3 of my favourite Fairytale destinations



Isles of Scilly
The view from St Martins, Isles of Scilly

Between John and I we have been lucky enough to travel to some fantastic places, from Africa to America, Europe, isolated islands to cities and it can be hard to pin point exactly our favourite places and it's often the lesser know and more unusual ones that surprise us the most. Netflights got in touch to ask me what was my favourite fairytale destination and not in the Disney sense but rather real castles up on hills and breathtaking views that have your eyes doing a double take. The thing is I couldn't just pin point on destination so I thought I would share my favourite 3 that captured my heart, mind and soul as well as being inspiring in itself.

1. St Martins, Isles of Scilly

I thought I would first start of with a place that is not actually that far but often overlooked and that is the Isles of Scilly, an archipelago located off the tip of the Cornish coast and not the easiest of places to get to but certainly a spectacular one. There are 5 inhabited islands and we managed to explore three of them during our stay. Each with their own personality, we managed to visit 3 of them with our favourite being the tranquil St Martins with it's white sands, clear blue water, no cars, no stress, breath taking views and the perfect place to relax with a margarita in hand.

St Martins, Isles of Scilly

2. Venice, Italy

When people say Venice is the most romantic city in the world I always thought how can one place capture romance but it really does. As soon as I arrived by train and stepped off Veniezia Stanta Lucia train station and saw my first glimpse of the grand canal I instantly knew what everyone was talking about. There is something magical in the air in Venice and the whole time your aware of what a historically and visually unique place it is. To visit Venice is to walk in a dream and I highly recommend everyone has this on their bucket list.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

I've been to Prague twice and both times arrived in this city by train, the first was from Amsterdam through Germany into the Czech Republic and the other was from Hungary and the landscapes as you come into this magical city are amazing with old castles, rolling hills, open countryside and then suddenly you are met with this beautiful and historically fascinating city that is still rising out of the post-communist ashes. Charles Bridge and Prague Castle are like something out of a fairy tale and you can see why it's a popular wedding destination. I was lucky to stay here a few weeks on my first visit and got to know it fairly well and loved getting to know this part of central Europe, which also happens to be a fairly budget friendly place as well (although it is going up).

Czech Republic

Its was pretty hard to narrow it down to three and could easily of had more - other fantastic fairytale places that I have been lucky to visit and loved are the pretty canals of Amsterdam, peaceful Loch Ness, exploring the islands of Helsinki, St Helena in the Atlantic, the blissful sunshine on table mountain in Cape Town, the white sands of the Isle of Eigg and Lake Bled in Sloviena as well as Lucerne in Switzerland are also all on my list of magical spots for a quick getaway. In fact Netflights have put together a list of 11 places that really tick the box when it comes to fairytale locations, do check it out.

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Let's talk about sleep (or lack of)



cute cat

Can we just be honest for a moment and talk about sleep and how much it changes when you become a parent. Before kids, you didn't even have a second thought about going out on a Saturday and coming home in the early hours because your bed was yours and you can stay as long as you like. That is certainly not the case now, in fact, each day I have a small sense of dread as we head into the evening because it often doesn't go how I planned with two young children one of which seems to avoid sleep like the plague.

My youngest who is nearly 2.5yrs has never slept solidly through the night, meaning from 8pm-8am, on good nights we have 1-2 wake ups on bad nights we have multiple wake ups or waking and not settling, we had a faze where he would wake up from 3am-6am and lately with the lighter nights despite blackout curtains he is often up much later than his bedtime, not due to lack of trying on our part - its hard!

When he was under 1 he was waking around 6 times a night so in reflection of that 2-3 times a night is not too bad, but when will it stop? When will I get to go into an actual deep sleep again? We have read all the books, we have tried new routines, we put him in his own bed and then when he wakes but found that co-sleeping works best, I breastfed and care about his diet, I am trying but it's exhausting. I am exhausted of people telling me what I am doing right or wrong, the thing is there is no right or wrong because the one thing I have learnt when it comes to kids is that one size never fits all. Just because you have one child who sleeps is no guarantee the sibling will do the same which is what has happened in our case.  I used to complain a lot about it, now I try and accept this is the way it is right now because that helps to soften the blow each night and I do know this will not last forever.


Living with the reality of a child who does not sleep through the night means that we have had to learn how to adapt to that and how to get the best sleep we possibly can regardless of it being broken each night. I know a lot of other mothers are in the same predicament as me and I wanted to share a few thoughts on things that have helped while we ride this wave of sleepless nights.

1. Invest in a really good memory foam mattress that is supportive of your back and aids better sleep. You can read about the mattress we are using here. I feel that it's really important to make your bed as comfortable as possible, whether that means having an orthopaedic mattress or even an adjustamatic bed it's worth it.

2. Not drinking anything caffeinated before bed. There is nothing worse than heading upstairs for a few hours before our youngest wakes and not being able to drift off.

3. Making sure the room is the right temperature which I find is really important for a restful sleep.

4. Cutting down on noise pollution, so making sure all the windows are shut, our phones are switched off and all appliances are turned off.

5. Making our bedroom a place of calm with no distractions or clutter. We have minimised our bedroom a lot lately, removing any clutter and simplifying things.

6. Using supplements - this can be really useful to help you drift off. Even just camomile tea to help relax the mind or using sleep drops to promote deeper slumber can really aid a good night's sleep.

I do live in hope that my youngest sleep issues are going to get better and we will continue to try different things in the hope that they help but my main goal is simply to work around that and get as much as sleep as I possibly can because either way, it will sort itself out in the end.


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Glamping at Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans Part 1


Vintage campervan

I am a firm believer in the restorative power of disconnecting from technology and the busy daily routine and reconnecting as a family, away from distractions in the most simple of ways which is why we are keen Campers and Glampers. There has also been a lot of recent scientific research showing the benefits of spending time outdoors and within nature such as stress relief, improved mental and physical well-being, increased energy leaves and concentration and the list goes on. Which is why I was really looking forward to a few nights looking out across uninterrupted countryside views at the beautiful Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans , away from technology in the heart of the Wye Valley.



Mad Dogs captures all that is wonderful about childhood, simplicity and curiosity, with wild meadows waiting to be explored, paths that lead you to little hideouts and not a bar of wifi insight or 3G for that matter, it is bliss. The site is home to three vintage caravans - Elsie, Gertie and Sybil as well as a Brockhouse Military Wagon called Monty which the boys and I called home for the weekend while my mother stayed in the very chic 1950's Elsie.

As there is so much to do despite the site being quite small I wanted to split my post into two and in part one I wanted to talk mainly about the accommodation and while I will concentrate on the fantastic extras in part two.

glamping with kids

pretty bicycle

Monty, the sturdy Military wagon has a fantastic wooden veranda where we spent one evening toasting marshmallows over the open fire while watching the sunset, it's simple pleasures like this that will remain memories forever and the boys soaked in every moment. As the sun went down of course the temperature dropped but I only actually needed to light the log burner once during our stay as we were so warm and cosy inside under all the thick blankets and both boys slept very soundly as did I.

With morning you wake up and quickly get into the ritual of walking over to the communal outdoor kitchen to collect water for the kettle and start the day with some freshly ground filter coffee while  watching the horses and ponies being put out in the paddocks just in front of the glamping site as well as spotting some pheasants around the wooden area near the solar showers.


vintage caravan

wild child

Inside Elsie, the smallest caravan at Mad Dogs, perfectly formed for a couple and it's the perfect place to dip your toe into glamping as unlike Monty which is more rustic feel and a little bit more exposed to the elements Elsie is the only place with electric in the form of a small portable heater if you are worried about getting cold although like I said the bedding provided is so warm this really wasn't a problem for us even in late Spring. Our trip was a real family affair with both my 2yr old enjoying every moment to my mother who is nearly 70 proving that Glamping really is for everyone. 

Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans


Vintage van

The caravans have pretty much everything you need and when we arrived there was a lovely batch of homemade scones and cream which went down a treat. All you really need to pack is some torches as there are only fairly lights and candles at night which really add to the magical atmosphere of the place. For the ladies there is also a Glamp and Pamp service where you can wake up, walk over to the lotus tent and start the day with a wonderful hot stone massage, I will go into this in more detail in my second post. A communal mess tent for cooking and socialising is permanently set up in the wooded area as well as an outdoor fire pit and not forgetting the tennis court so do bring your rackets.

The Glampsite is also perfectly located, looking out across farmland with plenty of local walks, one heading down to the river wye. Ross on Wye is also only a few mixtures drive down the road and is a wonderful market town with plenty to see and do and if you want you can hire bikes from Mad Dogs and cycle there and back.

We had an amazing time and I cannot wait to share more of what we got up too in part two.

Thanks to Mad Dogs for inviting us to try out their unique Glamping site, we genuinely had a fantastic time.

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Simple Interior ideas for simple living spaces




Living in or near a city does often mean a compromise on space but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on having beautifully designed interiors. I'm hoping this blog post will go a little way in  helping you to achieve the designer-style you see in glossy mags and Pinterest boards but on a minute  scale as I share a few of my favourite products at the moment.

The simplicity of scandi-style lends itself to smaller spaces where you are tight on space. The furniture is slim, with clean lines and generally comes in lighter colours. The main key the seasons is to declutter, simplify and also bring things into the home that are multidirectional and can be used for more thane purpose such as this shelf-come-desk below which is an example of an ingenious space-saving design. This shelf ladder is ideal for achieving a scandi inspired look while saving room and creating an office ‘space’ all rolled into one. Dwell have a version you can purchase here.

office space

The simple and less fussy furniture is really what is in at the moment and has become hugely popular in the world of interiors. Arlo & Jacob have a range of scandi-style upholstered modern armchairs, with the signature tall, slim leg shape. They can be upholstered in any fabric of your choice, so you can turn it into a statement piece or match it with any existing furniture you may have. Investing in a decent sofa that brings the room together is key, it's your focal point, you can then get creative with some upcycled pieces that work well with it such as a reclaimed coffee table.

Arlo & Jacob

Petite nesting coffee tables are also a great idea if you have kids as you can pull one out for them to work on while you can place your books and coffee on another without taking up precious space. They nest on top of each other, saving space when you only need to use one, and the slim, tall legs mean you can still see the floor space underneath, making it feel more spacious and they are easy to pack away when your not using them.

You may also want to rethink your bedside table and opt for something that is straightforward and simple and cannot be a place just to accumulate clutter. Also having a lamp which is moveable is perfect for those who read in bed. 


One pretty easy aspect to change of the house if your looking for something small to do that has a big impact is lighting, I am loving this light fitting from Cult Furniture nails the scandi-look, plus it’s a steal at just £39. It’s simple and elegant but will make a big impact. For maximum effect, consider hanging in pairs over a pale wooden scandi dining table; like this compact, extendable table from Made. Its slim silhouette makes it small enough for studio apartments and tiny kitchens, but its versatility means that it extends to accommodate up to six people if you have guests or parents visit.

simple interiors

These are just a few suggestions of updating your interior space without making massive changes. I am also very passionate about upcycling so if you have a piece that no longer really works why not great creative, consider some chalk paint or look to Pinterest for some easy hacks and ways to reinvent the piece. 

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Summer, Cider and the Swedish Way



Rekorderlig cider

Summer to me is all about enjoying the best of life, long days, good conversations, warm evenings, coastal walks, picnics, eating al fresco, festivals and finding lots of down time to spend in the garden with the boys, taking it slow and savouring a summery afternoon drink.

Growing up in South Africa meant very long hazey summers, people seemed more laid back there, life in the UK certainly feels very fast paced and hectic in comparison which is probably why I feel drawn to the Swedish concept of Lagom and for those who don't know what that is it's all about the concept of "not too much, not too little just finding the balance" and creating a happy life.

summer days

As you may know I am only a minimalist challenge and attempting to declutter my life and lagom fits into that perfectly with the theory that just enough is perfect with lack of fussiness being key. So I'm excited to pair up with Rekorderlig Cider which I love (cider is my go-to summery drink) who are encouraging people to #StartTheSwedish way this summer and embrace a little Scandinavian culture, drink and lifestyle. 

For me this summer is all about being more mindful and simplifying my life, so I thought I would share 10 small things, a bucket list of sorts of what I plan to do this summer that encapsulates what Lagom means to me and my family. 

1. Pack simple lunches for summer adventures each day
2. Buy local, enjoy slow cooking and embrace each taste
3. Spend as much time outdoors, away from parks, just simple hikes.
4. Lots of picnics and eating together
5. Go wild swimming whether it be in a lake or the sea
6. Find time to read a book or two this summer.
7. Sit, breath and enjoy time in the garden wit a refreshing drink and some nibbles.
8. Reduce my wardrobe to only clothes I love and make me feel good.
9. Enjoy some electronic-free adult time with John to talk through the day
10. Embrace sleep, work and chores can wait, when tired hit the pillow.


Rekorderling, the fourth generation Swedish Cider are champing the Lagom lifestyle and are launching a 28 day sampling tour and visiting over 20 locations including Cardiff! Made with the purest Swedish spring water they have some mouthwatering flavours with my favourite being the Wild Berries or Mango-Raspberry, just add to a big glass of ice with wedge of lemon or lime and there you go you have summer in a glass.

summery drink

The Rekorderlig Cider Sampling Van will be on Cardiff Queen Street on the 6th of July so why not head down and get a little bit of Lagom into your life and try out all the different summery cider flavours. I know I will be there and it's sure to be a fun way to get into the summer mood. The sampling van will also be visiting other cities across the UK and here are a few of the dates

High Street, Birmingham – 24th June, 12 – 6pm
Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth - 30th June, 12 – 8pm
Jubilee Square, Brighton – 1st July, 12 – 8pm
Rose Lane, Canterbury – 2nd July, 12 – 8pm
Queen Street 3, Cardiff – 6th July, 12 – 8pm
Crown Square, Spinningfields, Manchester – 21st July, 12 – 8pm

Cider van

In collaboration with Rekorderlig 

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Breakfast at Jamie's, Cardiff



orange juice

While our youngest is still small date nights have become extremely rare and somewhat on hold, which means that we have to get a little bit more creative with finding time for John and I to have some quality adult time to chat and catch up, away from the home and in stylish surroundings.With breakfast being my favourite meal of the day and finding it much easier to arrange childcare in the morning than the evening it was really nice to be invited by Jamies in Cardiff to come and try out their new breakfast menu and have a a quiet start to the day before John has to head over to work.

flat white


I started off with a Flat white and a fresh orange juice and John went for a cappuccino while we perused the breakfast menu, which is simple and straight to the point but has fantastic choices for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

John went for a classic full monty which is Jamie's version of a full English fry up except with free range sausages and eggs, black pudding, brown capped mushrooms and all the toppings brought to the table in a wrought iron dish and got the thumbs up from him. John has a pretty big appetite which is good because this is a really filling breakfast but they do offer a smaller half monty as well as a vegetarian version.

fry up

Jamie's Cardiff

I decided to go from one of my favourite brunch dishes of smashed avocado and chilli on sourdough, you can also get a poached egg added on top which I would do next time to make it a little bit more filling but this was a really nice lighter option and very well seasoned.

Jamie's of course also offers a kids monty breakfast and this is certainly somewhere I would bring the whole family for a treat as the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly.

Thanks to Jamie's for inviting us to try out the new breakfast menu.

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Classic swimwear that never goes out of fashion


summer hat

We all love summer, the heat, the outdoor barbecues, the 9pm sunsets. But one thing that’s a little trickier is trying to find the perfect swimsuit. With so many styles, cuts, colours and prices and to choose from, it can be completely overwhelming – especially if you want to be on-trend.

Luckily, there are some classic swimwear options out there that are truly timeless and will look great on all body shapes. So let’s get back to the basics and this year find ourselves a classic bathing suit that we can feel confident wearing year after year.

The one piece

Yes I said it, the one piece is in. It’s timeless and classic and is sure to look good on a variety of body shapes. If you’re worried about all those extra calories you consumed during the winter months you can rest easy, as wearing a well-made, well-fitting one piece can accentuate your curves, down-play your trouble areas and make you look fantastic. If it’s good enough for Marilyn it’s good enough for me. After all, she was the queen of the one piece suit and wore it with confidence and class.

Dark colours

We tend to think of bright and bold hues for summer, but when it comes to swimwear there is something to be said about going dark. There are some colours that are just more classic than others, while the black swimsuit is a trend that has never left us. It’s flattering and timeless and will compliment every skin tone. This black swimsuit from Tu hits all the targets, is dark in colour and even comes with a tummy controlling midsection.


High waisted bikinis

A trend that has recently come back into fashion in a big way is the high-waisted bikini. You’ll have seen numerous high fashion fliers sporting this look and it’s for a good reason, as high waisted bikinis are extremely flattering. Most women are worried about wearing a bikini because of their midsection, yet this look allows you to wear a two piece in confidence, knowing your stomach isn’t on display. It may be coming back into style now, but this type of swimwear is a very classic look going back to 1940’s.

summer days

Bold patterns

Just like the classic monochrome palette, there are some patterned bathing suits that never go out of fashion. Diagonal stripes and polka dots will always be in for instance and look great in either high waisted bikinis or on a one piece thanks to their retro vibes. Diagonal stripes and polka dots can also be very slimming, but watch out for horizontal stripes – I don’t need to remind you that those are a no-no when it comes to elongating the body.

One of the most important things to remember when looking for that perfect swimsuit is to think classic over trending. Today’s trends will be gone tomorrow, but these timeless swimsuit styles will serve you year after year.

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How to Always be Beach Ready this summer



For families, the summer is a great time of the year. The fact that the weather is better gives you the chance to get out and about more, and spend more time together. One of the nicest things to do as a family is to visit the beach. We take the kids all the time. They love it and so do we, which is why we are always beach ready.

As soon as there is a hint of sun we grab our swimming costumes and swim shorts, pile in the car, and head to the beach. We tend to go on weekdays, when there are fewer people, but at a push we will brave the crowds and go on the weekend. Especially if it has been a while since we had a sunny day.

We are always beach ready, so that we can take every opportunity to get out there, and enjoy ourselves. To make sure that we are we keep a beach bag packed, and have a checklist on hand to use so that we do not leave anything vital at home.

Sun protection

Top of the list is sun protection for us and the kids. That means sun hats, sunglasses, waterproof sun cream, and sun block lip balm. Before I leave the house I always check to make sure that there is enough sun lotion in the bottle to take us through the day. If not, we stop at a supermarket and buy some. This is far cheaper than buying it at the resort and it means you do not have to stand in a shop with two kids hopping from foot to foot because they can´t wait to hit the sand.

Towels and mats

Beach mats are an essential. Towels are OK too, they are softer and lighter, but mats are more comfortable. Taking both is a good idea, as long as there are two of you to carry it all. If you are on your own, a couple of large sarongs to use as an alternative beach blanket can also work.

Swimwear and toys

We tend to put the kids in their swimwear for the journey. It is less hassle once you get on the beach. Just be careful to remember to pack something for them to change into. There is nothing worse than having to drive home in damp clothes.

Our kids are too young for snorkelling, but they like to play with their swimming float, and when they are older it is clear that they are going to love body boarding. Flotation aids are important. Even if they swim well, armbands are a good idea. Swimming in the sea is very different from doing so in a pool, so flotation aids help to give them confidence and keeps them safer.

It is always worth taking some beach toys with you. Kid´s love building sand castles and moats. The time goes quickly and they love this activity. If you are looking for more ways to keep the kids occupied on the beach, click here. There are some great ideas in that article.

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Make it Matter & Making a difference Locally



Makes and Spencer

You may already know that I have been working with Marks and Spencer on their Make It Matter campaign and I recently wrote about the small things that make the days matter to me and my family. I truly believe that happiness and worth comes from our actions we do for ourselves and others and rarely from material objects we own and as a collective people can do amazing things for one another.

 I was recently invited to see this in action last week as a group of store workers volunteered their time to bringing an otherwise empty yard at a homeless shelter in Merthyr, one of the most deprived areas of South Wales, into a space for the residents to relax, unwind, open up as well as socialise by bringing in colourful plants, re-painting, redecorating and providing garden furniture and flower beds.



While I was there I had the chance to talk to on of the social workers who described how excited she was to finally have a useable outdoor space not only for the residents but also for the staff so they too had somewhere to relax and enjoy this summer but also to have a more open space to help connect the residents and provide a safe and friendly space for all. 

This is all apart of a commitment M&S has made called Plan A in which they will support 1000 communities to help 10 million people to live happier healthier lives as well as convert M&S into a zero-waste business. From transforming playgrounds to holding events and working with charities to help tackle poverty, loneliness, mental health and wellbeing this is all fantastic news and it was a pleasure to see it first hand.

Acts of kindness

colourful flowers

By working together these volunteers turned a dull uninspired space into something that is going to be very useful for people who need it most and I think we need to see a lot more acts of kindness like this because in just one day they made a big difference which shows if you are happy to get stuck in you can do amazing things for others.

M&S have more planned for the area as well as many other parts of the UK including supporting children starting school by donating 10,000 pairs of plimsolls. Providing careers advice and work experience for school leavers, hosting Frazzled Cafes for those feeling stressed, supporting start-up commits businesses and investing in outdoor spaces that everyone can enjoy among many other exciting initiatives.

It was wonderful seeing something like this come to an area of Wales that is often overlooked. There was a great camaraderie among the volunteers and a I am so glad to have had the opportunity to be apart of it. It also gave me a chance to meet some of the residents of the hostel who were really excited about the project and we also getting involved. After a fairly up and down week with the elections this was a very positive homegrown change and I can't wait to see more of these project roll out over the next few years.

Thanks to Marks and Spencer for inviting me to be apart of the Make it Matter and Spend it Well campaign. 

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A family guide to the South of France



France with kids
Enjoying ice-cream in Antibes 

The French Riviera is one of those places that is just perfect for those looking to get away to warmer climates, take in the stylish and laid back Riveria culture, French food and of course stunning beaches. There is also a wonderful combination of countryside and city adventures from small hilltop villages to explore to the designer shops in Cannes, it has it all. It's also a place that makes for a fantastic family break and it's somewhere I keep going back too. I was lucky enough to live and work in Nice for a few months before having children and on my days off I often headed further afield to Antibes, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, St Paul De Vence and Eze Village so it made sense look at a holiday in France with the kids and share this breath-taking coastline with them.

Valbonne Villa

James Villas

For my 30th birthday two years ago I decided that I wanted to spend this milestone birthday on the Riviera and we opted for a stay in a James Villa in Valbonne, a beautiful traditional French village around 25mins from Cannes. It was so wonderful returning to somewhere so special and share it with my friends and family. We are now thinking about taking another trip down south and wanted to share my family-friendly guide of fun things to do in the South of France, which doesn't involve loud and brash splash parks or attractions.

1. Consider taking the slow route - The last time we headed down there we decided to take the scenic route heading over to Paris first via the Eurostar for a few days before taking the high-speed train down to the South. You see so much this way and rolling along the beautiful coastline is a very romantic way to arrive into the Riviera. We did this with a four-year-old and he found the whole trip there and back fascinating.

France with kids

Eating on the Riviera
Street food in Antibes 

2. Eat street food in Antibes - Antibes is a wonderful seaside French village where you can walk the old city walls while spotting yachts in the harbour as well as locals playing boules. There is also a family-friendly beach that is perfect for swimming but what is best is all the street food on offer. From traditional French to North African, falafels and gelato you won't be short on choice for picking up some quick food on the go while walking through this pretty old town.

3. Explore the medieval hillside village of Eze - did you know Walt Disney spent a lot of time in Eze and there is a good reason for that. The famous sea views from the village and old winding cobblestone streets make this place truly magical. Make sure to take the kids to the Jardin exotique d'Eze which has an array of Cacti and succulents. The drive along the coastline to Eze is also pretty special although a bit hairy in parts due to the high cliffs.

Smelling flowers

Nice South of France

4. Get lost in Nice Old Town - first stop by the colourful Flower market which is open all year round and sells flowers, fresh fruit and veg as well as local produce, soaps and trinkets. Then head into the old town which is a bit of a maze and you never know what you're going to stumble upon. My son loved exploring this area and it's so visually interesting. There is a large fountain near the centre with plenty of places to eat, we stood and watched them making fresh pizza tossing it high up into the air.

5. Walk to the top of Castle Hill - heading up to the top of Castle Hill offers you the best view over nice and the promenade. It's also a fantastic thing to do for free and as a family, plus you feel pretty fit afterwards as it's a fair few steps up. My son loved the challenge and the hill is often referred too as "the cradle of the sun" after the spectacular sunsets that can be viewed from here.

French Riviera

France with kids

6. Go swimming in Cannes - besides all the designer stores that line the Croisette in Cannes there are also some fantastic public beaches that are spotlessly clean and offer white sands and clear blue seas. The coastline is also breathtaking and you can spot many cruise ships waiting in the bay. There are also plenty of play parks within walking distance of the beaches.

7. Enjoy the good life - a holiday in the South of France, even with kids should be all about slowing down and enjoying the good things in life like eating al fresco in the sunshine next to a pool and not moving for the whole day. I would highly recommend looking at staying somewhere self-catering with its own pool and place to eat outdoors. The last time we were down south we spent a few simple days just enjoying swimming, sunshine and good food.

Villa france

James Villa

8. Get Arty - If either you or your children love art than the South of France is the perfect place as it's home to some fantastic Art museums, which are also perfect on a rainy day. I would recommend Musee Matisse in Nice as well as the Musee Picasso but there are plenty more to see and explore.

9. Visit Monaco and the Oceanography Museum - You can take a half an hour train along the coast from Nice to the small but very rich principality of Monaco, it's a lovely ride and a great day out for the whole family especially if you decided to visit the Museum of Oceanography. Adults and children will both find this clifftop aquarium fascinating and it's well worth the money.

10. Get on your bike - The South of France is the perfect place to explore by bike and is one of the preferred options of travel among locals. There are plenty of places to hire bikes, including ones suitable for children. Whether you want to cycle down the Promenade in Nice or head more inland to some of the quieter villages such as Valbonne you will find it a fun and safe way to explore the area and with lots of cafes and bakeries dotted around you can always stop for an impromptu picnic.

French Riviera

France with kids

The South of France is somewhere that has a really special place in my heart and it's the type of place you go to get away from all the madness, away from busy play parks and soft play and back to nature and the simple pleasures in life. These are just a few tips and ideas on what you can do on the French Rivera but in reality, you won't be short on things to keep the children entertained even if it's just spending day after day building sandcastles at the beach, either way, it's a wonderful region of France to explore and take a break.

South of France

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