London City Break with Kids - The Highlights


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Every year we spend a few days in London as a family, it's my eldest's favourite city and we are lucky enough to live just over 2hrs away making weekend city breaks a great option when your looking for somewhere full of culture and heritage. Our first 2 nights we stayed in the amazing London Hilton on Park lane - do read my review about it as it's a perfect base for those travelling with kids to the capital.

The great thing about London is that you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to family friendly activities and we often try and see and do something new every time we visit and this weekend was no exception. We didn't know what to expect however as we travelled to London only a few days after the devastating Westminster Bridge attacks but we found the city as safe and welcoming as always.

Our first proper day in the city consisted of having the amazing opportunity to be one of the first people to watch the new Peppa Pig film Media Premier at Picturehouse Central, it was a really fantastic morning with Peppa crafts, biscuits and goodies and of course Peppa and George making an appearance. Both boys also really enjoyed the film despite the age difference (2 & 6), if your looking for something adventurous but also gentle this is the film for you. We also managed to swing by Liberty and take in all the colours of the flowers outside.


Russell Square

We then headed over to Russell Square for a little impromptu picnic in the sunshine before heading off the a Mothers Meeting with Clarks Shoes where we attempted to try and master the art of origami (and failing pretty badly at it) while also checking out the new range of shoes for spring summer. 

With the hotel being right next to Green Park is made sense to get up early one morning and walk over to Buckingham palace, my eldest was standing on the railings looking through to the palace and one of the armed police walked over, we thought he was going to ask him to get off the railings but instead offered for him to wear his policemen hat which of course made his day. 

Buckingham palace

cute toddler

After trying to spot the Queen we headed over to the worlds oldest toys store that is Hamleys. While there is a small Hamleys in Cardiff nothing quite compares to the London flagship store. A VIP tour had been organised for us by the wonderful people at London Hilton and we were immediately greeted by our tour guide who was a real life toy that had come alive to show us all that Hamleys had to offer. First was exploring the basement with a massive array of Star Wars memorabilia and toys and making our way right up to the top floor and ending the tour with our eldest going wild with the Pic-N-Mix.

Along the way we learnt a lot about the store and how it came to be as well as interesting facts on the oldest toys, rare Teddy bears and how many people pass through those doors each day. From start to finish both boys were so excited and completely engaged with the whole experience. You also end the tour with a goodie bag which includes a Hamleys Bear, ball, coloured pencil pack and a few other bits and bobs. It was really fascinating and an experience I recommend especially on rainy days.

Ralph Lauren store

While we hadn't planned to stay three nights as we were having so much fun we decided to book an extra night but this time on the other side of London in Camden, this gave us the chance to explore one of our favourite parts of London with the kids. In the morning we enjoyed a leisurely stroll along the Regents Canal, passed all the houseboats and eventually led us to the London Zoo. We had been to the Zoo a few years back when our eldest was much smaller and while I have mixed reservations about Zoo's in general I do feel that Londons Zoo invest a lot in the conservation of animals and it's clear the welfare of these animals is at their core beliefs.

Narrow boat

London Zoo

London Zoo

I find the one thing with London Zoo is that it's very big so allocate a whole day to see everything. We had around 4hrs here and only manage to see two thirds of the zoo. There are some really great places to eat and the sun was out and you can also hire buggies which is a great help as we generally don't take a buggy for our youngest when travelling but when you are somewhere where a lot of walking is required it's very useful having this available.

After 3 packed days we were pretty exhausted but happy after a wonderful time in this very busy but very family friendly city.

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7 Tips On Throwing The Perfect Birthday Party



Kids birthday

If you’ve been to birthday parties before (of course you have!), regardless of age wether it be for you celebrating a milestone of for your children then you know they can either be rather boring or incredibly fun and memorable.

Hosting a boring birthday party is definitely the last thing you want to do and since we are heading half way into this year already and starting to think about my eldest sons birthday later this year I thought I would share seven tips on how to throw an entertaining and unforgettable birthday party.

1. First thing - The Guest List

Before you plan anything you need to have a rough idea of numbers because that will dictate what kind of location you will need, food etc. Also you will have a clearer picture of how big or small your gathering is going to be as well as making sure all you don't forget anyone.

2. Pick A Fun Theme

The theme can make or break any party because it can help decide whether the party will feel fun or a bit of a non-starter. While it’s up to the birthday person to decide the theme some of the best are ones that are colorful, uplifting, and appeal to a general crowd. Examples here would include a beach party, a Mexican fiesta, a dance party for adults and pirate parties, pool parties and character parties are perfect for kids.

3. Don’t Procrastinate With Your Invites

As a general rule of thumb, send out your invites a minimum of three weeks before the party is to begin. People have lives and they need to figure out how they can fit the party into their schedules, so you’ll always be more successful in bringing more people over if you send out those invites well in advance.

party cakes

4. Write Out The Supplies You Need

Before you head out to buy all the supplies you need for the party, make a list of what you need first. Not only will this mean you have a clear idea of what you need but also give a realistic view of the budget and how much you need to spend. Supplies will include things like tables, food and drinks, presents, coolers, tablecloths, plates, eating utensils, music, games, sports equipment, and whatever else you need/

5. Don’t Go Overboard With The Food

Don’t feel obligated to make a long and convoluted menu for the party. Keep things simple by sticking with a couple of food items and beverages. Examples of crowd pleasing foods could include pizza, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, or lasagna.

6. Tidy Up Your House, Garden or location

If the party is going to be held at your home, you want to make sure that the inside of your house and the outside garden space have been cleaned and tidied up before the guests arrive. Ideally, complete this process one to two days before the actual party date.

7. Have Fun

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to have fun. This is what we throw parties for in the first place, right? Make sure that you have everything thoroughly planned out in terms of the games and activities you’ll play and when you’ll be eating food and cake to ensure that everything goes smoothly and results in the most fun for everybody. 

retro camera

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Summer the perfect time to go green in the home


healthy living

Summer is nearly here, and that means everyone will be out and about enjoying the beautiful weather.  It's also the perfect time to take advantage of the warmer weather and ease those utility bills, turn off the heating and enjoy all the positives that come with this time of the year. So what can you do to be more energy efficient this summer and cut down on what you pay your energy company?

Ditch your tumble dryer

If you have a garden or small outdoor space Summer is the perfect time to challenge yourself to a minimum of 3 months of tumble dryer-free time and really start using your clothing line and let your clothes dry naturally. Not only is this a fantastic and easy way to save money but also it's better for your clothes.

Opt for LED Lighting

Changing out your existing bulbs for LED bulbs isn’t something that can help you reduce your energy usage just in summer. It’s a great year-round idea. LED bulbs work at a lower wattage than their incandescent counterparts and can use 75% less energy. Another benefit of LED bulbs is the fact that they last up to 50 times longer than regular bulbs, so you’ll spend less time switching out as well. 

simple interiors

Embrace natural light

What is even better than just changing your bulbs for LED lights is keeping your lights off whenever possible. The days of summer are long, so try to avoid the temptation to turn on unnecessary lights when there’s still plenty of natural light, so open those curtains and blinds and let the light in. Not only does using lights use energy, but it can also make your home hotter.

Cook Outside

Nothing quite says summer like cooking outside on your grill or bbq. If you can spend more of your summer evenings preparing meals outside, you can not only enjoy the weather and some family time, but you can also save quite a bit of energy. You could also opt for cooking on a small gas camping stove which is portable as well if you wanted to opt for a night at the beach, just be adhere to the correct safety procedures when cooking outdoors. 

al fresco

Eat local produce

This one doesn't necessarily save on utilities but summer is a time when local produce is at its best so supporting small co-ops, farms and producers is a great way to give back and also cut down your carbon footprint. Eating local doesn't strictly mean going vegan or vegetarian either, in fact buying sustainably, slow grown, organic local meat is also a big step forward in terms of lowering your carbon footprint and you can learn about it more here

Invest in New Window Coverings

The hot afternoon sun beating down into your home on summer afternoons can raise the temperature significantly and just like a cold home a hot and stuffy one is not ideal either. A good way to avoid this and make your home generally feel more comfortable is to ensure you have some high-quality window coverings, such as window blinds or shades. Lowering them before the afternoon sun is at its worst can help retain your home’s cool air and keep you from sweltering.

In addition to window coverings, you might also consider purchasing awnings or overhangs that you can install on your south-facing windows during the summer. You’ll give yourself some extra shade, and in the winter when you need that heat you can take them down.

Simple tips like the ones above can help you avoid the sticker shock that comes with receiving those summertime energy bills this year.

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London Hilton on Park Lane - Luxury Family Stay



stylish family

 When you become parents a lot of things change, from your daily life to planning trips away it's simply not the same anymore, for the better of course. Those quick city breaks in luxury hotels can often feel like they are suddenly out of reach but really this doesn't have to be the case if you find the right place. This is certainly the case with London Hilton on Park Lane where we recently stayed for two nights and offered that great balance of catering for both the needs of adults and kids without the compromise.

luxury hotel

Bell boy

Firstly it's location is perfect with Hyde park literally right on it's door step as well as Green Park and short stroll over to Buckingham palace, it's also a fairly quick taxi ride from Paddington if your coming into the City by train and you are met with a warm welcome from the moment you arrive at the doors of the hotel. The check in was extremely easy and our room was ready on arrival with our luggage being sent up by concierge. It's a very tall building with our room being on the 16th floor affording it some of the best views in the city.

We stayed in one of the spacious Park Lane Suites which is perfect for families with a large double room and walk-in wardrobe and separate lounge with a large couch, seating area and space for a roll out bed and cot. The bathroom is also a place of divine relaxation after a long day exploring the city, with a deep bath and separate rain shower I enjoyed a long bubble bath after our first day of travel.

London Hilton

London Hilton

With all suites and executive rooms you also have access to the club lounge which is a great place for adults (and children) to relax in the evening, meet other families and hotel guests over some light meals, canap├ęs and drinks. The suite also had two TV's meaning that when we did want some down time we could pop some cartoons on in the lounge and have a moment to actually read a book. There is also a coffee table perfect for the kids to spend sometime with their sticker books. I often feel what makes a hotel great is the small touches such as fast wifi, silent air con, soft bathrobes and genuine welcoming and friendly staff and Hilton on Park Lane has that all. We also tried the room service on the second night of our stay and the service was very quick and the kids really enjoyed eating pizza in the suite while we treated ourselves to some G&T's with a view.

London landscape

London Hilton

What we really loved was waking up to such inspiring views across London, in the main bedroom was a large panoramic window and in the lounge another massive window looking out across Hyde Park and being blessed with sunshine over our stay meant a beautiful sunset on both nights. Both mornings we enjoyed a fantastic breakfast with plenty of options for the whole family including gluten free muffins, full English, waffles, pancakes and plenty of fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juices, children under 18 also eat free when staying with their parents.

London Hilton


During our stay the Hilton also arranged a VIP tour of Hamleys which I highly recommend for anyone travelling to the city with kids and wants a more in-depth, fun and entertaining tour of the worlds oldest toys shop. I will be putting a separate post about this very soon. 

The London Hilton on Park Lane also has interconnecting family rooms and when booking a family break with them they will treat you to some exclusive perks including fun activity packs for kids, children tv channels, complimentary wifi and children under 5 eat free in the Podium restaurant. What we loved most was the perfect location, whenever we travel to London that is really important as time is of the essence and John always likes to stop into some of the clothing stores we can't find in London, as London is the perfect place to pick up something special.

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Tips for moving abroad & finding a new home



Now some of you may already know I am originally from South Africa and lived in Cape Town for almost 20 years although moved over to the Europe/UK permanently in 2006 and have been lucky enough to live in more than one city since. I spent some time living in Edinburgh (for around 18 months) as well as Falmouth, Amsterdam and the South of France but have now settled in Wales. Moving home let alone another country can be stressful and finding a place to call home in a new city can be daunting. I really loved my flat I shared with a friend near Leith in Edinburgh as well as the fun shared house in Falmouth and tiny studio in Amsterdam, learning about new places, navigating your way, building friendships, I wouldn't of changed my nomadic ways at all, in fact I still feel like there could be another big move but this time as a family.

Having rented many places, opened new bank accounts, had things shipped, posted and moved a variety of times I thought I would share a few times son finding a new home in the city you choose to take your new adventures in. Even though any kind of relocation, no matter how close or far it can be stressful but it does not have to be an overwhelming one if you make a checklist of what you need to do and tackle each entry on that list one at a time. If you already have a decent budget and/or have decent capital after selling a home then things will be easier for you, and going with a local estate agent in the location you are moving to can help massively with the move. Perhaps you are looking for a complete change and to jet off somewhere warm so, with the advice from someone like this Sunset Beach NC Real Estate agency, you could be lounging in a beachside home in the US in next to no time.
These tips can also be applied to whether you are moving or are simply searching for your first apartment or home, following each of these steps in order will make your efforts much easier:

1. Determine Your Budget

First and foremost, you need to determine how much money you are willing to spend on a new apartment or house. This is because setting a budget will allow you to immediately narrow your options when you begin the apartment hunting process, while also ensuring that you don’t spend money you don’t have. It may seem like an obvious step although you will be surprised how many people don't have a clear idea of their finances and what things really cost, so checking local costs of things like groceries, transport, council tax etc will give you a clearer idea.

Also bare in mind not only does your budget need to take into account the base rent, it also needs to include expenses such as internet and cable, storage and parking fees, utilities, and a down payment or deposit you may have to make when you first sign off with your new landlord.

2. What Amenities Do You Want or Need?

Next, you need to decide which amenities or luxuries you need or want although you do need to be flexible on this one as no single property will fit your needs entirely. Examples of amenities for you to take into consideration include whether the apartment or house is pet friendly if it has a gym room or fitness centre, a swimming pool, a laundry room, enough parking space, security, and any shops or stores that are within easy walking distance. Do you have kids and are there good schools close by as well as public areas such as parks and museums.   

I loved living in Amsterdam even though my studio flat was tiny.

3. How Far is if  From Work?

The next thing for you to consider is the distance between your apartment and wherever it is you work. If you freelance from home this won’t be an issue, but if you work in a separate physical location it is definitely one of the biggest factors you will need to keep in mind. The distance between your apartment and your place of work not only determines how long it’s going to take you to get to work, but how much money you’re going to be spending on gas or public transport each month as well.

4. Book mark any properties you see online as reference points

Both John and I love the idea of moving to Toronto one day (or anywhere in Canada for that fact) so every now and then I have little search to see what things cost and what we could get for our money and bookmark them for future reference and as a guide. All you need to do is research local estate agents or online property websites so for example when I search by looking at Toronto apartments online and making a list from there. You’ll want to start with a fairly large list and then narrow it down to three to five based on the last three steps. 

5. Once you're in the city take your time to view potential properties

Once you’ve narrowed your selection based on your research online, it’s time to pay that apartment and houses in your favourites list a visit. The best thing is to act quickly once you are in the position to move forward so do make sure you have time allocated for viewing properties, ask plenty of questions and take notes throughout the touring process. Also, write down a list of pros and cons for any area you are considering moving and do as much research as possible. In doing so, this will be able to give you a good idea of all of the reasons to live in Delaware or wherever it is you want to move to.

These 5 steps should really help get you on your way to settling into your new place. I also recently wrote a post about 5 tips on helping children adjust when you move - this may be particularly helpful if you're making a move with your family in tow. Life is an adventure so don't regret not taking the chance on somewhere new if the time is right!

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Tips on starting your own business


While the recession was not a pretty sight at all and many people were put under a lot of stress, some losing their livelihood, income and way of life in other respects society has certainly seen a rise in people starting their own businesses, being creative and pursuing their entrepreneurial pursuits.

I'm self-employed and I work from home and predominately online and while I don't need an office per se it's nice to have a separate space in the home, where I can really focus on my work. 

If you have an idea, the will and are willing to take a calculated risk now really is the time to capitalise on a new and original idea and with so many platforms such as etsy and Instagram to take your business to new heights it's really opened the door to small businesses. 

If you have a physical product or service starting small is best and selling online can be a great start but at some point you many want to expand on that and open a real-life store which of course will provide you with more daily footfall. Having worked in a variety of stores and working my way up to manager in one which I found really interesting as I had been there from the start and had helped with visual displays and marketing I learnt many things.

1. You cannot underestimate the style and interior of your store. Whether its spacious or small and intimate you want to spend a lot of time designing your space in a way that aids what you are trying to put across to your customers and also hopefully attracts people to share your store on things like Instagram which is such a powerful marketing tool.

2. Design a simple but eye-catching logo and use a designer for your signage. Signage is so important and as you know they say "first impressions count" and your sign is the first thing potential clients see. So do not cut corners when it comes to channel letter signs for your store as it's one of the first things your customers see. The same can be said with online stores, blogs and websites.

3. Information flyers, pamphlets and  Pavement signs are a great way to make the shop's presence known in the foot traffic that may occur on the block. Before the shop is open, use a pavement sign to advertise and convey the progress of the venue and keep passers-by apprised of what is up and coming.

4. Get involved with your neighbourhood - if you opt for a physical store then you need to take into account its location of it and what the neighbourhood is like and how you can connect with them and get involved. Here are some questions to ask yourself - Is this a neighbourhood of commuters?
Who is around the potential location? Do they live here or do they work here, or both?
What are the financial parameters of the area? Also having input from outsiders can be a really good thing to hear what your direct customers want and expect from your service.

5. Don't be scared to take a risk just make sure it's a calculated one. It's very true that no matter what you decide to do you can succeed without trying and making things happen, just talking about starting your own business and actually putting the wheels in motion are two different things. Both John and I took risks to change from being employed to self-employed. I took the chance when my maternity pay came to an end and I decided to not go back to work and dive into the unknown of working from home for myself.

6. Consult the professionals - you will likely need to create a business plan and apply for a business loan through your bank, this in itself can be quite daunting. You will need to have a clear idea of what you are expecting to spend in the first year and what you hope to make. It can be really useful during this time to seek professional help from a business mentor who can help create a clear startup financial model which will likely offer more success when dealing with the bank, also it would be good to consider getting a bookkeeper or accountant. 

7. Stay on top of your finances 

As I've already mentioned, it's worth consulting the professionals when it comes to things like creating a business plan, applying for a business loan and for general business finances such as opening a business account and general bookkeeping. Once the business is up and running you'll want to keep your operating expenses as low as possible, and there are several helpful solutions to help you with this. One of them is to implement a small business inventory management system, as it will prevent you from overstocking your products and help you to identify which products are unpopular and should be avoided in the future. Of course, you can do your own tax returns, as a self-employed freelancer I do my own tax returns and have done for many years but using an accountant can take a lot of weight off your shoulders when it comes to staying on top of things.

If you are in particular looking to work from home I have written a post about How to Succeed as a work from home parent which offers some tips on how and what you can do from the comfort of your couch (or office space).

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Smart Sleep even when your kids don't


baby routine

If you have read my blog before or follow me on my social channels you may already know that this little man above doesn't sleep fantastically well and is up every night at some point meaning I'm on tired mama. We have tried everything to get him to sleep through but nothing has worked as of yet which means the hours I do get need in between wakes need to be quality sleep so that I can be a functional member of society which is not always the easiest of tasks when sleep deprived. Of course the more tired you are throughout the day due to lack of sleep, the easier it will be for you to make mistakes, lack energy or feel overwhelmed.

While it is true that getting the right amount of sleep is important in my case right now that is harder said than done but still there are things I can do to improve the sleep I do get and hopefully these tips can also be useful for you to achieve better sleep at home. Taking a look at a Brooklinen review will give you enough information to see why changing your sheets on your bed is so important. Outside of this, there are some excellent ways for you to start making a difference in the way that you try to catch a bit of shut-eye each night.

Time is a Factor

One of the easiest problems that you can make for yourself in regards to sleep is a bedtime that does not match the way you live. If you have to wake up incredibly early for work, then it stands to reason that you are going to bed by a decent hour the night before. In truth, very few people are able to stick to the appropriate bedtimes for their schedules. While it might seem easier to just head out and enjoy your life instead of crawling into bed, the ramifications can be intense

A failure to get into bed at the right time can lead you to much more miserable places. You will notice that it is hard to focus on simple tasks when your mind is not rested enough. To fix this problem, try getting into bed just a bit earlier each night. Doing this can help you to take small steps towards making your bedtime the right time. Try to aim for around eight hours of consistent sleep each night and you will begin to notice the difference right away.


Paper Over Digital

Recent studies have pointed to the fact that a vast majority of people are getting poor sleep for the same reason. Nowadays, many people own smartphones. While these devices can make life a lot easier, they can also start causing new and unusual issues for people. Scientists have discovered that staring at a digital screen can have similar effects to being outside in daylight. This means that your body is tricked into believing that it should be alert and active when you are looking at the light on your phone.

Instead of scrolling endlessly through all of your various social media feeds, consider getting into bed with a good book. You probably are always looking for an excuse to read more, and this can be a great reason to crack open a copy of whatever you are interested in. Reading an actual book is way more helpful for your sleep schedule. In fact, there are many studies out there that suggest that reading a book before bedtime can actually make you more tired and increase the amount of rest that you experience when you drift off for the night.

drinking tea

Drink Less

Drinking the wrong beverages can also have a negative effect on your ability to get the right amount of sleep. Coffee and tea are two drinks that people tend to rely on when they are looking to find energy to get through the day. Sadly caffeine lingers in the system for far longer than most people believe. Having this in your system will make it hard to fall asleep and give you a sense of restlessness through the night. Cut back on coffee and tea and you will start to have an easier time getting to sleep.

There are many different tactics that you can explore when you want to improve the way that you sleep. Think about how you can achieve great things for your sleep schedule simply by cutting back on the coffee that you drink, reading a book at night instead of your phone, and being sure that you are in bed and ready to sleep at the right time. Learn what works for you and get started on a better sleep right away.

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Brunch and Blooms - Spring Style



short hair

Between the mine and kids wardrobes I have recently dropped of no less than 8 full bags of clothes to charity shops as part of my minimalist challenge. This has made my closet look rather sparse and in need of a few items for spring. Clothes are one of those items that do need to be replaced and fashion is also about individuality and having fun with fabric and colours. It's just about curbing excess and loving what you purchase. Lately I have been picking up a few things here and there mainly with ethical and independent stores and brands and have not looked at the high street in a few months and I think thats a really good thing as I was pleasantly surprised when walking through New Look the other day and come across this super cute blue shirt with embroidered flowers.

New Look shirt

It's really light and perfect for these warmer days and I love the floral theme. I have paired it up with some skinny jeans and my black Sperry shoes for a easy casual weekend look. This spring summer I am all about feel good clothing that is tailored well, simple, as I declutter my home I am finding I want simplicity everywhere but still with a pop of colour and fun details. 

embroidered shirt

I also came across these super cute Brunch time tees from Joanie clothing which have really fun vintage inspired clothing that sends me back to the 90's nostalgia with this printed tee. Also I know brunch is a big thing here but we have been doing brunch as a family tradition since I was about 5yrs old, sitting out on our back porch in South Africa waiting for poached eggs and pancakes on a lazy Sunday under the sun so when I saw this I had to get it.

cute tee

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A Guide to buying kids beachwear


Everyone needs a vacation, even if it's just a night away and a seaside getaway can be really good for the soul as it's known that the ocean has a real calming effect on people. If you are planning to escape to the beach sometime soon with your little ones for complete unwinding and relaxation, you have reasons to choose proper kids' beachwear. The beachwear will not only make your child stylish but also it will make him/her comfortable and with most offering UV protection it's also saving your kid's skin from sun damage.

What is beachwear for kids?
Children and baby swimwear is actually the mini version of an adult’s swimwear. There is no difference besides the print and slight change in the design. But this doesn't make it an easy decision, choosing beachwear for a child is much more difficult and challenging than choosing for an adult, due to the wide range of prints available. So when deciding on the swimwear for your kids, make sure you have their opinion on the prints to ensure they're kept happy.

Protect your child from the sun’s rays

The sun is the absolute enemy of the sensitive and soft skin of your child. So, whenever you head for the beaches with your child, you need to keep this in mind. Although sunshine is healthy and an excellent source of Vitamin D, the harsh UV rays of the sun can cause skin burns. Thus, hitting the beaches in the afternoon is pretty dangerous. Choose beachwear which acts as a barrier between your child’s skin and the ultraviolet harmful rays of the sun. More than the fit and the look of the beachwear, this should be your prime concern. Along with the beachwear, you must also buy goggles, and hats to offer the utmost coverage.

Safety comes first

So, when you are in the pool or at the beach, safety must be the number one priority. Only by choosing well-designed swimwear, you may ensure this. In the current times, you may buy the swimwear which features flotation foam to act as buoyant. This foam is actually inserted inside the garment to offer the utmost safety. Flotation swimwear will offer complete independence to your child when swimming.

Buy comfortable beachwear

Kids beachwear must be comfortable and safe. Besides protecting from the UV rays of the sun, the beachwear must be comfortable. The fit must be perfect enough to let them move freely and enjoy the waters.

Benefits of buying kids' beachwear online

Shopping for children is demanding, especially when the kids are with you as the last thing they usually want to do is shop for clothes. You need to move from one shop to another in search of the perfect colour, style and material. Most order their own clothes online so why not do it for your children with the major bonus of not having to wait in queues.

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Flowers in Bloom at the RHS Cardiff Flower Show



colourful flowers

I love this time of the year, when the earth appears to wake up again after the long winter sleep to a colourful and beautiful world as flowers start to blooms. Last year was the first time I attended the RHS Flower show and loved it so I was equally excited to go again this year with my friend and local blogger Laura from Cardboard Cities. For the second year in a row the sun shone for the whole weekend meaning making it the perfect day out for all ages and this year seemed to have even more features for children than the last with a hungry caterpillar to climb and lots of wicker sculptures to spot as well as the very popular floral wheel (Ferris wheel).

RHS Cardiff

RHS Cardiff

As you enter through the gates you are immediately faced with a giant willow bee sculpture towering over everyone at 16ft high. Also one of my favourite displays is the creative wheelbarrow gardens designed  and planted by different local schools, each one different and unique. We then made our way through the first of the floral Marquees filled with an abundance of different flowers, all the incredible Tulips and Peonies really caught my eye. You see colours and varieties you never knew existed. 

RHS Cardiff


Then we headed outside to take a look at all the show gardens with my personal favourites being Bridgend Collages enter - The Life of a Hermit and Castle of Dreams with it's smokey dragon and strong Welsh heritage feel. Last year I picked up a Venus flytrap for my eldest this year this little rosebush caught my eye, I have to admit I am not a huge fan of roses but I bought this for my son to look after as he loves little gardening projects over the summer.

flower show

RHS Cardiff

Having a small vegetable patch in our garden I naturally had a keen interest in the vegetables on display with so many different varieties and bunches of the most beautiful organic carrots and onions. There is something very fulfilling about successfully growing something good enough to eat. What I really like about the RHS Flower Show in Cardiff is even though The RHS is a national organisation there is very much focus on local produce and businesses making it a really homegrown affair.


Flower show
Me outside the RHS tour camper van 

There is so much to see and do as well as pick up some really special and unique flowers for your garden and home. Also kids can have a go at making seed bombs, throwing a pot or even tree climbing and there are plenty of informative and inspiring talks happening throughout the day. Near the back of the venue is an array of craft stalls and homemade goods as well as some fantastic food options from the healthy to the indulgent. I would highly recommend visiting next year and I know I will be going again. It's best to book early with tickets as it's more expensive on the door with children under 16 going free. Can't wait until next year

RHS Cardiff

I was kindly invited to attend the RHS Cardiff Flower show and genuinely thought it was a fantastic day out 
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