Peter Pan at The Sherman Theatre, Cardiff


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Peter Pan

Watching live performances, good or bad and the excitement and electric atmosphere you only get at the Theater is something that never gets old. Over the years I've seen some fantastic productions and others leaving a lot to be desired but luckily that has never been the case at The Sherman Theatre, a fantastic homegrown theatre in the heart of Cardiff which creates and curates amazing shows. 

So when I had the chance to review Peter Pan at The Sherman over the festive period this year, I jumped at the chance, especially with such a talented and diverse cast, I knew they would bring a new dynamic to this classic family story and Catherine Dyson's adaptation does a great job of doing so as it offers up an offbeat twist, stepping away from Disneyesque cliches to a strange and wondrous place. 

This joint production between The Sherman & Theatre Lolo & supported by the talents of NoFit State Circus is a family-friendly delight suitable for for 7yrs+ and is both engaging and entertaining. It's hard to categorise such a production that is part musical theatre, part acrobatics & part comedy, packed with catchy songs and thrilling flying sequences that capture that sense of childhood imagination. The costumes and set design are equally impressive and the constant movement through dance, song and circus means all ages are engaged throughout. 

Peter Pan

The production does however touch on the topics of separation, loss, adolescence as well as the great, frustrating and exhausting parts of motherhood. Despite depicting, at times, traditional views of parenthood there is also a step away from gender stereotypes which is something personally I love to see. The use of play when it comes to gender roles and swapping them in a way that isn't making a point of doing so but rather "why not" because of course anyone can be a pirate or a warrior, especially in Neverland. 

For a small cast, they all effortlessly shapeshift their way through the story, with Rebecca Killick and Keiron Self playing multiple roles with ease and Owen Alun really stands out as Tink. I cannot wait to see what the lead Rebecca Hayes (Peter Pan) and Emily Burnett (Wendy) do next in their exciting and flourishing careers

Peter Pan

This really isn't Peter Pan as you know it but you will still find the adventure and childhood wonder that goes along with it. The production is around 2hrs 20min with one interval and is suitable for 7yrs + although it's equally great for a child-free night out too. 

Peter Pan is on show at The Sherman Theatre in Cardiff until the 6th of January 2024

Peter Pan

*I was kindly invited to review Peter Pan at The Sherman Theatre, my words are 100% my own 

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4 timeless unisex accessories for every wardrobe

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Street style

No matter your age, gender, or lifestyle, these four timeless unisex accessories are the classic go-to for any wardrobe collection. The reason they are worth the investment is that they are both functional and stylish and can be worn with outfits for any occasion.

Discover how these non-binary accessories break the norm by transcending trends, and why they should be the core of your collection.

A watch

A classic high-quality watch is an ultimate accessory,  it’s as eye-catching as a piece of jewellery but much more useful, backed by a big brand name to boot.

Many of the leading watchmakers keep their designs deliberately unisex. For example, TUDOR watches come in a choice of styles, colours, and straps, with size being the only notable difference between the men’s and ladies’ ranges.

Watch features include much more than just a clock these days, too. You can find water-resistant faces and sweat-resistant straps, ideal for the active and adventurous, and a range of smart technology including heart rate monitors, personalised Apps, and calls and texts straight from your phone.

luxury watch

Stud earrings

From Princess Diana to 50 Cent, studs have blurred the boundary between gendered dressing for decades – proving that they’re not just a girl’s best friend.

This deceptively simple accessory is a status symbol, instantly elevating any look to the next level of luxury. They’re exceptionally hardwearing as well as beautiful, and when well-kept will last for a lifetime.

Diamond studs are some of the best minimalist earrings on the market, but with the right carat and cut they won’t fail to pull focus. For maximum sparkle, choose a well-set round brilliant cut.

tote bag

The tote bag

Ah, the tote bag. Universally useful, this spacious portable storage option is the perfect accessory for any daytime outing, whether you are strolling the shops, going on a day trip, or heading for a post-workout lunch with friends.

They’re also available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours, and textures so you can exact-match them to your personal taste. The top designer tote bags for 2023 demonstrate this diversity: go classy with brushed leather or quilting or rock a contemporary finish such as metallic or mesh.


Last but certainly not least, what accessory collection is complete without a pair of designer sunglasses? Suitable for all seasons, sunglasses are extremely versatile and can achieve a number of effects depending on how you choose to wear them.

Add designer sunglasses to a stylish outfit for an immediate air of celebrity to help you stand out from the crowd. Use sunglasses during a sporting competition to keep you cool and confident. Take them with you on a hot weather holiday to shelter your eyes from the sun’s rays.

Classic sunglasses such as Aviators are in themselves gender-neutral, and major fashion houses like Burberry and DIOR make a point of celebrating non-binary designs.


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How to stay safe online this festive season


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festive shopping

*This post contains affiliate links 

As more and more of us rely on organising our holiday travel arrangements online as well as shopping for presents for friends and family, staying safe online is more important than ever, especially as scams are becoming harder to spot.

No one wants to be caught out this time of the year and potentially lose a considerable amount of money in the process or your tech being ruined by a virus, so being aware and taking precautions a must, as well as making other family members aware if you do come across something that seems fishy.

1. Websites - If it doesn’t look right it probably isn’t

Most of us naturally do price comparisons when it comes to gifts as well as travel arrangements, if a website you have never used before is advertising the thing you want at a much cheaper price than more reputable websites then question this! Does this website look legitimate and why is it so much cheaper?

There are lots of fake websites that pop up this time of the year, offering goods for less and then when people pay and the product doesn’t arrive, you cannot get hold of anyone and it’s unlikely you will get your money back especially if you unwillingly used an insecure payment checkout.

If the website does look legitimate or you want to make sure, then the first port of call is checking out customer reviews on Trustpilot - this will let you know if others have had issues with the website or if products have or haven’t turned up. If there are no reviews then I would also avoid as it’s likely this website is brand new and just been set up to catch people out this time of the year.

Christmas present


2. Scams

When it comes to emails, texts and posts always be on guard when it comes to opening attachments or being encouraged to click links from senders you have not had communication with before. If something looks suspicious it probably is and the first thing you should do is check the sender's email - if it doesn’t look official it’s not, just remember that banks will never ask for personal information via email and postal services will not charge a delivery fee via text.

As standard it’s important to have a basic antivirus for PC which will offer real-time protection and help prevent phishing and online fraud.

3. Mobile phone safety

Only download apps from official sources such as Google play or the App Store and don’t be tempted to get them elsewhere as this could result in you being a victim of fraud. Also always make sure your mobile phone software and operating system is up to date as this will increase the in-built security features. Always note your passwords for your phone and online accounts and regularly update them to strengthen them.

online shopping

4. Protecting your online data while travelling

If you do things like online banking, transactions or just streaming content when you are out and about you want to think about getting something like Bitdefender VPN service which allows you to bank, stream and download without exposing a single byte of personal information, especially when using shared wifi platforms. VPN services offer high-security encryption and hide your location, stop unwanted ads and offer an extra level of cyber security

The main thing is to be aware and follow your gut, if it doesn’t look legitimate it's best to check or avoid it, as well as set up extra levels of protection to keep your personal data and finances protected.

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The Sustainable gift guide UK



Sustainable gift guide
Wearing a jacket and t-shirt from the B Kinda preloved clothing subscription

Now more than ever we need to support small, local and independent businesses, as well as ones that give back or leave less of an impact. As consumers, we can choose how and where to spend our money and while big chain stores cannot always be avoided we can try and balance our purchases with ethical ones as much as possible. There are such creative makers, designers and artists and shopping small often means being able to gift loved ones with something more unique than you would find on the high street.

So I thought I would put together a few sustainable gift ideas for Christmas.

1. A beautiful Lunar Calendar from Luna and Fern, a small UK independent that focuses on mindful living and sells an array of beautifully created gifts including this gorgeous print which is made using eco-friendly prints and compostable packaging and all purchases also support ocean conservation.

Luna and Fern

2. For the fashion lovers in your life a one-off box or even a monthly subscription from B Kinda Clothing is a great option. Their preloved mystery boxes which consist of 4 items cost £20.95 per box and is a great way to directly support circular fashion and another bonus is all profits go to charity.

3. Marvling Bros make these cute matchbox gifts are perfect for stockings and there is so much choice you are sure to find something that will put a smile on your loved ones' faces. This UK indy was founded by to best friends and has gone from strength to strength. All the matchboxes are recyclable, biodegradable and postman-proof.

4. In times like these we all need a bit of positivity which is why these Positive Affirmation Cards from Colourfulness Cards are a great option. They are made and printed in the UK and are plastic-free, use sustainably sourced materials and are fully recyclable.

AKT London

5. I have been using AKT London deodorant balm for the past two months and love it, not only does it work really well but they are also vegan, cruelty-free, gender-free and plastic-free and gets the thumbs up from me.

6. Identity Lingerie makes some beautiful and sustainable nightwear and lingerie including these stunning green silk pyjamas. This UK family-run business is all about slow fashion, small batches and zero-waste practices. A portion of their profits is contributed to aid Ukraine and its citizens.

7. For anyone who loves the outdoors do check out Passenger clothing. This UK brand has grown but is still committed to planting a tree with every purchase and the majority of their clothing is made from sustainable materials such as recycled cotton and hemp and they are also patrons of The Rainforest Trust.

Passenger clothing

8. The Queer Emporium in Cardiff showcases over 20 local lgbtq+ makers and creatives and is now stocking some items online which means you can support this local indy even when you can't make it to the store.

9. Ucon Acrobatics is an indy based in Berlin which creates things like crossbody bags using ecological recycled PET fabric and is vegan and a certified B-corp.

10. For those who struggle to find a decent alternative to the heavily chemical-filled nail varnishes out there, Earthy Nail polish is just that, a fantastic alternative. It's plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free nail varnish from the UK and they have also recently replaced their plastic caps with bamboo ones, you can also send back empty bottles which will be cleaned and reused.

Earthy nail polish

11. The Cotswold Eco Company is a fantastic one-stop shop for carefully curated eco-conscious gifts and goodies and I my reusable handmade beeswax wraps I picked up from here - such a pretty and practical gift.

12. St. Eval Candles, a family-owned business based on a farm in Cornwall makes beautiful sustainably crafted candles which smell divine and would be a wonderful gift for any loved one.

St Evals candles

13. Mixbook is a great way to share your travel memories or create a family keepsake for yourself, children or grandparents and get those photos of your phone in to print. The photobooks are easy to make and are printed on paper that is ethically sourced from sustainable forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. Mixbook has Up to 45% Off + Half Off Standard Shipping at Mixbook with Code FEBSAVE Ends: 02/05

14. Wonderbooks by Save the Children. Save the Children has started a lovely monthly book subscription for £9 per month your child can receive a beautifully illustrated book and discover how children around the world live while supporting Save the Children charity.

15. Oxfam Unwrapped is a range of charity gifts that give back such as clean water to training women farmers. You get a lovely card for your loved on to open while knowing important funds have been donated to Oxfam's ongoing work worldwide.

* Disclaimer - some items had been sent to me to review, others I have bought myself - I have not been paid for this post and all my words are my own and these are my personal recommendations. 

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