Clogau opens in Cardiff in style


Clogau Cardiff
Chairman Bill Roberts officially with wife Maggie Roberts and Royal harpist Claire Jones

For those who have not heard of Clogau before it's a homegrown company that mines for the very rare and stunning Welsh Gold, so it only seems appropriate that St Davids in Cardiff would be THE place to open a new flagship store and I was lucky enough to attend the classy and chic opening. First of all the shop and interior design is beautiful and well laid out in a way the inspires and creates a great in-store experience and I was immediately impressed. The evening included some mouthwatering canapés, champagne and the stunning sound of Claire Jones the Royal harpist - things could not of have been more perfect.

Opening night
Some amazing canapés on offer during the opening night

 It's always great seeing such upmarket brands and concept stores coming to Cardiff - it's been long overdue and with Clogau being a Welsh brand I am sure that they will have a lot of success in the Capital. I fell in love with an intricate leaf ring as well as there gorgeous necklaces and bracelets.

Silver leaf ring
I love this Leaf ring - so beautiful

In terms of dress code I knew this was going to be a special event so I opted for a slight more smarter look with a white blazer and black sheer top with my new boots and went for a simple tied back hair and red lippy. It was also great to meet up with some other lovely bloggers on the night, it's always a pleasure to see them and I think we all agreed how amazing the night was.

Outfit style

The owner and his family (with jewellery designer daughter) were on hand to cut the ribbon after which we were treated to some more music from Claire Jones. Once everything had wrapped up I met John and we pop over to the Cosy Club for a little bite to eat - a great way to end a perfect evening in the city.

Chairman Bill Roberts officially opens the Clogau UK flagship store with wife Maggie Roberts, Managing Director Ben Roberts and Clogau designer, Samantha Roberts 

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Dear Valentine


So I know some people don't do Valentines - and we try and not get caught up in all the madness by simply enjoying each others company and that of the people we love - but we do like to treat the ones we love as well with simple pleasures such as breakfast in bed, maybe some nice bubbly, baking carrot cake with the little man for the other half and perhaps a little present wouldn't go amiss. We always make our Valentines day cards (so much more fun and heart-felt) but I thought I would put together a little inspirational list of cool and quirky gifts for the day of love.

Map Cufflinks
Map Cufflinks for him - from Etsy £10

Valentines gifts
Say it with Flowers Scented Rose Seed Gift - £4 from John Lewis

I am totally in love with this Limited Collection Rose Print Floral body from M&S - I usually don't by things like this but I just think it's beautiful and would be as much as a gift for me as it would be for the other half and it's very reasonable for such a wonderful item coming in at £25

Floral body bra
Limited Collection Rose Floral Print Body £25 - M&S

If you looking for something quirky but coming in on a lower budget but also want to support a really great charity than these cute little Love Heart Necklaces and rings from Viva are only £4

Love Hearts jewellery
Love Heart jewellery from Viva £4

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Remembering Prague

Prague old town
Me on a walk back down from the castle in Prague

I have been to the Czech Republic twice - on both occasions I have entered the country via train - the first was a long trip from Amsterdam via Berlin through the german countryside into CZ - it was amazing to see the landscape change, roll past small villages and post-soviet towns. The second time I had come up from Croatia through Hungary and Slovakia - another amazing and inspiring trip and I couldn't imagine any other way of seeing the country.

European train trip
Coming into the Czech Republic via Germany - amazing scenery

The first time I was travelling with some Czech friends who I had met while working in Amsterdam and where returning home - it was great to have an insider look to the city and I spent a few weeks there, picking up some basic words, enjoying riding the fairly new metro as well as the trams all over the city.

Prague city

Its one of those kind of places I love because it's not perfect - I saw the good and bad side of the city and enjoyed window shopping in the tourist parts, bars in the old town, learning about history in the Jewish Quarter, enjoying picnics in the parks on the outskirts.

Prague tourism

I found the language so interesting and loved the stark contrast between some of the dilapidated ex-soviet buildings to the colourful and youthful nightlife. It was great being somewhere in Europe that was fairly cheap (although this is changing) and it was great to have locals as friends as it meant I could avoid the crowds of stag and hen do's and really get a feel for the place.

Local prague
Having my first real Budweiser  in a local eatery in Prague

It's a part of the world I find fascinating, I love the culture and really want to travel more around that area, hopefully very soon. After I left Prague the first time was on a local bus to Bratislava in Slovakia - another city I fell in love with and will share with you very soon.

I have linked this post up with Travel Tuesday on Bonnie Rose Blog
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Ethical beauty products - what we are using


So we love to try new beauty products and it's important to us they are cruelty free, preferably naturally based and with a brand that has some ethical morals. This of course cannot always be the case but we truly believe your skin will be thankful for products that are soft and plant based. We have purchased all of these products ourself and it's what we are using at the moment and all feelings expressed are completely our own

Organic beauty products

1. Toms - Natural Deodorant - A crystal Zinc based deodorant made in Maine using sustainable practices and recycled packaging. It's strange looking at the back of a product and seeing very few ingredients - this is basically made up of naturally sourced Zinc and Potassium that helps fight odour causing bacteria. It's light, fragrance free and perfect for sensitive skin. It does take a few days to really start working and I find it's great for day to day use although if I know I am going somewhere hot, stuffy or an important social event I tend to use something a little bit stronger or double up with a light fragrance spray for extra protection - all in all a great natural product

2. Aveda Stress Fix Body Lotion - I do love Aveda although it is pricey so this little number was picked up by the other half as a present for me. 99% of the total ingredients are from natural origins and 95% are certified organic and this product feels really luxurious and the lavender scent is so lovely and calming and great for applying after a lazy evening bath after a long day and it does what it says on the box - a amazing stress-fix - recommended.

3. Botanics 100% Organic Rosewater Toner - I don't think I will ever get bored of the lovely scent that is rosewater - so soft, delicate and a great way to start the day and fit into your daily cleansing regime and I feel this is perfect for my combination/oily skin. I also like how Boots Botanics are moving in the right direction with this product being made in the UK, using a minimum of 25% recycled packaging and being people tested - all retailers should be like that.

Moisture cream for men

As you can see John has already nearly used all of his Moisture Cream for Men by Weleda that I picked up for him as an extra little stocking filler over Christmas. Weleda is a real key player in the natural and ethical beauty products and even though they can also bit a bit pricey we have always had positive experiences and always go back for more. John has quite dry skin and this really rehydrates it without making it oily- quite a hard thing to find. A big thumbs up for the beardy man
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Newport Wetlands - Outdoor Adventure


Beautiful landscape

We love to explore new places and being members of the RSPB we have been long overdue for a trip to the Newport Wetlands. It took a while to find the place as it's on the outskirts of newport, near the coast and what should of taken just over 30min was closer to an hour but at least we know where it is now as I am sure we will be visiting again very soon. The trip was also well timed with our own preparations with the Big Bird Watch and we have been making our garden more bird friendly of late. On arrival we immediately noticed a beautiful Robin who was singing in the trees - a wonderful way to start the adventure.

Newport Wetlands

The centre has a lovely Visitors Centre, Shop and cafe with a lovely view over a lake and beautiful place to sit back and have a cup of coffee, daydream and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Outdoor fun
John and Mr A climbing the lighthouse in the play park

There is also a great kids playground with a mini lighthouse and ship and after lunch we enjoyed some fun time in the play park before going not he sculpture walk.

outdoor family

The walk we choose was one of the easier ones that is suitable for toddlers and pushchairs and a great to familiarise yourself with the centre and next time we will try one of there other routes that takes you through the wetlands.

outdoor toddler

We spotted some ducks at one of the look outs and really enjoyed the adult height reeds to run around next to but the highlight was walking across the water bridge to the 100year old lighthouse which looked out across the coast and was a really magical experience for the little man.

Beautiful landscape
Beautiful landscape around Newport Wetlands

I really cannot believe it's taken us this long to visit Newport Wetlands but we will be back again soon as it's lovely to see places like this that encourage wildlife in it's most natural environment and for kids to come and have fun - plus it's a major bonus of being totally free!


We have joined in with Country Kids linky - for families who love spending time outdoors.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Outdoor style Part 1


outdoor fleece

So as many of you know we spend quite a lot of time outdoors with the little man no matter what season or how cold we love the fresh air and thinks it's important to embrace the UK weather warts and all. However not only is it important for Mr A to be well wrapped up but also for us. One needs to be practical but that does not mean you have to sacrifice on style. This time of the year is all about layering, so first of all on any outdoor adventure I use thermals than usually and long-sleeve fitted tee and a fleece, which is what this outfit post is all about. I am in love with this Peter Storm tech fleece that  was kindly sent to me by Millets and has been an absolute essential during the winter as it's super soft, warm and fits perfectly under my parka and coupled up with Peter Storm Polar Chute which is so much more than just a scarf and I highly recommend having this in your backpack as it can also be used as a headband wristband, balaclava or neck warmer.

outdoor style
I paired up the fleece with Diesel denim and Boden wellies

When it comes to the outdoors you need to invest in some quality, practical but also stylish pieces to get you through the winter that have longevity and will see you through many a season. Staple pieces are key and you will be far more comfortable if you have the right equipment. So go out and enjoy, live life and get outside.

Outdoor adventure

Part 2 - mens wear will be up very soon.
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Viva la Veganuary


So just thought I would do a quick post to keep you in the loop with my veganuary journey - which I have really enjoyed. We have been eating lots of healthy home made recipes as well as rustling up some quick alternative favourites. It's not been without it's hitches - I did find myself on one family outing in a place there was literally nothing for me to eat, but no fear managed to pop over to a supermarket and full myself up on some yummy fruit, nuts and those of so good naked bars.

Vegan inspiration

So besides the lentil Dalh and spinach curries these four went down the best with the big and little man - we brought in "hot no-dog" night with Linda Mccartney sausages, onions, spinach and organic tomato sauce. I also threw together a quick bean gumbo which was super tasty, we indulged in some bean burgers, straight out of the oven rolls and salad as well as some vegan spaghetti bolognese with shredded carrot and spinach - so good. Still have not found a good cheese substitute but no fear I am hoping a third time lucky with the Vegusto Cheese I am going to top my homemade kale pizza's with.

My favourite thing I made this week was the Berry and Apple tray bake - so tasty and fairly healthy in terms of baking treats, packed with oats and berries and buckwheat flour and overly sweet - recipe coming soon (want to perfect it first)

Healthy baking

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Candy Kittens are coming to Cardiff


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Pop-up Cardiff

So excited to announce that the Candy Kittens will be opening a Pop-up shop in the Cardiff Arcades this weekend and for this weekend only. For those who don't know what the Candy Kittens are, it's a fashionable confection brand that was setup by Jamie Laing of Made in Chelsea fame, a London born idea with a love of all things sweet.

The pop-up store will only be open for 3 days so why not pop down and indulge in some fashion, sweets and treats and did I forget to say Jamie Laing will be there too!


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Family Friendly things to do in Egypt

Holiday in Egypt

Think of a family holiday and Egypt might not be the first destination that springs to mind. But, Egypt holidays have a wealth of things to do for kids, and it doesn't all revolve around ancient sights. After all, as spectacular as they are, some kids don't appreciate history lessons while they're on holiday! So you'll be pleased to know that Egypt has plenty of other child-friendly tricks up its rather long sleeve, which will no doubt put family holidays to Egypt firmly on your radar…


For the ultimate family beach break, head to the holiday resorts along Egypt's Red Sea coast. Sharm el Sheikh is the big one, which is full of daytime activities, gorgeous beaches and stacks of restaurants and family-friendly eateries. There are plenty of all-inclusive hotels in this part of the world too, so if you're after a laid-back escape that's fuss-free and cost-effective, make sure you check out some of the all-inclusive holidays on offer in Sharm el Sheikh.

Egypt beach

Red Sea activities

Older kids can try their hand at watersports like windsurfing, and they could even join a scuba-diving PADI course to take a dip beneath the waves. This is what the Red Sea is famous for, and its intoxicating blend of rainbow-coloured coral reefs, marine life, sunken wrecks and calm clear waters makes it a haven for underwater explorers both young and old.

Red Sea

Day trips

Whichever part of Egypt you choose to visit, it's possible to take plenty of day trips either by joining local organised tours or by booking a domestic flight. For instance, you could enjoy a family holiday in Sharm el Sheikh and whisk the kids off to see the ancient sights for the day. It's a long day but it's certainly worth it, and even the little ones will be awed by the majestic pyramids and soaring temples - particularly if you treat them to a camel ride afterwards!

So if you're planning a family escape this year, Egypt holidays could be just what you're looking for…

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A new tiger in town



Loving the moustache comb 

I always get excited when new quirky store comes to Cardiff, especially when it's one that originates from Copenhagen bringing all it's Scandinavian style with it but not a big price tag - I mean total win win so when the new Tiger Store opened up I couldn't wait to go and have a look for myself. Especially since I am always eyeing up things for the new house and with nothing exceeding £30 this is my kind of place.

Quirky shop
New Tiger store open in St Davids, Cardiff

It's also a great shop for finding little gifts for people and it added a little extra spark to our christmas stockings as there is lots to be found for a few pounds, including some cool moustache boxers and comb and a wooden stacking toy for the little man and a pretty beaded collar necklace for myself and some silver nail polish.

Loving my silver Nail Polish at only £1

They also have a nice selection of loose left tea and spices which can be hard to find in the centre of Cardiff and I am in love with their home wear section and cute painted faces plates, so I thought I would put a wish list of things that have taken my eye

cool clock
Heart Shaped Clock £4

kids games
Walking buckets £3

Russian doll
Babushka Puzzle £2

quirky gifts
Heart shaped frying pan £3

Felt Basket £3

face plate
Round face plate £3

I mean how cute are all these products! 

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Making our garden bird friendly


So we are really looking forward to the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this coming weekend and we really wanted to start making our garden more bird friendly. We have a lot of plans for the garden this spring and even though it's been tipping down buckets of rain this week we have started tiding up the boarders and sorting out the shed as well as making our own little bird feeder with the held of our Weekend Box which arrived last week and with perfect timing. We used ice-cream sticks and PVA glue to make this simple but super fun bird feeder and added some colourful sticks I had left over from another craft we did a while back.

Bird feeder

It's a really easy craft for toddlers and Mr A and there is always that sense of achievement when you see the finally product actually come together and work. We decided to double up on our bird friendliness and also pick up a bird feeder so we could place each one on either side of the garden.

Bird feeder
Deciding on the best spot to hang our feeders

Two days after hanging them up we spotted what we think was a Coal Tit having a little munch on the seeds out of our homemade feeder, which was really exciting and being able to watch him from the kitchen while having our breakfast was the prefect way to start the day.

Bird feeders

The next stop is to invest in a little bird feeder as behind the house is a riverside walk and some trees frequented by birds so it would be lovely to see some of them in the garden. Do you have any tips or plans on how to bring nature into your garden?

outdoors toddler
Mr A having fun in the rain

We have joined up with the Country Kids linky this week - a great linky for families who love spending time outdoors

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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