3 European Destinations that should be on your bucket list


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I've been lucky enough to travel through a lot of Europe, in fact I spent over a year taking trains from one city to another and I came across a few places that I felt really should be more popular than they are and thought I would share a 3 slightly alternative destinations to the more popular places such as Paris and Amsterdam (which are both fantastic in their own rights but very busy!). 

While these destinations are not exactly unknown they are at times overlooked in favour for bigger more bustling cities but they are still easily accessible with city breaks being an option if you fancy a dash of culture after 2yrs of limited travel. Just remember to make sure your Passport is up today and you have any required visas before travelling as well as double check what their Covid entry requirement are. 

St Marks Church in Zagreb

1. Zagreb

Zagreb the Capital of Croatia is really a very special and unique city yet most don't even consider it in favour for coastal destinations such as Dubrovnik or Split. I spent some time couch surfing in Zagreb with a playwright who showed me around, took me to an old black and white movie theatre and local bars and eateries and what I love about Zagreb unlike the coast is that it's very. Croatian and hasn't suffered from over-tourism in anyway and is very reasonable budget wise. A few things you should check out if you visit the city are St Marks Church with it's stunning multi coloured tile roof, Dolac Market which has been around since the 1930's and you can get every kind of food here and also take a stroll down the colourful Tkalciceva street which has plenty of cool cafes and places to hang out and grab a bite to eat.

On holiday in Antibes

2. Antibes

I spent some time living and working in Nice, in the South of France and my favourite places to visit on my days off was Antibes. The old town is beautiful and filled with cobbled streets only moments away from stunning coastline, it also has a laid back yet vibrant atmosphere and is a culturally rich place to explore and unlike Cannes which is more flash, Antibes captures that artsy bohemian feel. Also in contrast to Nice which is a larger busier city, Antibes is a place you can slow down and relax and really enjoy all that the French Riviera has to offer. It has some lovely flower markets, delicious gelato and street food as well as the Picasso Museum which is well worth a visit. 


3. Helsinki

My kids and I spent 10 fantastic days exploring Helsinki and we still didn't see everything! The Finnish capital is just packed with culture, coffee and outdoor spaces as well as lots of islands (over 330 actually). Helsinki is an incredibly clean, safe and organised city where everything runs on time and is very easy to navigate and while the locals are not the most forthcoming every person we spoke to was very friendly and welcoming and its the kind of place I would love to revisit. The highlights of our trip was spending the day on Suomenlinna Island, visiting the Rock church and running around all the city parks. What I also noticed was that for a capital city it wasn't packed with tourists which was really refreshing. 

Of course there are many other destinations worthy of this list and I can name a few that I would recommend instantly such as Bratislava in Slovakia and a place on my personal bucket list is Romania and all the fantastic Romanian castles I want to see first hand. What is on your bucketlist?

Travel hacks

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The benefits of working or taking an internship aboard


working overseas

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One of the best things I did when I was in my twenties was spending a few years working abroad, in fact, I have lived and worked in South Africa, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Nice in the South of France before settling near Cardiff in Wales. I feel this taught me so much and gave me a lot of life experience as well as making fantastic friends from around the world, many of which I am still in touch with as well as experiencing an array of cultures, new foods, traditions and people.

For me, it was more about diving into the hospitality industry and earning while travelling as much as I could and I'm so glad I was able to do that, so while I didn't develop my skill set necessarily as hospitality was never a long term goal, it was one of the best life experiences I had and I got to really get to know a city from both a traveller and a residents point of view. 

Another option for those who are career focused is taking an overseas internship, which is a great way to up your skill level, work as part of a team, form international friendships and also gain great references. If I was younger I would love to spend a few months in Asia, especially Japan which looks like such an incredible destination. Taking an International Internships Tokyo would be such a fantastic way to embrace a completely different way of life, new language and gain some incredible life experiences while also getting to discover a very unique country. 


With most professional companies that organise internships, they cover all the essentials and more such as finding you an internship in your preferred industry, career coaching and CV support as well as feedback and references bunt on top of that they ensure you settle well, organise social events, visa and accommodation support and airport transfers so don't feel overwhelmed when considering this option. 

Here are 5 more reasons why you should consider an Overseas Internship 

1. Gain relevant experience and get your foot on the career ladder

It's especially hard in today's competitive job market when you don't have experience or your straight out of education to get a role with progression opportunities but an internship allows you to get on the ground experience and a foot on the career ladder as well as CV boosting references and feedback making you more of an asset to any future employers. 

2. Develop your skills

An internship not only offers you to put your existing skills into practice but also to learn new ones that are relevant to your chosen industry. While we learn a lot while at University or College it's not the same as putting that theory into practice and developing the on-site technical skills you need as well as learning to communicate as part of a team, organisation and leadership skills which is often an internship allow you to develop more. 

3. Learn a new language 

While learning a language at home, online, is a good start there is no better way to learn a new language than to immerse yourself in the culture fully, esepically in somewhere like Tokyo, which an internship allows you to do. Also being bilingual or having a second language to conversation level is a desirable extra for your CV and something potential employers look for. 

learn Spanish

4. Getting to Travel

Getting to travel and experience a new country and culture is of course one of the biggest draws to working overseas, as it should be. While some internships are voluntary (and some even you have to pay for yourself) there are also earn and learn options and it's a great way to travel while also learning new skills to take forward in your future career. 

5. Make friends and build an international network

Gaining new friends, in business and socially is only ever a positive thing, you never know when those connections will lead to something else as well as being able to share your experience with someone or ask for advice or an outside perspective. I am still in touch and meet up occasionally (when we are in the same city) with people I met while travelling and it's a wonderful thing having an international network. 

Working overseas is something that I would still consider doing now (in fact I often search for potential opportunities) however it's a little more complicated now as I have children, although not impossible. I would however recommend grasping any opportunity to work overseas if it fits your lifestyle as my experience has only ever been a positive one. 

working abroad

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What I really want for Mothers Day


Mothers day

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All parents are different, our needs and circumstances vary massively and while chocolates and flowers are always a welcomed gift they are not always what we want or need. In fact according to a survey done last year by Parents.com, the overwhelming response was either a good night's sleep or a day off/time alone and I am not surprised one bit. Being a parent is the most fulfilling but equally exhausting role you can ever have and women especially often put everyone else first, to their own detriment and wellbeing and that needs to change. 

For myself personally, there are three things (seems like a lot right but really it's not)  I'd appreciate this year is to make as many memories as possible, as my children are getting older I am fully aware that with each year they are going to need me less and less and while at times that feels like a positive it's also an unsettling prospect. I also want to take time to focus on my general health, years of sleep deprivation takes it's toll and lastly just to have some recognition (don't we all).

Instax camera

This year I have partnered up with Boots.com which has a huge range of gifts to suit all types of mums and parents no matter what your interests or priorities are and there’s still time to order and collect from store. I had a browse of all their products and narrowed it down to two things I felt would make Mothers Day extra special. My first choice was a Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera which is a great way to capture those one-off moments on our daily adventures. Even though so many of our accessories today have built-in cameras, our lives seem to live digitally but with Instax, I like how you capture one-off unique moments that is then turned into an instant film photo that you can pop into your wallet and keep forever, I also find this is a more mindful and personal way to capture memories. 

instax camera

What is great about the Instax range is that the instant film is easily available in all boots stores and is also cheaper than other Instax film camera makes. The camera also features some nifty features such as automatic exposure, a built-in selfie lens and two customisable shutter buttons, pretty cool right? 

My other top choice was the Ordo Sonic+ toothbrush as dental health and hygiene has such a huge impact on your overall wellbeing and it's something I don't always prioritise (of course I brush my teeth twice daily & floss) but it's something I want to invest in more as I know it will have an overall positive impact on how I feel about my teeth. What I really like about the Ordo Sonic+ is not only is it very stylish, you can also customise it to your own personal needs with 4 different brushing modes. The toothbrush also improves overall gum health and has been designed and approved by dentists. 

electric toothbrush

What I really like about the range at Boots.com is that it offers a lot of useful and practical choices, which is what I personally always prefer. If you are looking for a doable skincare routine, they have it or you want to try out a new hobby such as yoga, they have mats, perhaps you want to upgrade some of your daily electric products such as your hairdryer, they have a huge range of choice or maybe you do just want to pamper yourself with some relaxing bath salts or a new fragrance, you can also opt for experience days and gift vouchers so they choice is really vast. 

Mothers day

*AD This is a Paid collaboration with Boots.com - words and thoughts 100% my own 

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7 Family Friendly Trip Point Walks in South Wales


Blorenge Hike
Standing on the Summit of The Blorenge

Wales is the perfect destination when it comes to hillwalking and mountain summits and while everyone looks to tick off Mount Snowdon and Pen Y Fan, there are plenty of family-friendly mountain summit trig point walks perfect for younger children. These are by no means just a walk in the park, some effort will be required, however, my youngest son has done all 7 of these walks and as long as your child is happy and willing then everyone will be rewarded with some fantastic views as well as picnic stops along the way. This list is just a small collection of some awesome walks in and around South Wales and should give you a good starting point for exploring the area.

1. The Blorenge, Brecon Beacons, 561m

The Blorenge has fantastic views across Abergavenny as well Sugar Loaf Mountain and The Skirrid (both of which are on this list). There is a variety of ways you can climb The Blorenge, some are a lot longer than others but the two most family-friendly versions, which is suitable for younger children is to do the 3 1/2 mile circular route from the free Fox hunter car park, which is around 2hrs or walk directly up to the trig point and back which is around 40mins (may be longer with toddlers) - both routes are fairly direct and well-marked from the car park. From the trig you. have fantastic views across the Brecon Beacons and if you are feeling a bit hot after your hike you can always walk or drive down to Keepers pond, a popular wild swimming spot. 

2. Cefn Eglwysilan or otherwise known as Mynydd Eglwysilan, Rhondda Cynon Taff, 382m

We have done this trig point walk a few times and it's one of the longer and more strenuous hikes for younger children despite not being a particularly high summit so we usually make a day of it with regular stops on the way up. This trig point is also a part of a longer Pontypridd Circular walk. We have always started from Treforest train station and walked up through the cemetery which is fairly well signposted although you will come to a field where a right of way runs through it, just head straight up to the top of this field to the kissing gates and then follow the road past the farm onto the common. I would recommend using the free Ordnance Survey for this walk as some areas do become a little vague. 

The views from the summit are fantastic and well worth the walk, you can see right across the welsh Valleys to Cardiff and the Brecon Beacons. I would also recommend taking breaks and packing lots of snacks. 

Cefn Eglwysilan
Us at Mynydd Eglwysilan

3. The Skirrid, Black Mountains, Brecon Beacons, 486m

I have a real soft spot for The Skirrid and it's probably my favourite walk in the Brecon Beacons and perfect for adventurous kids. It has a little bit of everything from climbing up through an ancient forest, to impressive views, fake summits, windy tops and a very cool trig point. 

The Skirrid has a lot of interesting history and mythology attached to it and is also known locally at The Holy Mountain. On the summit, there are ruins of an Iron Age hill fort and St Michaels a Medieval Chapel 

Parking is fairly straightforward and provided by The National Trust (charges apply) on the Abergavenny to Skenfrith road. From here the path is fairly straightforward, first passing some fields and then winds steeply up through Pant Skirrid woods and eventually up out onto the ridge, once you get to the ridge it's fairly gentle slopes to the summit. My youngest had not long turned 5 when he summited with me, the hardest part is through the woods but it's really beautiful and plenty of places to rest and have a snack and once you get to the ridge you are rewarded with some fantastic views. There is good information about the routes here

Garth mountain
On our way up The Garth Mountain

4. The Garth, Cardiff and RCT, 307m

The Garth mountain is perfect for those looking for a little mountain adventure within easy reach of Cardiff as it's located just above Taffs Well around 15 minutes out of the city centre. This was one of the first proper trig point walks my youngest did, I think he was around 3 or 4yrs old when we first went up The Garth from our starting point of Gwaelod-y-Garth, there are other routes although if you go from the village you can pop in for some refreshment at the local pub on the way back. 

The Garth is also famous for its connection to the novel "The Englishman who went up a hill but came down a mountain" written by Christopher Monger who lived near The Garth and some say the Trig Point which stands on top of a Bronze Age Burial mound was the inspiration for the novel. 

5. Garn Fawr, Rhondda Cynon Taff, 517m

Once again there are a few different routes to this Trig point that stands next to some large stone cairns on top of The Bwlch Mountain. Some come up from Clydach Vale but we always park at The Bwlch viewpoint which offers amazing views across The Rhondda Valley and more times than not there is an ice cream van there as well, which is always very popular with my kids. 

While this walk isn't too taxing in regards to uphills as once you are on the ridge of the Bwlch it's pretty straightforward, it is in some regards quite a long walk although my boys loved seeing the wild ponies and also taking in the views not only across the Rhondda Valley but also The Gawr and Ogmore Valleys. You also get to come up close to some wind turbines on this walk, which personally I find fascinating, along with some Geocaches if you are into that (we are!). 

Moel Penderyn
Sitting on the trig at  Moel Penderyn

6. Moel Penderyn, Rhondda Cynon Taff, 371m

Moel Penderyn is a Hill near the village of Penderyn, the hill is open country with a public bridleway and public footpath and is also connected to a longer circular waterfall walk (12.9km so a bit more taxing for younger children, although the walk to the Trig point is much much shorter). Its location is more remote and quiet and when we visited we didn't see anyone else around, besides some sheep, which was lovely as well as the views right across to Pen Y Fan. 

I would recommend parking near the Penderyn Distillery and using either All trails or OS route map, although once you see Moel Penderyn simply head for the small summit. 

7. Sugarloaf Mountain, Brecon Beacons, 596m

The Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the more popular and well-known walks in the Brecon Beacons and as long as your children are willing it's also a great trig point to tick off and the views from the top are amazing! Located just above the market town of Abergavenny (which is worth a visit in it's own right), you follow a narrow mountain road up which eventually leads to a free National Trust Carpark - you can start further down for a longer walk up but this is my recommended starting point if you have younger kids with you. 

You want to allocate around 2-3hrs to get to the top and back (if your heading up on your own however you can do this within half that time) and bring plenty of snacks for breaks along the way. The route is very straightforward and direct and I would like to mention that there are no toilets at the carpark so we tend to make a pit spot at the large Waitrose before heading up,w which is around a 10mins drive away. I have written a blog post all about our hike up here previously, with a bit more information on what to expect. 

Sugarloaf mountain
Near the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain in the Brecon Beacons

8. Pen-Y-Crug, Brecon Beacons, 331m

Pen-Y-Crug is a lovely trig point across common farming land just above the town of Brecon and while it offers amazing views across to Pen-Y-Fan it only takes around 1hr to complete and isn't too taxing, plus you get to walk over some pretty cool Iron age hill forts along the way. Your best starting point for this walk is near the Maen-du-Well and heading up over the stiles and following the right of waymarked paths all the way up. You can see an excellent route map of this walk here

South Wales hikes

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World Sleep Day and the Benefits of Sleep


good night sleep

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Tempur

In my youth and before having kids I probably took sleep for granted but with two very active young boys running around all day I know just how important it is to get a good night's sleep, not just for my sanity but for a range of reasons although there are times as a parent when you, unfortunately, go without your 8hrs and have to find a way to function on far less. Luckily as my boys are getting a little older and have settled into a good routine I can now see just how exhausted I was some days and how I hope I never have to feel that way again as both my mental and physical wellbeing are benefitting from getting enough rest.

Many of us know that sleep is very important but here are a few reasons as to why that is

1. Reduces stress levels

Being a parent at times can be stressful, especially if you are also juggling work, family, social time and it can be easy to become overwhelmed, even more so when you are tired. When you are stressed your body releases stress hormones, this happens more when you are sleep-deprived and this hormone can also keep you awake and disrupt your sleep and you can quickly fall into a bad routine. However, a good night's sleep helps relax your body and reduce stress and also means that you wake up feeling more alert and can cope with challenging situations easier as well as having improved concentration. 

2. Is a boost to your immune system

Now more than ever we want our immune systems to be as efficient as possible and getting enough sleep allows your body the time it needs to repair, rebuild and recover which is essential especially if you are fighting off a cold or infection. 

3. Keeps your heart healthy

Did you know that a lack of sleep can actually increase your risk of developing things like high blood pressure and heart disease as sleep is a time that allows your heart to rest and recover and without it, it can have an impact on your most important organ. Not getting enough sleep can also lead to inflammation and can affect how your body regulates blood sugar, both of which can impact your heart health.  

4. Better sleep can mean better mood

When we don't get enough sleep we can have trouble regulating our emotions and I think as parents we all know how when your sleep-deprived those little things that normally wouldn't bother us can really annoy you when you're tired and exhausted. Tiredness can affect a huge range of our emotions such as our ability to respond to humour and show empathy, both of which we need to do daily when we have kids. 


These are just a few reasons and it goes without saying that a better night's sleep makes us feel more alert, improves our memory function and increases energy levels which is a must when you're a busy parent. The golden question though is how do we get better quality sleep? Well from my experience when you have very young children or a newborn you do have to resolve yourself to the fact that your sleep will be disturbed to some degree but as your children get older you need to find a way back into a healthy sleep pattern and small changes such as reducing screen time or changing your mattress or mattress material can have an impact and here are a few other things I've found have helped me so far.

1. Create a calming bedroom environment 

This may be easier said than done when you have kids but creating a space that encourages sleep is really important so make sure your bedroom is quiet and dark as night is the first place to start, also reducing screens such as your phone or TV before bed is key. You could try using earplugs, sleep eye masks as well as putting your phone out of reach so you're not tempted to scroll and overstimulate your mind before bed. 

2. Upgrade your pillow and mattress 

I've recently been using the Tempur comfort pillow and honestly, it's been a game-changer and it's really improved my quality of sleep, in fact, I didn't realise how long I had been using an unsuitable (and rather flat) pillow and what an impact this can have on your sleep. The classic comfort offers pressure-relieving support with visco-elastic cells that actively mould and adapt to your body and because of this it doesn't matter if you sleep on your back, front or side as the pillow is both huggable and shapeable. What is great about Tempur is they offer a 30-night pillow trial so if you don't love it you can send it back. I've also swapped over to a memory foam mattress a few years ago and I won't be going back 


3. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine 

When we think about caffeine we often think about coffee but caffeine can also be found in fizzy drinks and foods such as chocolate and desserts so be aware of this before tucking into an after supper treat as even a tiny amount can stimulate your brain and make it harder to switch off. Alcohol can actually have a similar effect and while it initially may make you feel sleepy it can have the opposite effect and stimulate your brain during the night. 

4. Create a workable sleep routine

Just like children we too benefit from going to bed and waking up around the same time each day and it can help train your body into knowing when it's time to switch off. You could add a few things to your routine such as a relaxing evening bath followed by a glass of warm milk or spending 30 minutes reading a book rather than scrolling through social media, these can all work as signifiers to your brain that it's time to wind down. 

March is actually National bed month with World sleep Day on the 18th, so this is a great time to look at workable ways to improve your sleep as it's so important and can affect every part of our life from our mental, physical and overall wellbeing. 

Quality sleep

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Spring and Summer clothing essentials for those who love to travel


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summer adventures

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The seasons are changing and we are finally coming out of the long winter and into what will hopefully be a lovely spring and summer! That means a change of clothing, fewer jackets, fewer layers but still being ready for adventure, exploring and travel. So I thought I would put together some of my favourite summer essentials for those who are hoping to hit the road this year, things that are practical and hard-wearing but also suitable for a variety of occasions. 

1. Durable lightweight flat shoes

If you planning on a city break to some hip cultural European capital or even if you're going to spend the day wandering around historical places like York, you are going to want a good pair of flats, that is lightweight but will last a long time while also being super comfy. Something like Keen women's waterproof trainers which are a hybrid hiker trainer suitable for city adventures as well as off the beaten track trails.

2. Super comfy sandals

Whether you are heading on a road trip, city break or some downtime on the beach, packing a pair of sandals is a must, especially as they don't weigh a lot and are a great alternative to trainers, especially at the end of a long day, putting something comfy on is bliss. A pair that I am loving at the moment are the playoff flat slider sandals from Ego - so soft, like walking on a cloud. 

3. Linen or hemp shorts

Having a light pair of breathable shorts is a must especially when you are exploring hiking trails or are a bit more rural as shorts are more practical than skirts when you are travelling, they are also perfect for beach breaks and are very versatile. I really like the Patagonia island hemp baggies which are great for casual hikes, days at the beach, surfing, skating and being outdoors. If you are not into shorts then summer dresses for women are also a great option, something with a light and breathable fabric. 

Kanken backpack

4. Small backpack

When I'm travelling I want something practical, that is going to fit all my essentials for a day out such as my water bottle, wallet, sunglasses, coffee cup, hat etc and I find a small backpack is a far better option than a handbag. It's more durable, offers better back support and often has more space yet is less bulky. My go-to option is also the classic Swedish Kanken 

5. Sunglasses

As the days are getting warmer and that hopefully means more sunshine, then packing a pair of sunglasses is essential, not only are they a stylish accessory but they also offer much-needed. When purchasing a new pair make sure to look out for glasses that block 99 to 100% of UVA and UVB rays, without this they are simply not worth the money. 

6. Bucket hat 

I love that the classic '90s bucket hat has made a return, not only are they super fun but also offer great protection from the sun! There are so many options out there but I am really loving this Pink Cord tie-dyed bucket hat from Ego which would be great for a summer music festival or long days on the beach or river. 

7. Lightweight waterproof jacket

We all know that the weather in the UK is very changeable so having a summer waterproof jacket is a must! I've been using my yellow Lighthouse waterproof jacket for a number of years and I am really impressed with it! It keeps me dry but I don't feel loaded down as its light and small enough to put into my backpack. Perfect for life in the UK. 

waterproof jacket
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How to Prepare For a Cross-Country Move without the Stress?


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family move

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I have been lucky enough to live in a few different countries and locations in my lifetime and I know one thing for sure, moving can be stressful, especially if it's cross country or even overseas and can easily become overwhelming. It goes without saying that even with the nerves there is also excitement and you get to explore a whole new destination. On the other hand, leaving your known neighbourhood, friends and comfort can at times be hard to handle.

Well, with such a mixed emotional feeling, you can’t sit idle without doing anything productive. You have a lot to do as moving for the long-distance consists of several associated moving tasks that are needed to be done perfectly. Yes, you can hire one of the best LA movers in the network of Moving Apt to make your move smooth. Hiring professionals can perform the job with ease.

However, only hiring a reputed moving company may not control your mind from getting stressed. So, what’s the way then? Well, you may consider reading this whole article. If you follow the below steps, you may find yourself stress-free and can manage your next cross-country move confidently and knowing the right lingo when it comes to moving can help as well so do check out this moving glossary. Let’s have a close look!

Don't leave things to the last minute

It's never too early to start moving preparations as there is always more to do than you expected and getting a head start can really help to reduce stress. Instead of rushing, when you start as soon as you have confirmed your move you have more time to perform the associated moving tasks without over-stressing your body and mind. Additionally, starting early helps to execute your planning more conveniently.

See Decluttering as a Positive

There is no denying that decluttering is a part of moving and can be a rather therapeutic one. While many people see decluttering as a negative, one should see it as a way to detox your life of anything unnecessary. Shifting your mental attitude towards decluttering is also another great way to reduce stress related to the move and could even be something you enjoy doing. 

Put your non-essential items to good use

What may not be of any use to you could be exactly what another person needs, so when we declutter it doesn't mean those items need to end up on a landfill, instead, we can put them to good use as well as make your move a more sustainable and ethical one. 

Firstly you could donate your unused items to a charity shop or the other option is to earn a little bit of money by selling them on sites such as eBay and gumtree. 


Take care packing your belongings

Once you have scaled-down your belongings to the essentials then you need to start on the actual packing process and this does take time but doing it properly will reduce stress in the long term as you want to make sure you take care packing your belongings correctly, especially when it comes to fragile items. Always use good quality paper to wrap your items in, as well as bubble wrap and decent boxes that are unlikely to break. Also never hesitate to ask friends and family to help. 

Hire a Reputed Cross-Country Moving Company

It is always best to hire a suitable cross-country moving company when moving for a long distance. Shouldering all the responsibilities to professionals will genuinely reduce your stress level. You’ll get more confidence in moving for a long distance.

However, it solely depends upon you whether you’ll opt for full moving services or opt for a partial DIY move. You can ask for quotations according to your requirements. Opting for full moving services will cost you more than a partial DIY move. However, in both scenarios, you’ll be able to get rid of excess stress and make yourself more confident for your upcoming move.


So, we hope that you liked our efforts to make you stress-free during a cross-country move. If you find this article helpful, please let us know in the comment section. We wish you all the very best for your upcoming move!

moving home

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5 ways to earn remotely, from home or while travelling


work from home

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If you're looking to switch to working from home or you are planning to head off backpacking or travelling for a few months and want to have some income while doing so, or perhaps you just want to scale back and work part-time or become self-employed, here are a few ideas of way's to do that. Of course with anything like this it can take time to grow, some "side hustles" are just that, a side hustle to help you top up your earnings or earn a little bit more each month, so of course, can turn into full-time incomes but don't go chucking in your job unless you are financially stable enough to do so. 

1. Freelance writing

Part of my income is made from freelance writing and feel this is something anyone with a touch of creativity and sound knowledge of grammar can do. When you're starting out, like anything, you may earn a little less but as you gain more experience as well as more clients you can charge more. There are a few decent online marketplaces where you can offer your skills as well as pitch for an array of writing jobs from copywriting to blog posts, social media posts, proofreading etc, the main ones I use are People Per Hour and Upwork which are both great places to start. 

2. Offer your digital skills on Fiverr

Are you an excellent illustrator, could you illustrate a children's book or do you have the skills to set up a website or a brand's social media pages platforms? Fiverr offers you a platform to sell any of your digital skills and there are plenty of people who are out there who are willing to pay. Fiverr is also an easy marketplace to navigate and use and clients have the option of putting your services on repeat as well as giving a review and feedback, helping you grow your clientele and rank higher on their search engine. 

3. Sell digital (and real) products on Etsy

If your travelling, selling digital products on marketplaces such as Etsy can be a great income stream as wall art, journals and organising pages are very popular digital products, which means the buyer simply purchases a PDF and you get paid so you can do this from anywhere in the world. If you're looking just to switch careers and delve right into your passion and want to sell physical products, Etsy again is a great platform for that as its pricing is clear and it also has a lot of organic foot traffic on its website. 

digital wall art
You can sell digital art prints online

4. Investing and Matched Betting

Now, these are both something that I am fairly new to but I know a few people who have done really well from both of these although I would like to stress that research is key with both as you need to know what you're doing. Katy Kicker who runs a money-saving and money-making blog explains the pros and cons of matched betting much better than I ever could. Another option is looking down the investing line of things, of course, you need some capital to do this although most investing apps and websites allow you to invest as little as £1, again you need to research your options but many people are having some success with creating a passive income stream from cryptocurrency

5. Sell on eBay

I sell bits and bobs on eBay throughout the year because what one person doesn't want could be what someone else has been looking for and it's an easy way to declutter the house while making sure things are reused rather than ending in a landfill and also making some extra money. I make around an extra £1000 a year from selling things via eBay which is really useful but some people can earn a lot more by stepping up their "reseller" approach and sourcing unwanted goods or low-cost items from places like car boots, charity shops etc for profit. 

6. Work as an Online Tutor

While having a qualification is definitely an added bonus, these days anyone who is fluent in English can work as an online tutor with some websites allowing you to join with very little experience, which makes this a great remote income stream. Cambly is a great starting point, you don't need any experience or a degree and while the pay is lower than other websites it's a good starting point as you get paid weekly and can work any hours you wish. Another platform is Outschool where you can teach pretty much anything, are you great at sharing new art skills or want to share your love of Pokemon or Geography, with younger audiences then this is a great option. 

7. Be a self-employed delivery driver for Amazon Flex

Amazon has recently launched Amazon flex which is perfect for those looking to pick and choose hours each week to fit their lifestyle with a focus on flexibility so you could even do this around your full-time job or just a few hours a week to top up your income. It's not in all cities across the UK as of yet but the network is expanding and while technically this isn't a remote role it does mean you are away from the office, can listen to whatever music you want and work the hours that suit you. 

online teaching
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5 Reasons why I can't wait to revisit Germany


German Castle

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I have been lucky enough to visit Germany on a few occasions and have spent time in Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin and I'm really hoping to revisit again, hopefully, this year as there are so many reasons why from their beautiful scenery, amazing food, beer, architecture and culture and I've only ever had positive travel experiences there and can't wait to go back. It has a really unique feel to it with so much culture and has something for everyone from chic cities to breathtaking forests and mountain ranges and while the food may not have the same recognition as that of the French or Spanish for example but it does have it's only identity and unique dishes and plenty of choices when it comes to beers.

So if you need any more convincing here are 5 other reasons why you should consider a trip to Germany in the future.

1. Food and Festivities

The Germans love festivals and I think most people would have heard of Oktoberfest which is celebrated right across the country where beer halls fill up and both locals and travellers enjoy music, food and laughter but it's not the only festival, there are others such as The Pumpkin festival which sounds like a lot of fun as well as the famous Christmas markets. 

Nuremberg, Germany

2. Museums, history and culture

Germany is so rich in history and there are an array of museums to visit especially in the bustling capital of Berlin and you certainly cannot forget a visit to the remnants of The Berlin Wall. You can also "walk through" history in the medieval town of Nuremberg where you can explore the old city walls, castles and range of old churches. Germany has more than 43 UNESCO World heritage sites so you won't be short on places to visit there. Germany is also a very culturally diverse country with over 80 million people living there from around the world, making it a culturally rich destination. 

3. The Black Forest and the famous Cuckoo Clocks

When I was younger my parents took my brother and I to the Black Forest in Germany and if you have the time it's a place I highly recommend visiting as not only is it home to world-renowned thermal spas and the inspiration for the Grimm Brothers fairy tales but also the famous German cuckoo clocks which I was insistent on getting one and we still have today (and it still works!). The area is popular not just with tourists but also locals as it has beautiful valleys, rivers and forests and is a perfect place for hiking and outdoor pursuits and is well worth a visit.  

Cuckoo clock
I love that I still have a German Cuckoo Clock hanging up in my home

4. The Bavarian Alps

Many people think of France or Italy when booking a skiing or snowboarding getaway but the Bavarian Alps which borders Austria is another world-class winter sports destination as well as being one of the most picturesque regions in the country. If hitting the slopes is not for you this area is also abundant with fir forests. glacial lakes and wildlife as well as a unique regional culture and traditions such as their famous bratwurst. 

5. Practical and Safe

Germany is also an incredibly safe country, in fact, one of the safest in Europe to visit, I've travelled there many times as a solo female and have never felt unsafe. The crime rate is low even for petty crimes such as pickpocketing. Ther German people are also very welcoming, helpful and polite and are likely to help you should you get lost of are having some difficulties, which is very useful when you are in a foreign country, many of them, especially in the cities also speak fantastic English. Another plus is that transport is very reliable and efficient, with a well-connected network of trains and buses, making it very easy to get around the country using public transport. 

Reasons to visit Germany

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