Exploring Milford Haven, West Wales


Milford Haven

Milford Haven, a fishing town in Pembrokeshire West Wales is quickly becoming a must-visit destination in Wales, especially with the continually evolving multi-million pound Milford Waterfront Development which has been going from strength to strength in the past few years. creating a haven of boutique shops, independent businesses, watersports cafes and restaurants with beautiful views across the Marina and Eastury. 

My boys and I were recently invited to come and spend a night in Milford Haven and experience everything it has to offer and we were not disappointed. 

The drive from Cardiff to Milford Haven is just under 2hrs and we stayed at the lovely Tŷ Milford Waterfront which opened last year and is right on the marina. On our arrival, there was plenty of parking adjacent to the hotel which is complimentary and walking through the doors you are immediately welcomed by the friendly reception staff. We stayed on the 3rd floor in a family room which was not only spacious but offered incredible views across the bay, in fact, I could have spent hours just sitting on the balcony just soaking it all in. 

Ty Milford Waterfront

But of course, we wanted to make the most of our stay in Milford Haven so as soon as we had settled into our room we headed back out with the aim to explore as much of the local area as possible. The kids were also a little peckish at this point so went in hunt of some gelato because when you're beside the seaside who can say no to some delicious homemade Gelato? Not me! Luckily we didn't have to walk that far before coming across Velluto Gelato on Nelson Quay and it was great to see they make their small batch gelato on-site and the kids gave thumbs up to their pistachio and salted caramel iced delights. 

Gelato Milford Waterfront

We then took a short stroll over to the Milford Beach Activity Centre which offers stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking experiences as well as equipment hire. We had instructed 1.5-hour sessions and the staff were incredibly friendly and knowledgable and allowed my kids and I to go at our own pace exploring the crystal clear water of Milford beach. Paddleboard hire is £15 per hour and an instructed session which is perfect for kids or adults who want to give watersports a try, lasts around 1.5 hours and is £20 per person. 



We booked an early evening meal at Dulse, the ground-floor restaurant at Tŷ Milford Waterfront which prides itself in serving up the best local ingredients from the Pembrokeshire coast and countryside, which is reflected in their menu. The setting is light and open and welcoming to families plus it has incredible views across the marina and the menu caters for both young and old. I can personally recommend the Lemon, Chickpea and Tomato Quinoa Salad and my eldest thoroughly enjoyed the Dulse Deli Board and Crème Brulée Baked with Pembrokeshire Cream.

After a very good sleep we headed back downstairs to the breakfast, which we couldn't fault, plenty of choice and fresh pastries, you can't go wrong. We had another day to explore and the first thing on our list was visiting the Milford Haven Museum only a few meters away from the hotel and is well worth a visit. The museum is on the smaller side but it's both informative and interactive and both of my kids and I really enjoyed learning more about the history of Milford Haven. A family ticket is £10 and we spent just over an hour at the museum. 

Milford Haven museum

Milford Haven also has an array of walking trails including a few that start from the waterfront itself. We decided to have a walk along the Scotch Bay path and spending time exploring the rock pools on Milford Beach. We also did the heritage trail around the waterfront which is perfect for younger children. 

To finish off our stay we headed to Neyland, a small fishing village by crossing the Cleddau Bridge which offers incredible views of the estuary before taking a slow drive back home. We love West Wales and visit regularly but this was the properly first time exploring  Milford Haven and really enjoyed our time there and will definitely be returning. 

Milford Haven

*Thank you Tŷ Milford Waterfront Hotel for inviting us to explore Milford Haven. Words and opinions 100% my own 

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Go Outdoors Cardiff Grand Opening


Cardiff Go Outdoors

Written in collaboration with Go Outdoors Cardiff

Go Outdoors is without a doubt one of our favourite outdoors stores, we have bought many things from Go Outdoors over the years, including tents, hiking boots, camping accessories and anything and everything you need to really enjoy the outdoors to the full.

The Cardiff store, my local, has recently undergone a full refurbishment and is hosting a Grand opening event on Saturday 29th July with brand ambassadors Gethin Jones and Sean Fletcher hosting the event and cutting the ribbon at 9am. 

The re-opening is perfect timing for those looking to head out on some adventures this summer holidays as they are offering a host of extra discounts and prizes. The first 200 customers through the doors will receive a £20 gift voucher and the following 100 will get a free goody bag worth £25. There is also going to be plenty to do on site for the whole family including face painters and balloon modellers in store. 

The 29,000ft Cardiff store offers an incredible range of clothing, accessories and services for all your outdoor needs including a Bike 365 concession which does bike servicing in-store, the staff are also on hand to help with boot and rucksack fitting along with specialist equipment for equestrian, cycling and angling activities along with their huge range of tents which can be seen set up in their outdoor area. 

On top of the amazing value and summer sale already running at Go Outdoors, the Cardiff store is offering an extra 15% discount from the 25th July - 7th August, so now really is the time to stock up on any camping goods or outdoor pursuits such as cycling, hiking and fishing. I thought I would share my favourite deals they have on at the moment. 

Go outdoors

Go Outdoors Great Summer Offers

I bought one of these 2yrs ago and it's great for quick nights away under canvas and is easy for one person to put up - so for weekend or festival camps for 1 adult and 2 children or 3 adults, it's great. It's fully waterproof and is also kitted out with darkened technology to help provide a better night's sleep, plus at £75 it's a great quality tent at a fantastic price. 

If you are looking to get into stand-up paddle boarding and want a premium setup without forking out hundreds of pounds, the Dagon10ft is a great set-up for both beginners and more advanced paddlers and is suitable for lakes, rivers and small wave sea riding. This pack comes with everything you need to get started and get out on the water this summer. 

When it comes to camping and comfort, self-inflating sleeping mats are where it's at, forget air mattresses (they really are not that comfy), self-inflating mats are a game changer, as well as being light and much quicker to put up than air mats, they are so much more comfortable. This OEX mat carries is perfect for all-year-round camping as it carries a thermal rating suitable for 4 seasons and provides great insulation. 

Camping with kids

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4 Stylish Summer Fashion Clothes to Wear


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summer style

Summer is the perfect time to embrace fashion and get a little creative in showcasing your style. As the temperatures rise, it's important to stay cool and comfortable while still embracing your individual style.

Whether you're heading to the beach, eating alfresco with friends, or enjoying a casual day out, here are four fashionable summer clothes that are both comfy and will keep you cool but are still on-trend.

Mesh Shorts

Mesh shorts are a stylish and practical choice for summer fashion. These lightweight shorts are made from a breathable mesh fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable on hot days. They come in a variety of vibrant colours and designs, adding a fun and sporty element to your summer outfits.

Mesh shorts are perfect for casual activities like beach days, workouts, or lounging around. Pair them with a basic tank top or a graphic tee for a trendy and effortless look. Whether you're hitting the gym or simply enjoying the summer breeze, mesh shorts are a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

linen clothing

Linen Dresses, dungarees and Shirts

Linen is a go-to fabric for summer due to its breathability and natural texture which is a versatile and stylish choice for all. Opt for flowy maxi dresses or a linen shirt or even dungarees in soft pastel hues or vibrant patterns and pair them with sandals or wedges for a relaxed yet sophisticated look.

If you opt for a linen shirt in soft pastel shades or classic white, pair them with tailored shorts or lightweight chinos for a polished summer ensemble. Linen dresses and shirts exude a sense of laid-back style, making them a perfect choice for any summer occasion.

Flowy Tops and Button-Down Shirts

Flowy tops and button-down shirts are comfortable and fashionable options for both men and women in the summer. Lightweight blouses and shirts, off-shoulder styles in breathable fabrics like cotton or chiffon. Pair them with shorts, skirts, or jeans for a chic and breezy look. Flowy tops and button-down shirts are versatile options that can easily transition from day to night.


Sandals and Sneakers

Footwear is an essential component of summer fashion, providing comfort and style. Both men and women can opt for sandals or sneakers to complete their summer outfits. 

Embrace sandals or canvas sneakers for a comfortable and cool vibe. Opt for neutral colours or experiment with bold and vibrant hues to add a pop of colour to your ensemble. Sandals and sneakers provide the perfect finishing touch to any summer outfit.

That’s A Wrap

Summer fashion is all about embracing lightweight fabrics, vibrant prints, and comfortable style. 

Remember to embrace your style, experiment with different colours and patterns, and accessorize wisely to make your summer fashion truly stand out. With these fashionable summer clothes, you'll be ready to enjoy the season in style and comfort.

summer style

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5 steps to help improve your overall wellbeing


welsh mountain

We often dream of living a more fulfilling and positive lifestyle, but the pressures and responsibilities of daily life often mean balancing work, parenting and wellbeing is really hard. Many will relate to this problem. We also find there are fewer opportunities to treat ourselves as many indulgences, even small ones like going to the movies or grabbing a drink with friends, seems like a waste of money that could rather be spent on something 'useful'.

However, in this internal struggle, we can forget that our happiness and mental health are paramount. It is necessary to set aside time to look after your needs and you don't need to put a dent in your wallet to do that. There are small and easy steps you can take to improve your overall lifestyle that will help you feel happier and more fulfilled every single day. 

Here are some ideas 

Embrace the outdoors

Humans were not built to spend 24 hours a day indoors, moving their attention from one screen to another. We need to spend time outdoors, surrounded by nature. It is known that lack of sunlight and outdoor exposure can lead to medical problems such as Vitamin D deficiency. However, the innate need for being amid nature goes much deeper than this, and if you want to enhance your lifestyle, it is necessary to embrace the outdoors.

Spending too much time inside can impact one's mental health, therefore, try time outdoors every day, even if it's just 20mins. You can take up a sport or join your local rambling club. You can even plan activities with your friends and family, like picnics and hikes.

forest walks

Make small upgrades to your home on a minimal budget 

There are quick and easy home upgrades you can carry out on a tiny budget, such as freshening up a room with a lick of paint, decluttering a space, planting some flowers in your garden or outdoor space or a shower replacement to enhance your bathing experience. Think about small changes you can make to your home that will help you improve your daily life. 


Set a self-care budget

Saving money is important, especially in this dwindling economy. However, you cannot keep ignoring your own needs and it is essential to maintain some sort of balance. So setting a self-care budget can be really useful, even if it's just £5 a week to go to your local yoga class or social group. 

By paying attention to your needs can also help with stopping negative feelings and thoughts from taking root in your mind. Additionally, listening to your desires will prevent them from becoming unhealthy obsessions. Remember, moderation and balance are the key elements to self-care. By caring for yourself and your wants will help improve your overall life. 

Explore your interests

When life gets busy many of us give up on things that we love or struggle to find time for the things that bring us joy and this can have a negative effect on our well-being. If you want to enhance your lifestyle, it is necessary to step back and think about your interests and how you can make more time for them.

It may be a passing hobby, or it may be a suppressed passion. Either way, you owe it to yourself to explore and find out what gives you joy. It doesn't matter what stage you are at in life. What matters is where you want to go. It is never too late to change course and build a life and lifestyle that you love. However, to start, you must look within and find your interests and passions. 


Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness refers to the act of being mindful, present, and attentive. Mastering mindfulness is a surefire way to enhance your overall wellbeing. Those who practice mindfulness find they can stay in the present and have better control of their emotions and thoughts, which can also help. you to evade negativity and stress.

Everyone has had their share of bad experiences. From childhood trauma to toxic friendships, we all have inner demons that we battle daily. Mindfulness teaches a person how to navigate and fight through these battles and learn how to create a positive mindset.

While mindfulness is a psychological tool taught to patients in therapy, it is also widely popular among yoga practitioners. Most yoga instructors centralize their beginner-level classes on mindfulness and positive thinking. 

Enhancing your overall well-being is not a fixed-step process that can be fit into a guidebook. While the above tips will help create a better lifestyle, the changes they bring may not meet your needs. To improve your life, it is important to assess your needs and find out what you want. Once you have that figured out, start by making small, meaningful changes in your life, and over time, you will find yourself living the life you've always dreamed of.
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Five Features That Make Your Home Sing


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Home lifestyle

When you want to make your home stand out, whether for your own pride or because you’re trying to sell up there are lots of options. You can add features that are unusual or futuristic, or choose a timeless addition that adds to the value of your home.

Let’s consider five features that make your home sing and make visitors gasp in amazement.

Modern Fireplace and log burners

Fireplaces are still popular features in our homes and a fantastic array of modern and traditional designs are available. Despite most homes having central heating a fireplace still represents a focal point in a living space.

Standalone wood burners are also popular and can be enhanced by a purpose-built alcove to hold logs. Models that rotate allow the benefit of the warmth as well as the view of the fire to be enjoyed wherever you are in an open-plan room.

log burner

Impressive Front Door

Your front door is what visitors to your home will first encounter so this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a feature that will impress.

An extra wide or double door at the entrance to your property will exude opulence and luxury. Sidelights that flood your entryway with natural light will add to the appeal. The new front door cost will depend not just on size but also on the style and material of the door.

front door

Clever Lighting

Putting thought into your lighting scheme will reward you with a feature that makes your home sing. Lighting is one of the crucial factors in creating the ambience that you want in your home.

Adding smart technology to your lighting can seriously up the wow factor of your property allowing you to control the lights from your phone or tablet. You can alter the look and aesthetic of your home simply by changing the lighting without needing to decorate.


Unconventional Radiators

Using unconventional radiators can set your home apart from the ordinary. There are a myriad of designs and styles available which will let you create something unique for your home. Glass effect radiators that resemble mirrors or vertical radiators that could be mistaken for paintings will certainly be talking points in your home. Other designs resemble sculptures or wall hangings or just really cool industrial-style radiators.


Amazing Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space has the same potential as the interior of your home to make a significant impression on visitors or potential buyers. Adapt your design to the size and location of your outside area, whether that’s a small city balcony or a large rural garden. Perhaps you have a small but uneven space and want to create area for entertaining and make the most of a tiny space and one of the options would be to level the area using a reputable concrete company

Create an oasis of calm with a stylish seating area, complete with a water feature for the ultimate tranquillity surrounded by beautiful plants and shrubbery. Add some ambient lighting and perhaps even a fire pit to warm chilly autumn evenings in the garden.


Whether it’s a modern fireplace, an impressive front door, clever lighting, unconventional radiators or an amazing outdoor space any one of these features will make your home sing and the envy of your neighbours.

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