Barcelona style and interiors


Barcelona apartment
Love the tiles in this beautiful Barcelona apartment (image)

A few year back I spent 2 wonderful weeks in a rented apartment in the heart of downtown Barcelona. I found inspiration in every part of the city and loved all the street art, outdoor bars, relaxed lifestyle and interior style. I have been thinking a lot about that city lately and thought I would just share a little bit of the inspiration with you. The mix and match so many different patterns and colour into their life and home, something I am trying to actively do into our home.

Amazing hallway
Such a stunning hallway (image)

stylish graphics
Barcelona is such a creative hub (image)

When I went it was over New Years, so technically it was winter in Spain but still every day was sunny and around 18-19 degrees which was much warmer than the 4-5 degrees back in the UK. We enjoyed lots of tapas, cheap wine and Sangria as well as nights on the beach, secretly wishing I was back there with a big class of Sangria

yummy drink
How amazing does this Sangria look? (image)

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Five Fun Outdoor Activities That Your Child Will Love

learning to skateboard

Sometimes it can be hard to get your children out the door and into the sunshine, but it’s really just a matter of picking the right activities. When you are trying to choose, do make sure you consider your child’s interests, as well as any costs that may be incurred. If you decide on something a little more involved, you might need some equipment to help you get started, and for activities like skateboarding or blading, specialists like Penny Skateboards UK can help you find the right things for your child. For those of you who may be a little more undecided, here are five activities your child will adore. 


Every child loves playing around in water, and swimming in a pool is good exercise, as well as getting the children out of the house and into the pool. For a special treat, plan a trip to the beach or pool parties with friends, and make it into a fun and social event.

child using camera
Mr A getting to grips with his new Nikon 


Photography is a great way to get children outside. Their natural inquisitiveness will be multiplied many times over through the lens of a camera. You won’t even need to buy an expensive camera – in fact, disposable cameras are probably the best as they can survive being dropped and knocked about by children. Take them to a different place each week and let them explore and take photos of the things they like or are interested in, and then pop them into an album once they are developed as a collection.

Toddler Art
Mr A making some wild art

Make some Wild Art

Making some wild art will not only get the kids outside, it will also teach them how to follow basic instructions while being creative . This project can be as big or as small as a simple as you want. Your children will love being able to gather sticks, leaves and bits and bobs from nature and put it together in a lovely piece of artworks, and it also allows for you to join in and spend some quality family time together.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek seems like a game that is too childish for some, but every person has a soft spot for this game. By moving it outside – with boundaries, of course – you will get your child out the door and moving around, whether it be while they are trying to find somewhere to hide or as the seeker.

free range toddler
Mr A loves playing hide and seek

Water painting

Like hide and seek, this sounds too simple, but kids will be guaranteed to love it. All you really need is a couple of paintbrushes and a bucket of water. The water acts as the paint on the pavement or the driveway, and you can spend hours with them creating their masterpieces. Best of all, unlike real paint, there is hardly any mess at all!

So there you have it – five fun outdoor activities you can try with your children. If you are still stumped for ideas, try asking your children as well. You never know – they might have brilliant ideas of their own that they want to try out.

For those of you who have or have had children, what outdoor activities did you encourage your children to participate in? Do you have any suggestions for specific age groups – for example, toddlers, primary school aged children and teenagers? To contribute, leave a comment or a thought down below.

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A West Wales Adventure


Bantwen Cottage

beautiful view

 Two weeks ago, after an impromptu talk with mother about how we needed a low stress mini break, she was off finding a last minute deal and came across this beautiful detached Croft Thatched cottage in West Wales and we jumped at the chance. My mother booked it through Under The Thatch who have a small but beautiful collection of unique and character filled properties and they had two nights available for a late booking at a really great price (wish it could have been longer though) so with only a day or two to prepare we headed off.

I always feel really lucky that we don't live to far from truly inspirational places such as West Wales and I often think that we overlook what is basically on our doorstep. It was so peaceful and the cottage had a lovely large garden with an apple tree and luckily enough for us the weather was dry which meant two nights spent eating outside, overlooking beautiful views across a valley and countryside.

running free

Original cottage

I was really taken by the interior of the cottage which has been sympathetically restored and everything was in keeping with it's age and character. It had the cutest little windows and a small but very well equipped kitchen, from where we watched rabbits racing across the driveway each morning. The beds were incredibly comfy and I easily drifted off into a deep sleep on both nights, as did the little man. The lounge had a wonderful log burner and despite the small size of the cottage it had a separate dinning room and three bedrooms, two which were almost hidden with secret doors leading to very steep stairs into the loft above.


Welsh cottage

Whenever I stay in the countryside I realise that is were I am most happy, it may be an age thing that I no longer need to hustle and bustle of a city, maybe it's my heart defect that has changed my outlook on life or perhaps wanting to give Mr A an outdoor childhood like I had, I don't know, I just hope one day I end up somewhere out here.

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Sweet Dreams - Bed perfection


inspirational quote
I think this is a good quote to live by (image)

It's surprising how many of us sleep on uncomfortable, old and basically unsuitable beds, especially when you think how many hours we spend on this one piece of furniture. Surely it should be one of the most important purchases we make, yet we often overlook, even John and I can put our hands up and say that we have gone for way to long without replacing our bed and it's now being put to the top of the list of must have things for the house, especially since sleep and the quality of your sleep is so important to your physical and mental wellbeing.

beautiful bed
How beautiful and cosy does this bed look? (image)

Personally I find lack of sleep really does affect my mood and makes me less attentive and when you have a toddler running around if your not on your game it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or get a little short with them, which is not fair on them. Also you are more likely to eat more when you are tired which overtime can lead to unnecessary weight gain. A good nights sleep can also improve your skin, your immune system and your memory and no matter how busy all of our lives have become in this modern world, sleep is one thing we should not ignore.

I always feel much better after a good night filled with wonderful dreams (image)

I think what we have struggled with is finding something that fits both of us in terms of what we what. We know one thing for sure that since becoming parents that a double bed is simply not big enough and we have endured nearly 4 years of having to share it with two adults (and on 3 out of 7 nights) with a toddler as well, so a king or a queen size bed is on the cards.

baby sleeping
We have since outgrown our double bed since having Mr A

John is very much about comfort and to him the mattress is the most important part, he works long hours, of which most is spent standing and he can often suffer from mild back ache so a nice firm mattress that also adapts to your body shape as well as being hypo-allergenic (I have allergies and he has Asthma) is very important. We will probably go with a long-standing company such as Sealy which have been going for over 60 years and have built a legacy of uncompromising comfort. I think when budgets are tight it's easy to go with cheaper options but in the long term it's really worth investing in a decent mattress as it's something thats going to be supporting your body and your back from around 7 hours each day.

vintage bed frame
This reminds me a lot of the vintage bed I had growing up as a kid (image)

I am very much into the visual side of things. I love vintage french beds with sturdy frames, something simple and not over the top but well made. My mother bought me a beautiful single bed from an antique store when I was young, it had a solid white steel frame which reminded me of an old hospital bed in the 1940s, it was so sturdy and at that age I really put it to the test but jumping up and down in it constantly, making den and making magical worlds under the bed.

loft bed
As long as it's a good mattress I would totally have a bed on the floor like this one (image)

Either way we want to invest in a bed that will stay with us for years. Something fairly classical and timeless but also provides us with a place to drift away into a real deep sleep.

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Pond dipping at the National Trust


Dinefwr park

On our recent little Welsh Getaway to West Wales we decided to keep things nice and simple, spending as much time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air without going to over-priced and over the top amusements so we stuck to visiting the local National Trust DineFwr Castle and Deer Park. I really need to get around to buying a National Trust Pass as we are never disappointed when we visit on of there amazing venues. Our main mission for the day was to go pond dipping, find a few critters and hopefully spot some deers.

Outdoor fun

free range child

Mr A really enjoying finding what I can only microbe as little shrimp things, as well as water snails and other mini creatures. We spent the rest of the time walking through the very large Deer Park. We did in the end come across some Deer, unfortunately I didn't get a photo as I was holding Mr A up so he could see. One our way back to the car we spotted some of Dinefwr rare white cattle which Me A loved and then we stopped at the little nature inspired play park as well as having a spot of ice-cream. It was a lovely day which we finished with a meal outside in the beautiful garden of the cottage we rented.

Dinefwr Castle and house

outdoor fun

exploring Wales

balancing log

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Street Style Sunday - Our favourite outfits of 2014


Summer style

Wow can you believe we are more than half way through the year - time has flown by and we have already seen three seasons, with summer being my favourite of course. I always like to reflect and have a look back on everything we have done and thought I would put a little post together of all our favourite outfits of the year so far.

Autumn fashion looks
Leg tattoos

Fred Perry jacket

Redwing boots

This is only a small collection and I will be doing another roundup later in the year, just a little bit of fun really. It's that time of the week when I join in with Natalie from Style Me Sunday and together we bring the Street Style Sunday linky - please feel free to link up any fashion related or inspired posts about you or your family

Summer sunglasses

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Some fun in the sun - 5 activities to get the whole family outdoors


family outdoor fun
Me and Mr A enjoying a walk in the countryside

It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or mild, we all need to spend some time in the sun. Not only do the rays of the sun provide us with much needed vitamin D, medical studies show that being outdoors can have an extremely positive affect on both our mental and physical health. The problem is, in this age of television, video games and computers, it is not always easy to get the family outdoors for a bit of healthy fun. Here are a few ideas that might make your family more willing to get off the couch and into the sun.

Surf or turf BBQ

This isn’t necessarily about whether you eat steak or seafood; this is more about where you take the family for a Sunday lunch. Go to the local beach, if you’re lucky enough to live near one, or bush picnic area for a good old family barbecue. Take everyone’s favourite food, some games and anything else that will encourage some exercise. If the amenities don’t have public barbecue’s you might need to purchase a portable grill. Visit  Ziegler and Brown  for some ideas. If the outing is a success, the barbecue will be a good investment in the future.

camping cooking
John starting the fire for a little bbq while glamping in a TV

Take flight on a hot-air balloon

Most major cities these days offer balloon rides, and what better way to get the family together than to get a view of your home town from a rarely seen angle. Balloon travel is an experience most people say they will never forget. Putting aside the noise of the heat jets as the balloon rises, there is nothing like silently and gracefully floating way above the countryside to get some perspective on life and the rat race.

Be a tourist in your hometown

This might sound a little odd, but there are many gems around your own town just waiting to be discovered. Gather the family and pretend to be tourists. Marvel at some of the old buildings and see if you can find their history. Visit the local cemetery and look for the grave sites of those who helped develop your town. There are so many amazing things in the world and many of them close to home, but we just don’t know it.

outdoor fun
We love exploring all the parks and outdoor spaces Cardiff has to offer

Family water park venture

Who doesn’t love water, pools, slides and fun? Take the family to a waterpark for the day. Or better yet, buy a two day pass and spend the weekend swimming, sliding, playing and enjoying yourselves. Cut down on costs and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy under the trees. You can really make the most of it and invite some close friends who can be part of your family for the day.

kids bike

Bike riding

Riding a bike has long been a favourite with families. Many cities have family friendly bike paths to get younger ones off the roads and away from the dangers of cars. It is a fun way to get around and improves your health at the same time. If you don’t own a bike, you can rent some for the day or, in some cities, hire them from a council-run communal rental scheme.

There is more to life than sitting around watching TV or playing video games. Gather the family, get outdoors and see what the world has to offer.

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Friday Finds - for the kitchen

mason jars
I love this cute Painted Mason Jars for £11.50 
Enamel vintage pot
How lovely is this Vintage Enamel Pot for £15.50
Stylish French kitchen
French Enamel Colander £19.35
Wooden spoons
I love wooden spoons and this Olive Wood Spoon Set is beautiful £21.15

Just a little collection of Friday finds for the kitchen - I love putting little wish lists together and I really want to pick up more vintage and handmade pieces for the home, starting with the heart of the house.
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Mens Summer Style: The Top 5 Shorts You Can’t Be Without

leg tattoos

If you’re looking to look stylish this summer, over the knee shorts should most definitely be avoided. Men’s fashion has come a long way over the last decade and these days it’s all about mens designer shorts. Below you’ll discover the top 5 shorts you should be investing in to keep you cool this summer.

1. ‘Short’ shorts

According to the fashion world, ‘short’ shorts are one staple every well-built man should have in his wardrobe this summer. As highlighted on, these shorts can help men fight against sexism. If you’re not afraid to show a little more skin then these are great for showing off those muscular legs, as well as keeping you cool in the hot weather. Granted, this won’t be a style everyone is comfortable with, but if you are looking for something a little more daring then this is a look that you should be aiming for.

mens short shorts
If you can pull of short shorts it's a great summery look (image)

2. Khaki shorts

If there’s one style of shorts that absolutely every man should own it is khaki’s. Khaki shorts are casual, airy and they go with practically anything. Just like the little black dress is an essential in any woman’s wardrobe, khaki shorts are an essential for men. They also save you time in a morning when you’re rushing to get ready. Simply throw on any t-shirt and it’s more than likely it will go well with the shorts.

mens fashion shorts

3. Knitted shorts

Ok so this is one of the newer shorts trends you might be wary of. Knitted shorts are ideal for those slightly cooler days. Not only are they a little warmer, but they also provide a unique look. They’re extremely comfortable and come in a range of colour options. Make sure you choose a designer brand and you’re guaranteed to look super-stylish this summer.

4. Cargo shorts

Cargo shorts are the only exception to the ‘strictly no over the knee’ short rule. They often fall just below the knee and they have an exceptionally stylish design. They have been popular since the late 1990’s and they’re ideal for all casual occasions. Men who aren’t huge fans of shorts will prefer this option. There’s also the advantage that they typically come with a lot of pockets. So there’s plenty of space to keep everything in.

Vera shoes

5. Tailored shorts

Just so you have a pair of shorts to match all occasions, you should always have a tailored pair available. They have a slightly tighter fit and can look great at formal occasions. Perhaps you’re going out to dinner with your partner? If it’s a really hot day, tailored shorts will help to keep you cool while enabling you to still look smart.

Asos shorts

There are many different types of shorts available and EBay has put together a great guide on how to choose the right shorts for you. Remember, it’s always good to have a selection of shorts in your wardrobe to fit all occasions. Shorts are designed to be casual, though the tailored ones do offer a smarter solution.
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Wonderful Window Seats


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beautiful window
Love this wooden storage window seat creation (image)

window seat
Could imagine reading a book and falling asleep here (image)

beautiful window seat
Really love this unusual window seat (image)

I love nothing more than a secret little reading nook and often dream of having a large window seat tucked away in a quite place in our house. A place that lets the light in with a gentle breeze during the summer but also a place you can cosy up with lots of blankets during the winter. Blissful

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