Growing vegetables and chasing chickens


Outdoor childhood

So even though it's been overcast most of the week we have had some great outdoors fun. We have spent a lot of time in the garden this week, de-weeding, attacking brambles which have seems to have just popped out of nowhere and getting our little borders ready for planting potatoes and onions. We have a lot of lovely mint in the garden, which I has grown so well and smells lovely and doesn't seem to get rated by slugs which is good - they too have started to take over our garden and the little man and I are on a mission to make it as naturally free from slugs as possible, we will be making and trying out some slug beer traps next week - will let you know how that goes.

Planting onions
Planting our onion seeds

Me and Mr A are a real team in the garden and he takes directions really well, I would dig the hole and he would pop in the onion seed - we must of planted about 50 seeds plus a bag of maris piper potato seeds, let's hope we have at least some kind of harvest. Our sunflower seedlings are also now ready to plant into the garden and I cannot wait to see them grow taller and taller.

sunflowers growing
Our little sunflowers starting to sprout

snails and tractors
Snails and tractors - what more could a boy ask for
This week we also spent some time at one of our favourite places - St Fagans. The reason why we like it so much is because it's so big it never feels crowded. We spend most of our time by the little farm where Mr A can come close to turkeys and chase away chickens that want to get in on our picnic. There were also very cute piglets this week, I want to take them home.


toddler chasing chicken

toddler farm fun

A few times it has rained on our outings this week but as long as your dress appropriately it's okay. At the end of last week we were recovering from the sniffles but I think the fresh air does you a lot of good and our favourite time of the day is when we are on our outdoor adventures.

toddler raincoat

Every week we join up with country kids link - if you love spending time outdoors with your little ones why not join in :)

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Is Butlins the UK's Best Staycation?


Art Deco poster

Times are tough for many families, with finances being squeezed harder than ever. With households struggling to cover the basic cost of living, an annual holiday abroad has become something of a pipe dream.

Don’t despair – you and your family will get away this year! The UK has lots to offer fun-loving families who are looking for affordable holidays closer to home. Butlins is one of the popular options, and here’s why:

It’s Affordable
Butlins breaks are designed to be affordable, with holiday options to suit all budgets. You can choose from standard, silver and gold apartments, as well as rooms and deluxe rooms. The Bognor Regis resort also has three fantastic hotels, including the brand new Wave hotel designed to appeal to families with 8-14 year olds. Cushelle are currently running a competition for you to win a family break to Bognor and try the Wave for free!

Bognor Butlins

When you add to the great value accommodation, affordable dining plans and the fact that many of the activities on offer at Butlins are free of charge, it’s clear that even the smallest holiday budgets can stretch to a Butlins break.

It’s Fun Filled
The joy of Butlins is that is caters for all ages. Every member of the family has been thought about, with hundreds of different things to do. Sports, arts and crafts and kids’ clubs run daily, with quality entertainment for tots through to mums and dads (and even granny and grandad!). Throw in a free funfair and Splash Waterworld and there’s sure to be never a dull moment!

Vintage photography

It’s an All Weather Holiday
While Butlins can’t guarantee sunshine (such is the nature of the great British weather!), what it can guarantee is a great time regardless. The sub-tropical Splash Waterworld is a fantastic place to have fun, come rain or shine, and many of the activities and shows are held, or can be held, undercover. You might not need your bikini for the beach, but you can have just as much fun with a bucket and spade!

Butlins has to be a strong contender for the UK’s best staycation, so why not book your bargain break today?

Holiday camp

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The ultimate festival checklist: What to take with you



Festival checklist

With large and small music festivals popping up around the country, many people will be enjoying a range of tunes in the great outdoors this summer. If you’re hoping to camp out, get muddy and see your favourite band, that’s wonderful, but don’t forget to take these essential items with you.

father and son
It was important to make sure Mr A would not get sunburn when we were at Wychwood this year

Sun cream

Whether you’re going to Glastonbury or Bestival, it’s a good idea to pack a bottle of sun cream – just in case. Sure, some festivals seem to annually collide with an influx of unwanted rain, but it’s worth taking precautions in a bid to protect your complexion. 

Cash and cards

Most festivals have ATM machines on hand for your convenience, but they are often few and far between and come with long queues. Some even charge you to get money out, so remember to withdraw an adequate amount of funds before you go! As thefts are relatively high at this kind of event, you should also divide your money into several wallets and keep them in a safe place.

Bandages and plasters

A mini first aid kit is sure to come in useful while you’re out and about, so don’t forget to pack some bandages and plasters. They’re ideal for cuts and grazes and should even stop your wellies from rubbing if you’ve been doing a bit of over enthusiastic dancing. Of course, we don’t expect you to lug around a big green box with a white cross on the front, but slipping a few essentials into your bag or pockets should do the trick. 

Festival waterproofs


The weather can be incredibly temperamental in the UK, so unless you’re jetting off to a festival abroad, you’re sure to need your waterproofs. Pack a macs are ideal as they take up very little room when put away and an umbrella is a must-have. After a downpour, the ground can also become extremely muddy – particularly with thousands of people stomping around – so make sure you have waterproof footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty.

A change of clothes

Of course, you’re not going to smell of roses if you’re camping, but walking around in wet, sodden or smelly clothes can be far from pleasant. In fact, it can ruin your festival experience, so make sure you take plenty of spare garments with you to help you keep comfortable. Festival fashion is a hot topic at the moment, so take a look at all the latest trends and dress to impress this year.

festival style
Me at Wychwood earlier this year

The festival season is well and truly upon us, so gather up everything you need and have a great time.

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The Boys and Girls Club


leather jacket

So this week both John and I are doing outfit posts together - we usually do a Boys Club post once a week with all of Johns inspirations from the week but we decide to switch things up a bit. I picked up this lovely printed top in the Boden sale recently and it's really light and loose and perfect for summer. I finally got some new skinny jeans and I am loving the fit from my new Diesel Skinzee. Also rocking my thrifted and girted jacket and recycled Juju shoes, plus a little bag I have had for years.

Laura wears Boden top, Diesel skineez jeans, Gifted jacket, Juju Shoes, Collection at Debenhams bag

John went for a causal look, as we spent the day running around with the little man so he wanted something with layers incase we got warm during the day and opted for a Universal Works Shirt over a Folk t-shirt and Dockers Chinos which are both stylish and very durable. For shoes he went for the classic Jack Purcell converse.

John wears Universal Works Shirt, Folk t-shirt, Dockers chinos and Jack Purcell Converse

Mr A was also on form this week with lots of little adventures, he doesn't stay still at the moment so I have to take photos on the move, here he is dancing on the wall and rocking his new shoes we picked up for him from Clarks and a funky striped T from Next, plus his trusty straw hat.

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How would you say I do?


So if you could do it all over again, if you had unlimited funds, great friends with a farm to spare or a fairy godmother that could magic the perfect place, weather and craft skills to help you with those personally touches, how would you do your wedding? Maybe you are the simple kind of girl like me that wouldn't want a fuss and pops down the to registry office, but then again one can still let their mind go wild and dream of inspiration weddings, the ring, the dress, the cake, the party? I started my Inspired Wedding pinterest board a while ago and here are my favourite dreamy styles for a bid day...

dreamy wedding headband
I love floral headbands

A beautiful rustic wedding

I love natural colours with hints of grassy green and wild flower bouquets, hand made gifts, summery drinks and a simple but cute cake....

Beautiful wedding dress

Cute wedding cake

As you can tell I am a natural, vintage inspired kind of girl, although this looks needs to be done properly and with care, I have been to a few weddings where the little touches are so unique and interesting while others have gone for the obvious vintage look which at times was a little bit overbearing as well as almost mainstream with a lot of accessories being bought in bulk and not made with love.

Besides having wonderful memories, the one thing that you carry with everyday is the ring, so some due care and attention needs to go into this as your going to be looking at it for many years to come. I always think simple and elegant is the way to go, with quality metals and certified diamonds that can be traced back so you know they were sustainable obtained. I am not saying you should pay the deposit of a house on your ring but just go with reputable dealers such as Diamonds and Rings who have more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the diamond and jewellery industry. They have a vast selection including some vintage style pieces that are simply beautiful, here are my top engagement ring picks

Ribbon twist engagement ring
Ribbon Twist engagement ring 0.25 Carat £345

Diamond engagement ring
Six Claw roung and pear ring, 0.5 Carat £1522

Honey Citrine
Vintage inspired Honey Citrine and Diamond Ring £378

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We are co-hosting the Friend Connect Blog Hop



Hello and welcome to our little corner of the internet, if you have not been here before we are a creative little family who write at Side Street Style and would love for you to join us in the Friends Connect Blog Hop we are co-hosting today. We love to meet new followers, so please do leave a comment and you can follow us on Twitter, PinterestInstagram and Bloglovin as well as GFC and don't forget to say hi

It's Tuesday again which means it's time for the Friend Connect Blog Hop!
It's the time to meet new friends and find new blogs. You can choose to follow the cohosts in whatever way is best for YOU! Here are some of my favorite ways: GFC, BlogLovin', HelloCotton, RSS, Twitter, Facebook.
Ok, so let's get to the party, shall we?
RULES are simple:
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6. Share about this blog hop by grabbing a button and putting it on your sidebar!

I have cohost spots available! Email me if you're interested at

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Travel Throwback - Venice




Oh Venice, venice you stole my heart I was only there for a week, but what a beautiful beautiful place, it truly is one of the most romantic places in the world and how I hope John, Mr A and I can go back as a family.



All photos taken by myself, to see more visit
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Homemade Goodness

So we love to eat good homemade food, I cook pretty much from scratch with all our meals and I try to use as much organic produce as I possibly can (and afford). We usually have an omelette at least once a week - with mushroom and spinach omelette being our favourite but this week I fancied a change and decided to try out making a filling Frittata for the family. I have to say it was nice not having to make three separate omelette and instead cook everything in one flan dish. So a Frittata is similar to a spanish omelette although this one is from Italy and contains vegetables, seasonings and cheese.

Feta and pepper Frittata
Our very yummy Frittata

200g New Potatoes, peeled and cubed
75g Red onion, chopped
1 clove of garlic
1/2 Red Pepper
1/2 Yellow Pepper
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp mixed herbs
100g Feta cheese, crumbled
5 free-range organic eggs
100ml Organic Milk/Soya Milk
1-2 tbsp olive oil

Preheat oven to 190.C/375F/GasMark 5.
Boil potatoes in saucepan for 10 minutes, then drain
While potatoes are boiling prepare onion, garlic, pepper and cheese

Heat olive oil in large frying pan, then fry onion, garlic and mixed herbs for 5 min until the onion starts to go clear. Add the pepper and cook for another 2 minutes, then add the potatoes and cook for a further 5 minutes.
Remove from the heat and add the feta cheese

In a small bowl beat the eggs and milk, adding pepper to taste.
Pour the vegetable and cheese mixture into the flan dish and spread around evenly.
Pour the beaten eggs over the vegetable mixture, press the vegetable mixture down so it's mostly covered with egg.

Bake for 25-30min until it's set and golden.
Allow to cool, cut into wedges and serve with a side salad.

Natural deodorant

What I have also been doing a lot lately is clearing out my bathroom and trying to get rid of any nasties and try my hand at making some of my own products, first being natural deodorant.

I don't know about you but I'm a sweater. Not an American jumper but a woman that sweats. When it's hot, when I'm nervous, when I'm excited. And I also want to smell nice. Or at least not smell bad. And these two things can sometimes be at odds with one another. 

Not wanting to douse myself in chemicals and unknown ingredients, I've tried lots of organicdeodorants, with varying success. And then I discovered that making your own deodorant is ridiculously easy. Seriously. And it works. Even for a renowned sweater such as myself.
All it takes are two very easy to get hold of ingredients (no scouring the internet for random liquids and powders) and one pot. Any old pot with a wide mouth. An old moisturiser pot will do the trick.

Like this one

homemade deodorant

Then you fill it with bicarbonateof soda. About 1/4 of a cup. Or around 40g. Whatever fits in your pot really. You don't have to be all that precise. Which is nice.
Then mix in some organicessential oils.

Essential oils

It's your choice as to what you put in. I chose Tea Tree Oil as it's an antiseptic and lemon oil for a nice fresh scent. But you can use any oils you want. Other great oils to use are rosemary (another antibacterial), patchouli, lavender, oregano, geranium and chamomile is perfect for those with sensitive skin.
You need about 20 drops of essential oil in total. I went with 10 drops of Tea Tree and 10 of lemon. Simply drop them straight into the bicarbonate of soda and then use a butter knife to mix it all together. The oil will start off making clumps but keep stirring until you're left with a pot of slightly crumbly powder.
And you're done. Really. That was it.
Now you just need to stick a cotton cloth into your mixture and dab it under your arms (it's great for sweaty feet too). You can do it as soon as you jump out the shower and even as a quick refresh in the afternoon.
Make sure you brush off any extra powder before pulling on a black top and remember to wash your cloth regularly.
Could homemade, organic deodorant be any simpler?
Hint: no.

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Discover the real valleys



Country kid
Mr A with a view of the Rhondda Valley

So with the MTV show The Valleys coming to a close I felt it was time to share my thoughts about the "real" valleys. First of all we are renting a small cottage just outside Cardiff, it takes us 23 minutes from our front door to the city centre, on a good day it can be even less, which I have to say to get from any house to the heart of a city is not bad at all, yet our house falls within "the Valleys" but on the show they make out like it's a 100 miles away! We are on the commuter belt, a lot of people who live in this area commute everyday to Cardiff, the are all "making it" in the city, but they often opt to live outside the city due to house prices.

I am not going to sugar coat the fact that there are parts of the Valleys that are deprived, lack good transport links, lack good facilities, where ever second shop is closed down and areas that have drug and teenage pregnancy problems, but is there not a place like this in nearly every county?

What they fail to highlight on the show is the parts that are beautiful, inspiration and have a thriving community spirit. The older generation were the backbone of this country, literally, they kept our homes warm with the coal they provided us with there own hands, the beautiful Welsh choirs whose song would touch anyones soul and a green and luscious landscape ready to be explored.

War memorial
War Memorial at Ponty Common

We spend at least one day a week up the Rhondda Valley as John is a Treorchy boy born and bred and what they don't show on "The Valleys" is that a lot of young people are trying to better themselves with proper professions by either going to College or University. This is something I see in John and his friends, John went back to college, retrained as a traditional barber and now works in a prestigious Gentleman's Barber shop in the City, in of his group of close friends is a Civil Engineer, an Electric Engineer, a Solicitor, a Journalist, a Bio-Chemist and a Graphic Designer, all doing well from themselves and all from the Valleys.

As a mother and a family, I also want to highlight the beautiful places you can explore in the area and they are often quieter than places around the city. One Monday we explore Bryngarw house near Bridgend in the Ogmore Valley.

Natural childhood
Beautiful surroundings at Bryngarw House and country park

We have wanted to visit this country house and park for a while and finally got around to doing it, the weather was not amazing but it was dry and when we arrived we really didn't know what to expect but I can say for sure it is one of our new favourite places. They have excellent toilet facilities, an adventure playground for little ones and the Cafe stocks some lovely homemade food. They had three main walks - a River, Meadow and Forest walk. First we decided to take a little stroll and have a look around, the grounds are so beautiful and we walked along the river until we came across the oriental gardens, such a quiet and lovely place with a bridge over a stream, further on we came across Bryngarw House, a lovely country hotel. There is also little lake with swans and ducks that connects to the forest walk, which we decided to do.

Oriental bridge
John and Mr A getting their pose on

The forest walk was great, lots of fallen down trees for Mr A to climb on, different kind of florna and forna and so quiet you could hear all the birds singing away in the trees above. The walk is also way-marked with wooden signs, which are fairly easy to follow, as the country park is very large and at times would could of got lost.

forest adventure

forest life

After our forest jaunt we walked over to the Adventure playground which had a very impressive three tier slide in the shape of a massive teepee. Mr A was apprehensive at first but as soon as he had a go we couldn't stop him. The park also has some lovely wooden horses to ride on and climbing frames plus an outdoor fit circuit.

Adventure playhouse

Teepee slide

After a few hours of exploring we headed over the the cafe for some amazing American diner style milkshakes - I haven't had a proper milkshake with cream on the top for such a longtime and I don't think Mr A had seen anything like it before, we also share a home-made chunky rocky road between the three of us. The staff were very friendly and best of all the country park is free, although I have heard that when it's very busy you sometimes need to pay for overflow parking.

Other places we can personally recommend check out in The Valleys is Cyfarthfa Castle in Merthyr, which also has a miniature railway, Dare Valley Park in Aberdare, Caerphilly Castle and if your in the area Barry Sidings near Pontypridd is a nice place for a stroll.

This week we also spent sometime at the beach (another post to come soon) as well as the Ponty common - a green belt above the town and a nice place for families to walk and explore.

The rocking stone
Druid stones on Ponty Common

long grass

wild foxglove
Wild fox glove

running wild

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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