Embracing Autumn adventures with Ecco



fallen leaves

We love getting outdoors all year round but as we move through Autumn into Winter there is something particularly wonderful about this time of the year, the light, the fallen leaves, the biting freshness that makes you feel awake. The thing is as it starts to get colder more preparation is needed for outdoor adventures so that you are comfortable and cosy and don't have to retreat back indoors simply due to being under dressed. 

Over this half term we decided to head to one of our favourite National Trust Properties, Dyffryn Gardens to enjoy all the Autumn activities such as scare-crow making and pumpkin carving. We love this place as it also allows for all those simple pleasures such as climbing trees, getting muddy and walking through acres of woodland and I often struggle to get the boys to leave even when it's late afternoon.  

Dyffryn Gardens

Autumn activities

We easily spend a couple of hours here as there is always something new to discover, even on weekends it feels quiet and uncrowded and as the temperature is suddenly dropping it's means the thick socks, jumpers and jackets are coming out and while the kids love their wellies I do prefer something a little bit more comfortable, hard wearing and stylish and can do that better than the Scandi's and there is that famous saying "there is no bad weather just bad clothes". 

Dyffryn Gardens

fallen leaves

Being a fan of Ecco, the long established Danish shoe company that is passionate about form and functionality I was really excited when they go in touch to try out their new Track 25 all weather boot that is perfect for hours outdoors against the elements. The Track 25 combines the needs of urban and countryside explorer with a water-proof Gore-tex lining to keep weather out and warmth in as well as a unique Ecco comfort fibre to keep air circulating meaning fresher feet for longer and the padded ankle means extra comfort for all day walking. 

Track 25

Autumn family adventure

I put these boots to the test through long grass, mud, puddles, woodland and forest and the whole time my feet felt warm and cosy and the plummeting temperatures had no affect on them, plus they have an anatomical shaped sole meaning a more natural movement and no fatigue. I'm really impressed with how well made they are and can foresee these lasting through many seasons and I will certainly be using them a lot this winter. They retail at around £165 which is on the higher end of things but these are an investment in an item that is going to last years and I am a true believer of quality over quantity.

Ecco boots

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Tips for planning a family Ski Break


Skiing with family

For some winter sunshine is their destination of choice but for others taking a week or two off during the winter to head to the mountains and hit the slopes is an essential part of the year and something I was lucky enough to do before having kids and with my family which has made me think how easy is it to go skiing with a family? Well it turns out very easy, if you do plenty of planning and choose a suitable destination and accommodation. Ski holidays are enjoyable for people of all ages and are a great way to spend quality time with family and friends and is one of my best childhood memories.

Here are some of our top tips to make you family ski trip go swimmingly.

Best Resorts

As with any family trip choosing the right resort for your family ski trip is crucial. All ski resorts are unique in their own right and with so much choice it can be difficult to know which ones to go for. For families you want to ensure that the resort has good nursery slope area not only for the kids but also for adults who have never skied before.

Access to local ski schools is very important so that your little ones can develop and improve their skiing and snowboarding technique. Resorts like Meribel in France are ideal for families with their newly refurbished beginners area and superb English speaking ski schools. Meribel’s central location in the Three Valleys means that the adults can go out and explore over 600km of runs while the kids are at lessons.

Ski Holliday

When deciding on a resort, it is also important to look for somewhere with plenty of off-the-slopes activities to keep the whole family occupied in the evenings or on bad weather days. Over the past decade a number of ski resorts have realised the importance of investing in their infrastructure and have worked hard to create resorts with great skiing areas as well as state of the art facilities.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of accommodation options to choose from in ski resorts from apartments to luxury hotels and chalets. For groups of families travelling together, chalets are a great option and give you plenty of space. If you really want to relax and enjoy your holiday catered chalets are a great option, allowing you to spend more time with the family. Ensuring you have adequate child care when you are away is important. There are a number of tour operators which have free child care incorporated into their holidays. Mark Warner is known for the high quality of childcare available in their hotels with British trained nannies and kids clubs in a number of their ski hotels. You can take a look at their ski holidays here https://www.markwarner.co.uk/ski-holidays.

Kids skiing

Ski Gear

When it comes to skiing, you can’t cut corners with the gear. You need to get warm, water resistant jackets and salopettes as well as thermals to ensure your little ones won’t get cold on the mountain. Accessories are important as well with gloves, hats, goggles, sunglasses and buffs all necessary. If you have a large family Ski clothes can be expensive, especially if you have to buy them every year for growing kids. If it is your families first time on a ski holiday and you are unsure whether you will go again buying second hand ski clothes is definitely advisable. Scout out the best deals too. If you have a ski holiday booked for the next year, stock up on ski clothes at the end of winter sales the year before. Discount shops like TK Maxx are also great for getting high quality ski clothes for less.

Helsinki Zoo

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A Hertfordshire Mini break with F&F



Stylish mama

There is nothing we love more than heading out on a little road trip and exploring a part of the UK we haven't been to before and Autumn is the perfect time to do that as the air slowly turns fresher but not being too biting, nights drawing in nearer and beautiful evenings for which to be outside having fun. Earlier this month we headed to Hertfordshire for a little countryside break with F&F clothing who kitted out the boys with everything they needed for an autumnal weekend. Our drive there was pretty straight forward and around 3hrs, we headed into Hertford for a bite to eat at Pizza Express before heading to the Hanbury Manor, a stunning Jacobean country manor which my youngest was convinced was a castle to much delight and to be fair it did look like one.

Drawing room

Countryside retreat

The Hanbury Manor has the most stunning reception and drawing room area where you could take in all the natural light from the huge floor to ceiling windows while indulging in an afternoon tea or some cocktails. We decided instead to explored the grounds which has a beautiful walled garden with an abundance of fruit trees as well as a secret garden and tennis courts. After breakfast we decided to take advantage of the pool in the spa and both boys loved it and it was a great way to start the day before heading to Paradise Wildlife park. 

Hotel breakfast

Walled garden

wild flowers

Paradise Wildlife Park was only around a 25min drive from Hanbury and went through some picturesque country lanes and as the sunshine came out it was lovely to see this part of Hertforshire. Now I have to be honest and say I am not overly keen on Zoos but this one does feel focused on conservation and gave a lot of opportunities for learning and was very informative as well as offering a lot of other activities such as the narrow gauge train, adventure play ground and plenty for all of us to see and do, also the kids absolutely loved it from the moment we arrived to the time we left they ran around with huge smiles on their faces. 

Big slide

Paradise Park
My eldest wearing a F&F shirt and F&F trousers 

As midday turned into mid afternoon it was starting to get a little bit more chilly which for us was actually perfect as the boys each had fantastic jackets from F&F that were so warm and cosy and will easily see them through winter without a problem. Also you always know when clothes are comfortable for young kids when they don't complain or try and strip them off, instead this meant we could enjoy being outdoors all day without any issues. I have always been a fan of F&F picking up bits and bobs for both boys since they were born and this years collection is no different, it's stylish and fun and practical, perfect for a busy family on the move. 

winter coat

outdoor adventures

We only headed back to the car at around 5pm as we really focused on not packing too much into a day but rather taking time to do things and enjoying the moment. We had such a lovely short break and sometimes thats all you need to feel restored again and ready for what the next week holds and wishing all weekends could be like this. 

Hanbury Manor

Thanks to F&F for inviting us on this mini break
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Dealing with the loss of a family Pet


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If you have ever loved a pet, then you probably already know that unfortunately they don’t tend live as long as we do, although my Aunts tortoise is still going strong after 35yrs. We lost our beloved family dog last year as well as our two goldfish (which my son loved) and it was a real learning experience for us all as it was the first time my son had had to deal with such things. For us as adults we do to a degree understand and deal with these things better but it can hit children pretty hard and there for as a family can be a difficult time to deal with. I thought I would just talk from our recent experience on what its like.

When the time does come however and your dog or cat passes away, well-meaning family and friends may recommend that you adopt a ‘replacement pet’ right away, or try to lift your spirits by remind you that you have only lost a pet which just doesn't really work with kids and rather than helping, this can make the process of grieving all the harder. For many of us, a pet is a vital part of the family - one that children and parents relate to in different ways, a loyal, loving companion that is a paramount sources of unconditional love. I came across a website all about Pet Loss and they wrote a really good post about 10 common questions people ask after losing a pet and it's been a great source of information for me. 

Are You a Victim of Disenfranchised Grief?

I've been reading a lot about disenfranchised grief lately after researching counselling and came across this post, in essence, is the kind you cannot express freely with others, for one of various reasons. It can occur when you are grieving for ‘someone’ who is not human but who is much loved nonetheless: your pet. This can be felt especially by children, as parents we know the reality and can  process things in a more realistic way despite how hard it is, while children cannot always do this.

The Loss of a Pet can be Emotionally Overpowering

Those who lose a pet may have actually been flitting through the five stages of grief, as espoused by Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross, for months or years before their pet actually dies, often because possibly the pet was battling a serious disease such as heart disease or simply becoming aware of its ageing process. At other times, we are forced to face the stages of grief suddenly, when our pet passes quickly and without previous warning. In both cases it can be overwhelming. Somehow, even if you know that your pet won’t be around forever, the moment they actually leave is a difficult time and can hit a family hard and take time to get over.

Reclaim Your Right to Grieve

Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one (pets included) is sometimes described as riding waves, sometimes you feel completely fine and everything has settled and returned back to normal and then the next moment sadness can take over and life seems somewhat changed.

One of the positive things you can do is build something together - be it an album of your best moments alongside your pet, a video, or a poem and make it a real celebration of life and something to look forward too as well as creating a real keepsake. We do this when my son wants to remember our family day, we look back at videos and photos and that way he never seems forgotten.

Pets are fantastic and one day we will get another dog and it is all apart of the circle of life and his passing did bring up some serious topics for our son which we felt we dealt with in a positive and respectful way and even though they may go before you you shouldn't be put off getting a pet as long as you can look after them and provide them with a safe and loving home.

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Change Your Wardrobe Change Your Life? Clothes Can Make A Difference



Can dressing better improve your life?

Personally when I feel good in the clothes I am wearing whether it's just casual attire or a little bit more dressed up for an evening out I do feel better. The way you dress influences perceptions, and in certain situations that count, like work, it may create a more positive impression. Often, dressing well also changes how you feel about yourself and make you feel empowered, for example if you go to work  dressed in a sharp and stylish way it can make you feel more confident, which can translate into more productivity, especially when it comes to speaking up at a meeting, or negotiating a contract. The same can be said during the school run or in social circumstances.

Of course this isn't always possible if your a busy parent, things do slip, I know they do for me anyway so decluttering your wardrobe and developing a capsule wardrobe is key for being able to put outfits together quickly and on the go that you know are going to fit well, are practical and make you feel good about yourself. 


Here are a few tips for creating a feel good wardrobe

1. Have the basics covered 

Things like well fitted jeans and a white t-shirt never go out of style and you can also dress this up with a necklace or some brogues. The main thing to do here is instead of having tons of different styles is to invest in a two or three classic pairs from a well trusted brand that you know is going to last you a long time.

2. Accessories 

Only keep what you love, it's so easy for a wardrobe to become cluttered with loads of different types of accessories from bags, jewellery to hats and sunglasses, the thing is our tastes change so if there is something you have not worn for more than a year than its time for that to go.

3. Invest in quality 

This is so important and as they say less really is more and investing in quality workmanship when it comes to clothes with really benefit you in the longterm as well as opting for classic styles over short-lived trendy items. 

4. Buy a few high-quality shoes.

For some strange reason, good shoes will attract the most compliments from men or women, even if you happen to be wearing, say, a gorgeous cashmere sweater that looks perfect on you. According to a Huffpost article on quality shoes by Vishesh Kochher, the founder of a men’s footwear company producing Goodyear welted shoes, “Three key factors make up a timeless pair of shoes: craftsmanship, materials and construction.” 

5. Have a Go To Evening dress or Suit

Both men and woman need to have a go to smart outfit that they can rely on for evenings our or smarter occasions. Opting for a fail safe little black dress that you can accessories with some jewellery is always a good option and for men a well tailored suit is a must and if you really want to push the boat out they could get one from Saville Row or a custom tailored suit with FERREIRA's European tailors. It will take about 90 minutes to get your fitting and you can't go wrong especially as you get to pick the finishing details.

The main aim is improving your wardrobe can have a positive impact on your life because it can make you feel empowered, affect how others perceive you, can influence your own level of confidence no matter how unique and individual your look is as long as your happy that will show. Over time, with experience, you'll learn how to keep your style fresh and interesting.

Nerd glasses

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Stress-Free Luxury Travel with Kids is Possible


Luxury hotel

I am pretty easy going when it comes to where, how and who we travel with whether it be inter-railing across Europe, enjoying a chic city break or getting muddy in the countryside, from family friendly glamping to high end hotels as long as you do your research nothing should have to be off limits. John however prefers the comforts of a good hotel with excellent amenities and I really like being able to cook my own meals which is why I often lean towards self catering so we tend do a mixture of both.

If your one who likes the finer things in life you really don't have to worry or feel that because you have children that your travel preferences have to change, of course you may now be more open minded in your approach but a luxury holiday shouldn't be off the cards especially as travel is such a great opportunity for kids to learn about different countries and cultures. Saying that I have found that some feel that it's best to leave luxury travel for when they are older or you are having a child-free break but there is no need as most resorts and hotels no matter if they are 5 star or 3 are very welcoming to children and will provide you with the essentials to make sure you are comfortable. A place that has been on both John and myself bucket list is Hawaii and I have been researching a lot about it. We would love to stay in a villas or self catering resorts are always a brilliant option and if price wasn't an option I would love to stay at Big Island Home Rentals , their properties are so dreamy and give you all the home comforts with all the style, perhaps we can splash out on one of them for a big birthday or celebration, fingers crossed.

Enjoying the late afternoon in Cannes

So if your debating taking your children on a luxury break what should you know before hand? As with anything research is key and if you have somewhere specific in mind firstly make sure that it suitable for children and check what provisions they have. Will they provide a cot, does there in-house restaurant have a child menu, do they have family rooms and if needs be can a babysitter be provided. You should be able to get all of this information from their website, travel agent or by simply calling or emailing the hotel directly.

Next look for honest reviews of your destination and accommodation, websites such as trip advisor even allow you to ask people who have been their before and fellow travellers questions about the hotel as well as refining searches to include family reviews.

You also want to make sure that there is plenty for your children to do while your away. What sights and attractions are within easy reach of your accommodation or does your resort, villa or hotel have a swimming pool, games room, activities or sporting clubs? Are you near a beach or if in a city like London is it within walking distance of places to go and explore and on rainy days is there fast wifi within your room as well  as movies available. These are all valid questions to ask yourself and will make a difference to how your trip pans out.

St James Villa
The Villa we stayed in the South of France

When I celebrated my 30th I decided I wanted to spend it in the South of France with a few days in Paris before hand. John has surprised me with a lunch at Ralph's, Ralph Lauren's eatery on the left bank, we were one of the only people there with a young child but we had checked in advance and they were extremely welcoming and the food was so delicious that even our near 4yr at the time happily sat for a few hours taking in the atmosphere and decadent desserts. When then whizzed across France on the TGV before staying at a luxury Villa near the Valbonne and enjoyed day trips to Nice, Antibes and Cannes. We had an amazing time without an amusement park in sight and we had the chance to relax with a good glass of wine by the pool while our son loved running around in the late afternoon sunshine. We certainly hadn't changed or tailored our trip around being parents, instead we just made sure that the Villa was suitable for children and enjoyed a great cultural break on the Riviera.

French holiday

This year we have enjoyed two fantastic city-breaks to London, we visit London fairly regularly and have stayed in a variety of places from the budget friendly to 5 star hotels each with their own strengths but two of our favourite visits have been when staying in the luxurious Park Lane Suite at London Hilton on Park Lane and a Junior Suite at The Radisson Blu Edwardian both of which made the kids feel so welcome and really embraced the family travel ethos. Both hotels had excellent locations right in the heart of the city making it so much easier to get from A to B, they also provided cots for our youngest and welcome gifts for the boys which kept them entertained and also offered advice on the best place to take kids within close proximity of the hotels. Despite some of the clientele being older we didn't once feel that families were not welcome, in fact so many made a big fuss of the boys.

Luxury hotel

With another big birthday coming up fairly soon, lets just say it's only one more year while John is in club thirty and we are looking further afield for something special. As when we celebrated my 30th in a Villa on the French Riveria we feel a week long break away somewhere new, exotic and on our bucket list would be perfect. We have both always liked the idea of exploring Hawaii which of course offers some fantastic water-sports, beautiful weather, hikes and dramatic scenery with an fascinating culture steeped in music, food and traditions. Like I said we have had our eye on Big Island Home Rentals which offer all the luxuries but still all the homely comforts of being able to do your own cooking and a big plus is most of the properties can sleep 6 people upwards which means you can make it an extended family trip.

Luxury villa

No matter what your style is when it comes to travel, wether it be backpacking through Europe or going on a luxury safari in Africa the tourism world is open to families now more than ever and having children shouldn't stop you from travelling, if anything it should inspire you more to share the world with them.

family travel

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Tips on moving with Children


riding on shoulders

Besides all the travel we do we are also gearing up to move home in the New Year, some thing which is stressful on it's own but with kids it can be pretty hard work. This will be our eldest sons forth move so we have certainly learnt a few things along the way and thought I would share that with people who are going through the same thing.

It's well known that children often do better with routine and familiar surroundings, this however shouldn't put you off moving though but rather just something to be aware of and making sure your child has the stability they need to feel secure. As long as they feel secure children are really adaptable and will adjust quickly no matter if the move is near or far, for a job transfer, a bigger home or renovation project keep things transparent.

stylish interior

Involved in the Move

Regardless of what situation precipitates the move, children should be involved in the moving process. Children benefit from having a timeline and a role to play in the process so they don’t feel left out or completely out of control of their own lives.

Start with identifying who will be facilitating the move. If you'll be working with a moving company, like Allied Van Lines, then walk them through the process and what that means in terms of packing up their own favourite toys and clothes into boxes. Tell them what will happen when the movers come, or when friends and family arrive to help with the move.

If you will be going to a new part of the country, take them online to show them around the new area. You can also print out a map and plan out stops along the way of places they would like to see. It may add a few hours to the trip, but it will be worth it to make the experience an adventure rather than a dreaded chore.

stylish chairs

Tasks for Children

The type of tasks that each child should be expected and encouraged to do will depend primarily on the age of the child. Younger children will need tasks that they can do with a parent while older children and teenagers can be given independent tasks.

Children of all ages should be encouraged to go through their belongings and create three piles; one for the move, one for donation or sale, and one for recycling or throwing away. It makes no sense to move clothing and belongings which the child has outgrown, but deciding what should and shouldn’t go needs to be done with the help of the child, as though their things are being taken without they will have some input on where they go. Allowing them to have at least partial control in this aspect can be very beneficial.

kids room


Creating a timeline for exactly when everything will happen and putting it on a calendar will make it easier for children to conceptualize the upcoming move. Put all of the important dates on a calendar that is displayed in the child’s room. Each night, take the time to cross off the current day so they have a visual representation of how much time is left before the day of the move and the individual tasks they will be performing.

For older children who will have more tasks to complete, a daily agenda may be more helpful. They can use the monthly view to cross off the days and the daily views for individual tasks which need to be completed on specific days.

To make the process more fun for younger children, consider purchasing or printing out a calendar that has one of their favourite cartoon or movie characters. You can also use stickers to countdown the days rather than crossing them off on the calendar.

If you are planning a family move than I have previously shared a post about several ways to help children adjust to their new environment. The main thing is to keep your children involved, don't let them feel like they are out of the process and try and prove a calm environment no matter how stressful it becomes.

Prioritising you

It's also really important as parents especially if your moving as a couple, to not let the stress get the better of you and your relationship. You need to be a team when it comes to decisions and not let the stress cause arguments or disagreements. We all know that moving is one of the most stressful things we go through and if you are feeling the strain it may be important to get some counselling just so you know your both on the same page. 

home move

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Womanhood, Thirties and Why ageing is a Positive thing


thirties fashion

This is not a post about suddenly waking up when your thirty and having everything in place, a wonderful home, successful career, model kids and the perfect relationship because at no age is that realistic or guaranteed. You don't just suddenly work everything out overnight, with each year you are still the same person but life experience does make you grow and give you insights you simple didn't have when you were younger.

As I got closer to the big 3 0 I actually didn't feel like I was letting go of anything, instead I was saying hello to a newer more reassured me. Yes it's true I don't have that dewy wrinkle-free skin you have when you turn twenty, my eyes are tired, areas of my body are not as firm as they use to be due to it gifting me with two amazing children but this body is mine and for the first time I am starting to own that.

street style

Having turned 33 a month ago I honestly feel in many respects now is the best time of my life, its by no means perfect, there are many dimensions of it that are chaotic and all over the place but me as a individual I feel good. I think with age you realise something, you don't need reassurance or acceptance from others to feel good, in fact the only person you need it from is yourself and during my late teens and early twenties this certainly did not come naturally.

I often feel in media today men are perceived to age well, we are constantly told how good looking people like Brad Pitt and George Clooney are but the same is not really said for women of the same age and why not? I honestly feel we come into our prime later in life and I loved what Lady Gaga said in her recent documentary that before she was thirty she was a girl but once she turned thirty she was a woman, I really resonate with that. Something inside me switched, I realised time is very precious and it shouldn't be wasted on what other people think, age has certainly instilled a real sense of worth that wasn't there before. That's not to say I don't still get down or upset is someone says something hurtful but I bounce back quicker these days.

Street Style mama

I feel the media also has some part to blame in us fearing turning thirty as if that is some kind of expiry date on our best physical years but I think many of us will agree in terms of personal style we look far better now than when we did when we were eighteen and making questionable fashion choices.

With age I feel we actually become feistier, we become more supportive of each other, we realise that equality is more important than ever and inequality cannot be tolerated, we strip away the naivety that we held with our teens and twenties, we learn from our mistakes and we multitask in ways we never expected before. Life I have realised is never going to be perfect but I certainly deal with stress a little better now and I have no qualms or issues about ageing, I truly believe we come into our own more than ever with each year that goes by. So don't fear the coming years, embrace them because ladies we only get better.

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4 Small Changes That Have A Big Impact On Our Health


Heart Hands

Our health is a fairly big deal. No one really wants to feel bad or have health problems. Unfortunately, plenty of us are running around after children or trying to get s good work life balance in a world that is increasingly becoming more hectic and stressful, all of which can take it's toll on our health. Many of us know we are not running at our best or most efficient but it can feel like we have to make huge changes to our lifestyle in order to be healthy which is simply not true. It's often actually the small changes that can have a big impact and help boost your health in big ways without you even noticing.

Sleep is Extra Important

This is something I really need to work on and can be harder said than done when you have a toddler who seems to think sleep is optional. Saying that it's very much a propriety for myself an should be for everyone as sleep has an incredible impact on our health and it is also one of those things we sacrifice easily. The average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep per night, more for children and teens. When we get a proper nights rest, we see changes in our day to day lives. Such as:

· Improved memory
· Curbs inflammation within the body
· Encourages creativity
· Sharpen attention
· Aids in healthy metabolism and a healthy weight
· Lowers stress
· Less prone to depression

We can develop sleeping issues for a variety of reasons, poor routine, stressful jobs, having children but it can also be due to an old mattress or the wrong type of mattress. If you are struggling with sleep perhaps looking into purchasing a new mattress to suit your needs, we did that with John who was suffering from a horrible bad back, to a more supportive mattress and it really helped. Companies like Bedding Mart can help you in finding exactly what you need for the best nights rest you can get.

Importance of sleep

Water is Your Inexpensive Path to Health

Before running out to your grocery store to stock up on the latest power food your favorite news site did an article about, grab yourself a glass of water. Water is the best thing to introduce to your diet first. Water acts as a detoxifier to the body and so many of us don’t drink enough water. With the inundation of fruit juices and sodas to our markets, we just think we are hydrated as long as we are drinking something. Juices in moderation are fine for extra vitamins and minerals but too often means extra sugar in our diet. The majority of sodas and energy drinks are so full of sugar that they should rarely be consumed, in fact personally I avoid these. Sugary drinks dehydrate us rather than hydrate and your best option for hydration is a glass of water. If you are not a fan of plain water, which is often a complaint, add a slice of watery fruit to your glass for a flavorful kick. Lemon, lime, berries, and apples are perfect examples of fruit to add to your water. Just be mindful of how much you are using!

Keep hydrated

Walking Your Way to Health

When it comes to exercise, we will make all sorts of excuses as to why we can’t squeeze in a workout. The reality is, we can make time for it if we so choose to. If you think you need to join a gym to get those workouts in, think again! A simple 20-30 minute walk a day around your neighborhood will be plenty to promote a healthier body. The act of walking can release endorphins that keep depressed emotions at bay. Heart doctors have been prescribing walking for years for people at risk of heart disease. Walking is low impact and easy to do, requiring no equipment other than comfortable sweatpants and a good pair of shoes. If you want to increase impact, get ankle weights or carry hand weights.

4. Talk it through

I think we often under estimate how good it is for us to talk things through, to hear our problems and discuss them with others can really help to put things into perceptive as well as make big problems seem smaller and more manageable. This could be confiding in your best friend, partner or family or perhaps you feel you need to take some time for yourself and see a professional. I don't think we should put off by the term "Therapy" which is can be such a positive thing, I have had therapy in the past and found it really beneficial. If you are like me however and are short on time then access these professionals online is easier than ever and if you feel you need an outside ear to discuss things with this could be a great option.

Taking care of our health always seems way more complicated than it truly is. Moderation is key when it comes to our eating habits, hydration, getting up and moving about, and getting plenty of rest is truly what we need. 


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3 Budget Friendly Ski Resorts to take the Family


Ski slopes

I have been lucky enough to have done both a skiing holiday as a child and then a snowboarding trip with friends in University, having grown up surfing in South Africa I picked it up pretty quickly and enjoyed every moment of it and it's the kind of experience I would love to share with the kids, the only thing that has stopped up so far is the price. The thing is skiing and snowboarding doesn't come cheap especially if you are looking to hit some of the world famous slopes such as Kitzbuhel in Austria of Whistler in Canada but that is starting to change and the skiing industry is becoming a whole lot more competitive which is a good thing.

With Europe opening up, plenty of budget friendly airlines and being able to research for trips at the drop of a hat online,  people looking to some of the lesser know (and often more interesting) destinations you will be pleasantly surprised. Personally I love nothing more than having the change to explore a new destination so even though in some cases the resorts may be a little smaller I would much prefer going somewhere a little bit more off the beaten track. I have teamed up with The Post Office Money who have just released their 11th annual publication of their Ski Resort Report in which they have compared everything from the cost of lessons, passes, equipment and even lunch on the slopes to give you the best idea of where to hit the slopes this year under budget.

ski holiday

Out of top ten budget friendly places to going Skiing here are my 3 favourite

1. Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

This beautiful alpine resort located near some glacial lakes actually came out on top of the list with the 6 days on the slopes with lift passes, equipment, lessons and taking into account food and drink averaged at £325.47. I actually visited the capital of Slovenia when I was seventeen and it's always been one of those countries I would love to go back and explore especially as it's meant to be a fantastic place for those who like the outdoors.

2. Bansko, Bulgaria

This was last years cheapest European ski spot but comes in third this year but still fantastic value at £351.54 and some of the best value food on the slopes with a Coke costing just 72p! This resort is know for some famously long ski runs and is steadily rising in popularity as it offers a great value break but doesn't compromise in quality when it comes to skiing. Bulgaria is also a country that has been on my bucket list for years, with beautiful Architecture being found in Sofia and the village of Banya is located only 3 miles from this resort and is know for it's 27 thermal mineral springs so when your aching from being active all day you can enjoy a relaxing spa break as well.

3.  Morzine, France

Coming in at number 5 with the price ranging at about £410.47, the cheapest French ski resort but still more than half the price of Zermatt in Switzerland and with it located right on the Swiss boarder you get some great skiing with modern facilities and plenty of hotels and restaurants but without the pricey tag to go along with it. Of course the food here cost a more than that of the more Eastern European countries but there is also plenty of things to do both on and off the slopes and is a great base for beginners as well.

ski holiday

If your looking to go on a family ski or snowboarding holiday than research as many options before you go and keep open minded when it comes to picking a lesser known resort as you could really save a lot of money as well as having the chance to explore somewhere new and a different culture, food and of course helping making those pounds go further. Another good tip is to also take your children for a couple of lessons on a dry ski slope before going so that they can get the basics down and get more out of their time on the real thing.

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