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I have a really amazing giveaway this week - a Nica Purse worth £25.
It's super easy to enter all you need to do is follow the blog on friends connect and leave a comment.

If your already a follower you also get extra entries for

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The competitions ends on 31st August.

Blog Giveaway

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DIY Projects to Reinvent Old Fashions


Sometimes a treasured piece of clothing has been right out of style. Other times, a trendy piece may need an update to eliminate strains and frays. Whatever the reason my be, reinventing a favourite piece of clothing can be accomplished by using several different techniques. While the experienced crafter may prefer to use a sewing machine, many of the hottest fashions can be created without using needle of thread.

For anyone who wants to add their personal sense of style to a new or worn out item clothing, the following simple ideas with give any fashion some flair.

Tee to Tank:

T-shirts are often worn so often that they become susceptible to stains and tears. However, it can be hard to let a favourite t-shirt go. Therefore, an old t-shirt can be made new again by putting scissors to the fabric and cutting off the arms to make a tank. To give the tank a polished look, a sewing machine can be used to hem up the places were the fabric was cut. However, leaving the edges unfinished can give the rough and tumble kind of charm.

no sew creation
My quick t-shirt to vest creation.

A quick step by step guide from the amazing Rabbit Food blog

Cut and Tie

A popular look for t-shirts is criss-crossing fringe that is tied up and down the backs and sides of a shirt. Fortunately this is one of the easiest do-it-yourself fashion reinvention projects. For this project, it is best if the front of the shirt has a fun and trendy graphic.
Once the shirt has been selected, the back will need to be cut from top to bottom. Then, horizontal lines should be cut on each side to create a fringe. These pieces can then be tied in the persons pattern of choice to create an open-backed shirt that looks just as good coming as it does going.

Trimmings and Lace

While tight fitting shirts are always in style, the latest look for t-shirts is loose and flowing. However is can be hard to look feminine when swimming in an oversized shirt. Therefore, a great way to rejuvenate and old baby tee is to split the sides and insert trimmings in between the cut edges. This can be accomplished by either sewing or glueing the seams of the trim down the cut pieces of the shirt.

For a super crafty challenge, sleeves can be added as well. This look can be lovely with a variety of trims, but lace can give it and extra soft and feminine appearance.

When reinventing a fashion, the most important thing for a person to do is to make sure that it reflects their personal style and is in the range of their crafting skills. By taking the time to go slowly and experimenting with some different fabrics and techniques anyone can create a unique fashion piece that shows of their sense of style.

Thanks for reading side street style

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Sunday Instagram Lovelies


 So every week or so I love to share our instagrams from little moments captured. It's been a starnge week, one day raining next day sunny, so it's been filled with BBQ's, cider, walk in the parks, puddles, dens and yummy food. I find that since I don't really drink - one drink is more than enough for me, I then like to make my one special and try new things like the Elderflower cider or organic cider.

Red lipgloss
Trying out some new red lipgloss and elderflower cider
Den making
A pleasant Cardiff evening walk and making den's outside

Falafel hotdog
My new charity shop Queenie mug and veggie falafel hotdog roll

Wyld wood
Very yummy organic cider
Playing in puddles

Thanks for reading Side Street Style
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Meeting Rachel Khoo...a journey of food and fashion



Rachel Khoo

So I was lucky enough to have my copy of Little Paris Kitchen signed by Rachel Khoo herself at the Big Welsh Bite, she even gave Arthur her beautifully decorated cupcake which was covered in plump blueberries which he gobbled up in no time. For those who don't know Rachel Khoo she is a former fashion PR girl and St Martins graduate turned French inspired chef and parisian resident who has a wardrobe, flat and bohemian lifestyle we all wish we had. Before turing to food she worked in Fashion,  which can clearly be seen in her collection of beautiful, chic and vintage pieces, she then on a whim packed up and moved form London to Paris where she Au-paired and completed a 3 month Patisserie course at the famed Cordon Blu cooking school and well the rest is history. Inspired by some of her recipes I attempted my own versions of the fresh carrot salad and Pears with a rich chocolate sauce - with everything time is of the essence when you have a toddler running around so I didn't leave the pears overnight and I am also quite health conscious so I swapped the sunflower oil for Olive oil for the carrots dressing and went for low fat Creme fraiche for the chocolate sauce and both seemed to work well.

Arthur eyeing up that cupcake

Little Paris Kitchen

Poached Pear
Fresh Carrot Salad and yummy chocolate pear

When I have more time I am going to experiment with some of the other recipes. It's very easy to be inspired by Rachel Khoo's food, lifestyle and apartment, I love looking through the book even just for interior inspirations and is well worth checking out, she also has her own blog which she updates regularly with ideas, recipes and photos - Rachel Khoo Blog

Rachel Khoo

Parisian Style

Parisian Style
Capturing that Parisian style
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John's Tattoo


So after a longtime of throwing back and forth ideas and contemplating what to get, John finally had some free time and booked in for a Tattoo. He wanted something with an old school almost vintage style look and decided to go with a Russian Doll on this right calf muscle. I personally love the final result and cannot wait till he get's the other side done.

Old School Tattoo

Old school tattoo

vintage tattoo

While John got his Tattoo Arthur and I a coffee and babycino.

Thanks for reading Side Street Style :)
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Illustrator love


So the other week I was so happy to hear I won the Little Green Shed Moleskin notebook giveaway - designed and illustrated by the very talented Tigerlilly Quinn. These two bloggers are so creative you really should check them out.

Here is my amazing little notebook and I will be using as a place to jot down all my ideas

Tigerlilly Quinn

Tigerlilly Quinn

So Tigerlilly Quinn is a super cool Illustrator and mum to one and is filled with inspiration, drawings, beautiful photography and wonderful family moments...

The blogger who was running the giveaway and whom I briefly met at the Women's Institute earlier this year is another amazing illustrator and photographer and who blogs at Little Green Shed - a wonderful blog filled of beautiful craft things.

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Autum will soon be in the air


I cannot believe it as soon as you think the sun is around to stay is disappears again...summer is soon going to be over and it's as if it never really got started. You can see the change in the shops, with the new arrivals of Autumn and Winter collections slowly trickling in. I am determined to not be caught out this year as I found that winter appeared out of nowhere last year and I was under prepared with regards to a nice warm, practical and stylish jacket. I have finally learnt over the years that when it comes to a winter jacket you really do need to invest in a quality item that not only looks good but keeps you warm and preferably dry. I always think the French get this spot on and I always think of Parisian ladies in their quintessential Pea Coats and Macs. This year though I am going to go for a more British Look as it only seems fitting to embrace Britannia when we have so much to celebrate at the moment. I am thinking countryside, wax jackets, tweed and quilted patterns and some big knits thrown in for good measure.

British Countryside
Joules Navy Blue Quilted jacket £90
Parka Jacket
Firetrap Fortress Green Jacket £74
Barbour International Union Jack waxed Jacket £259
Vintage tweed
Barbour Vintage Tweed Quilted Jacket £119
Vintage Jacket
French Connection £78
VOI Blue Gilet £45

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Making a house a home


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For those who don't know we are in the process of selling/moving and all that stressful jazz. Emotionally I have already moved and I cannot help but keep picking up little bits and bobs for the new house and when I saw this simple and smooth fruit bowl I had to get it...I love well designed natural products.

Designer chic

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Side Street Style in Cardiff Life Magazine


So I was walking around Cardiff and picked up one of my regular reads - Cardiff Life magazine, I was especially looking forward to reading this months copy as it had a section on all the vintage shops and pop-up boutiques and markets and while page through on the "Spotlights" page I noticed my blog header and too my delight they had done a mini write up about the blog and even put a cheeky mention about Arthur in there too.

Vintage chic

Thanks for reading Side Street Style
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An Outfit on budget


So with Arthur's birthday next month and then Christmas, it's time to start saving, so outfits need to be thrown together on a budget - this however does not mean one should compromise on style or quality.

If you, like me need to budget start looking at vintage fairs and charity shops and why not see if your parents have any jewellery stashed away in boxes in the attic, you never know you could find a real gem. This outfit is a collection of thrifted, charity shop, found and bargain buys.

The trousers are River Island and I bought them from a chairty shop and they still had the original tag on them, the top is CocoLove from TKMaxx which I managed to get for under £10 and the jewellery has all either been given to me or thrifted. The most expensive item is the Dents bag which I bought on Sale for £50, but I use it all the time.

Bargain fashion
Top - Cocolove, Trousers - River Island (via charity shop), Creepers - Barratts, Necklace and bracelets thrifted. 

Street Style



thrifted fashion

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Creeper Love

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I am in love with my Creepers that have just arrived, they are made by Barratts and bought them online from Debehmans for a bargain!


Punk rock

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Instagram Roundup

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Every now and then I like to share our favourite instagrams, as they are little slices of life from food to fashion, family and everything in between here are our most recent faves

South African wine
Different drinks
Tomato salad
I am currently in love with healthy seeded 9 bars and Tomato and Mozzarella salad
Mens style
My heart...John's shoes
Collection 2000
Nail Smash effect
Model toddler
Arthur looking fresh in his Vans

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