Trees and Hills with Country Kids


So it's been a pretty busy week this week, with lots of outdoor play. Even though the temperature has remained very low, we have been wrapping up like it's December and going outside for some fun. Mr A has recently rediscovered the fun that can be had with a ball and we have spent two days this week at a nearby field simple kicking the ball around which is such a simple pleasure. The same field also has a short but steep hill which he loves to run down hold my hand.

toddler outdoors

boy football
Mr A discovering the simple pleasure of kicking a ball

We also managed to spend some time at one of our favourite places - St Fagans outside history museum - the reason why we love it is because it has a working farm, different garden allotments, woodland walks, an Italian garden, greenhouses and lots of nooks and crannies and we keep discovering something new every time we go. We final got to see the new little lambs who were playing in the fields. Mr A also had some time developing his tree climbing skills as they have these wonderful twisty turny low lying trees that are perfect for children and even toddlers to climb.

St Fagans
Looking out onto the lambs in the fields.

Joules snowsuit
Mr A getting to grips with tree climbing

tree climbing

Mr A also did his first successful hill roll, which brought on much laughter, smiles and a muddy snowsuit. The bliss of rolling down hills is something I love and will never get to old to do. Because it was half-term they have started running the Tractor train which Mr A loves as he has a true obsession for tractors at the moment. So despite the bitterly cold wind we had a lovely ride on the tractor train - and to top it off the full sized tractor was driven by a young girl which I don't think Mr A expected as all the pictures and videos depict the typical farmer man driving on.

toddler outdoors
Mr A having great fun rolling
Mr A watching tractors in awe

joules snowsuit and scarf

Every week we join the lovely Coombe Mill country kids linky which is about getting outdoors having fun with your children. There are some great posts so do check it out and join in.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Ladies Night and Family Fashion



So tonight it's Ladies Night at St Davids in Cardiff, which means a night full of pampering, late-night shopping, good food, fun and hopefully some good discounts, as well as meeting some other lovely bloggers from the area. I will be attending the John Lewis Holiday Glamor Beauty event and hope to pick up some tips for this summer, it made me think though about our goal to travel to Paris later this year with the little man and what we would pick to take with us to one of the most stylish cities in the world. I love the effortless chic of Kaliko at the moment, I have a few of their pieces from a few years back and because of their classic and simple styles they have stood the test of time and are still as relevant and on-trend as when I bought them. The soft tailoring and excellent designs have kept their shape and are really good quality garments and I would like to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe as I feel that it capture that floaty french style but are also very wearable, comfortable and casual with that feminine touch. If we could pick three new items this is what I would be packing....

Kaliko striped tee was £36 Now £18

Kaliko belted twill trousers

As with both John and I we love the nautical look coming through spring/summer, simple stripes and blue tones can be very flattering on all ages, shapes and sizes. John has always been a fan of the Ralph Lauren/French yacht look, unfortunately we hardly ever have the weather here in the UK but that doesn't mean we cannot dream of long sunny summer days on the water. Simple is also key, straightforward designs and practical but well fitted clothing. Here are three items that John would be packing.

Johns Picks

Tailored shorts
Ben Sherman Tailored Shorts £50

Canvas Bag
Kin by John Lewis Canvas Bag £40

Boat shoes
Ralph Lauren Bienne Suede and Leather Boat Shoes £125

Of course we could not leave our little man out of the equation as he too will be coming with us and it's  really important that he more than anyone needs practical but hard-wearing clothes. I believe children should be children and not dressed up as adults and we love the current range of colourful and cute John Lewis tee's that are fun and full of personality but also made for toddler and children in mind with lovely creative illustrations.

Mr A's picks

Seal jumper
Tootsa MacGinty Seal Jumper £29

Twill trousers
John Lewis Twill trousers £12

John Lewis Tipi t-shirt £10

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Joe Browns Summer love

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Joe browns

So I was really hoping spring would of sprung by now at this is such a cute vintage inspired dress perfect for the season that brings the flowers into bloom and say's goodbye to the darker shades I have been wearing over the winter. As soon as I saw this little Gingham pin-up-esque style dress I thought that would be a great addition to my wardrobe especially since I have a wedding that I will be attending next month and wanted something a bit different to wear. The dress comes from the colourful and creative lifestyle brand Joe Browns which has some wonderful summer dresses, jewellery and mens wear inspired by places like Miami and Rio they will bring that beach feeling right into your home.

sixties dress

The dress fits really well and I love the ribbon belt and halter top, it's also very comfortable and moveable, which means I could look on trend but still run around with my little man. I paired it up with some red lipstick and some thrifted wedges. Can't wait to wear this to the wedding next month, fingers crossed the weather will be warmer.

leather shoes

Joe Browns were kind enough to give me the dress in exchange for an honest review.
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Pregnancy and Bulimia Guest Post


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A pregnant woman
A pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pregnancy and Bulimia
Pregnancy should be a time of happiness and joy. During this time a mother to be should take extra care of herself to ensure that the changing needs of her body are met. For some people though, this isn’t so easy, especially if they suffer from an eating disorder. Bulimiain pregnancy is one of the most searched for phrases on the Internet showing that whilst still taboo, it is a very real problem with many dangers both to the mother and their unborn child.

What is Bulimia?
Bulimia is an eating disorder which is characterised by bingeing on large amounts of food and then purging, either by using laxatives, or more commonly self-induced vomiting. Primarily a mental health issue, sufferers from bulimia may have a distorted body image and believe them self to be fat even if they are not. They may fear putting on weight but unable to stop binge eating. By purging the body of their calorie intake, they hope to negate the effects of calories on the body.

What are the risks of bulimia in pregnancy?
The weight gain that naturally occurs in pregnancy may be very difficult for someone who is suffering from bulimia to deal with. Fat stores are naturally increased in the chest, thighs and hips which is dictated by pregnancy hormones. A normal pregnancy can result in up to 15 kg of weight gain, the very thought of which horrifies the bulimic mother to be. Reduced activity levels in pregnancy often results in boredom which can be one of the main triggers of bingeing. Even if someone has never suffered from an eating disorder before, binge eating is most common in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

What about the unborn child?
Bulimia in pregnant women is very risky to both the health of the mother and child. Increasing the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, this debilitating eating disorder is very dangerous. Babies born to mothers who have suffered from bulimia during pregnancy are at higher risk of premature birth, low birth weight and may need a lengthy spell in a neonatal unit after birth. There are also the factors of both ante and postnatal depression to consider. Both types of depression are commonly found in expectant mothers with eating disorders.

Helping bulimia in pregnancy
If you suffer from bulimia and become pregnant then it is imperative you seek help straight away. If you are unable to stop destructive eating habits then help is available to help you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. In some cases pregnancy may actually help recovery as the thought of damaging your child with motivation to cease destructive behaviours. Reaching out for help with bulimia can be difficult especially when pregnant as the feelings of guilt and shame can be overwhelming. A health professional is not there to judge or criticise an eating disorder but is there to help you have the healthiest, safest pregnancy possible. The sooner help is sought, the better.

Me when I was pregnant with Mr A

Personally I have always been fit and healthy and into sports since a young age and even I was concerned what effect pregnancy would have on my body and my weight and I can see how easy it can be to get to wrapped up in it and become effected by an eating disorder. I found eating a very healthy diet that was nutrient rich both for me and my child worked the best for me, as well as doing gentle exercises. By putting good healthy food into my body and looking after myself during my pregnancy meant that I didn't have too much of an issue shifting the weight after pregnancy and my son was born at a very healthy weight.
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Jumpers, socks and MADS awards


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knitted jumper
Loving my warm H&M jumper with my peace necklace
So when it's cold outside I love to cosy up in a warm knitted jumper, there is something very comforting about a warm jumper. John picked up this one for me from H&M about 3 weeks ago and I love it's soft feel and wear it all the time. John also picked himself up some Norse Project socks and the very cool Proper magazine (niche menswear) from Pavillion in Cardiff last week as they had a flash 20% sale on.

swedish socks

We both really enjoyed paging through Proper magazine as it's put together by some real creatives and has some great articles, art work and ads for small independent as well as larger mens wear lables. It has that zine sort of quality to it but with professional production. It's the first time John has picked it up as I don't think it's stocked in that many places.

art magazine

Marshall artists

Also the MADS awards voting is coming to an end, as you only have until midnight on Tuesday 26th to cast your vote. If you enjoy reading our family lifestyle/fashion and parenting blog than please spend one minute voting for us in the Fashion and beauty category of the MADS finals, I mean how can you say no to this face (below)

Here are even more reasons to show your support and vote for some very well deserved parent bloggers, check this fab video out

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Wonderful walking stick adventures


Joules snowsuit
Mr A with the new walking stick I made him

So we have had another bitter cold snap, with the temperatures dropping, rain falling, dark clouds and generally a very horrible cold March, but that won't stop us from going outside. I feel as long as your suitably dressed with spares in the car and don't stay out beyond what is comfortable then everything is okay.

We decided to join my brother on his daily walk with Sam the family sheepdog, who is Mr A's best friend and who is such a wonderful calm dog. I had made Mr A a feather and beaded walking stick the other day and this was our first time out with it, I wasn't sure of the varnish would seal the colour in but it seemed to do the trick.

wild natural child
Wrapped up nice and warm

It was really nice to be out running around, picking up sticks and climbing over grassy mounds. Mr A was nice and toasty in his Joules tractor snowsuit we bought for him for Christmas as well as his lined snow boots, gloves and hat, some of which I wish we didn't need to wear in late March but nevermind. Since it had stopped raining I went for the warmer option for my feet as I don't know about you but my feet always eventually get cold in wellies so I went for my hiking boots which are lovely and warm.

wild walking
Walking through the high grass and opting for my super warm walking boots

We had a great time, jumping over puddles, throwing sticks for Sam and being curious and inquisitive about things, that was until Mr A ran into small but deep puddle that sent water straight down his boot, luckily I had some warm spare socks in my bag as the socks had absorbed most of the water and this made his walk back to the car a lot more comfortable and he was still grinning from ear to ear.

On our walk we also came across some old celtic/pagan type ruins and rocks with inscriptions, really interesting. The trees and flowers also seemed to resemble autumn rather than spring, it's almost like we are going back on ourselves, well I hope not anyway, fingers crossed for some warmer weather soon.
When we got back home we warmed up with some nice hot drinks and some yummy sandwiches, win win all round.
Just a few of the many celtic ruins we came across

Doesn't it look like Autumn again?

We love spending as much time outdoors and believe in a natural and magical childhood for our little man, that's why we love being apart of the Coombe Mill Country Kids Linky. Remember our little blog has also made in into the MADS Blog Awards Fashion and Beauty category and there are only two days to vote, if you like the blog please support us.

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Bristol Fashion and what I wore



So we were very kindly invited to the live blogging event at Bristol Fashion week (although John couldn't make it), I was invited last year but couldn't attend at the last minute so it was really nice to finally make it and see what the new season trends are looking like. On arrive the Bristol Fashion Week tent was very imposing, I have been to London Fashion Week a few times and it reminded me of the main catwalk at Somerset house but of course on a smaller scale. Once inside the tent the staff were friendly and courteous and some bubbly and cupcakes where immediately on offer. All the seats had all the information about the different lines that would be walking the catwalk.

The show started with a very impressive James Bond theme with some very talented dancers come models. It was hosted by celebrity stylist Mark Heyes and hairdresser to the stars Andrew Barton, whose covent garden salon I really want to visit the next time I am in the big smoke.

You can really see how the runways of Paris and Milan transfer to the high street with monochrome taking centre stage as well as florals, pastels and prints being very popular. I really liked what John Lewis had on offer, as they show off various brands such as a Ralph Lauren Jacket John had been eyeing out the other day, I also liked the retro swimwear from Fat Face and the festival fun youthful clothing of Timberland. Marks and Spencers have also come a long way with transforming themsleves into a more on-trend brand and the River Island clothing was very fun as was the childrens wear from Gap and Next. There where a few designer touches from D&G sunglasses, lingerie from Ann Summers and some sophiticated where from Phase eight. I was very impressed with the hair and makeup which was provided by Body shop and Tomlinson Hairdressing.

Here are my favourite picks from the show

Season trends
Monochrome love

John Lewis
Florals from John Lewis
fat face
Retro swimwear from Fat Face
Marks and Spencers fashion
French inspired prints from Marks and Spencers

festival style
Timberland festival style
Not only was there some great fashion and styles on show as well as some really useful tips from the presenters it was also really great to meet some bloggers. I finally got to meet Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn - a blog I love and sponsor. I also had the pleasure of meeting the very well travelled Bonnie from The Compass Rose - she has done some really nice write up's about the show and took some great photos, including the one below of me and Fritha.

Waiting for our goodie bags after the show and Me rocking my New York Laundry Mac - picture taken by Bonnie
In terms of what I wore, because I was driving quite a far way to get there (around an hour) I decided to go for something a little bit more comfortable and free flowing, although looking back I wish I had packed some heels being quite short and everyone towering over me. I went for a Dorothy Perkins dress I picked up for a steal and a New York Laundry Mac with my Carlos studded bag and two tone brogues from UO.

Retro dress

We were also given some really great goodie bags with a lovely little tote and a bunch of useful samples to try out. Looking forward to next year.

Tote bag

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Creative colouring and Green wearing


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easter crafts

Recently Mr A has hit a bit of a self confidence issue when it comes to colouring in, he seems to get annoyed and upset when the colour goes out of the lines and then asks me to do the colouring and tells me he can't and we really try to promote a creative environment in the home and he loves to paint and doesn't seem have the same issues with painting, so we have been looking at ways to get him back into colouring so when Eggnog asked us to review their colouring-in Easter time tablecloth I jumped at the chance, especially when it's such a fun idea and something we could enjoy as a family.

The tablecloth has ton of little and large illustrations and full's the whole kitchen table and we can sit opposite each other and enjoy the simple pleasure of putting different colours to paper. It's also a great alternative to Easter eggs and a lot more fun and healthier for you

easter tablecloth

The other great thing about the tablecloth is that it's large and will take us a few days to finish, so whenever we have some free time we can pop it down and start colouring and hopefully by easter day we will have a lovely bright tablecloth to put over the kitchen table.

colouring table

Just like colouring we love the simply things, the good and natural things in life and when we can we try to buy natural and organic clothes and today Mr A is sporting his Green Kids Bear long-sleeved tee that I managed to pick up from TK Maxx for a very reasonable price. It's made from 100% organic cotton and is fairly traded.

green baby

Green Kids Long-sleeved Bear tee
Autograph by M&S corduroy trousers
Converse shoes
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