Five Tips for Saving Money on Your Vacations


Nice beach France
John and Mr A in Nice, France

Everybody needs a vacation, and most people should take one every year. The good news is that there are many ways to reduce the cost of a vacation. The following tips can help you afford the vacation you need and deserve. 

1. Save money on your travel
You can save a lot of money by simply making sure you don't travel at peak times. This means you should focus your search tickets wether it be train, airline or even ferry for weekdays or purchase tickets for weekdays during the late night or early mornings. Also make sure no matter what form of transport you take that you understand the policy on luggage allowances. The fees added for extra luggage can add up fast. In fact, a lower-priced ticket from one carrier may not be lower at all once extra fees are factored in.

We went to France in September once the schools went back, it's off peak but still enjoyed warm weather

2. The time of your vacation can save you money

By avoiding a vacation during the summer when everybody else is travelling, you can save a substantial amount of money. Most of the vacation hot spots are not as popular during the offseason. Hotels are likely to offer substantial discounts, even high luxury hotels such as Belmond Cap Juluca in Anguilla, which is like paradise. Regardless of the weather, you will still have a great vacation. 

Family travel Brussels
We opted for Brussels instead of Paris earlier this year and had an amazing time

3. Your vacation destination choice makes a difference

There are many destinations around the world that are relaxing and a great deal of fun. Some of them are exotic, offering adventure and excitement as well as opportunity for relaxation, but because they are not well-known, they can cost substantially less. It pays to do research on travel destinations that are off the beaten path. Taking your time to select your vacation spot can result in greater savings than anything else. 

Family budget hotel
There is nothing wrong with family budget accommodation

4. Choose hotels and lodging carefully

Along with travel, hotels and other accommodations are where you'll be spending the most on your vacation. The destination you choose will have an enormous influence on the cost of your hotel. The amount of time you choose to stay at the hotel will also influence how much you spend. You also need to choose lodging based on your needs. Although it is nice to be pampered during your vacation, you can save money by booking a hotel that just has the basic necessities. You'll still enjoy being away from your job and routine. 

French street style
We are always flexible when it comes to holidays, such as our off peak one in Cannes this year

5. Purchase a vacation club membership 

For a certain amount of money, you could join a vacation club, it's certainly worth looking into. The membership fee entitles you to certain services such as hotel accommodations, air travel or even a holiday cruise. Usually, members share the same location or hotel and must book in advance to reserve a certain time for their vacations. The advantage of a vacation club is that you get more for your vacation dollars than you normally would if you were paying for the same exact accommodations on your own. Royal Holiday travel is one example of companies offering this type of vacation membership club.

Even if you're on a budget, you can afford to take a vacation. Starting with the tips listed above, you can begin planning your vacation today.

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  1. I always travel outside of school holidays, especially when I go camping otherwise I wake to the sounds of crying children which isn't relaxing. Totally agree about budget hotels, you really don't spend much time in your room, I would rather spend money on excursions and eating out x

  2. Ahhh I'm reminiscing about the summer now! Some fab tips here

  3. These has been rather helpful - I considered some of these for my trip to Paris at Christmas. By travelling early December, the Eurostar was considerably cheaper! And we've booked an apartment with AirBNB which was a lot cheaper than most hotels (I personally prefer apartments too!)

  4. Peak train travel is so expensive isn't it? Even just travelling in the UK. Whenever we go anywhere I always put Alex in charge of booking tickets - he's really organised so does it all loads in advance, unlike me who leaves it till the last minute x

  5. Fab tips! I don't travel that often (or as much as I'd love to!) but these are fab tips...I particularly make the most of travelling out of school time where we can- that makes an incredible difference xx

  6. Some great tips! I know holidays are going to get so much more pricier when Wilf starts school! x

  7. We don't have a trip booked for next year (yet) as we're plotting a move. But we love to travel and I hate the thought of having to sacrifice some time away together. Off peak is totally the way to go. Couldn't agree more - especially when it comes to Cardiff to London trains which are a SHOCKER!!!! I'll let you know how we get on in booking our trip.

  8. Also if you travel in the UK by train, definitely get a railcard. If you use the train a lot you can save loads. x


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