SouthernSundown Food Festival - Waving goodbye to Summer



Food festival

Does anything scream summer more than street food and festival vibes? I find letting go of eating al-fresco and long evenings very hard so having the chance to enjoy it one last time before the Autumn weather really sets in was an opportunity to good to miss and when we heard about the SouthernSundown happening the last weekend of September we thought why not head down to the beautiful coastline and enjoy a cheeky G&T.

Hosted at The Barn at West Farm in the small Welsh coastal village of Southerndown, a venue I have wanted to visit for a while and was the perfect location, with some of the most inspiring cliff side views across the ocean you couldn't get a better place to chill out, listen to live music and eat an array of good food.


Coffee truck

I have to be honest and say it wasn't the warmest of Sundays, in fact the Saturday had been so gloriously sunny we had been hoping for the same but the one upside of that was it was quieter meaning no queues for all the delicious food yet still busy enough to have a good atmosphere. I really like how well curated in terms of street food vendors, not too many but just enough and all offering something a little different. The kids of course made a beeline for Craft Waffle and I indulged in the Canadian delicacy that is Poutine (a delicious combo of chips, cheese and a different toppings to suit your taste). 

Also a thumbs up to the forward thinking of making this a real family friendly affair with outdoor games and hay bales which offers hours of fun as well as crafting table in the marquee, alongside a secret cinema which shows a family friendly feature during the day and an more mature film in the evening. Despite being rather windswept the kids played outside for hours on end, occasionally running back for something to eat, this gave me the chance to finally try out a glass of Prosecco from the Roaming Caravan, a cute vintage caravan called Margot who's adventures I have been following on Instagram over the summer. 

happy toddler

Vintage Caravan

It was a really nice way to say goodbye to summer and welcome in the colder months, a departure which I am feeling a little sad about but at least we got one more food festival in with a fun hula-hoop workshop to boot. The Barn also hosts one off events throughout the year and I spotted a few good ones for Christmas so who knows we may be back sooner than we think and if not I hope the SouthernSundown becomes an annual event.

Welsh coastline

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How to Get involved with the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning



Coffee Morning

Some of you many already be aware that Macmillan hold the Worlds Biggest Coffee morning each year to help raise invaluable fund for people facing cancer. This year it's taking place on the 28th September with Marks and Spencer their headline partner for 9yrs in a row. I myself have attended one of their coffee mornings for the past three years but this time around it's more meaningful to me than ever having lost my two best friends to Cancer in the past year. Unfortunately Cancer is something that at one point in time will affect most of us in one way or another and the services and support that Macmillan offer are a real lifeline for those going through and fighting this awful illness. 

Last year the Worlds Biggest Coffee morning managed to raise an incredible £27 million and are hoping to have an equally successful year and there are still plenty of ways to be involved and let's be honest who doesn't love catching up with friends or making new ones over a cup of coffee and cake? Here are a few ways to get involved, have fun and raise many for a good cause.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

1. Host your own Coffee Morning

There is still time if you sign up now to received your coffee morning pack and remember you don't have to hold your coffee morning on the 28th, you can do it any day that is best for your guests. All you have to do is decide on a time and place and get everyone to bring some treats to eat and make a donation, super easy and lots of fun.

2. Get your work involved with a Bake off

Why not hold a mini Bake Off at work in aid of Macmillan and put you and your colleagues to the baking test and see who rises to the challenge. Not only is it fun but also a great way to build good moral and team building as well as taste testing everyones creations at the end. Everyone who takes part could make a donation and those who don't could buy some of the treats on offer.

3. Attend a Coffee Morning near you

If your too busy and simply don't have time to host your own coffee morning but want to be involved then why not attend one of the many events happening across the UK. There is an interactive Map on the Macmillan website showing you all the events in your area. Marks and Spencer will also be holding Coffee Mornings in their Cafes this Friday nationwide and I took my toddler to one last year and it was such a lovely afternoon out and fun way to spend some one on one time with him while his brother is in school as well as helping raise money. 

kids and cake

Coffee and cake

 4. Enjoy an at home Afternoon Tea

If you are like me, juggling parenting, work, school runs and everything in between and are limited for time to bake or host but want to encourage the kids to be involved then why not surprise them with an at home "afternoon tea. M&S have an array of special Macmillan baked foodie treats of which 10% of each sale go to Macmillan. With so many delicious goodies on offer such as "Colin the Caterpillar", Victoria sponge, Lemon Drizzle Cake and teatime biscuit favourites there really is something for everyone.

Charity cake

You don't have to plan something grand, every little bit helps even if it's just picking up some M&S Macmillan cupcakes and popping over to a friends house for a chat and don't stress if your busy this weekend because M&S cafes will be donating 5p from every coffee, tea and cake throughout September. You can also make a £5 text donation by texting CUPCAKE to 70550, Texts cost £5 plus network charge and Macmillan will receive 100& of every £1 donated so please do obtain the bill payers permission first. You can also make an online donation at or phone 0845 074 2606. This is such a worth cause and it's well worth reading more about the amazing things Macmillan do each day to help and support those being affected by cancer.

afternoon tea at home

I was kindly invited by M&S to help raise awareness of this fantastic event, words 100% my own.
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5 tips on staying safe online when travelling



We always stay on top of online safety especially with our kids when we are home and it does help that they have extremely limited to access to the internet and as a family we are also aware of keeping our own details safe and changing passwords regularly. Some may even make use of additional security solutions, such as a vpn for streaming, in order to further protect their devices. Many however forget to be as vigilant when travelling either solo, as a couple or as a family it's really important to be aware of the risks and take precautions when going online while on the road.

1. Be on top of your updates

Before you leave you want to make sure your laptop is running the latest version operating system an security software and I would also recommend using the highest security settings while travelling. You can also consider setting your apps passwords with an access key which can add an extra layer of security. Also make sure all your devices have passwords to be open so if anything is stolen they cannot access your laptop of phone information. 

2. Don't share personal information on public wifi

Unlike our wifi connection at home which is secure, places like hotels and restaurants use public wifi and should be seen as exactly that, public. Just because you are using a personal device does not mean someone cannot gain access through readily available software so don't log into things like online banking unless you absolutely have too or any services that need your password. If you are really worried you could also pay a monthly free for a Virtual Private network which offers a very high level of security.

3. Keep Content Safe

Always remember to back up all content before you leave for a trip, you never know what could happen and you don't want to loose any work you have done. I was once on a trip and my computer was affect by a virus and I lost a lot of work so now I always back up everything to the cloud as well as an external hard drive just in case.

4. Don't share details

We are all on social media these days and love to share our trips on instagram and twitter but always air on the side of caution. Perhaps upload a day later while your no longer at a specific location or if you do want to share your holiday "live" then make sure not accidentally show your hotel room number or boarding pass number (there have been cases of frequent flyer miles being stolen because of this). Use common sense when it comes to uploading things.

5. Have insurance

Make sure any expensive technology equipment such as your cameras, laptop and phone have insurance because the worst thing is having one of these items stolen as well as causing any disruption to your work should you work digitally and nomadically. As I have mentioned before also make sure they have password to get into so even if they are stolen no one can access your content. A few years ago my camera broke while travelling and recently my other camera was stole and it can cause real hassle but investing in decent insurance certainly helps to ease the stress of it all.

If your looking for more tips on I have also written about keeping your kids safe while online and also how to stay connected while travelling


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A Day in London with Nickelodeon and Ninja Turtles




Over the weekend we were invited to the Rise of the Ninja Mutant Turtles Nickelodeon event in London at Bay Sixty Six skatepark, a skatepark I used to visit when I was much younger and was really looking forward to taking the boys along for an action packed day of skateboarding, pizza and checking out the new TV series, we even watched one of the Ninja Turtles films the night before to get into the mood.  

As usual the kids were fantastic on the train journey from Cardiff to London, it's become somewhat of a regular journey for us and as we pack tablets away during term time we do allow them to play some apps when we are travelling so it's something they look forward too. My eldest who has recently got into skateboarding and scootering was especially excited to visit BaySixty6 as well as see the new series of the Ninja Turtles.

Bay sixty6

Bay sixty6

Skateboarding London

As soon as we arrived at Baysixy6 the boys where handed some Ninja masks and my youngest wore it pretty much the whole time. Walking into the park there was plenty of things going on from retro arcade games, a play area, graffiti wall, skate workshops, fruit and smoothie bar and a chill out space for kids to watch some of the new Rise of the Ninja Turtles series which my eldest watched and gave a big thumbs up too. 

Both my eldest and youngest had a chance to take part in the skate shop workshops and really enjoyed themselves and learnt some new skills as well as watching the skateboarding demo happening in the bowl with some of the best skaters in the UK. We also made sure to full ourselves up on some fresh pizza.

fresh pizza
 Ninja Turtles toys

It was such a great atmosphere and the kids loved pretending to be Ninja turtles for a day and after the skating and filling ourselves up on pizza and smoothies and the kids had pretty much run themselves out climbing up and sliding down all the ramps as well as getting creative on the graffiti wall we decided to go for a walk around Portobello Market, on of my favourite parts of London. 
It was such a lovely end to fantastic day out, even the sun decided to shine, although the same cannot be said for when we got back to Wales and it was pouring down. Do remember to check out the new Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon from this Saturday 

watermelon smoothie

We were kindly invited to attend the event - words and experiences 100% our own 
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How to do a REAL Budget Friendly Family Break to London



London Bus

London - one of the most expensive cities in the world but that doesn't mean you can't visit this incredible city on a shoestring with kids! Before becoming a parent I spent a considerable time travelling and working around Europe and became very savvy with regards to budget travel from couchsurfing to backpacking, working as you travel and how to make your money go as far as possible. Of course when you are travelling solo it is easier as you only have to think about yourself and your own needs and as soon as you have children there are many other things that need to be taken into account but doesn't mean you cannot travel on a budget and still enjoy everything that city has to offer.

1. Getting to London & how to score cheap train tickets

London is one of the most accessible cities in the UK which excellent transport connections across the country with a variety of ways to get there. I wouldn't advise driving to the city as parking is extremely expensive as well as the daily congestion charge of £11.50. Megabus and National Express however are great options although they do take longer than a train but if time isn't of the essence then you can grab some low cost tickets.

As we wanted to get the most out of our 1 night stay we decided to look into train tickets and we managed to get return tickets for the whole family at the cost of one person and this is how we did it - Firstly my toddler doesn't need a ticket as children under 5 travel free in the UK, then used our Family Railcard which saves 1/3 on adult tickets and 60% on children's tickets which is a huge savings, we applied these savings to off peak trains as trains getting into London before 10am are premium. Once we found the cheapest route we then used website which splits your journey (without having to change trains) for an additional saving so on top of the railcard discount we saved another £27 while still staying on the same train!

train to London

 2. Where to Stay

As it was the summer holidays and we planned this trip very last minute it meant our usual go-to options for a quick break away such as Travelodge and Premier Inn were all booked up. All that was left in the city was either very expensive hotels or extremely budget friendly ones that didn't look that appealing so we decided to look into the boutique style backpackers and YHA type places that are very family friendly and often offer stylish communal areas, lounges and cafes as well as games etc. After researching a few different options we went with the Meininger Hyde Park - Urban Travellers home and offers accommodation for all ages, groups, backpackers and families with a variety of options. We went for a private family room with en-suite which has fast free wifi and TV and was perfect for our needs, plus is came in at under £80.

What we loved about the Meininger was the location as it's right next to the Natural History Museum and 5 mins walk from the Science Museum and Hyde Park, all free attractions. We also had a filling breakfast in the morning in the light and airy breakfast room and enjoyed playing ping-pong on their large open terrace overlooking Cromwell Rd. It's somewhere we would stay again for a short visit as it was comfortable and met all our needs.

Family travel London

Ping Pong terrace

breakfast room

Getting around London

Walk! Nearly all of Zone 1 is walkable if you have the time and it's a great way to really get to know London and see the sights. On the first day we used an Uber as we had some Uber credits to use up and this kept costs down, I also had done some research and had downloaded a few taxi apps which offered joining credit for first time users such as MyTaxi where I found a £10 credit code after searching online which was enough for a short journey. Of course also take advantage of the excellent Bus and Underground service in London although for a family of 4 even this can become pricey which is why we planned our itinerary around being able to walk and use free uber/taxi rides.

Paddington London

Take Advantage of Free Museums and 2 for 1 Discounts

During our one night stay we decided beforehand what we wanted to visit as there is so much to see and do I think it's best to have a clear idea of where you want to go beforehand as this will save you time and money. Firstly we had to visit the London Transport Museum which is a favourite with my youngest, good news is Children go free although the price for Adults is a little steep at £17.50 but allows return entry for a whole year so if you are going to be revisiting the city this is great. If you are only going to be in London for the weekend and you have travelled in by train then do take advantage of the 2 for 1 day out deals which covers the London Transport Museum meaning a family of 2 adults and 2 kids only pay £17.50

We also wanted to visit both the Natural History Museum and Science Museum located right next to where we were staying so on the first evening we took advantage of visiting the Natural History Museum later in the day with no queues and then the next morning we headed straight to the Science Museum. Both have cafes on site as well as area for picnics so you can save money by bringing your own snacks and I would put aside at least 2-3 hrs for both Museums as they are action packed with things to do. Other free museums include the V&A, Tate Modern, British Museum and Museum of London to name a few.

Natural History Museum

T-rex London

Take in the London Atmosphere for Free

London is a very colourful and vibrant place and you don't need to spend any money to soak that all in. When we visited the London Transport Museum it was located right in the heart of Covent Garden so we made sure to have a wander around the market as well as see some of the fantastic street performances. When we visited earlier this year we stayed in Camden and walked along the Canals one morning to Regents Park spotting all the canal boats. This time we walked from the Science Museum through Hyde Park to Paddington Station and it was lovely as we walked past the Princess Diana Memorial, the Peter Pan Statue and sat by the water fountains in the Italian Gardens before heading to the station and saying goodbye to Paddington Bear. Other lovely areas to explore and walk around are Portobello Rd, Notting Hill and Little Venice as well as seeing the Changing of the guard. There is also plenty of outdoor green spaces to explore, from Hyde Park to Parks in Wembley, there is plenty of free outdoor spaces to run off some steam. 

Family travel London

Eating for less

Food can be one of the most costly parts of a family trip as kids seem permanently hungry so having snacks on hand is key and I always advise to stock up at your local supermarket before each trip as food in the city comes at a premium. Also we always travel with at least 1-2 water bottles as you will pay around £2-£2.50 for a small bottle of water in London. If your a coffee lover then it's also worth carrying a reusable coffee mug with you as most chain and independent stores now offer a discount for those who use one. Also researching before you leave is a good idea as we found Honest Burger had s special for kids to eat for £1 meaning a big saving for us. Apps such as Vouchercloud and Groupon are also worth looking at. Also starting the day well and making sure you have a good breakfast so if your hotel offers breakfast included in the price of your stay do take advantage of it.

Beet Burger

No matter which was you go about it travel does cost money but how much money is up to you, taking time to research and look for discount codes and real deals (always double check comparisons) as well as  using some of my favourite deals online and combining these with cashback websites you really can reduce the overall cost leaving with more money to spend on your actually holiday or short break away and also meaning you can hopefully travel more often. Children are also very adaptable, we have stayed in self catering, hotels from 5 star to two star and YHA, backpackers etc and it really didn't matter to them at all, in fact it probably impacts adults more who want different levels of comfort but personally it's not something that puts me off when I travel as its all about the experience.

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Gratitude List and Life Lately


gratitude list

Life has been really busy lately and I have to say I struggled to keep up over the summer holidays. Between my blog, YT channel and social media work I do it pretty much takes the same amount of hours as a full-time job which isn't surprising as between it all I make the same as if I was working in my old full time job, yet because I work from home and as a freelancer it means childcare goes out the window over summer holidays and I revert back to being full time mum. I am not complaining at all but it does mean having to slow everything down and adjusting to having minimal working hours.

I'm still in a way getting back into routine and shifting through 6 weeks of emails and while stress is creeping in, especially as it's my eldest birthday this weekend and well thats a whole other thing to organise on top of everything else I feel it's really good to reflect back on all the positives and be grateful even when your trying to juggle everything.

We had a really fantastic summer, packed with adventures and I thought I'd just share a few highlights and moments I am grateful for and please do stop by my Instagram account for more of the same.

1. I managed to have a rare child-free weekend at the start of summer (and I say rare because it's the first time in 5yrs) in Durham at the beautiful Hotel Indigo, it's a city I really want to go back and explore more and please do read my guide to A Weekend in Durham.

2. We had a very budget friendly over night stay in London with both boys and stayed in a place similar to a YHA but you wouldn't know from the look of it, this was taken at breakfast time in their stylish cafe room.

3. I also celebrated my Birthday earlier this month and reflected on what turning 34 meant to me, shared more about how I felt over on my Instagram account.

4. My eldest headed back to school this month and was super excited about it. Also jumping for joy in his new Kicker Shoes

5. We teamed up with Nutella on a fun breakfast hacks projects for ways to make school run breakfast time quicker and easier

6. My two boys still argue and wind each other up but deep down really do care for each other, got this candid shot in Hyde Park just before the summer holidays finished

7. Over the summer we spent a few days in Devon with Cofton Holidays and visited Powderham Castle which was amazing and had a fantastic farm and deer park

8. We also spotted some bright Beach Huts on Dawlish Warren in Devon, my youngest was really taken by them

9. I also braved wearing a Bikini this summer thanks to the inspiring Molly Forbes, learning to enjoy the body I have now - read my thoughts on Body Positivity in Motherhood 

What are the things you have been grateful for over the past two months? I think it's always really important  to look back and reflect especially at times when your feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

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How to save a little extra before Christmas


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Christmas gifts

I cannot believe that I am already mentioning Christmas but when it comes to saving thinking ahead is key and it will be upon us in no time and it always ends up costing more than you think and can end up being a rather stressful time if your not prepared. Christmas is meant to be a happy and joyful time but if your facing money problems or just finding it very hard to juggle everything and it shouldn't be overshadow by that but rather enjoyed. It's still not too late to create a little money pot with these simple tips.

1. Start a weekly savings fund

Do you grab a coffee on the go when your out? Can you go without those extra treats you may pick up in your weekly food shop? Instead why not rather put a few pounds into a saving fund each week, even something small like £10 a week would give you an extra £100+ which could make a real difference.

2. Go through your monthly out-goings

It's really easy to let little payments slip, such as online subscriptions, gym memberships and services you are just not using anymore. It's really important to go through your monthly out-goings to see if there are savings that can be made as well as evaluate things like car insurance and house insurance and make note of when your renewal is and if you can get a better deal as this could save a few pounds each month.

3. Switch energy providers

We see this a lot, there are many comparisons websites yet we don't actually take the time to really do it and it could save a considerable amount as many of us are eligible for a cheaper gas and electric rate. Of course in the dream world we would all be able to have solar panels and make large reductions to our energy bill or hopefully like Utah bring in the solar tax credit

4. Don't pay full price

It's best to start festive shopping now as it's a good time to find bargains before everything gets inflated for the Christmas rush. There are plenty of websites online that offer discount codes and it's always worth doing some research first because even if it just means 10% off that can really help. Places like TK Maxx BM Bargains are also great places to look for discounted high quality toys and gifts.

homemade christmas

5. Consider making your own gifts

It may be time consuming but there really isn't anything more heartfelt than home made gifts and with so many fantastic tutorials online it's easy to give things like soap making a go, or perhaps beautiful packaged home made fudge or cookie mix jars. You can also save a little bit on making your own gift wrap and cards, see this post for a little inspiration.

6. Embrace free events

While we can spend a fortune on fun things to do in the run up to Christmas such as meeting the Big Man himself there are also plenty of free activities and events going on so do take advantage of those. In the village I live in they have a Santa parade each year with reindeer through the streets and it's lovely to watch, just, take a flask of coffee and your all set. Local libraries and community centres often have fun craft events for kids as well as local Christmas markets which help capture that festival feel.

7. Get family involved

When it comes to Christmas and gifting my mother always asks me first what the kids actually want and need instead of just purchasing something for the sake of it. We don't over indulge our children at Christmas for many reasons but also because we simply cannot afford it so I do delegate what they need to the grandparents who take a little bit of the load off us. It's a really good idea to let friends and family know what your children actually need as they can really help reduce the pressure on you.

There are also plenty of other ways to save money and there is a fantastic blog post about 100 great tips to get you started which give some really practical ideas, as well as how to avoid stress buying which can often occur around this time of the year. Remember always research, use cash back sites and try and enjoy the moment.

Christmas tree

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A Personal Stylist on the go with Lookiero



I've been super busy lately, with so many fun and exciting trips over the summer alongside work and balancing it with parenting to my two boys I haven't had much time for well anything especially finding time to update my wardrobe or just add a few new pieces. I've not had great luck with online shopping lately and had almost lost faith until Lookiero got in touch as asked me if I would like to review their Personal Stylist service that picks personalised outfits according to your profile likes and dislike and then sends them to your home giving you 5 days to try on the clothes and see what you like. You then only pay for what you decide to keep and send the rest back. For someone who is busy and struggling to hit the shops but still loves clothes this is perfect.

When you create a profile you are asked a bunch of questions to give your assigned stylish the best overview of what your looking for, from your eye colour to body shape and what you feel most comfortable or what you are trying to achieve they take it all into account and I think it's a great idea that you can also add social channels and images of yourself to your profile so the stylist can get a real idea of who they are working with. Now I have to say I really wasn't sure what to expect or what was going to arrive and wether it would suit more or if I would like it but I wanted to stay as open minded as possible.

Once the box arrived I was really eager to see what was in side and I honestly was very surprised as I am pretty fussy when it comes to what I do and do not like and I really loved everything and even with the one item, the flamingo shirt that I was unsure about, once it was on, it's something I would wear and being surprised by that was great because I am trying to incorporate new prints into my wardrobe.

Lookiero works with more than 150 different European brands and I am really impressed with the quality of the items especially the very cute raffia bag from Auren which was an instant favourite. I was sent a total of 5 items and could make two outfits from what was picked. The first outfit I paird up the straight cut green linen trousers with the Flamingo shirt and I would be more than happy to wear this out in Cardiff for coffee with friends as a chic casual look.

The second look really hit the nail on the head in terms of my personal style and go to look with a Breton style t-shirt and detailed denim jacket from Vila which is perfect combined with some black skinny jeans for a casual day look and I felt they really understood what I love and my look while offering me new options and things I naturally wouldn't go for. The denim jacket fits perfectly and I love the inner detail and I was really surprise that every piece fit me as I have a weird body shape in that I am just under 5ft which can cause problems so the fact that everything fit was a major bonus. 

I found this service from start to finish really easy and it's the perfect solution of your life is becoming increasingly busy and you basically want someone else to do the shopping for you. Plus if you don't like something you just send it back and only pay for what you keep. Inside my box was also some inspiration moodboards to help inspire you on how to use the items best and I found this really useful. The items were also very reasonably priced and the same as the high street plus if you keep all 5 items you get 25% off the total which is a pretty big savings. Overall I was really impressed with my experience and I am not just saying that as I have complete freedom over this review. 

Thanks to Lookiero for inviting me to try their personal stylist service. Words and thoughts 100% my own.
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Starting the day the happy way with Nutella



Breakfast toast

Anyone else starting to feel that back to school anxiety creep in, oh how we have enjoyed being able to lie in a little and I will be the first one to admit that I am not one of the organised moms. In fact, school runs are usually somewhat of a manic mess in our house and how we manage to get out the door in one piece is really an accomplishment in itself so anything that makes the mornings easier and smoother is a massive win in my books. 

Usually we can't find the shoes or I have forgot to make the packed lunch the night before or I've lost the car keys, there is always something… But the one thing I always try and make sure is that my eldest has something he likes to eat, so at least I know he has had something to eat before heading out to school. He isn't the biggest eater and not the fastest either, so having something special for those days when I know he just wants something quick and easy can make my life a little less stressful. 

Despite having a somewhat haphazard start to the day, this doesn't mean I am not mindful and making sure we have a varied diet and meals while also ensuring my boy gets a breakfast that he likes. Nutella combined with seeded or wholegrain bread, some fruit and lemon water is a perfect breakfast for a busy day. When you’re in a rush having something on hand you know they are going to eat is key and I know he loves Nutella on toast as it's so delicious. I make sure to stick to the recommend portion size of 15g - which is one heaped teaspoon – it’s a great way to get your day started in a happy way. 

balanced breakfast

Unlike cereal, toast is portable when we are being really pushed for time and besides, I think it's important to mix things up and keep breakfast time interesting. I try to not make the same thing day after day because let’s face it, anyone would lose interest. So keeping it varied but still simple is key to getting your kids to eat what is seen as the most important meal of the day. 

Breakfast has always been and will always be my favourite meal of the day and one I cannot miss. Nutella is not only a hit with the kids but with my partner as well, and I'm not going to lie I am partial to spreading my own heaped teaspoon onto toast and topping it with cut up banana, paired with some herbal tea. This is my happy start to the day, which gets me ready for a usually busy day from start to finish.

When you become a parent life is all about enjoying the moments, making some compromises and covering all your bases and making your life that little bit easier where you can, so starting the day happy and as stress-free as possible is something I try and aim for daily.

breakfast time

In collaboration with Nutella 
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Parenting courses for Self Development



cute family

I have always been a believer in the power of learning whether that be formally or just improving your knowledge through reading, workshops or learning a new creative skills, at the end of the day we are never too old to learn something new and with kids heading back to school I find know is a good time to look at options for our own learning . Over the years I have often thought about doing a course that may give me more insight and knowledge into what my children need, no necessarily to change careers but just to give me added skills. I would love to do a Forest School course one day, purely because it's something I am interested in learning more about as we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors together. I think many parents feel the same so I thought I would share a few ideas if you are looking to improve your knowledge and self-development in a certain areas.

Paediatric First Aid

Over the years I have actually done a paediatric first aid course twice and felt they have both been very valuable in giving me essential skills in case of an emergency. This course only take one day and can also help to give you piece of mind that you are aware of dangers and is a good backup policy in case the worst were to happen. First aid, particularly child first aid can teach you things such as how to remove choking obstructions safely which could quite literally save their life. You’ll learn how to treat things like cuts and burns and other minor injuries while you seek medical assistance, and even how to perform resuscitation should you ever need to know how to do it.

Forest School

If you enjoy spending time outdoors with your kids and want to incorporate more learning into your time then doing a Forest School qualification my be of interest. The courses offer ways to carry out some practical outdoor tasks like building shelters and trying knits as well as understanding the natural learning environment and sustainable ways to learn in that environment. A level 1 course just offers practical and hands-on information but with a level 2 you could even work as a forest school assistant if it really piqued your interest. 


We’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic and while I embrace everything in moderation and believe in true and real body positivity I do think it's important to be aware of possible health implications and how important regardless of size it is to try and keep a balance with being active and eating foods that nourish us and provide us with the right vitamins to be able live well and get the most out of life. Helping our children and us as parents develop a healthy attitude towards food is very important and if you are interested in this sector then a child nutrition course, or a general nutrition course which includes a module about children can teach you all you need to know. It can give you the information you need to be able to feed your family in the best possible way.

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Child psychology

A child’s mind works a lot differently to an adults. As adults, we have the ability to ‘see the bigger picture’, we have coping strategies that we know work for difficult situations and we have experience in how to deal with many things that life throws at us. That’s not the case for children, who can easily feel lost, overwhelmed and anxious even about things that seem minor to us. Learning about child psychology and their cognitive and emotional development can help us to understand them better. It can be frustrating for both adults and children when they feel misunderstood and so this is something that could really benefit you and your family. Once you have a background in psychology or child psychology you could take further education to specialise- something like a online school counseling masters for example could be of interest. As humans, we’re a fascinating species and it’s always interesting being able to find out more and what makes us tick. Education in child psychology can make you more understanding and aware of your child’s needs, and give you an insight as to why they act and think the way they do.

Teaching Assistant

If you are looking for a career change or want to be more involved with your child's learning then retraining as a teacher's assistant could be a good ideas as there are always temp positions and it's a job role thats appears to always be in need of more qualified individuals. You can do the majority of learning online and from home so you can retrain around your current commitments and shouldn't take more than a year to achieve. While your kids may not be that keen on having you working at their school it is a great way to get a real understanding of their education. 

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