JazzKatze at London Fashion Week


I was luckily enough to attend the JazzKatze show at London Fashion Week, part of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout shows. JazzKatze or otherwise known as the designer Ayumi was born and grew up in Japan and then went on to study in the UK, this clash of cultures is show throughout her collection, as she uses different fabrics and prints to create at times chaotic but structured garments. I have to say that the Make-up artists and hairstylist did an amazing job for her show as the hairdo's where pieces of art in there own right. Also the little pearl accessories pasted onto the legs and arms where pretty little extras.

Blue face man
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Masha Ma at London Fashion Week


So I wish I had more time and more days to spend at London Fashion Week, but the time I was there was well spent. I managed to see a few shoes with the first being the collection of Chinese born designer and graduate of St Martins, Masha Ma. With striking knee-high red boots paired with well structured and beautiful tailored garments left me wanting more. I am sure we are going to be seeing more of Masha Ma.

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ASOS inspire and Whooga Shoes


So with spring approaching fast (and at last), that means new lookbooks and lines out now. It's easy to look to far ahead with New York Fashion week and London Fashion week happening this month, so it was a welcome look at the new season when the ASOS magazine fell through my letter box. They has some great labels and looks and these are my favourite, I love that the 70's is coming back, pastel mellow colours and subtle womanly touches.

Asos fashion

designer fashion

Asos fashion

If you are however still feeling cold and not quite ready for spring, or simply just love toasty feet, as staple that just seems to be enduring the test of time is Ugg boots.Whooga Uggs has a giveaway running at the moment on their site, and they have some really interesting styles, like the ankle ugg, made from merino thermofleece, they are certainly going to keep you warm. Whooga have also been kind enough to off 10% discount to all Side Street Style readers, if you use the following code 1455SIDE

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Sooo I am not a huge Valentines person, well not in the whole cheesy way, but I do like to celebrate a day of showing people how much they mean to you and to just love those around you. So my partner and I decided to go for a nice meal the night before Valentines day, and it was lovely and quite, with great food, wonderful wine and even better Mint Tea. We went to a place called Mina's, on City Road in Cardiff, it's always busy (due to the excellent north african food), but we got there at 7pm which is quite early and missed the rush. Had some lovely mezza's - pitte and hummus, falafle, tahini and such wonderful things.
Valentines morning was also spent chilling out to some sweet fruit and pancakes and champagne (ofcourse haha) and I am in love with the little candle lantern my partner got for me.

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Band of Outsiders NY Fashion week


I love Band of outsiders clothing! On their website they basically sum up their company by saying "We make clothes and other stuff like that". They are the little bohemian but chic rock and roll kid of the high-end casual fashion world and I love them. Here are some photos from New York fashion week Fall 2011.

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Happy Feet


Just a few recent purchases that make my feet smile :)

 I am in love with my super comfy indian hobo slippers and just wish they had thicker soles because I would wear them out and about.
Penny loafers are my new thing...this cute pair is from ASOS and I am so very happy with them (and my polka dot socks)

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