Beautiful bracelets


festival style

I have to say one of my favourite accessories has to be bracelets, especially when summer and festival fever kicks in as I love the natural wooden beaded ones such as my "Wild and Free" bracelet above and I like layering them for a boho effect which goes perfectly with a flowing sun dress or shorts and a loose tee. My blue brass bangles below have all actually been found by Johns father who goes metal detecting and I love that they have a story behind them.


Talking about stories and memories my mother has a beautiful tennis bracelet that will one day be passed down to me and than hopefully onto on of my children, which is what is also so great about bracelets is they can also be that added little extra sparkle when your going on somewhere smart and want to look chic or even a family air loom and there are some really stunning ones on the market.


Anjolee diamond bracelet

I really would really like a delicate gemstone or Diamond bracelet, like the ones above from Anjolee, they are so beautiful and you can customise them but picking what kind of gemstone you want, metal type, diamond quality etc which makes them a very thoughtful and beautiful gift, esepically when it's for something special like graduation, 18th birthday or a 30th (hint hint, for those who don't know I am going to be turning 30 this year). What is your favourite jewellery accessory? 

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Caerphilly Castle Adventure

Toddler outdoor fun

We have been making the most of each and ever dry day and last week we all decided to jump in the car and head to a Castle - our first thought being Cardiff Castle but with the Joust on we decided to stay away from the maddening crowds and went with Caerphilly as it's been a while since we have been there and with the moat and circular walk around the castle it allows for a lot of space for Mr A to run off all his energy.

outdoor fun

Before heading into the castle we had a little picnic on beaches around the moat, with lovely views to the castle and with ducks walking past and some bamboo for Mr A to crawl through it was a great way to start the day before going inside and exploring. We climbed all the towers, walked on the walls, pretended to shoot crossbows across the moat and ran around on the grass playing catch. It was one of those simple days, picnic and outdoor fun, is there really anything better?

Caerphilly Castle

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Street Style Sunday - Britmums Live


London event

So I recently attended Britmums live for the first time, for those who are unfamiliar with Britmums, basically it's of the biggest blogging conferences in the UK, taking place at The Brewery, an ever so stylish venue. It's always great to see old friends and meet new ones and a proper review of what I thought, the pro's and con's and what I learnt will be up soon but I thought I would just share a few little snaps from the 2 day event.

summer style
Rocking a little summer style at the Boots booth

First of all the outfit I was going to wear didn't arrive in time, I was literally waiting at my house till just before 11am on the day of the conference waiting for it to come but alas it never did and to be honest I didn't have a back-up. So I ran upstairs and grabbed the nearest things to me which was a sixties style shift dress and this denim playsuit.

healthy breakfast
Simply good breakfast

I sayed with fellow blogger Claire from The Diary of The Evans-Crittens at the nearby Travelodge, which has been recently redecorated and looking at lot more chic. We were in a bit of a rush in the morning but luckily there was a Pret on the way as I can't function properly without a decent breakfast and they do the creamist porridge, plus a little protein packed mini eggs and spinach bowl.

denim playsuit
Rocking a denim playsuit

I am very happy to be joining the lovely Natalie from Style me Sunday this week for another instalment of Street Style Sunday - please link up with any outfits posts of you, your partner or children - anything goes

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Where to Stay in London


Street style

I don't know about you but when I visit a popular city or destination I try and discover what really makes the place tick, where the locals go to eat, drink etc while attempting to avoid any touristy traps and if you follow the blog most of you will already know that either for work, family, friends or one reason or another we are lucky enough to visit London a few times a year, usually with the little man in tow, which is always an adventure.

toddler friendly London
Mr A enjoying the outdoors in Regents Park

We often find ourself asking why we don't live there but as much as we enjoy all the buzz of the city in small doses we very much enjoy the quiet of the welsh countryside and having the chance to do a bit of both is something we are very grateful for. When we are in the city for one night only we often opt for a budget friendly hotel but if we are staying any longer and have Mr A with us we tend to go for self-catering and with so much choice it can often be overwhelming. At the end of the day you want to have a "locals" experience and by staying self-catering you also save yourself a lot of money in terms of eating in as well as being able to explore the area at your lesiure and with children it really is the best option.

Neals Yard Covent Garden
We love the Wild Food Cafe hidden away Covent Garden

There are so many dimensions to London and with numerous boroughs to stay in from the ever so cool Shoreditch and Hackney to up market Mayfair, Kensington and Knightsbridge or the busy "city never sleeps" centre of Soho and Covent Garden, you want to plan what is important for you in terms of what to see and where to go. Online guides such as HouseTrip's "where to stay in London" offers some great insights and tips into the different areas and is a great place to start when looking to visit the English Capital. The great thing about House Trip is that once you have gone through the guide and have decided on what area you would like to stay in, it then provides you with stylish and chic self-catering options from a single person to a large family and have options to suit every budget - here are a few of their properties

Interior chic
Lovely flat in Queenspark 

Stylish London flat
Stunning flat near Old Street in Central London

Turnpike Lane apartment
Homely flat near Turnpike Lane

Like we said we are very much an outdoor family who love the countryside but do also love the city as it has so much to offer and you can never get to see all of it so it's lovely to go back when we can and Mr A really loves the hustle and bustle and with places like London Zoo and the National History Museum (Free!) and an array of outdoor spaces we are never left without educational and fun options to take him to. So if you are planning a trip to the big smoke do check out HouseTrip "where to stay" guides as they are really useful.

John and Mr A in London Zoo

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Simple Summer Pleasures



I have to say I love instagram for documents daily do's and I love reflecting on the past week of what has made us happy, those simple pleasures and carefree moments, like lying back in the park looking up at the trees while Mr A plays with hide and seek with new friends, summer perfection. Here is what has been making us happy lately

1. Garden fresh Radishes - our first successful harvest
2. Polenta cake and coffee - simple
3. Pirate time
4. Can't get enough of these stuffed Romaine salad leaves

grow your own

coffee and cake

dressing up

stuffed salad leaves

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Tips for creating a floral themed room

fresh flowers
Nothing beats fresh flowers in the home (image)

One of the most popular themes for rooms in a lot of people’s houses is that of flowers. A floral theme can really brighten a place up, and those who really love flowers will really enjoy being able to match different styles and colours around the room.
Here are some tips for creating a room with an effective floral theme…

Don’t overdo it
The first thing to mention is to not overdo it too much. Of course you want your theme to be noticeable (otherwise what’s the point?) but if you slap flowers on absolutely everything then it’s going to be somewhat overbearing and even garish. Don’t put flowers on everything in the room; instead pick a few key areas and focus on those.

chic interior
I love this bright floral wallpaper (image)

Having floral wallpaper is a good way of injecting some interesting patterns into your décor. Again, however, you don’t want to overdo it. Try choosing wallpaper with a few flowers dotted here and there rather than every square inch being decorated with petals. This more subtle approach will still be effective without being overbearing. Alternatively, you could go for a floral border rather than the wallpaper itself. Next have some really nice flowery wallpaper in loads of different styles.

Floral curtains are also a great way of accentuating the theme. Curtains can be incredibly versatile as, depending on whether they’re open or closed, they can have a very different effect. They are one of the easiest ways to accessorise a room and add some real character. Clarke& Clarke have some really nice floral curtains that would suit all sorts of interiors.

stylish living room
I love how much colour there is in this room without being over the top (image)

If you have quite neutral colours throughout most of the room then a bright coloured floral rug will really stand out. It doesn’t have to be anything massive; even just a small rug in the centre of the room will look fantastic. Due to the material and texture of rugs, floral patterns tend to be quite large so will make a good centrepiece for the room.

colourful flowers


You can’t have a floral theme without actual flowers! For the umpteenth time, you shouldn’t overdo it with the flowers or your house will end up looking like a florist, but having a couple of vases dotted around the room will really complete the room’s theme. Try to contrast the colour of the flowers with that of the décor so they stand out more and, of course, don’t forget to water them. Some people aren’t a huge fan of flowers in their home as they don’t see the point of buying them if they’re going to die, but this can actually be an advantage. This effectively means that you can change the décor of the room every couple of weeks if you want to, with different flowers obviously making the room look a little differently. Hereis a really helpful list on different flowers that look great at home.

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Organic Children sun care giveaway


outdoor fun

So it's officially summer, words which makes us very happy. We are very much an outdoor type of family and intend to make the most of the good weather but this does not mean that we are completely going to throw caution to the wind in terms of skincare especially when it comes to Mr A who has fairly sensitive skin. I personally don't like putting unnecessary chemicals on his skin so I was really happy to hear about Organic Children Sun Lotion made by the lovely Green People. Of course though the product still needed to work, which I can say from our experience it does and in fact I use it as well now as it's non-greasy but moisturising and has no hidden nasties in it.

organic sun cream

I wanted to share some tips about keeping safe in the sun

1. For one the sun is good for us - it provides us with a natural release of Vitamin D which is what our body needs to absorb Calcium. It's also proven to make us feel happier, so do get out when you can but children (and Adults) really do need to have suncream on, plus a summer hat is a must as it projects their face and neck.

2. Take frequent breaks from the sun during the hottest part of the day by moving into the shade every now and then.

3. Put suncream on were you don't expect like the top of your ears, the parting in your hair and the tops of your feet

4. Don't forget your sunglasses as your eyes also need protection from UV rays ( plus the look pretty good too)

5. Stay Hydrated - it's really important to keep drinking water to replace the water loss through sweating, this is particularly important with young children.

toddler sunglasses
Mr A rocking the shades

Great news, Green People have been kind enough to provide me with a mini "sun care set" for children to giveaway including the Scent Free Sun Lotion and After Sun worth over £27, it's super easy to enter and the giveaway ends on the 7th July

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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How to create a unique bathroom for your home


rolltop bath
How beautiful are these tiles (image)

For many people, the bathroom is a relaxing sanctuary. Locking the door, filling the bath and lighting some candles is a fantastic way to unwind after a long and stressful day. For others, a long and luxurious shower is the best method to wash away their cares and troubles.
Whatever way you choose to wind down, having a beautiful bathroom can make a real difference when trying to create a sense of peace and tranquillity. You might also want to create a unique bathroom that will amaze your friends and relatives when they come to visit. There’s no better way to make a great impression than by offering your guests access to a stunning bathroom.

simple bathroom
I love this simple and stylish bathroom (image)

Here are some ways you can create an incredible bathroom that you’ll adore for years to come:

Picking a theme

When designing a new bathroom, you might be preoccupied with choosing the colour of your tiles and deciding on materials for the cupboards, sinks and taps. However instead of just focusing on colours, why not create an amazing bathroom theme that will add an intriguing element to your home’s interior design? For example, you could model the room on Roman baths and include a stucco render for a sophisticated stone or marble effect. A large and deep bowl for the sink or a square stone effect design will help to complete this decadent Roman look.

Alternatively, you might want to create a refreshing rainforest effect. A bamboo shower screen and matching cupboards, along with plenty of greenery, is the perfect way to achieve this theme. A huge waterfall shower will also give your bathroom that unique rainforest feel.

chic bathroom
I love the fun use of colour (image)

Think carefully about your appliances

While you might have the perfect idea for a bathroom in terms of the tub, sink, tiles and other decorations, it’s easy to neglect smaller yet equally as important features such as shower taps. Having neat and attractive fittings really helps to complete the look of the bathroom and tie it together with seamless style. Don’t forget about the little details, as these can often be the most important. If you need some inspiration, check out some of these stunning Mira shower taps.

vintage bathroom
In love with this rain shower and simple bathroom (image)

Consider the space

Some of us might not have the biggest bathrooms in the world, so making the most of the space we have is essential. If you don’t get much use out of the bath, perhaps consider replacing it with a shower cubicle instead. By removing the cumbersome tub and replacing it with a sleek and smooth shower, you can use the extra space to install cupboards. These can be used to house towels, cleaning products and the range of lotions and potions that make your bathroom time so relaxing.

bathroom storage
Savvy storage in small bathrooms is essential (image)

Smart storage solutions, such as utilising the space under your sink with a convenient cupboard, are a great idea. Don’t be afraid to add a shelf or two on the higher parts of the wall to really maximise storage for shampoos, shower gels and cute ornaments. However you decide to decorate and style your bathroom, make sure you keep that calm and tranquil feel. By doing so, you can really look forward to getting home and spending some quality time relaxing in the bath or shower.

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Top 3 family friendly places to visit in Brussels


Atonium Brussels

As some of you already know last month we had a short city break to Brussels and whenever we travel we always take Mr A into consideration and try to find places that offer fun and cultural experience as well as being suitable for both adults and children and Brussels offered lots of options, so we thought we would put our top 3 together.

Constructed for the World Fair n 1958 and known as Brussels Eiffel Tower it sets and impressive mark on the landscape. Getting to this place was a bit of an adventure in itself for us as it usually should only take 2 trams but because they were working on the line it involved getting off mid way between two stops, catching a local bus to end of the line where we would hopefully be able to get the next tram. In the end we got there and found all the travel rather entertaining and really enjoyed seeing more than just the city centre and even though it took longer than expected we were not disappointed. As soon as you lay your eyes on the Atomium it makes you stop and pause for a second. A real architectural feat, you feel like you have been transported back into the sixties, it really is a magnificent sight.

Atonium Brussels

When we visited it was a public holiday so we expected queues but I do recommend pre-booking your tickets as it will save you some time. Upon entering you take an escualtor up into the first sphere which offers a wealth of information about how and why the Atomium was built. As you go higher and higher into the spheres the views become even more incredible and the whole place is very facinating for both adults and children. As you make your way back down to the ground floor you can then take the elevator to the top sphere for the ultimate view across the city as well as indulge in a spot to eat at there inspirational Panoramic restaurant. Like we said the Atomuim is well worth the visit out of the city centre for and if you want to make even more of your time in that part of the city right next door is Mini-Europe another child friendly attraction.

Dinosaur skeleton

Museum of Natural Sciences

Not the most well known or well advertised attraction but wow what an amazing place for kids, especially dinosaur loving ones. We took the metro to the closest station and then it's just under a 10min walk to the museum – again well worth the effort. When you arrive you are immediately greeted by 2 story high bronze Dinosaur which was of much delight to Mr A and if this was a sign of things to come we couldn’t wait. The entry was reasonable at around €7 and they had a lovely Baby Animal exhibition on while we were there with a totally interactive play area perfect for toddlers, plus an awe-inspiring collection of dinosaurs and famous Iguanodon skeletons, a great insect and bug gallery and Whale hall to name a few plus a chic and budget friendly cafe which offered a healthy kids snack pack (which can sometimes be hard to come by when your travelling)

Tintin Rocket

It seemed only appropriate to visit the Comic Strip Centre as Belgium is the birth place of Tintin and the Smurfs (among many others) and with the Centre being within easy walking distances makes is easily accessible. When you enter the centre you are immediately met with the large Tintin rocket which Mr A loved as way as some other happy little characters. The staff at the desk were friendly and offered us a guidebook in English to walk around with as a lot of the exhibition is in Dutch or French although this didn't put us off. There was a little dark room showing cartoons as well as comic strips everywhere and interactive props. It's not the biggest museum but you can spend 1-2 hours here stress-free as the kids run around. There is also a great Comic book store and library downstairs that is worth checking out

Belgium comics

I have joined in with Travel Tuesday linkup 

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Home Sweet Home


reading on the bed

So our home is nowhere near finished or how we would like it but when you have been away even the smallest things bring comfort to the soul, even the bed I have been wanting to replace for years has a familiar comfort that hotel beds simply don't have. It was a busy weekend to say the least at Britmums live and even though I really enjoyed meeting so many people it's great to be home (well for now) surrounded by the people you love and the little things that make you smile.

knitted rabbit

little buddha

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On a serious note - World Blood Donor Day



barefeet and flowers
I love the simple pleasures in life like grass under my feet

On a seriously note - we all love life, our family our friends, summer and being healthy but did you know 1 in 4 people will need a blood transfusions in their lifetime and with only 4% of the British population being blood donors thats a real scary thought. In theory someone in your family will be affected and need a transfusion and in my personal experience that statistic appears to be true as my mother has had two during both her c-sections as well as two cousins, my aunt and my grandmother and I really wonder what the outcome would of been without those amazing people who give up just a little bit of there time to donate and potential save numerous lives.

heart flowers
Hats off and big love to those who donate (image)

Like I said my mother had transfusions twice and it's still something that happens a lot in child birth and for those who don't know it was World Blood Donation Day earlier this month (14th June) and I really want to take my hat off to all those that are involved. Most people don't donate because of things like a fear of needles, fainting etc, some people like me can't for medical reasons but its something we should all really consider doing. I recently took part in a survey which they have made into an infographic which has some pretty eye opening facts, check it out....

Benenden Blood Donation Survey Infographic
Blood Donation Survey Results Infographic by benenden health
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