Weekend Adventures


So lately I have had a major need to spend each weekend finding new and cool places to eat, have coffee, talk about music, fashion and such things. I don't live in the biggest of cities but that's almost what makes it fun - going and finding new places. Here are a few images from successful missions over the past summer.

John in the "book" room, 10 Feet Tall. I ended up having a really nice bruchetta with chorizo and chicken with salad and herby chips with Lycee juice...yum yum

A little outing to Cardiff Arts Institute, which has a really interesting interior full of nooks and crannies, paintings and random art, reminds me of the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Preppy Fashion in Penarth Park

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Autumn is here! New season and giveaway



So I went for walk in a nearby park, I love this time of the year when the seasons change, just like the colours in nature fade from bright new greens to yellows and browns, so do the themes and colour trends in fashion. I am really excited about the new season as I love vintage prep in the form of Satchel bags, leathers and brogues. Also camel and greys, big knits and all wonderful warm things :).

 I love autumn colours...and blackberries...so when I saw these I had to take a photo.
So if price was not an option this is what would be on my autumn season shopping list....

 Acne Olga Shearling Hat £295
 Alexander McQueen Lace Knuckleduster clutch £1285

Chloe Bird Print silk blouse £755
Burberry Prorsum knitted slim fit jacket £695

 Diane Von Furstenberg Ceila Dress £318
 Grafia Leather Satchel
 Pringle laser cut top £795
 Stella McCarthney, Linda McCarthney photograph top £115
Nearly all of these items can be found on my new fave site - Matches, I literally want ALL there clothes.

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Wales Blog Awards and Birthday daze


 First of all I was sooo happy to hear that I made the "Long-list" for the lifestyle section of the Wales Blog Awards which is very exciting. I love meeting other bloggers from the same city/country and see what they are up too. You can see the rest of the nominees at Wales Blog Awards

 So it was my birthday this week...one year older and not that much the wiser. It does seem with every passing year that the excitement fades. When I was younger I couldn't get to sleep at all the night before my birthday, now I sleep in, with no rush to get downstairs to open presents. I didn't have much of a plan for the day, that way one cannot be disappointed, and overall I was very happy with what turned out to be a lovely day. I woke up with my partner having put little "happy birthday" signs around the house, which made me smile, along with a bagel for breakfast and a 80's Timex watch and really cool Nike Mid-tops (it's all about the casual wear this year). I didn't have much time to hang around though as I was off to Bristol to enrol on the final year of my photography degree (yes it's abit of a commute from Wales to England 2 days a week) and to have some lunch and cupcakes with my mother. Even in the rain and on an overcast day I enjoy the old part of Bristol City centre - the houses mixed in with the shops are so beautiful and I want to live in one!!! After enrolment we  went for a bite to eat at The Boston Tea shop and than to Swinkys cupcake shop which literally sold the most amazing cupcakes ever! I had a carrot one which felt like eating the richest carrot cake in mini version and my mother had a super scrummy cappuccino one.

After our little Bristol outing, a drive across the bridge, I returned home, alittle tired, so I put my feet up while John made a very yummy spicy Caribbean curry. I ended up not having the relaxing bath with the herbal bath salts I had got, but I am pretty sure I will find the time soon, but all in all what a pleasant day.

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Little things I love


So I have had such a pleasant weekend it makes me think of all the small things that make days special. Yesterday was filled with lazy couch moments and pottering around the house, de-weeding the garden, listening to music and putting posters up in the middle room. Today was spent in the city book browsing (mainly looking for The Selby book), having coffee, discovering a new cafe bar and enjoying good food, in good company.
With having got my laptop back and going through this summer's photos, it's great to look back on those "little moments" and "future ideas" that will come from those...so here are the little things I love

homemade cupcakes
Eating homemade cupcakes in the garden 

Foxgloves - Poisonous but pretty

light writing
Being on the beach late at night and writing light into the darkness

self portrait
Hiding in the flowers in the garden

My current blog crush is The Selby, and if you have not heard of it believe me you want to check it out. It's the creation of Todd Selby, a portrait, interior and fashion photographer who goes into fellow creatives' houses and takes photos of the most wonderful and inspiring interiors in flats and houses in various cities across the world. He also has a book "The Selby: In your place", which is what I was looking for today, but alas did not find. 

 My other creative crush at the moment is stop animation and I am determined to make one before the end of the year. I came across this one which I just love...enjoy :)

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Summer, too soon to end


Well, everything does take longer than you think, alas my laptop is still amiss but the computer tech guy assured me it would be fixed by this Friday.

So the one thing that does not seem to take long enough is the summer in the UK. This summer hasn't been bad but it could have been filled with more long warm nights and clear blue skies and it seems to be nearly over all to quick. So here are some photos from last weekend, which was actually warm enough to wear shorts and a dress - one of too few days.

It was one of those days in the city when you think "why don't I do this more often", a long stroll in Bute Park, coming across a little summer cafe with soft serve ice cream, then followed by a yummy bean burger in Milgi Art Bar with some iced Elderflower presse....perfect combination for the soul.

Milgi Bar, Cardiff

Ohh don't forget to enter the competition for the Bags of Change bag (just scroll down, about 3 posts away), the competition is running for another week :)

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Laptop on the lowdown


So I apologise for being so quite of late but I do have good reason for this, my laptop has gone on holiday, well the screen broke and basically it's being fixed and I should have it back before this weekend - yey :). It happened about 2-3 weeks ago and ever since I have been trying to get hold of someone to fix it - these things always take longer than you think - ALWAYS. Anyway I sadly missed the Goodwood Vintage Festival....oh how I am planning already for next year to make sure I am there! I did however come across these amazing outfit photos from the festival and thought I would share my favourites.

 So has anyone else noticed how it's starting to get colder - already! I am however looking forward to Autumn - this has to be one of my favourite seasons. I love the idea of wearing scarfs again, natural materials and earth colours. I had a quick gathering of ideas on shmotter and came up with this little outfit board, I feel a huge wardrobe clean coming on.

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