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So here are two little things that are making us happy right now. First of all just want to say this not a sponsored post - it's just what we are lovin at the moment. John is really big into Moroccan Oil at the moment and since he is a Barber it's his industry inside tip - it leaves his hair smelling soooo sweet and I am easily bought by anything with the word Morocco in it as it has to be one of my favourite places in the world, one of the things that reminds me the most about travelling is Moroccan Mint tea...hmmm but now I am digressing. Back to the Oil - it also reviews hair and strengthens and conditions and it must be doing something because loads of celebs are digging it as well (not that we want to jump on that bandwagon) and the bottle is super cute. Now my current love is L'Occitane 20% Shea butter hand cream, with the baby I find that I am washing my hands all the time and they are becoming dry and when I saw that Tatler recommended this as one of the best hand creams out their I had to see for myself - and I see why - The Shea butter makes them feel so soft of moisturised without feeling oily. I always think when it comes to anti-ageing it is always important to look after your Eyes and hands because the lines on both are a major giveaway and now that I am 27 I am starting to be more and more aware of these things and taking the steps now to project my youthful skin.

Moroccan Oil and L'Occitane hand cream

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Photographs of Noel Gallagher


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Ahh how I need to live closer to London as I have been invited to the private view of Lawrence Watsons new exhibition of black and white reportage images of Noel Gallagher - who is always seeming stylish and the show is put on in association with Adidas and they always seem to know where it's at. I am hoping to catch the exhibition before it closes on the 13th.

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Bad Luck run soon be over


To remind you what we look like since we have been away for a few weeks.

So it's been a while since my last post and for good (well in my case bad) reason for it, first of all about 3 years back I had knee surgery - ACL reconstruction (the reasons why are another long story) and it's been totally fine since I finished the physio but then a few weeks ago I turned to wave goodbye to a friend and my foot stayed in the same position but my knee did not and I think I may have torn the cartilage - only just got off crutches - paired with a short break away, then my one-year-old son had his MMR jabs which have made him feel awful - for a week he has had a high fever which means I have been up 24hrs and the past few days I have been fighting a really nasty cold - BUT HEY no more of the moaning - hopefully thats my full for the rest of the year! Detox to follow soon in all areas of my life - food, closet, house, life etc.....out with the old and in with the new and on that note....I am loving Full Circles new line

I am in love with this seasons trends and autumn colours of heritage and 70' combined together - so much good stuff out there at the moment. I love combining block colours with black - I am really into my black at the moment and cannot get enough of my two tone brogues and leather jacket.

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Indian Summer


I am loving this indian summer we have had recently - it seemed like a particularly disappointing summer and then wham a week of wonderful weather to lift the soul. So most of this week has been spent in the capital - Cardiff, with John now work in an amazing barbers in the City Centre and me trying to get more freelance photography work. I am also about to start a part-time job in an art based studio to help on the side. So I am totally in love with my new iphone - yes I finally converted and I'm really enjoying instagram - here are my fave shots so far.

Cardiff Bay is such a wonderful place when the sun comes out...ohh how I love the sea
Would love to be on that boat right now....and my fav Moroccan sandals

Would love to have such a MOD scooter....and a walk through Bute Park

Arthur being a legend after his first swimming lesson at The Hilton in Cardiff

I love the grass beneath my feet...Bute Park

Lapland beer at 10 Feet Tall

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