Finding a buggy to suit your lifestyle



Whether you are a first-time mum or it's your second or third child one of your biggest purchases will be a buggy or pushchair. As we are a very busy and active family I found in the early months I combined babywearing for shorter days out with my colourful and stylish Cosatto pram for longer days spent in the city. I still do a lot of babywearing now although he is a very solid child and when we are travelling a small and stylish buggy is essential, especially when navigating airport terminals or walking long distances while exploring new places. It of course is extremely handy to have at home too as we are consciously trying to use the car less and walking more places and with a buggy board on the back that means I can transport both my sons with ease (and no whining about how long it's taking to walk). The thing about strollers it is all comes down to personal requirements and what works for you, there's an excellent article to baby gear with some great advice and tips on what will work best for you and sometimes it can be trial and error. 

The thing is personally we have already gone through 5 different buggies (passed them on to others so they didn't go to landfill) and strollers because when it comes to something like this that you are going to be using every day you need to get one fit for purpose, some are better for off-road adventures and if you like going for forest walks or to a countryside park you want something robust with good suspension. For others, you may want something cool and colourful and perfect for the fashion conscious or if you travel a lot you will need one that is light and easy to fold. Our first buggy was too cumbersome and hard to steer, the second was a fantastic 3 wheeler which was very forgiving on rough terrain but quite big, our third was a little unstable and our forth broke while our 5th has been our favourite to day as it combines a smaller size and quick fold with ease of use and stylish design but that's just our personal experience.

So I have put my top tips together on how to find the perfect buggy for you.

1. Decided on budget, this is very important as having a child can be very expensive so once you know a price you are willing to go up to research what is available within that.

2. Have a clear idea of what you want the buggy for. Will you be using it every day? Do you live in the city and need something nippy and easy to steer or do you want something more forgiving and robust?

3. Are you going to be using the buggy just for quick outings or do you want something that can recline back fully and has a comfortable sleeping position for your child?

4. Is colour and design important to you? If so I would recommend checking out Cosatto's and McClarens range of buggies.

5. Do you travel a lot and need something that can be carried on an airplane or is super light and folds down very small? Why not have a look at the new ABC Design Takeoff stroller which is ultra small and compact fold

6. Research before buying - once you know what stroller you want I would advise reading as many reviews about that type as possible. Of course, each review is personal but reading as many as possible will give you a good overview as well as pointing out any flaws that the stroller may have as well as things you may not have considered.

It can at times feel overwhelming with all the choices and buying a stroller can be a bit of trial and error but with so much choice, designs and styles there is going to be one that suits your lifestyle and personal tastes. I think as long as you have a clear idea of what style and design you like and if it suits your lifestyle needs you have done half the work of narrowing down your choices to finding something that works for you.

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Why Mauritius is on our Wish List



There are some places in the world that when you say their name just feel right, places that capture that sense of tranquility, exploration, relaxing and in short paradise on earth and Mauritius is certainly on of those.

It sits firmly on our list of places we want to visit before the kids get too big as there are so many fantastic things to do on this Island nation more than 1000 miles off the southeast coast of Africa. Mauritius has always been a very popular destination with not only the British but also South Africans as  it's fairly easy to get to without having to fly to Europe first for connections and I remember hearing tales of white beaches and palm trees from friends who had visited the island when they were young.

So what makes Mauritius different to other island destinations? Well for one it's a very diverse multicultural, multilingual nation which is highly ranked for it's democracy and economic freedom making is a safe and culturally exciting destination for people of all ages. It's also has a variety of natural and man made sights as well as a huge variety of different floral and fauna and of course not forgetting the beautiful beaches and luxury hotels that cater to the whole family.

So what would we get up to in this beautiful place if we had the chance?

Here are our top 5 things to do with kids in Mauritius

1. Visit the Blue Penny Museum - most will not know this about me but I love collecting stamps and the Blue Penny Museum is the home of the worlds most expensive stamp, for me personally this would be a must visit museum as well as offering an interesting introduction to stamp collecting for kids.

2. Meet a 100yr old Tortoise - you can have the chance to get up close and personal with some Giant tortoises at the Crocodile and Giant Tortoises Park and Nature reserve which is set in a beautiful rain forested valley with natural freshwater springs.

3. Introduce them to watersports - if you find yourself in such a place one should naturally embrace the exciting water sport activities available and going for something fairly slow paced but still very exciting such as paddle boarding or snorkelling is the perfect way for kids to develop a life long love for the ocean.

4. Street markets and local food - the one thing we always do as a family when travelling is try out as much of the local cuisine as possible and hopefully developing a broader palate and love for different species and world dishes. The cuisine of Mauritius is a blend of Chinese, European and Indian meaning here is something for everyone.

5. Embrace Island Life - one of the main reasons for visiting a place like this is to slow down, recalibrate and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. For us that would mean spending long lazy days roaming white beaches looking for shells and building sandcastles, easy, simple and the perfect way to spend a day with kids in paradise.

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Slow evenings at Penarth Pier



The one thing I love about summer's is warm evenings which at times in the UK seems few and far between but when they do come we take them, we don't worry so much about the kids routine and instead head outside and enjoy the moment. When we had a mini heat wave last week that is exactly what we did, I bundled the kids into the car and picked up John from worked and headed to Penarth Pier for a cheeky chips and ice-cream on the pier.

There was a lot going especially with the RNLI sea rescue doing training in the bay with a huge Helicopter hoisting people up from the water and all the lifeboats out and about. There was also lots paddle boarders, jet ski's and people whizzing by in speedboats waterskiing as the water was so calm and perfection conditions for water sports, which provided perfect entertainment for the kids. My eldest is also fascinated with the tidal cycles, when we arrived the tide was in but by the time we had left it was going out again, revealing some sand for them to play on, it may seem like a small thing to us but to him this was magical.

I always find the scene such a calming place, having grown up on a peninsular in Cape Town the sea was only around 15 minutes from my house and was a place I spent many a weekend at building sandcastles and then when I was little older lots of surfing. I'm not sure what I would do if we lived far away from the sea, I find it's a great place for putting things in perspective as well as a sense of freedom and adventure comes to mind whenever I see it. Hopefully we will get a few more warm evenings like this one were we can just wind down the days along the Welsh coastline

Life has felt really busy lately and my laptop hardrive failed last week and I lost a few weeks worth of work including images I had already edited, video footage and slowing down and spending time in the fresh air really made a difference. I often think I would love to do a course in mindfulness as occasionally in this modern world things just seem to go at such a fast pace and can be really pressured, Private Therapy London have some fantastic courses as do some Cardiff based clinics.

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Go bold by updating your home with Aluminium


kitchen space

Wait did I just say Aluminium? It's probably a material you have not considered using before but bear with me while I explain why you should consider this bold, stylish and durable metal if you are looking to update your doors and windows this year.

So why Aluminium and why now? Well unless you have been living under a rock you will know 2016 is all about the copper and metal interior trend and aluminium certainly has it's place in this current trend. With Aluminium being a combination of being light, flexible and very strong, it truly is the perfect material to use for things like aluminium window and sliding doors with the extra bonus of being an environmentally and recyclable resource.

large windows

We have PVC french doors in our home and even though we have not been living in this house very long they have required some maintenance, which of course costs money so we have certainly learnt with this type of thing it's far better to install quality frames such as the bespoke made Kingfisher Windows that are going to last a long time in not a lifetime.

Good news is that Aluminium is extremely low maintenance and is made to withstand extreme conditions and even those homes near the seaside as the effect of sodium chloride and rust are so minimal. But what I like most of all is the aesthetic side, it instantly makes any home look sleek and chic no matter what age or style of property, which is why I think the copper and metal trend has been so big as it works just as well in a Victorian Bay fronted property or a New build and everything in-between.

Here are my top 5 reasons why Aluminium is the next big thing for Interiors

1. Long lifespan and highly resistant to rust

2. Eco friendly as Aluminium is 100% recyclable

3. Super light and perfect for window and door frames

4. Suitable for all different styles of home

5. Maintenance-free

If you are a little bit nervous of bringing the copper and metal trend into your home why not start small? I have put together little mood board below which should help inspire you as well as show just how versatile aluminium can be.

Aluminium Cooper interior trend

1. Copper Plated Aluminium Pendant Light from Not on the High Street - £72
2. Alessi Moka Coffee Maker from Coggles - £40
3. White and Copper Wall Clock from Nu Casa - £44.99
4. Bermondsey Aluminium Floor Light from Amara - £165
5. Candle Holder in Copper and Aluminium from Out There Interiors - £53
6. Rose gold hammered aluminium side table from Habitat - £125
7. Philippe Starck swivel chair from Kartel - £414

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10 Home Improvements you can do yourself


chic interior
I love this well curated interior space, minimal clutter (image via cotswold)

When you're working on a budget and want to brighten up your home, hiring an expert may not always be the best option. Indeed, there are plenty of great improvements that you can make to your home without the need for any expert at all. Here are just 10 of them. 

1. Re-arrange

Yes, improving your home really could involve something as simple as re-arranging your furniture.
Try freeing up more space by experimenting with the placement of different pieces. You should take care to open up as much space in the centre of a room as possible to avoid you or guests tripping.

2. Mirrors

As simple as they seem, mirrors are a great way to improve the interior of your home, because they give the illusion of more space. They're also great at reflecting light to help illuminate your home.

3. Photographs

Make your home unique to you. Photos of friends and family aren't just for frames on walls - they can also be incorporated into your home in other ways. One great way to utilise photos is by placing underneath a glass top table to add that personal touch to what may otherwise be a pretty impersonal coffee table.

interior inspiration
A beautiful way to display vintage photography. (image via cotswold)

4. Lighting fixtures

Lighting is sometimes best left to a professional, but of course, depending on the fixture in question, you may also install it on your own. Just think how much class you could bring to a room with a new attractive lighting fixture, such as a chandelier. This is a simple way of dressing up some of the less impressive parts of your home, like the hallway or utility room.

5. Tap change

Taps don't seem too glamorous, but they can bring higher functionality to your kitchen or bathroom and come in a wide range of sleek chrome and silver designs.

6. Foliage

Take your garden into consideration and spruce it up with trees or a flower bush of choice. Alternatively, you could try dotting some flowers or houseplants indoors, to help keep the air cleaner and bring some life to the interior of your humble abode. 

I love bringing nature into the home (image via cotswold)

7. Crown moulding

Crown moulding is the perfect way to bring some flair and glamour to the top corners and edges of the rooms in your home. It isn't too expensive or awkward to install, either - most types of crown moulding comprise a sturdy foam or plastic.

8. A lick of paint

Roll up your sleeves and get painting. Not only can you make your home feel more personal to you with a new lick of paint, but it can also boost the value of your property if you ever consider selling.

9. Convert the garage

If you don't own a car, your garage is going to waste - so why not turn it into a living area to open up more space in your home? This would make hosting parties a lot easier, too.

10. Shelving

Installing shelves throughout the home is a great way to turn empty corners of your home into highly functional storage areas. Shelves are very easy to put together as well, making for a largely stress-free weekend DIY project.

rustic interior
Love this painted wood panelling and kitchen interior (image via cotswold)

For the bigger jobs, sites such as My Build Estimate can get you quotes for reliable building and installation companies, but if you want to take home improvements into your own hands, these tips cover just a few of the DIY possibilities.

You'll get a higher sense of satisfaction knowing that it was your own graft that made your home beautiful.

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In our reading nook - Teletubbies



 My 17month old absolutely loves books, in fact he keeps going into his brothers room each morning and taking his. We have a few baby books but nothing has kept his attention as much as the new colourful Teletubbies ones, they simply fascinate him.

I have to admit I have a real soft spot for the Teletubbies as it was one of the overseas shows that was available to watch in South Africa. I was already quite old by the time it hit the screens but even so I would on occasion watch it because having British shows in South Africa was a novelty and they are so unique it still managed to capture my imagination with my favourite always beings Po - I even got the Po soft toy when we came to visit family in the UK.

We do limit screen time in our household but welcome gentle and education shows and with years of research being put behind the show to make sure it focuses on nurturing love, respect and humour as well as being engaging but not over stimulating and is a show we are comfortable with both boys watching. If you don't know already the new series landed back on CBeebies in November and has been a hit with toddlers since.

These fun books mirror that, with simple, creative and colourful stories and has provided some nice quiet time with my youngest who is happy to sit and explore the books as well as the little pocket library which is fantastic for popping into your bag when your on the go.

Great news is that I have a little reading bundle up for grabs so you can also have some peaceful quiet time with your little ones discovering the world of the teletubbies for yourself. The giveaway includes two big books - Favourite Things and The Magic Watering Can and also the Pocket Library which consists of 5 mini books. The Giveaway runs until the 30th July 2016.

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We were provided the books for an honest review
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Why Amsterdam is the Perfect Family destination




Around this time last year we were coming back from a week long trip to Amsterdam, we had spent a few days in London before taking the train down to the coast and the overnight ferry to the Hoek of Holland, then a high speed train into the city as part of the Rail sail ticket Stena Lines offers. That trip was not our first family break to the Dutch Capital, in fact the year before we flew from our local airport with KLM, a very quick and easy trip from Cardiff, in fact KLM flies from most UK airports making Holland a very accessible destination.

Happy baby

For some people Amsterdam may not be their first choice when thinking of a family friendly European destination but it truly is a wonderful city that you will fall in love with as soon as you arrive. The locals are very friendly and welcoming of families and there is a fantastic array of things to see and do. If you are only going to be in the city for up to 72hrs I would recommend getting the iAmsterdam Card which includes entry into loads of different museums as well as doubling as a transport card which covers trams, buses and metro as well as discounts at restaurants and a free canal cruise. I thought I would share our personal favourites of what to do with kids in Amsterdam 


1. Flower Market - you cannot visit Amsterdam without a little walk around the floating flower market. So many stunning tulips in different colours, little trinkets and lots of street food options this is a great place to spend half an hour.

2. Canal Cruise - it's impossible to not be drawn to the picturesque canals that ring around the city and are beaming with life as locals boat up and down the waterways along with a variety of canal companies. Taking a cruise offers you a different perspective as well as getting a chance to see some great landmarks, plus kids love being on the water. You can also hire a paddleboat, something we did and our eldest absolutely loved.

3. Buddhist temple Fo Guang Shan - located in Chinatown, near Amsterdam central station is this stunning temple with it's intricate design and wall tiles. It's free to enter and provides a real haven in what can be at times quite a busy and manic city. We took our sons here on our last trip and my elitist found it fascinating. On the opposite side of the road you will also find Latei, a small cafe and second hand store with retro fittings and the best Apple pie in town.


4. Vondelpark - the largest city park in Amsterdam is a great place to explore, picnic or hire a bike and cycle through. In the summer there are free concerts although do expect crowds on a sunny day as this park is loved by not only tourists but also the locals. There is also a great kids play park and you could easily spend all day walking around this lovely open green space.

5. Artis Royal Zoo - We are always in two minds about Zoo's as animal care is very important to us but this is a lovely small zoo with over 200 tree varieties making it a lovely green place to sit down and have a picnic and enjoy the surroundings. There is also an Aquarium and Planetarium and you can hire little buggies for kids. The large dinosaur sculptures where also a big hit with my eldest as well as the water feature which kids can run and splash through just next to the entrance of the Zoo.

Amsterdam zoo

6. Nemo - if your kids like Science or getting hands on with different experiments then this is the place for you. From the fun and simple to the more in-depth this place has something for everyone, even a teenager section. There are huge bubbles, puzzles and a popular water feature which breakdown's down the weather cycle. The Nemo building is fascinating in itself and you can visit the outdoor cafe on the roof which offers some amazing views across the docks.

7.  Climb the iAmsterdam sign - located at Museumplein this red slogan has become something of a city icon and is a favourite among kids who will have a lot of fun climbing the letters. There is also a water feature right next to the sign which doubles up as a sort of splash pad on hot summer days. The Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum are also just a short walk from here. 

8. Amsterdam Public Library - now you may not think a Library is a very exciting place to go but believe me this is a real hidden gem, not only does it have a roof terrace and being one of the taller buildings in the city this offers a fantastic view, it also houses an amazing kids library on the ground floor with toys, a teepee and den, there is a eatery on the top floor which also serves wine and occasionally has performances such as professional pianist providing added ambience, this place is great for both kids and adults on a relaxed afternoon in Amsterdam.

Sitting on the roof terrace of Amsterdam Library 

Before however you can start planning what you are going to get up to in the Dutch capital the one thing you need to get sorted out first is accommodation. The city itself actually has a bit of a shortage when it comes to hotels and the amount of visitors is receives each year so I would recommend booking in advance especially as location is key when it comes to travelling as a family. The Hilton group have five hotels in different areas of the city, three of which are within the main canal rings and provide high quality accommodation in different price ranges. For families I would recommend either  the centrally located Double Tree by Hilton which has a relaxed atmosphere, kids area with toys and family menus, the other option would be Hilton Amsterdam located uptown with family packages, bike hire and a playground. 

If you still need a little bit more convincing or inspiration check out this video below

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Frugi Organic Bedding - Review



We love to support ethical and organic brands and products and are trying to bring more of that into our lives and home so when Frugi, a well known children's brand we love got in touch and asked us to try out their new organic bedding for kids we jumped at the chance.

The main thing I wanted to test was comfortability because if the kids are not comfortable they are not going to sleep and as any parent will know a good night sleep is essential for your sanity.  Occasionally I do find organic products to be a little itchy or not as soft but this is not the case with these beautifully made duvet and pillow set and both the kids love the colourful designs which add a real sense of fun to their bedrooms.


We picked the campervan and the fish design which are both unisex. They both have a printed design on one side and stars on the other and just like their kids clothing you can't fault the quality, the cotton is thick but breathable and even though perhaps in relation to other kids bedding they are a bit more pricey I know they are going to last us a really long time. We know they really are a hit as my eldest likes to keep his on his bed as long as possible and get's quite upset when it's washing day.

The bedding collection is their first dip into homewares and I really hope to see more organic interiors from Frgui in the future.

beautiful bedding

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Exploring somewhere new - Insole Court, Cardiff


Insole Court Cardiff

We have driven past many times but have never gone down the long drive that leads you to this once iconic Manor house just a short walk from Llandaff in Cardiff that is Insole Court. The house itself is not open and is being restored by the National Lottery but what is open is the beautiful grounds and walled gardens that belong to this stunning period property. 

We really didn't know what to expect the first time we walked down though the gates but it was like stepping into the secret garden with tumbling ivy covered walls, fountains, an array of wild flowers and a little stream running through with plenty of space for picnics in total peace and quiet. A real haven within the city centre. 

Insole Court

Walled Garden

To my understanding the main building once sympathetically renovated as it's a listed property will house a variety of different things including a community space and cafe and I cannot wait to see what is install for this fantastic place. It's a shame in one way that this secret gem will become more well known but equally is wonderful seeing something neglected come back to life.

Secret garden

Pretty flower


There are very few places within Cardiff and South Wales we have not explored but it's very exciting when we do stumble upon somewhere new. Insole Court has fast become one of our favourite places to visit for a little bit of a time out surrounded by nature and we are savouring it's wildness before the main building opens near the end of the year. You can volunteer or become a member of Insole Court trust, which is something we may look into in the future.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Monkey and Mouse
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Redesigning our Living room starting with the Sofa



As some of you may already know we bought our current property as a bit of a project that needed some work done, before intending to sell, hopefully later this year. We have slowly been working through each room getting ready to put it on the market. Things have gone much slower than expected, mainly because having two small kids at home is not overly conducive for renovations. The picture above is our partially finished living room space, at this point, we had taken away the badly built-in shelves and terrible wooden surrounds and replaced them with more useful storage but otherwise, we have pretty much been making do as the living room didn't have too many issues to start with but now we are ready to get the paint out and get what we need to be done to finish this room.

Firstly we will be painting the walls white instead of this slight off white shade, we are going to paint all the skirting boards, fix the fireplace surround, box in wires properly, get a carpenter in to build a new housing for the gas & electric meters and possibly replace the carpet. We are also going to declutter and strip back to a simple and minimal interior and invest in some beautiful wall prints.

fabric sofa

We want to keep the space light, airy and still contemporary and one of the big focus points of any living room space is the sofa as not only is this where you relax but it's also where at times you socialise if you have friends over or have quality family time to play board games or just snuggle up in the evening so the sofa is one of the larger investments you will make when it comes to living room purchases.

For myself, there are four main criteria when it comes to picking a sofa

1. Design
2. Quality
3. Supporting homegrown businesses
4. Price

We would love to replace our current sofas with something that we can take to the new house, which will hopefully be a victorian property, so something fairly modern but can also look good in a bayfront property would be perfect. Practicality and design are also really important as we don't have that much space so choosing something that works well is so important and I am considering getting a corner sofa which would work really well in my living room. 

fabric sofa

Is it strange to feel really excited about discovering a company nearby where you live that makes such beautiful sofas including stunning Chesterfields? We feel like we finally know who we are going to use when replacing our current living room furniture but they are also an environmentally friendly company that only uses non-tropical hardwoods sourced from sustainable European forests, plus it's not being shipped from China so keeping the carbon footprint down. So one would then think the costs are going to be high for a quality the UK made product but it's not as they themselves source the fabrics and leathers direct from the weavers and tanners as well as making all the furniture in-house and keeping overheads low.

So once we have stripped back to basics in our living room, and replaced our tired and well-used sofas I will be starting on the wall space and bringing some much-needed pops of colour to the room. Wall Art is also a great way to express yourself and being a unique feel to any space. ElephantStock has an amazing selection of wall prints, art and canvases for any type of room and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in and making homely living space for the whole family. 

wall art

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Getting Organised and Life Planner Giveaway



Skin fix

I normally blog every day but lately I have felt somewhat disorganised and short of time. I know a large part of this is due to having a very active 16month old baby who has been teething a lot lately paired up with the fact the last time he slept through the night was when he was 4 months old (and that only lasted for two weeks). Being somewhat sleep deprived has also meant that I don't always think as clearly as normal so making notes when inspiration or ideas come to me is really important as I usually forget them 5 minutes later, the only problem is I then have a pile of random pieces of paper dotted around the house which usually get accidentally thrown out - something had to change!

Potential business leads

I know besides more sleep that the key to less stress is being more organised and that is where my new Life Planner from Unique Planners comes in. I am allocating at least 10 mins a day to jot down my to do list for each day, any contacts I want to keep as well as making notes of events and lunch dates so I can clearly see what each month holds and I don't miss anything.

I already feel like I have a plan for each week and it's making my workload more manageable being able to break things down into doable chunks rather than feeling overwhelmed. This Life Planner is perfect for bloggers, busy moms or anyone trying to juggling more than one thing at a time as you have the diary with mini week planner, monthly planner, weekly checklists more than enough space for notes, lists, contacts, business expenses and much more and it can be customised to your liking.

 I also giving one of my readers the chance to win a customised Life Planner worth £24. It's super easy to enter and the giveaway ends on the 25th July 2016

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BritMums Live - The Lowdown




Most UK parent bloggers will have heard of the annual gathering of like minded social media loving ladies (and don't forget the men) that descend on the stylish Brewery in hip Islington for was is known as Britmums Live or BML16. This was my third time attending this conference and each has been different from the last, perhaps because also what I hope to get out of a conference like this changes.

The first time I attended I wanted to go to as many talks and seminars as possible, the second year I wanted to connect with brands as well as other bloggers plus drop into more select and niche talks that interested me such as how to publish an ebook. This year was more about socialising, networking and catching up with some of my blogging friends I have known for years (but only get to see once or twice a year) as well as being inspired by the ever changing social networking scene, individual bloggers stories and new trends happening in the blogging world right now. 

Brewery London

We arrived on the Friday - we being myself and my youngest Baby G, we were also met by John at Paddington who had been to see a band in Oxford the night before and instead of heading back to Cardiff first came straight from Oxford. Ideally I would of left Baby G at home but as I am still breastfeeding him this was not an option. Baby G is pretty easy going however and the 2hr train trip in was stress free with him falling asleep half way through. 

Once we met up with John we made our way to the The Hoxton in Shoreditch, a really cool hotel (separate review coming soon) and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the area as well as indulging in a Halloumi and Avocado veggie burger from the Hoxton Grill. I was hoping to attend the Friday Night Fringe Party in Camden but unfortunately I struggled to get Baby G down in time although I did manage to meet up with some Welsh Bloggers in All Bar One later that evening which was great.

Unlike the previous years this Britmums was being condensed from two days into one, meaning on busy Saturday. When I arrived at the venue on Saturday morning with baby G I met up with some of my favourite blogging friends, Fritha and baby Mali from Tigerlilly Quinn, Gill from Baby on Board, Katie and her adorable newborn from MummyDaddyMe and Claire from Evans-Critters. I spent most of the morning checking out the different areas and workshops on offer plus connecting with other bloggers, as well as enjoying the Clangers lunch before checking into the Montclam as at the last min I decided I wanted to stay another night to attend the BIBS awards and not have to rush home early. 


In the afternoon I managed to get a few baby free hours and pop into the Instagram seminar and Cherry Healey's colourful and entertaining talk before sitting down to what I found was the most inspiring part of the conference - The Bloggers Keynotes which celebrates 5 special blogposts which are then read out by the bloggers themselves, Oana from Mama's Haven who tragically lost her young son to Leukemia two years ago key note was by far the most moving, another stand out key note was Alison's from Not Another Mummy Blog talking about being a Mum not being your only identity.

After the Keynotes was the drinks reception and Britmums 5th Birthday party before  taking out seats for the BIBS awards which was presented by Carol Smillie. Last year I was lucky enough (and in shock) to win the BIBS Style award and had made the finals again this year, something which I am massively grateful for. I honestly didn't expect to win again especially as the other four nominees were so amazing so I was very happy when they called out Fritha from TigerLillyQuinn as not only is she is a blogging friend but I also love her sense of style.

So is Britmums worth attending? In my opinion yes it is as no matter what your looking to get out of it there is something for everyone and has talks and workshops for both the novice and experienced blogger, plus lots of opportunities to network and make friends.

Lastly I would like to say a massive thank you to my Britmums sponsor Skinfix - they are a fantastic skincare brand from Canada which has recently arrived in the UK. Their products have gained tons of rave reviews and have an amazing baby range of products that really help with sensitive and eczema prone skin without using any steroids, fragrances or irritants and is packed with natural ingredients. We have just started using these products on our son and so far have seen some pretty amazing results which I will be sharing with you soon.

They also made a Hand Repair Cream which is perfect for busy mums, especially as we use our hands so much every day running after kids, changing nappies, working, preparing meals etc and being on the go so much during Britmums gave me the chance to use it first hand and from the first application my hands felt moisturised and protected. There products are now available in Boots instore and online.

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