An Italian dream



Everyone has a wish list or dreams they want to see be fulfilled, I have always liked the idea of having a place to call my own overseas, maybe because I am an expat living in the UK but my mind and soul always wonders to thoughts of warmer Mediterranean climates such as the stunning countryside and coast of Italy. I am not one who needs to put down roots, in fact I like the feeling of freedom which is why a property overseas suits my longterm ideals as it could be a bolt hole or a building project, just somewhere different or inspiring.

So why Italy? Well I have been lucky enough to do some travelling around this truly beautiful country with main highlights being Venice, Milan and Bologna but I hope to go back soon and explore Tuscany and the South more.

Wine Italy

There is something so right about the Italian lifestyle, the food, wine, long lazy warm summer days spent eating outside with friends and the strong family community feel. I think it would be the perfect place to invest in and in a dream world I would love to buy a Tuscan farmhouse where the kids could run free in the fresh air day after day but in reality I would be more than happy with a studio apartment in the old town of a hill side village.

Italian landscape

The architecture and interior style is also a major factor in why this would be the dream place for me personally to spend some extended time, in fact this would be the perfect place to retire. It's such a historically rich part of the world and the idea of having a tumble down villa with archways inside to restore would be a dream come true.

Of course if you are planning to purchase a property overseas you need to go through the correct channels - it's hard enough buying in the UK but when your first language is not that of the country you are making the purchase it's even harder. My Tuscany Villas provide the perfect gap as they are English speaking estate agents based in Italy and help with everything from mortgage advice, restoration work and every aspect of relocating.

If you could have a second home anywhere in the world where would it be? Would you go for a warmer claimant or rather opt for the drastic landscapes of places such as Canada or Scandinavia or would a bustling city like New York be your preference?

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Mothers Day Gift Guide

Art in the home
A framed photograph from Wall Snaps

Are you struggling to find something a little different for that very special lady in your life (your mum of course) this Mothers Day? Then have no fear here are few ideas for those who are still scrambling to find a gift that expresses how much you care. First of all I thought I would start with something that is not only visually stunning but also sentimental - then a beautifully framed photograph or canvas is a good choice and is something my mother has been asking for for year. The creative people at Wall Snaps offer some fantastic choices including some colourful and cool patterned boarders and high end printing as well as a fast turn around time.

Mothers Day wish

I feel when it comes to celebrations such as Mothers Day thinking a little bit out of the box and picking up something else besides chocolates and flowers (which are lovely too) always goes down well. Why not have something a fun, quirky or just a real treat such as the BuyAGift smart box which allow recipients to pick from 1000+ days outs, pamper sessions or even a short stay somewhere. Of course you don't need such a grand gesture and a well designed card with a homemade cake or this decadent Bread and Butter pudding I made last year which is always a favourite in our house, although if baking is not your thing then what about these budget friendly gifts...

1. Bronze four Elements ring by Rachel Entwistle -  £39
2. A beautiful artists designed card from Thortful - £2.99
3. Perfect Gift for Her Smartbox from Buyagift - £49.00
4. Pink Vans from Mons Showroom - £34
5. Pacapod Prescott changing bag satchel - £115
6. Skandinavisk Skog Candle from John Lewis - £25
7. Lalabeads teething necklace for cool mamas and babies  - £15

They say Diamonds are a girls best friend and this set is a very reasonable £90 from Brilliant Inc

If you really want to impress and push the boat out without spending too much of a fortune than Brilliant Inc is the answer for you - they make some stunning but pocket friendly Diamond necklace and earring sets such as the Classic box which has both for £90 - if you are going to opt for jewellery than this a very affordable treat if you ask me.

What do you have planned for your mother or if you have kids yourself how are you looking forward to spending the day?

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Winter Warriors with Kozi Kids



forest fun

As you may already know we truly love the outdoors, growing up in a warm country meant that my childhood was pretty much spent barefoot running around in the garden which was on the slopes of table mountain, climbing rocks, trees and basically enjoying a wild and free existence. Life however is not exactly the same here, in rather wet and windy Wales but I certainly won't let that damped our sense of adventure, it simple means we have to be more prepared.

The lovely people at Kozi Kids - a Swedish outdoor kids clothing company sent my eldest, Mr A a Alaska Parka Jacket which is both warm and waterproof and for Baby G a Snowflake Baby Snow-suit which is both breathable and water resistant. These are both from their winter collection and will see us through the colder months of winter and spring and I love the ethos that by having the right kind of clothing your children are able to enjoy nature no matter what the weather.

Kofi Kidz

We have had loads of mini outdoor adventures the past two months but one of my favourites, possibly because now Baby G is walking with real confidence was a recent trip to one of our favourite spots - St Fagans, to collect pinecones, sticks, bark and whatever else we could find for our nature table. 
We have also been recently getting into bird watching and came across a very friendly Robin Redbreast as well as spotting some Blue Tits, Magpies, Chaffinches and what we think was a Wren.

Bird watching

natural childhood

With Home Schooling we are lucky enough to be able to go during the week, when it's nice and quiet and means we can take our time and spend a few hours exploring one place. We had a packed lunch with us and enjoyed stomping through some mud, looking out for different kinds of fungi and wild mushrooms (although we have a strict don't touch policy) as well as making a little pit stop at the bakery within the grounds.

Welsh cottage

natural childhood

Even though it was very chilly we all noted the change in the surroundings, buds are starting to form on branches, the day is staying lighter until later and things seem to be moving a little quicker these days as we slowly approach spring and lots more adventures.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Thanks to Kozi Kidz for sending us these beautiful jackets to review
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Spring Spritz and Kilner Giveaway

Green juice

The past few days there has certainly still been that wintery chill in the air but with the sun out buds are starting to show, crocuses have grown, the daffodils have opened up and the days are getting that little bit longer each day. You can sense the change and the feeling of spring is slowly starting to filter into my soul. I really want to get out of the gloominess of winter and burst into colour and thought a nice little Spring Sprtiz would be perfect for that so I had some fun in the kitchen today and came up with this refreshing little number.

lemon and lime

Green Spring Spritz

1 Apple
1/3 of a Cucumber
1/4 lime
Mint leaves
Lemon slice
Ice cubes
Sparkling water.

Place an apple (I used a Gala), 1/3 of a cucumber, quarter lime and a few mint leaves into a juicer. Pour into a glass with some ice and top up with sparkling water, add some slices of lemon and there you go - simple as anything.

This drink is wonderfully refreshing, full of goodness and is great for those in need of a health kick or on a detox - although you could always add a shot of vodka should you feel the need (although of course not so healthy then) and turn it into a bit of a summery cocktail and would look fantastic in a Kilner Glass dispenser like the one below from NuCasa.


Wouldn't this just be perfect for fresh juice, outside, with friends, having a little shindig? Best of all is I have one of these 8L Kilner Glass dispensers to giveaway to one lucky reader.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Now you are one


cute baby

This week you turned one my little man and I always find moments like this one needs to sit down and put pen to paper or keyboard to screen and make a note of whats going through my mind before I forget this feeling, the pride, how my heart bursts with love, how absolutely exhausted I feel as a year on and you have not graced us with an uninterrupted night for months. 

The picture above pretty much sums you up right now, it's not the best picture but your testing your voice, your trying to communicate and laughing and shouting at various things with all that you have and it makes me smile. I cannot believe how two brothers, two siblings can be so different and that difference is so apparent even at 1. You are such a happy and cheeky chappy, you love food and baby-led weaning has really worked for us and our breast feeding journey has been far smoother than the first time around.

chubby baby

We have embraced all the changes that came with going from a family of three to a family of four even when at times it's been trying but without a doubt worth it and it feels like you have in some way always been with us and I cannot imagine life without you. Your favourite thing is to be held close, in the sling, cwtching in.

When you were born there was a small chance you may of had Spina Bifida, we didn't really know what to do with ourselves when we heard this and waiting for tests seemed to take forever and put our lives on a hold and it made us so aware of those whose children are dealing with so much more than they should and our hearts go out to parents who have to deal with the unknown. We were told if you did have Spina Bifida it may affect things like your walking, luckily everything was okay and you have been stomping around since 10.5 months.

In your short time with us you have already done so much, camping, city breaks, overnight ferry, exploring Amsterdam and partying into the night at festivals and we cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for you.


We are still learning so much about you and enjoy each and every day watching you grow, develop and learn new things. You are desperate to talk and communicate with us and I cannot wait to hear your voice properly, putting sentences together, telling me you love me for the first time. Oh little man you make us so proud and our family feels complete with you here.
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The George Home


stylish lamp

 A few weeks ago both John and I plus the kids headed off on a mini-adventure to North London to have a sneak peak of the new range homewares and furniture from George at Asda and unlike normal press reviews that showcase a small selection this was a far more interactive and inspiring affair. The creative people at George loaned out a stunning home in the leafy London suburb of Finchley and together with their expert designers had dressed the house in top to toe of pieces from their new collection and with real attention to detail including painting the walls in George paint.

George home

silver money box

John and I and four other lovely blogging families (Fritha, Katie, Jessica and Caro) were invited to make ourselves at home for the day and get to see first hand what the new collection looks like within a real home setting while the wonderful people at George had organised some fun crafts for all the kids, including the popular biscuit decorating, to keep them entertained and happy. All the children really enjoyed the kids rooms which were packed with toys waiting to be played with while I personally loved the living spaces, main bedroom, as well as the simple and stylish nursery.

cuddly elephant

One of my personal favourites was the Jessica cot bed which was so sturdy and well made with a classic design and had I seen this when pregnant with Baby G it would of been on my "must have" list. The colour schemes were light and fresh with touches of floral soft patterns and prints and everything felt very accessible especially to those with children and are looking to create a family home. 

stunning stairs


Both John and I were really impressed with the quality of the products, especially their larger furniture pieces such as the Valerie sofa and scandi inspired Brooklyn kitchen table and chairs. I think the overall feel was how well designed everything was, with a mix of traditional and on trend pieces as well as the variety of products from bedding to rugs, chairs, mirrors and accessories.

George home

We had a really amazing time with all the kids getting on so well with each other and giving us grown-ups the chance to talk, relax and catch up. My eldest was particularly excited to see Wilfred again as we have over the past few years met up a various times with Fritha and her lovely little family. With the sun shining through the large windows, good food on the table and happy children everywhere this was a fantastic way to spend the day, all within a stunning home that oozed inspiration. If our home looked liked this we would prepare some photography backdrops and make the most of the beautiful light for some family portraits.

toy animals

Thanks so much to George at Home for inviting us.

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Street Style - Infinities Menswear



It's not often I catch John laughing or smiling on camera, not that he is a grumpy guy but rather just a very reserved person although he has a very dry sense of humour, in this shot he was making fun of how I stand for outfit posts and was doing some pretty hilarious versions, although it's nice to show a lighthearted moment.

I may have mentioned this before on the blog but John is extremely meticulous and particular about what he wears, his style and wardrobe is far more curated than mine, I am at times not sure of what direction I want to go in but there is something good about knowing what works for you and feeling comfortable in that style. He approach is a very simple one, less is more, quality over quantity and looking after your clothes properly - he has a pair of Red Wings which are more than 15yrs old but they certainly don't look it.

So when Infinities got in touch asking what John would actually like for Valentines day over chocolate or stuffed animals which is really not his thing he had a very good look through their impressive selection and opted for a chambray shirt and shoes, both of which would work well if your stuck for a Fathers Day gift later this year. The delivery was quick and the products well packaged.

As we were heading out to the city for the day with the kids he put together a "Dad style" outfit pairing up his new Ralph Lauren Chambray shirt with Edwin Jeans, New Balance Made in England trainers and red Ralph Lauren socks.

Infinities also stock some other fantastic brands such as Barbour, Universal Works, YMC and Penfield to name a few, so if your stuck for something to get your other half this is a great place to look as they have a large accessories selection.

John was gifted the Shirt and shoes in exchange for a honest review
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Spring interior inspiration


spring interior

Oh how I do love the change of the seasons and the one we wait with most anticipation for year after year is spring. There is really nothing more wonderful than seeing the countryside burst into a variety of different colours after the cold winter had left it bare. We often do a spring clean of sorts and find this is a perfect time of the year to change it up in the home and add touches of colour and nature into your heart and soul.

I personally love having fresh flowers in the home and take advantage of the pocket friendly daffodils that are in abundance in stores, often at a pound for a bunch and watching them open up in bright yellow is a great way to add a pop of colour to our kitchen and hallway.

stylish kitchen
Simple, clean and stylish spring kitchen

What is also a very popular trend this year is wooden furniture, pine and exposed wood. People are starting to appreciate the beauty of natural wood, it's flaws, indentations, the way it can be hand carved to it's desired shape. I have my eye on Cube Sheesham end table from Quercus living which is bold and a little different but very visually and ascetically appealing to the eye.

Quercus have a stunning range of Sheesham furniture which is handcrafted using traditional techniques using a combination of strong acacia and sheesham wood with it's beautiful grain patterns and sleep, sharp lines this style of furniture fits into so many different styles of interiors from rustic to Scandinavian.

I thought I would share a few things I would love to add to my home to welcome in the spring, change and warmer days, with a theme of botanical prints, natural materials and fabrics and soft colours.

1. Choose Happy print by The Motivational type on Not on the High Street
2. Bloomingville Elm Wood stool from Viva Lagoon
3. Green Cactus Wall clock from Society 6
4. Cube Sheesham End table from Quercus living 
5. Heal's trees storage her from Amara
6. Jali Sheesham wine rack from Quercus Living

Are you planning on a little interior change this spring? Or just simply a declutter. either way remember to keep things simple and that flower and nature prints as well as soft hues of green and brown work well on white walls and Scandi inspired spaces. Also wood has made a real comeback this year and if you are going to be making any bigger purchases quality over quantity is always key.

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Brod, Danish Bakery, Cardiff


Danish Bakery

We love nothing more than checking out new places to eat in and around Cardiff, with breakfast and brunch being our favourite time of the day. We were at a lose end one Sunday morning and as we are planning a trip to a northern European country next month (more to come about that) we thought it was time to pop into Brod, a Danish inspired bakery in the heart of Pontcanna.

The simple and stylish scandi interior is welcoming as is the staff and even in the morning there is a buzz around the place with nearly all the tables taken, luckily we managed to find a spot for all four of us while we decided which baked delight to try.


The menu is very simple and uncomplicated and everything is baked fresh on site. I opted for a Flat white while and as a real treat Mr A indulged in a warming hot chocolate. We decided to share a few different pastries including a Danish pastry of course and Copenhagen slice as well as their savoury tomato swirl which Baby G wolfed down.

Brod Danish Bakery

Brod Danish Bakery

They had some kids books on hand as well as highchairs, making families feel welcome although this is equally a good spot for any age and with all the natural light flooding in from the windows, warm freshly baked treats and artisan coffee this is a fantastic place and we will be back very soon.

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Finding the perfect fit


perfect jeans

The struggle for finding the perfect pair of jeans is real and something I have always encountered as being just under 5ft has meant standard jeans are always too long making it no easy task to find a pair that just fit's without having to alter them in some way.

After asking my readers if they have ever faced a denim dilemma it was very clear that most women in some way also struggle to find the perfect fit, many with similar problems to mine in terms of length as the standard size is really not one size fit's all and is equally a problem for not only petite women but also taller ones.

Some of the other common issue which were apparent is having a different size around the thighs and waist leaving gaps and ill fitted sections or skinny jeans becoming baggy in certain areas or simply not knowing how to pick the right style for the look you are trying to achieve or for your body shape.

Marks and Spencer 's got in touch to see if I could find the perfect pair for myself from their large range of jeans and jeggings and I was really excited to take this challenge on because it's hard enough to find a pair in store that fit let alone order a pair online with the hope it may actually fit but with their easy to navigate website I felt like I was off to a good start.

I immediately noticed that they had a petite section so narrowed down my search straight away, I knew from the start I wanted a style I would be able to wear on a daily basis while running after my kids but didn't sacrifice on style. I decided to go for the Relaxed Skinny Jeans in Grey and they are proving to be a true staple to my wardrobe. Initially I was worried they would still be too long but they come in two sizes – short for 5'3 and under and extra short, so I opted for the extra short on the ankle and they fitted perfectly! If you need some guidance or inspiration on the different jean fits and cuts check out this Denim Style guide.


The denim jean really can be a mothers best friend as they are so durable, comfortable and practical but are also so easy to style up or down and are completely ageless and always on-trend and are a total must. I love to pair them up with something fun and colourful such as this watermelon printed tee from  fellow blogger TigerLillyQuinn shop (the shop is currently closed) and my biker style jacket from M&S and a pair of Superga trainers for a fun and easy look daytime look.

In association with M&S
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Breakfast, tea and a good read


fruity porridge

The weekend to us is all about taking it slow, enjoying a good breakfast, family time and all those simple pleasures that make life wonderful. This weekend however was a bit of a strange one for us, we had planned to have a very relaxed Valentines morning exchanging homemade cards over some oven fresh croissants but instead we were getting over a somewhat stressful and eventful evening the night before which involved finding our elderly neighbour had fallen off the pavement into the road and broken his hip on what was one of the coldest nights of the year, we had to wait nearly 3hrs and into the early hours of the morning before the ambulance arrived and get him to the hospital out of the cold. Both the kids had woken up during all of this as we ran back and forth taking him blankets and warm drinks, so to say we were shattered would be an understatement and therefore we skipped breakfast all together while the rest of the day passed in a sleep deprived daze.

Taylor Swift

I did however manage to pick up The Sunday Times as I was eager to check out the new supplement that came with it although my eyes were too tired to focus so this week we made Monday our Sunday and the first thing I did this morning was make myself a comforting bowl and porridge with fresh raspberries and settled down with a cup of tea and a peaceful half an hour while John watched the kids. First I paged through the style supplement with an inspiring piece of Beth Ditto who is about to launch her own plus sized clothing label, as well as a feature shoot on all the hues of pink we will be seeing in shops soon.

As I didn't have time to dive into the main Sunday Times magazine as we were heading out I popped it into my bag should I get the chance later. After a brisk walk to the park on this fresh but sunny winters day John treated me to a nice cup of coffee and cake to make up for our Valentines being a bit of a write off, it gave us some time to look through the life section together and marvel over the amazing Ice Huts in Canada and drool over the Chestnut pancakes which I plan to make next weekend.

date day

I have to say this is probably one of the best supplements I have read in a while, packed with interesting and inspiring articles and features especially the The Life Project piece on how to Live Well. Its the perfect accompaniment to the newspaper and overs up enough content to be able to take your time over reading.

I was asked to provide an honest review of the new Sunday Times Supplement, this is a sponsored post.
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Street Style - My PacaPod



Last week we packed our bags for a mini adventure and one night away with both of the kids in tow and what is always important with very short breaks like this is to keep packing to a minimum and preferably having everything you need in one bag. This however is not alway easy when you need to take into consideration all the things required for a baby when travelling such as nappies, wipes, creams, spare clothes etc so having a bag built for purpose is key and this mini-trip gave me the chance to put my PacaPod Prescott satchel to the test.

First of all when looking for a changing bag I wanted something that was stylish, well designed and not too mumsy and that will fit into my busy life. I am glad to say this bag does just that and it's unisex as well with John using it on occasion. It has different compartments and a convenient cold bag compartment which is handy for keeping his snacks at the right temperature while on the road.

changing bag

We spent a few hours in Newbury before heading off to an event in London and with two kids I wanted to be comfortable but also feel good in what I was wearing so paired up my Pacapod with my breastfeeding friendly Jojo Maman Bebe dress, M&S jacket and Supegra trainers. The bag really stood up to a very busy day with lots of driving, working and socialising while making sure I always had what I needed on hand for baby G. I can't wait to share more about what we got up to on our mini adventure soon.

sun flare

I was kindly gifted the Pacapod in exchange for an honest review. 

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