Interiors and flowers: tips on how to do it well


nature in the home
I love this vase and simple floral arrangement (image)

Gone are the days where floral prints feature only in your granny’s home, nowadays floral patterns are bang on trend. Vogue headed to the Chelsea Flower Show earlier this year to check out the best floral interiors along with what flowers are taking centre stage on the catwalk this season. 
Flowers, fashion and interiors have begun to go hand in hand – here is how to get it right:

Don’t go overboard

Flowers may be fashionable but this doesn’t mean you should overdo it. If you add a floral pattern to every piece of furniture and have every type of flower out on display, your home will look ancient, out of date and like a florist. Rather than smother a room in floral - inject floral. 

chic kitchen
It's important to keep a balance and not go overboard, this room is floral perfection (image)

Use real flowers

It sounds obvious but many floral print lovers don’t actually bother putting flowers around their homes, Serenata flowers do a wide variety of flowers in all different shades, for this time of year ‘bonfire’ and ‘fall flora’ make wonderful additions to any living room. Or, if you’re looking for flowers for the festive season; ‘cinnamon spice’ and ‘red robin’ make great Christmas table decorations and they’re the perfect way to fill a home with a rich and warm aroma. Of course having fresh flowers each week is not always that cost effective so picking up some soft and subtle scents that use natural fragrance chemicals is always an option to keeping things smelling and feeling fresh.

stunning bouquet
We love having fresh flowers in our home

Don’t always go ‘girlie’

It’s assumed that floral prints are girly but believe it or not there is such a thing as masculine floral prints. For example: big, floral prints in primary colours can give off a modern art vibe as opposed to a feminine one.

Match up

Just because two patterns are floral, it doesn’t mean they automatically match. Floral can work in any place, in any room but make sure you match the other colours in the room to the floral print. Common palates can make anything work together.

chic bedroom
I love this light floral bedding (image)


If you aren’t bold enough to go for floral wallpaper or a floral piece of furniture then invest in some small floral accessories. For example, cushion covers are a great way to use floral and if you get bored of them you can just take them off. Or, if you fancy doing some out of the ordinary decorating - get collecting floral plates and then mix and match them by hanging them in a cluster on a wall for a vintage yet eclectic look or you could even be brave and add a splash of colour and floral print to your stairs like the image below

floral interior inspiration
How amazing are these stairs (image)

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  1. Those decorated rooms look wonderful The best thing about them is they're so clean and clutter-free. Leaving that aside, I love florals and I'm so glad they're in style again.

  2. This has come at the perfect time as we have just started to decorate. Love all these ideas.

  3. Oh my I love those stairs! I am a big fan of florals, sometimes less means more though which I am trying to learn.

  4. Those flowers are all so beautiful and those stairs are amazing and would make a gorgeous statement in the home! Having fresh flowers around always makes me feel happier and instantly brightens up a room too. Alice xx

  5. I love those stairs, they're so bright and colorful x


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