Being unstoppable with #CrystalSki



I'm sure as soon as you become a parent you develop multi-tasking skills you never knew you had, suddenly not only do you have to take care of yourself but also all of your children and families needs, somehow you are able to function on far less sleep yet in a more efficient way, getting packed lunches done (something I never did before kids), keeping everyone clean, dressed and out of the door in one piece and this is personified when you travel as organisation is much needed to ensure a an enjoyable holiday, in a way you would say you need to be unstoppable, a family on a mission to have fun, which is what we certainly are, so when CrystalSki announced they are looking for a family to work with this year we jumped at the chance to be involved.

Enjoying snowboarding during my Uni days

One of my favourite memories as a child was going to Austria on a skiing holiday when I was 13, I had never really seen snow before as I was living in South Africa at the time and was more excited than usual. We went just before Christmas and up until this point we had always celebrated Christmas under the South African sun so to do something more traditional like log cabins, hot chocolate and big fur trees was a real treat. During our trip I learnt how to Ski with ski school as well as doing a short introduction to snowboarding as I was already a keen surfer and skater at this point. After this holiday I did the odd session here and there at local dry ski slopes and then a snowboarding trip when I was at University to France and enjoyed every second of it and it's something I would love to share with my son who is already very outgoing and sporty. 

Multi tasking mama on a trip in London 

After taking Baby G on his first overseas adventure earlier this year to Holland where we took the ferry and trains across the Netherlands earlier as well as his first camping trip up North and with Mr A turning 5 and being slightly more independent we feel confident to take on any family adventure and its made me think what one day on the slopes together would be like and I think it would go something like this.....

Morning - Wake up, shower, get dressed, make sure the day bags are packed with everything we need for two kids (treats, nappies, water etc) and indulge in some local breakfast delights before getting ready for a day on the slopes. John and the baby would probably have some downtime in the morning and go exploring the local village and shops and indulge in some coffee and retail therapy while I would take Mr A out of the nursery slopes and then dropped him off at his snowboarding school before heading up on some of the runs myself. 

Lunch - We would all meet up for lunch at a local cafe, somewhere that serves traditional food so we could experience some of the culture. We would swap tips and stories about what we had discovered that day before swapping over the kids so John could also get some time on the slopes. John has never been skiing before but did skateboard a fair amount when he was a child and has good balance so I am sure he would pick it up fairly quickly and Mr A & him would be hilarious to watch getting the hang of things on the nursery slopes. 

Afternoon - after we had all had a chance to get active we would come together and spend the afternoon as a family, taking a stroll around the local town, playing in the snow, building a snowman or enjoying impomptu snow fights before getting a warming meal inside us after an action packed day. The evenings would hopefully be spent  up near a warm fire, enjoying some stories before starting all over again the next day. For us the parents it would be non-stop but I know the kids would love every second and thats what parenting is all about, no matter how tired or worn our you are you still love each second because each second spent together as a family on holiday is worth it.

Have you every been skiing before? What are your favourite thing to do on a family holiday?

The two boys enjoying our family adventure in the French Rivera 

This is our entry to become a #CrystalSki Ambassador 
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5 simple ways to bring calm into your home


If you have kids then you have probably been navigating the madness that is half term this past week, having the kids at home all day every day can be pretty hard going and since we have opted to HomeSchool Mr A for the foreseeable future it has meant neither John or I really get a break but honestly we wouldn't change that. I have learnt though that you occasionally need a little bit more than just deep breaths to get through a trying situation such as if the baby has been up all night or you feel rundown or the house is a mess and the lego boxes have been tipped out for the 10th time that day.

So I thought I would share what has been helping me de-stress on a daily basis as I feel these can apply to anyone, even if you don't have children and just find your having juggle numerous things in this crazy fast paced world.

Greek yogurt and granola

1. Start the day with a decent breakfast and be kind to your body, drink lots of water and try to get your 5 a day going from your first meal. Food should never be under-estimated and has so much to do with your moods, being busy it's so easy to let a healthy diet go by the wayside - I know as recently I have done exactly that but i'm starting to prepare things the night before to ensure a good start to each day.

2. In the morning I also boil a big teapot of 2-3 bag of Camomile tea which is naturally caffeine free and very calming and soothing. My eldest loves to drink Camomile with a touch of apple juice and tastes great hot or cold, we sip this throughout the day and if your feeling especially rushed off your feet or struggling to regain balance then a few drops of Rescue remedy in the tea works wonders and again is also suitable for the whole family.

3. Tidy up on the go - this is my ethos anyway and I find if I have a spare minute I do what I can, for example if Mr A is eating his toast and the baby is happy in the highchair I make sure to pack away dishes or sort out a kitchen cupboard, but doing what I can when I can it means that there is less to do when the kids finally go to sleep.

4. Sleep - I'm not getting much at the moment with the baby teething but I do know one thing for sure is that my patience and stress levels are massively improved when I have a decent amount of sleep and I honestly think that a consistence is key and no matter how much you need to get done don't force your body to go over it's limit, get rest and you will truly be more productive.

summer books

5. Make time for yourself, hobbies, creative moments or reading a book. I have found myself running around like a headless chicken of late trying to suss out this whole parenting two kids thing as one seemed so easy in comparison but even then there were initial teething problems so I find going back to some helpful parenting books often helps to put things in perspective. I found the following three books have been great for this "i'm not sure moments" or when you simply want a different outlook on something or guidance to a calmer home

1. Stress-Free Parenting in 12 steps by Christiane Kutik, Floris books - this is a fantastic gentle parenting book which is broken down in to 12 useful steps that cover all aspects of the family home. I picked this up for a bargain on Amazon and I have referred back to it a few times as it's not age specific. It's not a big book and gets straight to the point with short, easy to absorb and implement steps.

2. Kids don't come with a Manual by Carole & Nadim Sadd - this is a far more comprehensive book, one would say almost like a manual, I have not made my way through the whole thing yet but it offers up a variety of ways to approach tricky situations with kids of different ages, such as whining (something we are dealing with Mr A at the moment). The whole book focussing on how important team work is within the family and again gives you easy tasks and tools to use and take forward to create a happier and calmer home. Like I said I have not finished this book yet but I would recommend it .

3. Mindfulness for Creativity by Dr Danny Penman - I have only just started reading this book and I am very excited about it as not only does it aim to help reduce stress but also enhance creativity, problem-solving and finding moments of calm in this sometimes chaotic world. The book comes with a wonderful meditation CD and its aimed to be read for about 10-20 mins a day over four weeks which is completely doable. At the base of it it encourages a more creative and productive life which is exactly what I am going for.


Bonus tip - besides practising a little self love it's also really important to have your relationships in a good place especially in the family home. Having kids can cause a lot of stress to a relationship so if you having some rough patches it may be worth talking to someone because a happy couple makes a happy and calm home. You can even do this from the comfort of your own home with online couples counseling.

At the end don't sweat the small stuff it's really not worth it, although its easier said than done when you have kids but I always wake up feeling grateful and with a smile on my face no matter how tired I am. What are your best stress-busting tips?

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Never let your imagination run dry


Dinosaur costume

I feel extremely grateful to be in the position to work from home and to be able to include my family into my work, especially my eldest son who is full to the brim of weird and wacky ideas that only a 5yr old would have. There have been a few times when I really have to pinch myself and make sure that I am not dreaming when an opportunity so special and fantastic arrives in my inbox, such as the chance to contribute and collaborate with 8 other inspiring bloggers to create a children's book with the help of illustrator Tom Percival and HP Instant Ink.

Dinosaur costume

One of my lifelong dreams is to publish a children's story book so being ask to be a part of this is almost like a dream come true and Mr A was equally excited, helping me with ideas along the way.

The story is all about Harrison, his imaginary friend Hugo and an array of far out and fantastical zoo animals, so when it came to my contribution I wanted to include elements of all that my son loves, which is being outside in the garden, playing in sand pits, painting, drawing on his chalkboard and dressing up.

watercolour painting

Once we sent of our ideas I really didn't know what to expect but when the draft illustration came back as I was immediately in love - the colours, facial expressions, small details it's like what is in our head has come to life on paper and I cannot wait to hang up a print of it in our boys bedrooms.

Panda Bear illustration
My two page spread in the book

The focus of the book is about keeping your imagination alive and never letting it run out which is what the HP Instant Ink service is all about as your printer cartridge knows when it's running low and automatically orders you new ink online at a discounted price and with different plans to suit your needs. It means you will never have one of those "out of ink" moments. 

The story which have been updated with new pages each week is nearly complete - you can see it here and has had contributions from some amazing bloggers including the lovely Fritha from TigerLilly Quinn and Hannah Mags from Michalak Family - do check out their stunning blogs. 

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Keeping baby cosy while glamping


camping with kids

Now some of you may think the Glamping season is over but it's really not. The first time we took Mr A camping was in May (and yes the nights where chilly) and we are off to stay in a converted horse box next month with Canopy & Stars so out come the thermals. thick blankets and cups of hot chocolate. Wether it be a yurt, bus, treehouse or anything in-between as long as your prepared you can go anytime of the year with a baby in tow.

When we took Baby G to the Just So festival in August he was 6 months old so we knew special preparations were needed to ensure he got a goodnight sleep without getting too cold or uncomfortable. We researched different sleeping options and it can be a little more tricky with babies as they cannot use standard kids or toddler sleeping bags but luckily The Gro Company make thick 3.5 tog winter sleep bags especially for babies which was perfect for our weekend in a Bell Tent. The winter warmer grobag is designed for those colder nights when room temperature drops below 16 degrees and you need something a little extra to keep little ones warm and cosy.

glamping with kids
Our Happy little camper

We learnt a few things in our preparation and thought it was perfect to share how we kept baby warm, especially as we embark on a glamping trip this November

1. There is a fine line between a baby getting too cold and layering too much that they over heat, so take a room thermometer with you and dress appropriately. If you are glamping and it becomes very very cold then your baby can wear a light hat at night to stop heat escaping.

2. If you know the room temp is going to drop below 16 degrees then it's worth investing in a thick tog sleep bag as it's easier to monitor the warmth than layering blankets which may get kicked off in the middle of the night.

3. When travelling and staying in places that don't have central heating make sure you pack gloves and socks to keep those extremities warm.

4. For the mornings make sure you have some thermals, thick jumpers and blankets to warm yourself up with as well as waterproofs for the daytime.

5. The gro company have also recently made special gro-suits perfect for winter nights which is made of 100% soft jersey cotton with a single fabric layer everywhere except the arms which has extra padding as it's to be used with the Winter grobag meaning every part is kept warm without the worry of overheating.

festival glamping

I have come across a fair few families who glamp and camp throughout the year with kids and we have always made sure to invest in good equipment, pack for the worst weather and use your common sense then there is really no reason why you can't. Are you planning on a late season glamping or camping trip?

Thanks to The Gro company for providing us with The Winter grobag for review 
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Mexican inspired interiors and Giveaway


Love all these patterns (image)

We love to travel and it really inspires what we have in our home as it's a reflection of who we are and our passions. We have recently been dreaming of trips to lands further away and with Halloween and Day of the Dead ascending upon us in a matter of days we have felt inspired by Central and South America culture and style wether it be the block colours or beautiful fabric patterns to the fiery and fun food it's captured our hearts of late.

Mexico just like South Africa is a vibrant and colourful place bursting to the rim with exciting products made in a traditional way, so when the lovely people from Mayalma a Mexican inspired home accessories company got in touch I couldn't wait to share their lovely wares with you, especially as they support creative, local and small Artisan producers in Mexico and if your looking for something a bit different this Christmas why not pick up one of these great products - there is something for everyone's budget

1. Michoacan Sugar Bowl £20
2. White and Green striped Acapulco Chair £250
3. Facing Birds Gold Otomi Cushion £55
4. Midnight Curved tumbler £10

The lovely people at Mayalma have also offer one reader of Side Street Style the chance to win one of their handmade mouth bowl Marble Spiral Saladier bowls worth £55. A stunning standout piece its also perfect for everyday use and like all of their glass where it's produced to the highest quality from recycled glass.

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Street Style Sunday- 21 again



One of my favourite stores - The White Company recently celebrated their 21st and having collaborated with them before they sent a little surprise my way in the form of this beautiful long wash silk blouse, it is so comfortable to wear and perfect with skinny jeans for day or night. As it's certainly become a lot chillier in the air I decided to pair it up with my Barbour Jacket and my topshop black skinnies, Boden trainers and favourite necklace from Anchor and Crew.

The White Company have some amazing pieces in this season, they just capture style and simplicity so perfectly so here are four of my favourite picks

1. Boyfriend Jeans in White £90
2. Cashmere Ear Muffs £59
3. Suede Chelsea boots £169
4. Roll Neck Jumper £119

Remember to come and join in with what is inspiring you this season, wether it be what you or your kids are wearing or simply a mood board come and share with our weekly style linky

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Picking pumpkins



Pumpkin carving, crafting and dressing up for Halloween is too us a big part of what makes Autumn such a wonderful season, throw in stomping through leaves, puddle jumping and home baked goodies and your all set to go. Last year we bought some pumpkins from a lovely local community allotment and this year we had planned to plant our own but we had a bit of a break from our vegetable patch this year due to the birth of Baby G. So after we enjoyed some late season raspberry picking at Hendrewenno Farm in the Vale of Glamorgan we noticed they had a small pumpkin field which for a limited time allowed you to pick your own pumpkin so we made sure to head over last Friday morning and get one each for both of the boys.

We got one large one which we planned to carve this week and one small one we are going to paint while we are going to make some pumpkin pie with the leftovers. After we had made our picks we spent a relaxed morning in the cafe and the boys exploring the haystack and sandpit. This little outing was the highlight of our week in all its' simplicity.

We have slowly been adding little spooky touches to the house in the form of paper bunting, spider webbing and Mr A has been doing "scary" paintings of imaginary monsters. How are you going to be celebrating Halloween and if it's not your thing what do you do instead?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Embracing slow travel with Stena



As some of you may already know we enjoyed an amazing break to Amsterdam during the summer as I have mentioned it a few times on the blog but in this post I really want to focus on the journey and not so much the destination. We are avid travellers and love sharing our passion with our kids and for myself personally it's very much about enjoying the ride and as quick and convenient flying is taking an alternative route can be so much fun and really open up a whole different adventure. We have done the Eurostar to Brussels and Paris as well as high speed trains across France and thought it was time to take to the high seas in a little overnight crossing from Harwich to the Hoek of Holland.

The Stena Hollandica

Before heading over to Holland we spent a few days in London, something which we do as a family every year, taking in all the museums, coffee shops and open spaces before hoping on the train to the coast with our rail sail tickets from Stena Lines, basically one ticket that covers your rail from London to Harwich, your ferry crossing and then your onward rail travel through Holland. We decided to take evening crossings both ways, taking advantage of being able to get a good night sleep before docking at our port. Our outward journey was delayed which meant a longer wait in the departures lounge than expected and as it was late evening it meant none of the shops were open and nowhere to get anything to eat so lesson learnt for next time always pack something just incase. Once the gates opened however passport control was quick and easy and Mr A loved walking up the gangway to the ship.

slow family travel

We had no problem finding our 4-berth cabin on the Stena Hollandica, which had a queen size bed with  bunk above and another set of bunks plus a shower room, TV & small desk space it was perfect for a family travelling overnight. Once we dropped off our bags in the room we headed downstairs to see what the ship had to offer in terms of entertainment and food. The Hollandica has an on-board shop, cinema, teenage lounge and kids playroom which Mr A loved as it had a large captains wheel where he could pretend to be steering the ship. When it comes to food and drink there is pretty much something for everyone from a Coffee bar, Wine bar, Taste restaurant and the Al A Carte Metropolitan restaurant which we had reserved a table at and it's something I would highly recommend if your looking to make your crossing that bit more special and relax as the table service was excellent. 

The Superferry was large but not overwhelming and had everything you needed including a Bureau De Change, Casino and places to read and have quiet time. Both crossings were very smooth and there were often times we had totally forget we were even at sea.  We docked early the next morning and you don't have that much time to get dressed packed and ready to disembark so while John sorted out the boys I headed downstairs and picked up some breakfast snacks.

Our eldest found the whole experience very exciting and often asks when are we going to go back on a big boat and I have to say both John and I also enjoyed our time at sea as it was a totally stress free way to get from one country to another in comfort and style. After arriving in the Hoek of Holland the terminal, with train tickets in hand, walk out the terminal and right in front of you is the train station with regular trains that take just under 2 hours to get into Amsterdam Central. 

Baby G & I on the train towards Amsterdam

Our crossings were complimentary thanks to Stena Lines 
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No More Cookie Cutter Weddings


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woodland wedding cake

While I was at Uni studying photography I assisted at a few weddings then after graduating started my own business (although realised it's not really for me) have attended a fair few weddings, add in the weddings of family and friends as well and you would think that I would be a bit jaded by now, but when someone does something a little different it's still so much fun to attend them.

beautiful shoes

Over the years, the way people organise their weddings has changed drastically and I must admit I am a big fan of this change. These days’ people seem to feel free to hold a wedding that suits them and their family and friends. Most of todays modern weddings are a reflection of the personality, tastes and values of the bride and groom. In the past, especially in the 80s and 90s, people seemed to be compelled to do things in a certain way. Most people got married in church, the majority of grooms wore morning suits and the bride pretty much always looked like your archetypal fairytale princess. There was nothing wrong with these weddings. They were all enjoyable and memorable, but looking at them through the lens of a camera you soon realised that they were all very, very similar.

paper wedding flowers
I love these paper flower by Jessica from Along Came Cherry 

I am sure you have probably already heard of the term ‘cookie cutter’ weddings, even the big expensive weddings were similar, the limos were bigger, and the wedding party bigger, the floral displays bigger...well you get the picture. Yes, these weddings were slightly more glamorous, but every wedding pretty much had the same look and feel. Today, I am pleased to say that is no longer the case. Every wedding is different and seems to be much more memorable for that fact.

Retro camera for quick snaps always go down well at weddings

I am not a huge fan of the wackier ones, for example, Rocky Horror show or Sound of Music weddings always seem a bit over the top to me. I really enjoy the smaller more intimate ones with a personal touch - ones that encourage friends to chip in, make the decorations yourself, local produce for food, upcycled dresses and a more relaxed atmosphere. Or course attention to detail is still key and it would still be best to hire some professionals to ease the stress of the big day such as making sure of getting the brides makeup just right. This is not always easy to achieve, it takes someone like Sarah Meredith, the make up artist from Manchester to be able to pull this off. She has experience of working on models and does TV work too, so she is used to creating a character look.

DIY wedding

The more people who buy into the theme of the wedding the better it seems to be. Of course, getting everyone to dress in costume is not really an option. Finding something you can wear and use again without breaking the bank is hard enough, so most brides and grooms do not think it is fair to get their guests to dress up in this way. However, the more of the wedding party that dress according to the easier it is to pull off a themed wedding and make it truly memorable.

I took these photos at one of my favourite blogger friends wedding last year - Fritha from TigerLillyQuinn, it was one of the best weddings I have been too, small, personal, fun and family friendly. Go check out her amazing blog.

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Fall in love with Picardy


Chateau de Chantilly

France is without a doubt a beautiful country and one worth exploring as there is so much more to it than the city of lights that is Paris or the luxurious and star studded Cannes in the south. We are hoping to do a big road trip through the French countryside in a camper van in the next few years as it's so close to the UK, in fact you can be exploring Picardy in the north within 4 hours of leaving UK shores via the ferry or for those who don't fancy driving you can always fly.

So where is Picardy exactly and why should you visit it? Firstly it's a region of Northern France and with stunning coastlines, heritage sites, traditional French cuisine and should not be overlooked as a destination. Here is why you should be booking a break to Picardie as the french would say.

A relaxing break

The Picardy region has more than 70 outdoor parks and gardens open to the public which offer a variety of walks in diverse countryside where you can get a chance to spot some wildlife or simply find a moment of calm, cycling is also popular in tis region with acres of trails along the coastline or countryside. Picardy offers a lot for both families and those who wish to get away from it all.

Action sports

If you are more of an adrenaline junkie than never fear there is a lot on offer for the more outgoing traveller. You will have the chance to try out something new as there is much available for both amateurs or professionals from speedsail and sailing to kayaking and waterskiing or a spot of horse-riding through countryside or coastline.

battlefields in France


The region of Picardy had a huge part to play in history and the First World War and the famous battle of Somme and for those who are interested in this part of History there is an abundance of sights, museums or combine nature and remembrance with a self-drive day trip to the battlefields now filled with poppies. No one can fail to be moved by a visit to one of the many memorials, cemeteries or museums.

French gourmet


Why not take in some of that laid back French lifestyle with a trip that celebrates the wonderful local cuisine, with so many amazing restaurants, eateries and world famous champagne houses as well as more simple affairs such as moules frites by the seaside Picardy is a real hotspot for gourmet and culinary discoveries. Its also fantastic for those who have a sweet spot and wish to sample some authentic creme Chantilly in Restaurant du Hameau in the grounds of the Chateau de Chantilly.

With so many different types of accommodation from 5 star spa and wine retreats to more relaxed family friendly campsites Picardy has something for everyone and like I said it's only a 4hour drive from London so why check out a selection of accommodation and trips Espri De Picardie has to offer

In collaboration with Buzzparadise

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Kitchen Simplicity


live folk

Both John and I have recently made a real commitment to lessening the amount of unnecessary things we have in our house, to do a complete declutter and keep things as simple as possible. Personally I have always been a believer in less is more but when you have kids you automatically increase the amount of clutter in your home ten fold over night. We are giving ourselves a few months to have a  real sort through everything which is also going to help get the home looking ready for when we put it on the market in spring. 

Scandi inspiration
I love the simplicity of the flat we stayed in in Earls Court over the summer

Inspired by the chic Scandi designs my first focus point is going to be on the kitchen diner which luckily is a wonderful size with a large island and built-in fridge. I want to reclaim back our dining room table and use it for crafts Mr A and I do daily. I also want to replace the stools, paint the skirting boards and simplify our kitchen surfaces and get rid of lots of various glasses, mugs, unused pots and pans we have collected over the years and only keeping those of actual sentimental value.

We have a built in hob within our kitchen island which I use daily and I know we would want to replace eventually and want to have something practically, well made and stylish and love the current Amica range which has a choice of indication, gas or ceramic hobs and by replacing or making sure you kitchen appliances are from a long standing quality manufacture you are really investing in the longevity of your kitchen.

mother and baby
Our Kitchen on a rare "clutter-free" day

I thought I would share some top tips for keeping your kitchen clutter free, simple and stylish

1. Know what style you want to achieve and plan around that. Some styles such as a rustic kitchen miss-matched mugs and crockery work well, exposed shelves and decorative pieces but they still need to have some kind of order. If your going for a minimalist look you need to sort out your storage space first and divide and conquer what you don't need

2. Be practical and realistic - you need to mentally gear yourself up for when you make changes to a room as well as harden your heart if you really want to get rid of the build up that happens in the home and only keep what you actually use, is practical or atheistically pleasing to the eye. Start with the counters first then move on to the cabinets

3. Re-evaluate your furniture - table, chairs, stools etc take up the most space so look at what you have and see if there is a better way to arrange your dinning table or example or perhaps replace two chairs with a bench and don't have more chairs than you need.

4. Invest in well designed white goods that fit your kitchen properly, quality is always more important than quantity and you really don't need every appliance under the sun and if you are one for gadgets than make sure you have some good storage space to store them when not in use. Built-in appliances such as the ones Amica do are always a good option if you want to keep you kitchen space to a maximum.

5. Freshen up with paint - never under estimate how much fresher any room can look with a lick of paint. I always say put down some neutral such as white and then build on top of that if you wish with some cool prints that have pops of colour.

The main thing is to create a fun usable space for all the family, somewhere you can sit down and talk about your day, to me the kitchen is the hub of the home and therefore is a place I feel needs some time spent on it to help make it a little bit extra special.

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Lego, Scooby Doo & Giveaway

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I don't know about you but Scooby Doo was very much apart of my pre-teen TV watching agenda when I was growing up. It had a little bit of everything I was looking for in a cartoon from adventure, suspense to friendship and style it became a firm favourite for Saturday morning breakfast TV before heading out on my own weekend adventures. It's also become one of those shows my son has suddenly had an interest in, I think it's a combination of the excitement of problem solving and that the main character is a dog either way it's one of those shows we do allow as its harmless but also has some good morals.

Great news is that Scooby-Doo has paired up with Lego and they have been creating some fun stop motion videos on their official WB Kids YouTube channel, with new videos being uploaded weekly. They are also running an amazing giveaway to win a £150 Smyths Gift Card and it's super easy to enter below..

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