My Ultimate Pre-Holiday checklist for families


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A relaxing and enjoyable family vacation can be one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could ever hope to share with loved ones. Or it can prove an unmitigated disaster that you almost immediately regret. Often, whether your vacation is a success or sinks depends largely on your preparation for it. So, to make sure your next family vacation gets off on the right foot, check out this definitive list of everything you need to do –– before you hit the road:

Get the Papers in Order

If you’re taking your family on an international adventure, then you’ll need to ensure you all have the proper paperwork first. Visas, identification forms, and/or passports all need to be up-to-date and correct, otherwise your dream holiday could get stalled at the starting gate and it's surprising how many people don't check the expiry on their passport and especially with children's passports which need to be renewed more often than adults. Take some time a few months before to get all this sorted –– you don’t want to be scrambling to get a government-issued document in a matter of days or hours and believe me I know as we have had a few close calls!

Kids who travel

The Doctor’s Office

The unfortunate truth is that both the very young and elderly are more susceptible to sickness than the rest of the population. Therefore, if you plan on bringing your little ones along with you to exotic destinations, including rural areas in Europe, schedule a trip to the doctor’s in advance of your holiday. Having grown up in South Africa and visited some very far-flung destinations I have had many essential vaccinations over the years and while it's not a pleasant topic talk about it's an important one. Rest assured that tests involving pediatric blood tubes might sound a little frightening at first, but they will ultimately ensure that you and your kids can have a stress-and-illness-free vacation.

Build an Itinerary

While children are very flexible and adaptable (often more so than adults) you still want to have some idea of what to see and do at your chosen destination. Visiting a foreign country without a set plan might sound wild and debonair, but it’s likely to end in boredom and frustration with kids in tow. Instead, make arrangements to visit historical landmarks, sporting events, or even theme parks well before you take off.

Family Amsterdam

Language Basics
Again, we can’t stress enough how fulfilling a trip to another country is. However, if you’re traveling to a place where English isn’t the main language, it’s vital that you and your children learn the basics of the native tongue. At a minimum, it could help you make friends with a local or two, or it may just prove indispensable should an emergency arise. Remember, you can never be too careful!

Be weather prepared

No matter what kind of climate you are going in to make sure you are prepared and practical. If your heading to Iceland research on how to stay warm, dry and comfortable and the same goes for traveling to a hot destination and packing plenty of suncream, UV sunglasses and appropriate clothes. 

Make a packing list

It's so easy to overpack when it comes to family travel but by planning in advance you can avoid this. Research your destination and likely weather conditions for the time you are visiting and write a practical list of what you really need. Also pack your bags in advance and then review what you have packed removing anything unnecessary as you want to be as light as possible because more often than not you will have to end up carrying your kid's backpacks as well as your own. Children actually need very little despite there being plenty of products on the market so keep things simple. I have also written a post about a how to pack like a minimalist for a weekend break, check it out

travel check list

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Müller Anniversary Games - The Family Sporting event of the Summer


Muller Anniversary Games

I don't know about you but I am really looking forward to the summer holidays and making is as action packed as possible and making the most of every single day. After what has felt like a really long winter and spring it's so nice to feel the sunshine and get outdoors for hours on end and it's als the perfect time to encourage kids to get active and into sport. Having done a lot of sport growing up it's something that I am pretty passionate about and want to get my eldest enthusiastic about too so when Mumsnet and the Muller Anniversary Games go in touch to see if my family and I would be interested in coming along for an action-packed day of world-class athletics. They recently had a launch event at Park Primary in Stratford for an extra special sports class for some of the pupils with two leading British stars the 100m British champion Reece Prescod and para-Olympic gold winner in long jump Stef Reid.

British Athletics

For those who don't know the Muller Anniversary Games is a two-day weekend event happening on the 21st and 22nd July at the London Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and forms part of the prestigious IAAF Diamond League series. So one can certainly expect to see some of the best athletes in the world make their way to the capital city and previous years have played host to household names such as Usain Bolt, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill and Sir Mo Farah among many others. A few records have also been broke at these games including Kendra Harrison breaking the 100m hurdles world record in 2016, I wonder if any will be broken this year?

So if your looking for something unforgettable to do this summer holidays as well as inspire your kids to try something new then why not come to the Muller Anniversary Games - tickets are on sale now and start at £10 from British Athletics

British Athletics

I'm working with Mumsnet and Muller Anniversary Games 

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5 fashion staples from the 90's I'm happy are making a comeback



Having been a teenager in the nineties means that of course its one of my fondest decades and holds some of my favorite memories growing up, the longest summers, friendships and discovering fashion and experimenting with style. We all know that trends come around again at some point so it's been exciting seeing some of my favorites from the nineties come back into style (although bum bags and scrunchies we could still do without). Here are 5 trends I am happy about making a comeback

Dungarees and Overalls

This one I am really happy about, while dungarees technically never really went out of style they have certainly seen a rise in popularity of late especially after a whole bunch of celebs have been spotted in them. Long or short, skinny or wide leg they are all on trend this summer, which is good news as they are not only stylish but comfy and practical too.

Denim Jacket

Double denim is definitely a thing as more and more people are pairing up the 90's style denim jacket with jeans. I remember having a denim biker style jacket in the nineties and so glad it's coming back, in fact over the past year I have picked up both a blue and black denim jacket and personally I think it's a good investment as just like jeans and a white tee it never really goes out of style.

Round glasses

Gone are the days of the classic wayfarer style and back in is the small round glasses, while the seventies embraced the oversized round frames we are starting to see the smaller ones, favorited by pop stars such as Britney Spears back in the day making a comeback

Mum Jeans and Athleisure

Finally, we really are starting to move away from the skinny jeans and are taking back the once uncool more relaxed fitted mum jeans low or high waist are both in stores now. Pairing these up with a relaxed tee and jacket makes for a great casual look this summer. Even if your not into the mum jean then the more relax atleisure trouser such as Chums does are also back in.

Sneakers and white socks

Yes, I was one of those who donned Airwalks and Vans with pulled up which socks, it may have been bad but felt so good and this slightly strange trend is certainly making a comeback although I'm not sure I can pull it off in my thirties but why not I say?

Other nineties trends that are on the rise are sliders, platform shoes, chain belts, band tees and flannel shirts to name a few which are all over Instagram at the moment. The great thing about trends coming back around is that there is always a slightly newer take on them, they are refreshed in a modern kind of way and I love that about fashion, always changing but also always the same. What is your favorite era and what have you seen come back in your lifetime?

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How to Pick the Perfect Villa for a Family Holiday



Villa Holiday

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will probably already know that we love to travel and we are also a big fan of self-catering because with children being able to cook for yourself whenever you want is a major plus as it's less restrictive and more flexible for kids which is what you want when you're on a break away from the day to day routine and hustle bustle of daily life. What we also love about a Villa property is that you can opt for ones that accommodated extended family members as well or even friends, that way you can travel and stay together as a group and also share the cost between more people but not compromise on facilities and location.

Why a Villa?

So I have already shared a few good reasons above but personally, the major pluses of a Villa is that it's self-catering and the perfect option for larger groups but it also makes a great home base when you're traveling somewhere new and provides a level of privacy you dont get in a hotel as you are not sharing the space with anyone you don't know. Children (as well as adults) can often feel homesick so staying in a Villa style property creates that home away from home which can be key if your traveling to a place very culturally different such as Thailand, India or Sir Lanka to name a few. Also if you are planning to travel with extended family or as part of a friends group sharing the cost of a Villa among a few people often means being able to have a luxury property for less than a hotel and most come with their own pools so no sharing a communal pool at a hotel which is great when you have kids who are still learning to swim. Also don't be hesitant to combine luxury and family-friendly together, in fact, I have written a post about how to achieve both in a holiday.

Location Location Location

It all depends on how you are planning to get there and if you want something close or a more far-flung destination. There are plenty of driveable Villas in Europe and France but the current top destinations that are becoming more popular with families are places like Bali, Sri Lanka and Mauritius as they offer great weather, good exchange rates, luxury properties and a high-level of service if anything from these fantasitc family villas in Galle go by. The great thing about a villa especially if your heading further afield is that you can often book them for not only just a couple of days but up to a few weeks, making it a real home away from home option.

 Check Facilities

When picking a villa-style property you really want to make sure it is suitable for you and your families needs as remember each villa is a unique space and experience. You firstly want to double check the villa accepts children under 12 because not all do and look for reviews from families who have stayed there before. If you are travelling with a toddler or baby you may want to email first and double check they have all the required safety standards in place such as optional stair gates and cots and highchairs are on hand. You may also want to be aware of if there is a pool, if it's communal or not and whether there are safety gates around it or any external steep stairs.

Villa France

Access to Amenities

When you travel with children there needs to be a focus on making things easy, while a 2-mile walk to the closest town or village may be fine for an adult it probably won't go down well with young kids so if this is the case hiring a car would be a good idea. Also knowing how far you are from the beach, water sports, local restaurants and also importantly a hospital or Doctor just in case of emergencies. It will also be worth viewing a map of the area beforehand so you have a real idea of where it's situation and how close local activities are.

Check that your staff contact is an English Speaker

Whenever you book into a villa wether is it staffed or not you will have a point of contact should anything go wrong during your stay or if you need assistance with something. You may want to double check that your point of contact has a decent understanding of English (unless of course you can converse in the native language) so that there isn't a language barrier especially in an emergency.

Stunning villa

Use a reputable company

This is really important, do as much research beforehand because this can really make or break your holiday and a companies reputation is key. Important factors you want to take into account is that the company has strict standards and personally selects and inspects the properties they offer and that they are well maintained. You also want to know there is a human touch to the break and that there will be a point of contact to meet you at the property and run through everything with you. Also investing in a company that has good ethics is also something worth looking into, Villa-finders plant a tree in Sumatra, Indonesia for every Villa stay in an attempt to contribute towards deforestation, they have so far planted more than 2000 trees.

Picking a Villa


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Afternoon Tea at Marco Pierre White, Cardiff



Indigo Hotel, Cardiff

I have to say I do love a spot of Afternoon tea as it's such a British quintessential past time and even though we do have an equivalent in South Africa, aptly named High Tea, I love to indulge in this traditional British afternoon delight, I mean let's get honest who doesn't love cake? So when the recently opened Indigo Hotel in Cardiff got in touch to see if I would like to try out their version of this classic treat at their in-house Marco Pierre White Restaurant of course we jumped at the opportunity. 

The Restaurant and Bar is located on the top floor of the hotel in the Dominion's Arcade building just off the high street and offers a rare rooftop terrace with views right across central Cardiff. The interior is stylish but laidback and has lots of natural light flooding and is a great place for date lunch or a quiet refuge from the busy streets below.

Marco Pierre White Cardiff

Indigo Hotel Cardiff

As I sat down and waited for our tea to arrive we toasted over a glass of prosecco savouring this rare child-free moment, I feel it's really important to have some adult time every now and then, as well as being able to eat without a toddler climbing all over me. The afternoon tea was perfect for two people, so great for couples or friends wanting a foodie treat. 

After the savouries, I tucked into the huge scones with cream and fresh whole strawberries alongside some very cute macaroons. To top it off there was a selection of some seriously indulgent bite-sized cakes including Sachertorte, Cheesecake and Carrot Cake, needless to say we were full to the bring and in fact I couldn't finish all of mine. 

Indigo Hotel Cardiff

indigo Hotel Cardiff

I really enjoyed our relaxing and indulgent afternoon at the Indigo Hotel in Cardiff and if you're looking for somewhere special or just a retreat from the city then I recommend popping in even if it's just for some cheeky cocktails on the rooftop terrace. It's certainly become an instant favourite with us and somewhat of a gem in the city. 

indigo hotel Cardiff

I was kindly invited to a complimentary afternoon tea for our honest opinion. 

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Experiencing the Volvo Ocean Race, Cardiff



Cardiff Bay Barrage

I love nothing more when people take on incredible challenges, when they put themselves to the test both physically and mentally and this is reflected in the documentaries I watch (currently obsessed with ones about Mount Everest) and the books I read which are usually autobiographies about those who decided to walk a different path, adventurers, sportsmen, trailblazing women. So when we heard that the around the world sailing race that is the Volvo Ocean Race was coming to Cardiff I was really excited.

The Volvo Ocean Race only happens every three years and only the best of the best compete against each other in what is one of the most grueling around the world sails. The route changes every race to accommodate new ports of call and this year they were arriving in Cardiff (as well as my hometown of Cape Town). Its' really fantastic seeing and being apart of world-class events that come to the Welsh Capital and actually seeing the Bay Barrage being used properly as it's such a great location.

Volvo Ocean Race

Cardiff bay Barrage

There was a real focus on keeping the event as Plastic-free as possible while still embracing modern technology. All the catering companies had to provide re-usable, recyclable or bio-degradable food and drink containers and I have to say the whole event was spotless as the cleaning crew was visibly on hand to make sure it left as little of a mark as possible.

There was an array of activities suitable for all ages and Visit Wales was on hand with some AR experiences of some of the most breathtaking sights across the country. The kids also loved all the interactive displays such as the giant plastic Whale, the rock climbing wall, ferries wheel, live music and being able to explore what life is like for the sailors on one of the boats which they call home for around 9 months.

Cardiff bay Barrage

Volvo Ocean Race

We actually visited the Volvo Ocean Race twice during it's time in Cardiff as the first day we visited the race boats hadn't come into dock yet. We found the whole event a great learning platform for the boys as well as a great example of a plastic-free event being held on a large scale. We have been watching the race ever since and it's a pretty close call with only one leg left to go as it stands. The event also highlighted all the amazing watersports on offer in Cardiff Bay and I am hoping to sign up to do the ladies Paddleboarding course at some point. Overall it was a fantastic day out, action-packed and a great way to get kids inspired to take the lead when it comes to the environment as well as getting out onto the water. 

Bay Barrage

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Scandi and Minimalism - my favourite Interior Trends


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Like many people, my interior tastes do change over time, as do the trends but currently I love a mixture of Minimalism and Scandi inspirations with a touch of Industrial (in the right settings). It's been a bit tricky to fully indulge in these with our current home as we always bought our current property as an investment to work and then sell and therefore the choices we have made when it's come to the design have been more neutral as it's not been for us but with view to sell. The one thing I am really looking forward too with our next house is being settled for longer and actually making it a home which would of course be reflected in our choices when it came to interior design.

Over the past year or so I have really worked on cutting back on clutter and getting rid of anything I don't need and the one thing I have learned during my minimalist challenge is that it takes time (especially when you have kids). If your truly looking to cut down, minimalise and declutter it does take time as you have to take stock of what is really important and what you can live without, as well as finding suitable places move them onto as you don't want to be sending loads of usable goods to landfill. The great thing is though once you get rid of the your unwanted goods not only will your interior space look and feel brighter you as a person will also feel lighter and more energised. In fact I have written a blog post before about the benefits of adopting a semi-minimalist lifestyle and what a postive effect it can have on your stress levels.

Really liked to simple interior combind with Scandi influence at Una St Ives where we stayed recently

Minimalism works really well with Scandinavian inspired interiors as both require clean lines and a less is more ethos. I also love the focus on natural materials such as wood and having grown up in a house that had exposed wooding flooring that is something I would love to have in our next property. What is great with combining the two is that you can still have a lot of fun with adding lots of pops of color, geometric shapes and prints without accumulating loads of clutter and still having a stylish, practical and usable space. Even though we are going to be moving at some point this year I have simplified our bedroom and bathroom and I am now looking to add some pops of colour as well as texture to make it feel more homely and approachable for buyers and any throws or bedding I purchase will be with the view of taking to the new house. I really like to selection of stylish linen and bedding from Julian Charles who asked me to share my interior style favorites.

With any trends and styles, I always remind myself to still be true to what I like and be flexible within in that as like I said peoples preferences can often change over time and this is with anything in life such as personal style and fashion. I also take inspiration from the places we travel and explore and like to bring some of the influences into my home even if they don't "fit" into a certain style. I also shot a little minimalist inspired bathroom tour if you are looking for a little inspiration do check it out

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What I've learnt from being a homeowner


living room

John and I are finally coming to the end of our second home improvement project and aim to sell before the end of the year. This will be the second time we have done this although our current home is the first one I have also been on the mortgage and deeds. Like many I spent years renting both in the UK, Europe and in South Africa and while renting can be exhausting in many different ways there are certain things you are not responsible for such as major repairs or mortgage payments and there are certainly some differences you notice when becoming a homeowner and knowing the buck stops with you should something go wrong.

Owning a home can be expensive so you need to be on top of things

While our mortgage is a lot lower than rent the general upkeep of a home can really add up. You have to become savvy when it comes to bills and providers and I know a lot of people mention this but do shop around for the best deal especially when you come to the end of a contract. We have noticed for example year after year our broadband provider has put up our service to the point it's just so much more expensive than any other broadband provider so obviously we are going to be changing this. Bear this in mind with house insurance and utility bills as well. Also having a small savings pot aside for home maintenance and any increase in council tax is a good idea too.

Renovations take time

Unless your looking for a fast turn around on your home it's just not going to happen all at once. We have done things slowly in our current home because we didn't want to take a huge loan out to do the improvements but rather take our time and pay for it as and when. Even when major renovation works have been completed you also need an extra budget for remodeling and interior design, all of these factors have to be taken into account so when it comes to making a house a home you also have to learn how to be patient. I have written a post about saving money while renovating which may be useful to read if your planning on doing some.

sunshine portrait

Learn to be frugal

Finding that balance of working, family, finances and living can be a hard one to achieve but it's really important to make sure you have some time to just enjoy the moment and save on things around the house when you can so you have more in the pot to have fun. Make Ebay and Gumtree your friends and your go to place when your looking for a new piece of furniture, artwork or other interior accessories - you can find some real bargains and often either new or nearly new items for more than half the price of retail.

Check your mortgage

We have all heard of PPI but not many of us know that you could also have been mis-sold your mortgage, this is something that I have only recently found out about and while we haven't been affected as we have a very thorough adviser there are many that have been affected and it's worth researching as you could be entitled to money back as well as making your repayments far more affordable in the long term. A mortgage in theory should be cheaper then rent so if you took out an interest-only mortgage, subprime mortgage or your mortgage is going to run long after you retire than I really advise seeing if you are eliagable for a mortgage claim

Don't sweat the small stuff, things don't stay perfect

While I would love a spotless home I have to be realistic that my two young boys just don't get that concept as well as I would like. You can either let some mess stress you out or just go with the flow because at some point they will grow up. Also newly painted walls get a little scuffed at some point and occasionally things get broken - this is just life, it can be replaced and don't get too worked up about it.

bang the drum

A sense of pride and feeling like an adult

Nothing signifies adulthood more than becoming a homeowner, it is the pinnacle of "I am now a responsible adult" and the way you feel about your home changes from how you felt about a rented property. This is now your own space to put your own stamp on it and it's strange how quickly you become somewhat houseproud of that fact and Is say embrace it. Make your home a happy place/

These are a few of the things I have learnt along the way and one thing for sure is while I am excited about the next step we take and the next house we decided to call home one thing is for sure I am not looking forward to the stressful process that is moving, but then who does?

property tips

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Ready for Adventure with Start-Rite



If your a parent you will probably already be familiar with Start-Rite shoes, they are one of the oldest shoe companies in the UK and have graced the feet of Royals since 1955 when a young Prince Charles and his siblings wore them. Over the years some of their styles have had somewhat of a modern upgrade but their reputation for quality well-made shoes hasn't changed so I was really excited when they got in touch to see if my two very active boys would put them to the test. 

As a family we always like to be ready for what the day will hold as we are very active and always doing something whether that's a day trip to a National Trust property or walking up through the forest or heading further afield on a road trip and exploring somewhere completely new to us so the kids footwear has to be able to withstand all of that. 

start-rite shoes
start-rite shoes

My eldest has become pickier over the last year, which is understandable as he is developing his own likes and dislikes when it comes to personal style. He has started getting into things like skateboarding and rock climbing and wanted something that was a bit edgy so I just knew he would like the Flow shoe with an easy to open velcro strap and is also water resistant which comes in hand when your child likes to jump over puddles and streams as mine does. 

When it came to my youngest I was a little bit worried as many do not know this but he was actually born with an extra toe (which has since been removed) but it means he has very wide feet and the majority of the time we struggle to find shoes that fit but start-rite actually stock an array of shoes right up to H. Comfort is especially important for him so these super-soft Leo walker shoes have been a real hit as he can round around with no rubbing or issues.

The main thing is my boys love them and that is the best recommendation I can give especially as my eldest point blank refuses to wear anything that is slightly uncomfortable or a design he doesn't love. We have had the shoes a couple of weeks now and so far no tears in the fabric or stitching coming undone and I am sure they are going to see the boys through some fun adventures this summer. 

Thanks to Start-Rite for sending the shoes. Words 100% my own. 
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5 reasons why Tuscany is at the top of our family bucket list


Food and wine

Italy, one of the most culturally rich countries in the world with breathtaking countryside and you will find few who would argue that fact. The last time I visited Italy was before having kids, traveling around by train, exploring the narrow streets of Venice, lying on the beach in Rimini and learning about local delicacies in Bologna. But the one place I have had a longing to explore is Tuscany, the name alone conjures up scenes of miles of golden sunflower fields, long warm evenings eating al fresco with exceptional local wine in hand while the children run around without a care in the world. So if that doesn't sell Tuscany for you then here are 5 reasons why it should also be at the top of your family bucket list.


1. Be inspired by art

If you read my blog you know will know we love to visit Art galleries and seek one out on nearly every holiday we go on. Tuscany is recognised as the home of the Renaissance-era movement and was also the birthplace of many famous artists, creatives and intellectuals such as Michelangelo, Galileo and Leonardo da Vinci. This, of course, means that Tuscany has many great art galleries and museums to explore with your children. Florence is particularly rich in educational and historical places to take the kids that offer inspiring and interactive displays. I have also previously put together a post about why you need to visit Florence, make sure to check that out too. 

2. Strike a pose in Pisa

Okay, so I know everyone does it by why not I say? When in Pisa just go with it and take some funny photos of the kids holding the leaning tower up. This is also a great way to bring history alive as most school-age children will at some point learn about this iconic landmark so being able to see it first hand is really something magical. 


3. Explore by Bike

Italians love their bikes and the Tuscany region is perfect for exploring on two wheels and cycling also happens to be one of our favorite weekend activities as a family. The famous Chianti region is apparently one of the best areas to ride through as it's home to many an olive garden and vineyard which is great because whenever you get a little tired you can stop and have a little wine tasting along the way. 

4. Immersing yourself in local food and wine

Well, the Italians are famous for both and what is super handy for parents is most children love Italian food such as pasta or wood-fired pizza making it a very family friendly place to spend a week when it comes to dining. The restaurants in this region I've heard are also very welcoming towards children as with all their guests. When it comes to wine Tuscany has the perfect climate conditions to produce world-renowned wine such as Chianti Classico so it is without a doubt that taking the opportunity to tastes them right on the farm is produced would be too good to pass up. 

Italian pizza

5. Enjoying the simple things

During the summer Tuscany has very consistent warm weather, something we do not have in Wales so embrace that laid-back culture and pick accommodation that offers a family pool so you can sit next to it, dip your toes in while reading a great book with a chilled glass of wine while the kids enjoy hours of fun under the Tuscan sun. To-Tuscany have an array of holiday Villas with pools and offer up some of the best locations in the area and homes for your family to relax and enjoy. 

holiday time

Tuscany simply has everything we look for in a breakaway, plenty of nature and opportunity to spend outdoors, exploring new places as well as being very rich in culture, history, art and food. It's the kind of holiday destination where we can strip back to the basics, enjoy the simple pleasures while still being fun for kids (as well as educational) and creating plenty of memories for years to come as a holiday in Tuscany would be memorable in all the best ways to say the least. 


Tuscan Villa entry post 
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Una St Ives, Cornwall - a Luxury Family Getaway



Cornish Holiday

We were recently invited to spend a few days in St Ives courtesy of Vist St Ives to immerse ourselves in the laid back Cornish lifestyle and explore this popular seaside destination. After a smooth but longer than expected drive down (always surprised by how many times kids need toilet stops) it was with much excitement that we pulled into Una St Ives, a rural and relaxing retreat only stone's throw away from the bustle harbor town of St Ives.

Despite it being quite late in the day at this point, in true Cornish fashion the sun was out and shone over the beautifully crafted wood clad self-catering homes. We had been left with an access code to our 4 bedroom property which we would call home for 3 nights and from the moment we stepped through the front door it became somewhat of a sanctuary for us.

beautiful bedroom

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know we love self-catering when it comes to family trips as it offers more flexibility especially when your travelling with young children. The holiday home was large and spacious with a Scandinavian inspired interior (my favourite). With two doubles and two twin rooms this would be perfect for a group getaway, as well as a large kitchen table for everyone to eat around morning to night. The main bedroom has a balcony with space for seating as well as a small private terrace off the french doors in the kitchen. There are also plenty of large green spaces on site including a relaxation garden and Una St Ives is also pet-friendly for those bringing their four-legged family members.

breakfast time

What I really enjoyed about Una was the additional facilities, nothing garish but rather in keeping with the whole ethos and great for both adults and kids such as a very stylish indoor pool with small kids pool which of course the kids loved (we struggled to get them to leave). We had planned to try out the Una Spa as they offer a whole range of treatments but we ran out of time, I least I have an excuse to return! Just behind the reception is also a small children's playground and another large open space for them to run their energy off.

Indoor pool

outdoor playground

For those who don't feel like cooking there is also the popular Una Kitchen on site and after a long second day spent exploring the coastline we decided to book a table and see what they had to offer. The menu is packed with local produce and again they didn't fail on the modern interior design. Both the kids and I really enjoyed our authentic wood-fired pizza while my mother opted for the quality delicious wild mushroom risotto. They also serve breakfast, lunches and cocktails in Una Kitchen which is not only popular with residents but locals too.

stylish restaurant

Una Kitchen

Una St Ives balances the needs of both parents and children so well and really offers a luxury break away without compromise while still accommodating young children and focuses on savoring those simple things such as quality time together, nature, bringing the outdoors in and relaxing in inspired surroundings.  We had a truly brilliant stay and even though most of the homes had been booked up it didn't feel busy at all. If you're looking for a tranquil spot that is only a short drive from the coast and town then I highly recommend Una St Ives and if you need any more inspiration do check out my post about 5 Reasons why you need to visit St Ives this year.

St Ives

Thanks to Visit St Ives fro inviting us to be a guest for 3 nights. 

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