Homely Halloween fun


Halloween pumpkin

Mr A loves to dress up and I love bringing nature into the home so Halloween is a pretty fun time of the year for us. We don't really over indulge with the sugary side of things although we do have a few treats but tend to do more crafts, make pumpkin pie and carve pumpkins. We have been spending quite a bit of time roaming community gardens and farms looking at the pumpkins grow this year which has been a lot of fun.

Halloween fun

This year we actually spent Halloween night in Amsterdam so the night before we left on our dutch city-break we went over to my mothers for a special "Halloween" were basically we put on a little treasure hunt for Mr A which ended in a few new metal cars as well as playing bob the apples. It also gave Mr A a chance to dress up and for all us to get into the spirit of things. My mother made some very yummy Portuguese inspired plum custard tarts as well as a divine pea and potato curry with a big helping of green salad.

green salad

bob the apples

The lovely people at Marks and Spencer also sent over a few goodies to add that extra little Halloween fun, of course celebrating a day early meant that we didn't have to share any with tricker treaters. We had glow sticks and a pin the witches nose on game, you can also see the amazing witches fingers we had last year among other things. They always have such a fun gifts and celebratory items I cannot wait to see what they have in store for Christmas.

Spooky jelly skulls from M&S


  1. Ooh, they look spooky! My friend who lives in Amsterdam shared photos of the Halloween Street Parade- it looked amazing, but maybe more for grown ups than kids! lol x

  2. What a lovely blog, the food looks fab and how fab to have a break in Amsterdam! Your sons is also stunning i love his blonde hair <3

  3. Dya know... I've never - in my nearly 30 years of life - ever done a pumpkin! Great job :-)

  4. That salad looks so yummy. I'm craving avocado right now. I love that you organised a little treasure hunt. What fun.

  5. Now I feel like I missed out on those jelly skulls from M&S - might have to get some anyway :) x

  6. Sounds perfect and a great reminder that it doesn't have to be all about the sweets, although the skulls are very cool. Can you tell my kids that please? Gorgeous food too.


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