5 ways to rejuvenate your home on a budget


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home improvements

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If your home is looking a little worse for wear, it’s easy to feel down and want to move on from it completely. But, as the classic saying goes, don’t move, improve! You don’t have to break the bank to rejuvenate your home, and there’s a myriad of hacks out there for giving your home the new look it needs for less. Whether you want to go big and bust through a wall or start smaller with a simple coat of paint, here are 5 budget-friendly ways to refresh your home:

Do up your door

Your front door is one of the first things you or your guests see when arriving home, so why not make a lasting impression?

A stylish front door can add instant kerb appeal to your home, and something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. A good scrub, vigorous sanding, and tactful colour change will not only give your door the refresher it needs but also change the look of your home’s exterior. Thankfully, a tin of exterior paint can be as little as £20, so you don’t have to fork out a few hundred pounds for a brand-new door when you don’t need to.

Pink door


Paint the floorboards

If your room has wooden floorboards that look like they’ve seen better days, don’t think about ripping them up just yet. Just like the front door, a lick of paint can completely transform a room from drab to fab.

Painting the floorboards gives them a new lease of life, and the room a whole new decorating scheme. Whether you opt for a crisp white or feel brave enough to choose something colourful, a painted floor is transformative yet affordable. Depending on the area you choose to paint, you should only require a few tins of paint for a clean finish. Apply a few coats during the day and leave to dry overnight, ensuring they’re fully dry before walking on them.

Install bespoke shelves

Got a tricky alcove that you’ve never known what to do with? Well, you can never have too much storage space, so make the most of it with some bespoke shelves that are unique to your home. Making the most of awkward recesses is the perfect way to utilise every nook and cranny in your home. If you’re handy with DIY, all you’ll need is some sturdy wood, wall plugs or brackets depending on what you’re planning to put on the shelves, a measuring tape, and a cordless drill.

Measure the area you plan to hang your shelves in and cut your wood. You can either cut it yourself or take it to a hardware shop that’ll cut it for you. Add a coat of paint if you wish, and then hang using your drill, wall plugs, and brackets if required. Before you know it, you’ve got a gorgeous set of shelves that no one else does.


Add wood panelling

Traditional-looking wood panelling is all the rage right now, and you’ve no doubt seen influencers and DIY-ers creating their own on TikTok or Instagram. While it may look like a hefty task, it’s not too tricky to do yourself.

For a simple Victorian look, pick up some decorative moulding and adhesive, and mark out your square panels with a pencil. Cut the moulding to size, attach to the adhesive, and check it’s straight with a spirit level. Add a coat of paint and you’re done! It really is that simple. Wall panelling hides a multitude of sins, as well as adds interest to a featureless room, and if you choose the correct dimensions, it can be used to rebalance the proportions of an unusually balanced space.

Update your splashback

Looking to update your kitchen or add a bit of colour?

You can give your kitchen a whole new style and colour scheme by adding your updating the splash back on the wall. Your kitchen can be transformed in an instant with a clever choice of tiles, or if you’re interested in keeping up to date with trends, a large piece of mirror will do the trick!

However, if you can’t be bothered to mess about with tile spacers and grouting, there’s an array of adhesive tiles out there to suit your style. Simply peel off the back and stick them to your wall for a snazzy new look.


No matter what you want to do to your home, you can give it a new lease of life without spending hundreds and thousands of pounds on home improvements, and without needing to move house altogether.

If you have a bit of creativity, patience, and possibly access to Pinterest, you can turn your home into an environment you enjoy and not break the bank in the process.
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5 financial steps to take before your next overseas trip


travel plans

If your planning on hitting the road or going overseas for longer than a weekend break, then there are a few financial steps you need to take to ensure you have no issues while travelling and keep on top of your money as well as reducing any stress, for example sometimes banks will stop your card if you. use it overseas without telling them beforehand. So here are 5 essential things you need to do to tie up your financials before heading out your travels.

1. Take out travel insurance

I cannot stress enough how important this one is and it applies to even the shortest of trips or even extended months long travels, as you never know what will happen and having travel insurance that covers medical needs is a must! Medical emergencies aside travel insurance also covers you for things like cancellations, delayed departures and lost luggage and can save you a lot of money should things go wrong. 

2. Life Insurance

Just like travel insurance, Life insurance is one of those things you should sort out now rather than later, especially if your heading off on a roadtrip or adventure you want to know your loved ones will be financially looked after should anything happen to you. Taking out life insurance was one of the first things I did when I became a parent as I don't have any substantial savings or collateral but for a very small amount each month I can at least be assured that if something does happen to me my kids will be looked after. You can get term life insurance quotes online within minutes. 


3. Notify your bank of your travel dates

While some banks and credit card companies will be able too see from your spending activity that your are in a different country it's still worth notifying them so they don't block your transactions straight away. These days it's not such a hassle to let them know as most allow you to do this online on your banks app and can save you a lot of embarrassment as no one likes having their card declined. For extra tips on how and why you should contact your bank before travelling check out this post

4. Install online banking and mobile banking apps

Being able to access your bank balance quickly while travelling is a must and with a mobile banking app you can stay on top of your funds wherever you are. This can help save you hassle as well as make sure your not macing out your card as well as keeping an eye on any fraudulent charges. 

5. Buy your travel money in advance 

If you need to exchange currencies do it in advance as buying travel money at the airport can be much more expensive. If you start looking in advance for a favourable exchange rate you can lock in that saving and evening though some destinations are becoming largely cash-free it's still important to have some local currency on you while travelling. Money Supermarket offers some great tips on how to get the best exchange rate before travelling. 

There are also plenty of ways to save money for future travel and the Budget traveller blog  has a great post on 52 money saving travel hacks that is worth checking out. 

travel plans

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4 things you can do to have a more positive pregnancy experience


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If you or your partner want to experience the best pregnancy possible, there are a few simple things you can do, that shouldn't require too much effort. No matter your situation, support at this time is important, so if you have a partner, family or friends you can lean on or just offer a shoulder to talk to, make use of that during your pregnancy. While we simply cannot do it all, and shouldn't feel pressured to do so, we can within reason make active choices that will help your baby thrive. Having had two children of my own, here are a few things I've learned along the way.

Step away from negativity

During this time you want to try and surround yourself with positivity as much as you can. If there is someone in your life who is not supportive of the pregnancy and voices this constantly, then you may need to consider reducing contact with them or not involving them in your life during this time as negative emotions can cause stress which is something you want to avoid. Also think of ways you can keep the mood upbeat, for example, when you are thinking of ways to announce your pregnancy, this should be a fun and happy experience that you are sharing with the people that you love and care about.

balanced diet

Keep varied and balanced eating as a priority

Healthy eating should still be a priority. I'm not saying at all that you should ignore your cravings, nor am I saying that you should exclusively eat healthy food, but simply keep it the same as regular life and there should be a focus on a balanced diet as much as possible. You need to keep in mind that whatever you are eating will be passed to the baby as this is how they get their vitamins and nutrients, so if you are someone who regularly skips meals then you need to try and work to get this under control as soon as possible. If you are struggling with eating healthy when pregnant, then you can get advice from your midwife or specialist who will be able to help.

Take Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins are more than just a suggestion but rather essential and should be included in your daily routine. They have a number of benefits to both parent and the baby, and even though there are people who choose not to take them whose babies turn out fine, this does not mean it’s worth the risk. These vitamins provide essential things that parent and baby both need, keeping you both in the best possible health. Pregnancy is tough on the body at the best of times, and it can be difficult to get all of the nutrition needed if they are throwing up a lot of what is being eaten.

If you are worried about these vitamins, then speak to a professional and they will go through everything with you both. There is always help available so you don’t need to worry about going through this on your own.

pregnancy vitamins

Aim to stay active

The last thing that I'm going to mention is that you should try and stay as active as possible. As the pregnancy progresses, you may find yourself becoming increasingly uncomfortable and everything feels a little bit harder. However, if a doctor has not recommended that you rest more than usual (which is required in some circumstances), then keeping active will have positive benefits for both you and the baby. You could try and head out on a gentle walk each morning or try to complete gentle exercises throughout the days if you feel up to it.

I hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the steps that you can take to ensure your pregnancy goes as well as possible. Your support is going to be more important now than it ever has been before so if you do have people you can depend on in your life now is the time to lean on them and reduce your stress as much as possible.
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Tips to help take your Career to The Next Level


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No matter what stage you find yourself at in your career - there is usually a chance or opportunity for progression and stepping up to the next level. This may mean moving into leadership or moving into a different area within your sector or industry. It might mean going back into education and retraining for a whole new role. Whatever progression looks like and feels like to you and your career, just must know that if progress is important to you then you need to take action. The sooner that you start working and progressing your career, then the sooner you can reap the rewards. So, to make sure that this happens, what do you need to focus on?

Invest in Yourself

To achieve your career ambitions and goals, you need to invest in yourself. If you do not invest in your efforts, knowledge, and career, who is going to? Just remember it's never too late to invest in your talents, even if this means going back to college as a mature student. To successfully invest in yourself, you have to know what you want, and you have to be prepared to change and grow to get it. If that means learning new skills, then that is what you need to do. Or, if it requires diversifying within your job or role - then this is what you should focus on. Look at how you can invest in yourself and look at what you can do to be better. It's also important to invest in the right technology and applications that will help streamline your career or better your education. An example of this is Shiftcare software, usually implemented for in-home healthcare providers to help update patient notes, pay attention to roster details, and provide useful to the employee as well as improve patient care.

Focus on Your Skillset

When did you last look at your skillset within your current role? When did you last see if you need to improve your skillset? When you are busy working, you can overlook change and improvement of your skillset, and this can be something that ends up holding you back. Take a good look at your skillset now and see what you have to offer. Also, see what you are missing. For example, are you great at listening but poor at communication? Or do you need to work harder at analysing and researching within your role? What skills do you have that are specific to your career, and what do you need to learn that will be beneficial to your efforts? 

career woman

Know When It Is Time to Move On

While there may be opportunities for progression within your current workplace, there may not be. It is important to be brutally honest wherever you can. If there is no room for growth and change, then you need to focus on moving on as soon as you can. If you refuse to move on, or if you stay too long, you will end up stagnant. When you are stagnant, you will struggle to push forwards as you will lack both direction and focus. If you are unsure about whether it is time to move on, take stock of what you have and what you can have - is there enough progression and opportunity for growth?

Set Out Career Objectives and Goals

Once you have decided to move, you must then start setting out career goals and objectives. What would you like to achieve, and by when? Career objectives and goals that are both realistic and achievable will help you achieve more and ensure that you stay on the path that is right for you and your future. If you do not focus on goals and objectives, then you may struggle to realise your true potential. A good career goal or objective will focus on what you want to achieve within the next 12 months. For example, do you want to have moved on in this timeframe? Or do you want to have started advancing your education?

Seeking a Mentor

We can all benefit from others experience and it's never a bad thing to ask for advice from senior members and look to them as potential mentors.  A mentor will be someone who is in (or near) the position or role in which you aspire to be. They will have a vast degree of experience in the role and in the industry, and they will have lots of knowledge and valuable information to share with you. Finding a mentor can be difficult because most professionals are always extremely busy. However, taking your time to reach out to others can help you get a mentor that can develop you and invest in you and your future.

Diversification - New Specialisms

You may find that there are limited options for pushing forward in your existing industry or specialism, and this is when diversification may be necessary. When it comes to looking at diversification, you need to look at new opportunities and new roles that allow you to make use of your existing knowledge and skillset. To take your career to the next level, you do not want to have to start from scratch again, as this will take too long but sometimes short courses are offered by your workplace (usually for free or at a reduce price) so take advantage of that, or look for possible free courses to increase your skillset online that you can complete alongside your current role. 

career studies

Looking at Your Education

On this journey to achieving more and doing more, you will find it beneficial to advance your education wherever you can. Studying for a post master's certificate that is specific to your industry will give you an excellent platform to leap onwards from. Advancing your education and deepening your knowledge and awareness of what the industry entails is crucial. When you advance your education, you can then push forwards with a little more ease. To ensure that you study the right program for you, then weigh up what you want to achieve. For instance, are you looking to achieve a greater knowledge of your industry, or are you looking to focus on improving one aspect of your role or future role?

Always Focus on Clear Communication

As you push forwards and take the next step in your career progression, you need to understand the true value of clear and open communication. Communicating what you want to achieve, and your goals and ambitions will help everyone gain clarity and certainty about you and your future. If you are not focusing on clear communication, colleagues and those around you may always feel that you are holding something back. Unfortunately, you could find that this ends up stalling our carer moves - because it leaves people with uncertainty. Clear and open communication will allow you to progress when and where you want to.

Get the Support That You Need

You may feel that you can tackle anything, and you may want to push forwards on your own. However, no matter your starting point, it is important to see that support can be advantageous to you and to your future. There are other professionals out there who want to support you and aid you in your efforts. Trying to do everything by yourself can be isolating, not to mention exhausting. So, rather than embark on this journey on your own, reach out to others and build a support system that you can utilise and learn on - when you need it the most!

Be Prepared to Push Yourself Further

There will be many things that try to hold you or stall your progression. However, it is important to be prepared to push yourself forwards as much as you can. If you are not invested in yourself, or you are not pushing yourself, then why would others give you the time of day? When you are pushing yourself (perhaps outside of your comfort zone), you then know just what you are capable of. If you fail to push yourself, then you may end up doubting yourself, and you may be full of what it questions.

Make Periods of Self-Evaluation a Priority

On this journey to take your career to the next level, you will find that progression within yourself is just as important as anything else you do. Periods of self-evaluation are crucial on your journey; they will help you see where you can improve or alter what you are offering. If you do not undertake regular self-evaluation, how can you be sure that you are doing enough? How can you be sure that you are giving enough to your role and future?

career progression

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My Motorpoint Experience - Test driving the perfect car


Motorpoint Newport

This is a paid collaboration with Motorpoint

The first car I had when I moved to the UK was a 1975 Austin Mini, which I loved but it wasn't exactly in the best condition and while it was great fun to drive when I was a carefree twenty-something it quickly became apparent it wouldn't cut the mustard as a family car, in fact, I couldn't even find a car seat that would safely fit in it.

Finding the right car to fit your needs can be quite tricky, but with Motorpoint's motto "car buying made easy" they take a lot of the stress and pressure out of finding the right car for you. I got to experience this first-hand recently as I was invited to come along to Motorpoint's Newport branch to test drive one of their vehicles. Taking a test drive is a must when you're looking to purchase a car & while we can look at different models and makes online you really cannot make a decision without trying it out first-hand to see if it really suits your needs.

For those unfamiliar with Motorpoint, they are a nationwide company with 17 stores across the UK, as well as online and specialise in nearly new cars. They have a huge variety of cars including cars, vans and electric cars, along with their impressive price promise that they can't be beaten on price.

Motorpoint Newport

What am I looking for in a family car?

My boys and I love to explore near and far, we are always off on some kind of adventure so for me personally, it needs to be a practical, reliable and economical car and while it doesn't need to be a big it does need to have decent boot space to fit our bags, occasional camping gear etc. I'm also on the petite side, being only 4ft11, so having a car I feel safe & comfortable driving is very important.

I was really excited to see what was going to be on offer at Motorpoint Newport and what car we would have the chance to test drive. The drive from my home to the Newport Branch was just under 30 mins and was easy and straightforward to find. On arrival, we had a warm welcome from the staff, who chatted with us about our needs when it came to finding the right family car and my boys really enjoyed looking at all the different cars (my eldest’s eyes lit up when he saw the newer Mini Coopers).

Ford puma

After filling in the necessary paperwork and temporary insurance, it literally took 5 minutes, we were ready to take a test drive. As mentioned earlier, having a car that is economical, especially in the current climate is a real priority for me so I was really excited to be test driving the Ford Puma Ecoboost Hybrid in Frozen white. My first impression was how chic & snappy the car looked while still being very practical and with just over 4000 miles on the clock meant, this really was a nearly new vehicle.

Our Test Drive Experience

Motorpoint offers free test drives seven days a week (you will need to provide a driving licence & a second proof of identity such as a bank card or passport). Most test drives last around 20mins although we were lucky enough to be able to take out the Ford Puma for around 2hrs, for the purpose of this more in-depth review & to really get to grips with the car and if it would be something that would fit our busy and active lifestyle as well as have a full Motorpoint experience.

Ford Puma

We decided to visit the Fourteen Locks Canal Centre which was around a 15min drive from Motorpoint but was the perfect spot for a picnic with views across the countryside and a walk along the historical Mon and Brec canal towpath.

The team at Motorpoint had put a few goodies, drinks and treats in the car boot for our picnic along with a lovely picnic blanket which really came in handy as we enjoy lying back on the grass and soaking up some of the welsh sunshine.

Summer picnic

fourteen locks

What did we think of the Ford Puma Ecoboost Hybrid?

Firstly, my kids loved how modern and tech-savvy the interior was with built-in Sat-Nav, rear parking sensors, electric folding mirrors, Bluetooth and DAB radio, many features which we don't have on our current car but would be a welcomed addition. I really loved how smooth and quiet the drive was along with how comfortable the seats were and that making the right adjustments to suit my small stature wasn't an issue at all.

I also really like that it's a self-charging hybrid which supports the petrol engine and in short means impressive fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions with no compromise when it comes to driving performance. I found myself quickly feeling relaxed and enjoying my time driving this car because I don't know about you but it can be quite anxiety-inducing driving a new vehicle, but this wasn't the case at all. Also, I have to mention that despite this being a car on the smaller side it has plenty of space in the boot for all our bits and bobs.

fourteen locks

Why test drives are so important

We buy everything online these days but there are a few occasions when making a purchase in person is essential and one of those is when we buy a car. I have owned a variety of cars over the years from a small mini and Uno Fiat to a larger Mazda Bongo Van and now an Audi Avant and with each and every purchase it’s so important to do a test drive to get a real feel for the vehicle and make sure it fits you personally, your needs and feels safe to drive.

With Motorpoint, all their vehicles undergo a thorough inspection before they go on sale. All checks are complete to MOT regulations, and you can drive away knowing that no MOT is due for at least 6 months. They also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind if you find out that the car really isn't for you in those first few days. Nearly all the cars also come with a Manufacturer's warranty, in fact the Ford Puma came with a 24months warranty.

The Motorpoint Price Promise

They also offer part-exchange on older cars, finance options and their price promise if you find the same age and specification car for less somewhere else they will refund you the difference and give you a £50 amazon voucher. Rest assured they are committed to giving you the best options when it comes to your vehicle needs.

The boys and I had a fantastic time getting to see first-hand the process of purchasing a nearly new car & how knowledgeable the Motorpoint staff are. I would without a doubt recommend Motorpoint if you are in the market for a nearly new vehicle.

I test drove the from Motorpoint and if you're in the market for a car, head over to their website or go into your local store and have a browse.

Motorpoint Newport, Meadows Rd, Newport NP19 4SS

motorpoint newport

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Cote Brasserie - the best french breakfast in Cardiff?


Cote Brasserie

*Written in collaboration with OpenTable - words & opinions 100% my own

Hands down my favourite meal of the day is a breakfast brunch and having spent time living in France before having kids, one of my favourite things to do is treat myself to a late morning french inspired breakfast and over the years I've tried a few around Cardiff but I had never visited Cote Brasserie until recently and I am so glad I did. 

Firstly I made my booking through OpenTable which is really easy to do and shows you all your local restaurants and cafes available at the day and time of your choosing. It doesn't cost anything to use and means that you can guarantee your table at your chosen venue. 

While I love breakfast I am not always the earliest of risers so I booked for 11am as Cote Brasserie serves breakfast until 12:30 on weekends and it made for the perfect start to a slow Sunday and even better my Mother and my Brother joined me as we hadn't gone for a meal together since the start of the Pandemic.

Cote Brasserie actually has two locations in Cardiff, one being on Mill Street in Cardiff Central and the other in Cardiff Bay. I went for the Cardiff central location and parking was easy and it was really nice being in the city on a Sunday morning without the working rush. 


When we arrived at Cote the host greeted us, confirmed our booking and took us to a lovely window seat where we could people watch while browsing the menu. The interior captures that Parisian cafe vibe with beautiful floor tiles, marble table tops and rustic wooden chairs and the menu offered just the right amount of choice to get the day started. Options ranged from French cooked breakfast to lighter dishes, croques, french toast and pastries.

You could also opt for a champagne breakfast and while we didn't go for that, we did decide to have a Mimosa using french white wine and fresh orange juice, I don't drink very often but it was nice to have a little toast and something a little refreshing while catching up with my mother and brother. 

French toast

When it came to the brunch breakfast I knew straight away I wanted the French toast as it's one of my favourite dishes and this came on french brioche with wild berry compote, fresh berries and creme fraiche and I couldn't fault it, it was delicious and I enjoyed every single bite and it wasn't too heavy or overly sweet and just hit the spot.

My brother had the Salmon and Eggs with sourdough toast and my mother chose the Eggs Royale on a toasted muffin with homemade hollandaise and while I cannot speak for them the dishes looked delicious and nothing was left on their plate. While there was the option to have a more British style cooked breakfast the theme of the menu was definitely french inspired, along with the interior, made it feel authentic despite being a small chain or restaurants. The service during the meal was great, we didn't wait to long for drinks or food and the staff was attentive without being overly so. 

Eggs Royale

In terms of value my French toast was £7.95 which I found very reasonable considering the level of service, quality and atmosphere, in fact every dish on the breakfast meal except one was under £10.

As we were in no rush, this was more a brunch affair then breakfast, we had some pastries and coffee after our main breakfast which was a lovely way to top off the morning. Catching up with my family over really nice food in a french inspired setting was just what I needed and as prices rise, opting for the breakfast menu can be a great way to enjoy your favourite restaurants at a more reasonable price that their dinner or lunch menu's but still equally feels like a treat. 

French coffee

So is Cote Brasserie the best French breakfast in Cardiff? Well from start to finish the meal was enjoyable, the atmosphere was nice and relaxed and the staff was friendly and welcoming. I also like the simple but well thought out menu and despite it being a chain the food was excellent and french interior felt authentic. It's also hard to find a French style breakfast in the Welsh Capital Bistrot Pierre closing and places like Bullys and Cafe du Chat Noir only open lunch and evenings, so yes Cote is up at the top of the list and would I go again, definitely, I loved my French toast with fresh berries and I will also be using OpenTable moving forward as I found it really easy and straight forward to use and having a booking takes the stress out of just turning up at a venue not knowing if they have a space or not.

Cote Brasserie
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5 budget friendly glamping spots in Southern Wales


glamping wales

While camping may not be for everyone, Glamping does have a big appeal as while it still offers a back to basics feel it's more comfortable and suitable for all ages. Some glamping options can cost in the hundreds and for good reason when it's an exceptional  location or unique experience such as a treehouse or converted double decker bus but there are a lot of fun budget friendly options, even during the summer months, which can make for a perfect weekend getaway. 

My boys and I have tried an array of glamping options over the years and it's something we really enjoy as each place is different, some have more facilities and amenities than others, ranging from high end to basic but that is all part of the adventure. So I thought I would share 5 of our favourite budget friendly options in South and West Wales which are perfect for families and 4 our of 5 of the sites are dog friendly as well.  

Cwmcarn Forest Pods

1. Cwmcarn Forest Pods

Cwmcarn Forest is a great location for family adventures, with the forest drive, walks, hikes, cycling trails, lakes and play parks it's perfect for families and is also dog friendly. They offer both furnished and unfurnished pods and both have heating and electricity. We stayed in the furnished family pod which had a cosy double bed (you can also hire bunk beds) and a fridge, kettle and seats to relax as well as a picnic table and bbq area outside. Furnished pods start from £58 and unfurnished pods from £42 and they also offer camping pitches and luxury lodges. You can read more about our stay here

Tylau Yurt

2. Tylau Yurt, Hay-on-Wye

Tylau Yurt is run by Outdoors@Hay which also have a variety of other glamping options including a bell tent, cabin, camping pitches and bunkhouse accommodation and is within a short walking distance of the famous bookshop town of Hay-On-Wye. We just love this location and the Yurt is fantastic with everything you need to be comfortable including great indoor and outdoor cooking facilities, log burner to keep warm at night and soft bedding. It's also a great location for those who love the outdoors with safe wild swimming nearby, waterfalls, the Brecon beacons and plenty of trails to explore. The yurt is around £90 per night over summer and you can read more about our stay here

Castle knights glamping

3. Castle Knights, Usk

Castle Knights glamping and camping is such a unique experience with and array of different glamping options but also being on the grounds of the private Usk Castle makes it extra special. We stayed in Glyndwrs Fort which comfortably sleeps four and has electric but you can also stay in Tom's Barrel, shepherds hut and a yurt, they also offer camping pitches and are dog friendly. Usk is a beautiful town near the River Wye and the Castle is a lovely place to explore. Camping starts from £10 and Glamping from £80 and you can read more about our stay here.  

YHA manorbier

4. YHA Manorbier Pods

We love the YHA which offers basic but comfortable accommodation in amazing locations across the UK and helps the charity do amazing work for getting young people outdoors. the YHA Manorbier is only a few minutes walk away from Church Doors Cove which is a beautiful cove to explore and you can also join the heritage coastal trail. Our pod had a everything we needed with heating, electric and very comfortable beds with decking, seating and outdoor cooking space. The hostel also offers additional facilities such as warm showers, toilets, budget friendly cafe and wifi. The site also offers camping pitches, Land Pods and Bell tents - both of which are dog friendly, along with their bunkhouse accommodation (not dog friendly). Camping pitches start from £13 per night and you can read more about our stay here

Top of the woods

5. Top of the Woods, Boncath

We have actually stayed at Top of the Woods twice which says something about how fantastic it is with a stunning location, facilities and dog friendly makes it a hit, plus luxury glamping options. We have stayed in their nature domes and pioneer camp tents and both come with cooking facilities, log burner to stay cosy, bedding, seating and solar lights. They also have a cinema barn, hammocks, a games barn and a waterfall walk on site. They are a little bit more expensive than the other options in this list but thats down to the additional facilities and they are still very reasonable with 2 nights during summer holidays around £280 for a Pioneer tent. They also offer camping pitches. 

glamping wales

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