Mothers Day Love


toddler style

Suspension bridge

Cellulite oil

Just thought I would put a mini post together about our lovely day. Mothers day is one of my favourite of all the "special" days on the calendar as I think it's something we can all celebrate as with anything in life sometimes we forget to tell the people we love how special they are to us. I know I couldn't do a lot of the things I do without the support of my mother, something which is even stronger since my father passes away. Unfortunatly my mother has come down with a horrible cold so it was a very brief stop in to give her some flowers before we set off on our adventure across the boarder to England and one of my favourite cities - Bristol, for some fun in the sun (yes it was both sunny and warm!) at Bristol Zoo.

1. Couldn't resist wearing the same shoes as Mr A - Converse all the way
2. A quick little selfie with the little man before bedtime
3. Driving across the Severn Bridge into England
4. The two men mad me breakfast in bed and I got some lovely Weleda oil
5. Mr A enjoying the stream at Bristol Zoo on what has been the warmest day of the year
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Raspberry Cranachan with a twist



Jordans cereal got in touch with me asking if I would like to try out some of their cereals in baking and add a little twist to traditional dishes. It's been such a busy week but I thought I would share a real tasty and quick way to create a fairly low fat dessert that is perfect for mothers day - a Raspberry Cranachan with a twist.

Now Cranachan is usually made with fresh double cream but I used a low fat creme fraiche instead for a lighter and less rich but still deliciously creaming version. This recipe also uses the wonderful Country Crisp cereal with raspberries and it adds a lovely crunch to the dessert.

Scottish Cranachan

With a little bit of preparation this dish shouldn't take you any time at all and I managed to whip three up while cooking supper.


100g Jordans Country Crisp with Raspberries
300g raspberries (thawed if frozen)
300ml Low Fat Creme Fraiche (or double cream)
2 table spoons whisky
mint leaves if you have, to decorate

1. Crush the raspberries with a fork. Reserve half of them, then share the rest between 4 attractive serving glasses.

2. Whip the cream or creme fraiche in a large bowl until it holds it's shape, then fold in the whisky and remaining raspberries. Add Jordans Country Crisp and fold in gently

3. Spoon into the glasses and chill until ready to serve, decorate with mint leaves

Country crisp

Jordans was kind enough to send me cereal to use and experiment with in different recopies but words and thoughts are 100% my own
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Let's run and be free


outdoor fun

Life seems to have become very busy lately, something I do feel all the comfortable with and long for the calm we had a year ago, just us two on our daily adventures, now it seems like we are going from one place to another without a moment to stop and breath. So when we have that simple time during the week I treasure it even more. This week we visited one of our favourite places - Bute Park in Cardiff. It has so many elements to it, a river and small bridge to play poo sticks, daffodils to run through, a natural adventure area and lots and lots of space to run.

outdoor fun

It also feels like the little man is changing so much and we are all oman adventure into the unknown. He is growing, bigger and stronger everyday and his love for the outdoors still shines as strong as ever, as does mind, I just wish I could slow down time every now and then.

woodland fun

We spent a good two hours in Bute Park and collected a bunch of sticks and acorns for our nature table at home. We also spotted a few squirrels and he had a little chat with his friend Mr toad - one of the many wooden sculptors dotted around the city park.

natural childhood

The little man can now do this rope bridge pretty much on his own, I am so proud of him, for all his little achievements.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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The scent of paradise



beach life

What does paradise smell like? Or to be precise what would be the signature scent of the Maldives? Well Kuoni has put this question to bloggers, to find out what nose tingling smell would encapsulate the beautiful islands of the Maldives, a truly inspirational place that would equally need an inspiring scent.


To me it was be a combination of things - that wonderful lung filling smell of the fresh ocean air and sea salt in your hair, the sand beneath your feet and the warm sun on your skin, the taste of fresh coconut for breakfast, straight out of the coconut, the warming taste of freshly cooked curry in the evening and the sweet delicate notes of the frangipani flower that your child bends over to take a closer look. It's the scent of blissful happiness, of family time, of adventure, of time together.

fresh mango

The scent would be soft but full of depth, fresh and floral and full of fun, which is what I think a holiday would be like in the Maldives, a place that seems magical and faraway but always in the back of our minds.


Of course this is just my opinion and I had to consult the one in the know - little Steve the Pirate (not his real name) - he had a more straight approach when I described the Maldives and what he thought it would smell like - his answer - Whales and Coconuts (possibly because he is very taken with the idea of big Whales and loves to drink Coconut milk out of fresh coconuts). He was so confident in his approach that he even put together a little song about the scent of the Maldives - so in the end our chosen scent is "sea salted sweet Coconut" (and Whales, don't forget the Whales)

This post is part of our entry into the Scents of Adventure Maldives Blog competition
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Bringing nature in

Beautiful fresh flowers in our kitchen
I don't know about you but I love to have freshly cut flowers in the house - there is something lovely about bring nature inside - with all it's beautiful colours and smells to lift the soul. Especailly with this time of the year when the little daffodil buds have raised their heads to bloom and explode into beautiful  colour wheel of yellows and oranges. Throughout the year we collect items for our nature table and I am also growing more and more found of floral prints and inspiration and thought I would share what it inspiring me at the moment

simple interior
Fresh and simple (image via stylebymileyhenderson)
beautiful space

hanging herbs
What a creative way to have a herb garden in your kitchen
Mothers day posy
A beautiful Wiggles Posy

I am in love with flowers so much that I have taken it upon myself to order a beautiful Posy from Wiggly Wigglers from mothers day as a treat to myself - not because John won't make sure I have a wonderful day but because they make me happy and there is nothing wrong with gifting yourself and giving yourself a pat on your back for another year of parenting (especially through the toddler years)

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home
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Wedding Dress Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask



wedding dress

The wedding ceremony is the event when, “every step you take, every move you make—they’ll be watching you.” It sounds like a corny rendition of a classic, but it’s true. The moment you set foot on the aisle, all eyes will be upon you. Many brides feel self-conscious because of this, but keep in mind that in truth, the only gaze that really matters is of The One who’s waiting for you at the other end of the aisle.

This is why it helps to look and feel your best on your wedding day, and to feel beautiful, you have to have the right dress. You may have seen intricate ball gowns in magazines, embroidered Lazaro wedding dresses in websites, and sleek A-lines on television, but which one of them is for you? How will you go about finding the right dress? Newly-engaged brides have a lot of questions, from picking out the style to trying one on. The best tip for the baffled bride? Ask!

What should I wear?

There are many wedding dress styles to choose from, each of which can be modified to accommodate your own personal preferences. You’ve got the sheath, ball gown, mermaid, trumpet, and A-line, but what you should consider first is your body shape. If you’re having a hard time determining your shape, don’t be shy to ask the sales staff in the bridal shop. Their expert eyes have helped many a bride-to-be find her dream dress!

I’m getting married in the summer. Won’t it be too hot for a full-length dress?

It probably will be, but if you favour having a dress with a full length, there are many kinds of fabrics that are light and won’t be stifling. Your other option is to choose a short dress that still looks elegant and fabulous. There are above-the-knee and vintage-style tea length dresses that are light and airy and allow you to move around without having to fan yourself at the same time.

beautiful feet

Should I call the bridal shop for an appointment?

Some shops can accommodate walk-in customers, while others run by appointment only. The best thing to do is to look at your list of shops to visit (no more than three shops a day so as not to overwhelm yourself), call them all up, and set an appointment so they know when to expect you. While you’re at it, ask the shops about the sizes they carry, so you can work out which shops you can visit. An appointment usually lasts an hour or two.

What should I bring when I go to the shop?

Bring along body-shaping underwear, a good fitting strapless bra, and shoes with your preferred heel height for the wedding. Keep in mind that you’re looking for The Dress and not sweats! Also, it would be good to bring along someone who will be honest with you and whose opinion you value—one who knows you well, so it can be your mom or your best friend. Having two companions at most is recommended; the more people you have with you, the more opinions you’ll have to deal with.

                           beautiful interior

How do I know if I’ve found the right dress?

If there’s a particular dress you keep coming back in the shop to try, there’s a big chance it’s the one, especially if it meets all of your preferences: it suits your wedding theme, it only needs a little alteration, it’s priced within your budget, you feel comfortable and confident in it, and best of all, it makes you look like a queen. If you find yourself tearing up as you look at yourself in the mirror (and those in the shop might be fighting back tears as well), then you know you’ve found The Dress! Now go on and get married!

wedding table

This post contains a sponsored link but thoughts are 100% my own
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Le Bistrot Pierre review and giveaway


French restaurant

John and I were lucky enough to be asked to come and do an honest review of the newly opened french eatery - Le Bistrot Pierre, in the Brewery Quarter in the centre of Cardiff. It's been a while since we have had authentic French Food and it's something I love, especially after having spent some time living in the South of France. We really didn't know what to expect and our initial impression was very good. On arrival we were promptly seen too and taken over to our table. The Restaurant was buzzing with people chatting and enjoying there meals over a glass of wine. The interior feel real and inspiring with beautiful lighting, lovely wooden tables, well designed menus - and I know this may sound random but amazing toilets which has an authentic vintage feel to them.


The menu really had something for everyone and I was spoilt for choice when it came to vegetarian options. We decided to try some nibbles and starters I went with the plump olives and some french bread and John went for the crispy squid, but were delicious and the perfect way to start the evening.

olives and squid

When it came to mains John opted for the special of the day which was Lapin (rabbit) stew after initially wanting to go with the Scottish Steak although to do the French justice went for a more traditional option. As with most French food it was rich and creamy but not too over the top and came with some lovely steamed vegetables, for someone who has never had Rabbit before he was very pleasantly surprised. I chose the Crepes filled with Quinoa and Asparagus which were simply beautiful and offered something a little different to the normal veggie options and I am presented with. It also came with a lovely side salad which had a light and sweet dressing which I could eat everyday of the week.

french food

Our meal was complemented with the St Jean Vin Blanc a lovely light wine from Le Bistrots own Co-opperative in the South if France. To finish the night off we decided to share the Cafe Gourmand which was a plate of miniature desserts with espresso coffee and we both agreed we made the right choice as it was just the right amount of sweet without being overpowering and allowed us to try a few different things.

street style
Thought I'd go for a sort of French look for the night

Overall - we really enjoyed the evening and here is why - Great Atmosphere, knowledge and friendly staff, our food was served promptly and the menu felt authentic. With regards to the food there was real depth with both our mains and I really loved the subtle sweetness of salad dressing, also having a choice of mini desserts was a great option when you want a treat but nothing too heavy. It's a lovely place to go for special events such as Mothers Day, Graduation or simply a romantic date night or cosmopolitan lunch, as well as french patisserie inspired breakfast.

Good news is I am giving away a lunch for two people with a glass of St Jean wine each at the new Cardiff location, it's super easy to enter

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Decadent Mothers Day Pudding with M&S



Decadent Mothers day

So the wonderful people at Marks and Spencer set me the challenge of creating a decadent slant on a traditional treat - Bread and Butter Pudding, which is a world away from my normal wholewheat low sugar (and usual vegan) creations but I though I would throw caution to the wind and create something really indulgent - I mean Mothers day only happens once a year. The first point of call was using a more indulgent base - so instead of just normal white bread I went for Brioche - a lovely slightly sweet french style loaf paired with some lovely Turkish Sultanas and deep dark chocolate.

Marks and Spencer

Now for this recipe I just couldn't help but lower the amount of milk and double cream - by adding water as a third ingredient and it worked really well, leaving a still very creamy pudding but slightly less heavy.

So here is what you need

6-8 Brioche Bread Rolls sliced into 3 length ways
Around 3 tbsp Good Quality Orange Marmalade
75g Sultanas
100g Good Quality chopped Dark Chocolate
4 medium Free-Range Eggs
200ml Semi-Skimmed Milk or Soya Milk
150ml Double Cream
250ml Water
Grated Zest of 1 large orange
Icing sugar for dusting
Butter or Olive Oil for greasing

orange rind

So let's get started

1. Preheat the Oven to 170c (150c for Fan assisted ovens) or Gas Mark 3. Grease a 2 litter Oven proof dish

2. Spread the Brioche slices with Marmalade and layer the slices on top of each other in the dish while liberally sprinkling the sultanas and chopping chocolate on the Brioche

3. Whisk the eggs in a bowl until pale and fluffy

4. Meanwhile heat the Milk, Cream, Water and Orange Zest in a heavy based pan until just scalding. Leave to cool for a little while before adding to the egg mixture.

5. Slowly pour the egg custard over the Brioche slices and leave to stand for at least 20min while the bread soaks in the mixture. Bake for 25-30 min, it should no longer be runny. Dust with icing sugar. Leave to cool and serve warm (not hot). You could also top it with custard if you like.

luxury baking

I was really happy with the outcome - a lovely creamy indulgent bread and butter pudding that went down well with everyone in the family. For me, coming from South Africa it's really something different from what I normally make. The quality of the ingredients from Marks and Spencer gave the dish some real depth as the orange zest and dark chocolate shone through.

Brioche always reminds me of my time living in the South of France - the smell of the bakeries on every corner - eating el fresco with friends each day, on a long table just like the one below - would be wonderful to do that with the family one year for mothers day - lots of salad, nibbles and a comforting pudding.

el fresco eating

I was kindly provided with the ingredients from Marks and Spencer to put together this recipe 
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When we open the door


happy home

shoe display

So as many of you may already know we only just moved into our new house in December and we still have months of work ahead of us to make this house a home from upgrading, renovating and painting there is a lot to do although we are slowly getting there. There are a few sections of the house that I do love, one being an alcove to the side of the front door and it holds a few of our favourite things. The three little cacti never fail to make me smile, as does our authentic vintage radio and little trinket box from Australia. Underneath the ledge is a side table which still needs to be painted and an umbrella stand we picked up from a bric a brac store. For some reason Mr A likes to put on and take off his shoes right next to the front door so it's also somehow become his own personal shoe space, which it what happens when you become a parent. I love the retro feel and would love to carry this through the hallway and love this inspirational image below which would be my dream

interior design

We also wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to all our readers for voting us into the MADS Blog finales for Home and Interiors and thank you for stepping into our home and lives and joining us on our crazy little adventure

floral card

I thought I would take a moment to share some of our favourite Home and Interior posts we have done,  from Trends in 2014 to our our dream Boys bedroom and what Mr A's crib looks like, our little record nook we have created in our new house, some dreamy interior inspirations or our home and style at this past Christmas. I hope this gives you a small insight into our life, taste and interior style and I really hope you can spare a few moments to vote for use in the Finals for the MADS as you will make this little family very happy. Also check out the other finalists here

MAD Blog Awards

Joined in with #LoveYourHome linky
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John Picks - Shoes


mens style

Every man has their thing and for John it's salvaged denim jeans and shoes, in fact he spends more on shoes than I do. We already do a Boys Club post - showcasing what the two men have been up to but we thought it would be great if John put together some of his mens wear trends inspirations and this week he has gone with shoes from the long established American luxury brand Andrew Marc, which create mens shoes with a real sartorialist style in mind, using the best quality materials. The Dorchester sums this up with a combination of preppy and casual style with a rugged look, perfect for the East London bearded chap.

Johns top picks are - The Woodside, The Dorchester, The Parkchester, The Rockwood

The Woodside

The Rockwood

The Dorchester

The Parkchester 

This seasons shoes see a more simple and refined look using traditional leathers, suede creating a vintage inspired look such as the Woodside above, perfect for when your wanting to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. The shoes come in at around £120 - £140 which makes them a bit of an investment but if your anything like John, who looks after his shoes, they should see you through many seasons (John has a pair of Redwings that are 10 years plus and look no more than a few months old). Andrew Marc clothing and footwear are available worldwide and they also produce some great denim, so do check that out.

This post contains a sponsored link but words and opinions are 100% our own

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You and Me

street style

On the weekend we visited the grandparents and Johns old stomping ground. The sun was out and since Mr A was at the park it gave us half an hour to have a walk around the town and enjoy each others company - it's strange walking around the place I was pregnant and our old house we welcomed Mr A too when he was a newborn. I know it's always brings back a lot of nostalgia for John especially since he grew up in this town. For me it was a part of the patchwork that makes up my life but I am happy we have moved on, closer to the city.

mens style
John weras - Levi's Jumper, Gap Shirt, Edwin Jeans and Superga shoes
It was lovely having the sun on our faces and actually being able to use sunglasses for the purpose they are made. It also gave John a chance to finally wear his new Superga shoes he picked up for a bargain at TKMaxx in Bath last month.

street style

I am very much into denim this winter/spring - there is something very comforting and about it and practical of course. I am so happy I picked up this lined denim jacket from Topshop earlier in the season - it goes with so many things. It was also my first time taking my new Sperrys boat shoes out, I don't usually go white shoes for the obvious reasons when you have a toddler but I saw these (another TK Maxx bargain) and just thought they were perfect for the coming summer.

sun flare
Laura wears - Topshop denim jacket, M&S top, Diesel jeans, Kanken bag and Sperry shoes

I have linked this up with Sunday Style, Stylish Tuesday
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