniture and staying on top of things like damp spots. You could also invest in
some simple covers for any furniture that may need it as looking after what you have is key.

outdoor fun
We always love having fun in the garden not matter what time of the year

The main thing is to keep having fun outside, just wrap up warm and why not have a mini picnic surrounded by some tea light lanterns or go bug hunting (it's the perfect time of the year to do that).

In association with Lawn Perfection - words and thoughts 100% our own


  1. We've been getting out into our garden in bigger bits and pieces on the weekends but I really need to go do some day to day stuff I've been putting off. I'm such a fair weather gardener! Good tips.

  2. We're just about to get artificial grass actually, it's been really fun planning it out with the gardener, I would never in a million years thought it could look so good and mix so well with live plants in our little space!

  3. Wish I had a garden to maintain but love you tips

  4. The lawn perfection sounds brilliant! I enjoy gardening in winter, Its just as rewarding in winter than any other season.

  5. I really want artificial grass!! Cutting it is a right pain, well for Matt it is, can't say I do it ;) Plus it dies and goes patchy, I'm not one for gardening! x

  6. My garden is SUCH a mess right now.. I kinda wish it would snow and hide all the mud!

  7. My Dad came over today and did so much work in our garden. He even washed the bird feeders, so we have no excuse not to get out there and enjoy it - lovely ideas for Winter :)

  8. My husband Greig would probably love us to get that artificial grass so he'd never have to mow it again x

  9. My mother-in-law had fake grass (er-sorry, artificial!) last year and she hasn't regretted it! It looks fabulous all year round and just requires the occasion sweep up of the leaves! xx

  10. wish we had a garden! we do have a uh..'back yard' so that's better than nothing. that first photo looks cosy considering its surroundings, doesn't it!

  11. We thought about getting artificial grass when we did up our garden...and I wish we had done tbh! x


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