5 ways to stay on top of your dental health


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I know first hand the importance of dental care and hygiene, I myself have struggled over the past few years, especially while pregnant when I had flare-ups of gum disease, this was mainly due to the hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy and despite doing my best to keep it at bay it was a pregnancy side effect I had to deal with and affects up to 70% of expecting women, unfortunately, affected my gums and weakened some of my teeth.

Prevention, as they say, is always better than a cure and I have been working with my dentist and hygienist to get my teeth and gums back to a healthy place and of course, this is something I also naturally encourage with my kids. Did you know that bad oral health has been linked to other serious diseases such as heart diseases, strokes and Alzheimer's which means keeping on top of things is even more important  With life being so hectic these days it can be so easy to fall out of routine so I thought I would share 5 simple tips to ensure good oral health.

1. Avoid Sugar - Sugar without a doubt is one of the biggest attributing factors to tooth decay and by simply shifting some of our eating habits you can really reduce your sugar intake which is not only healthy for your teeth but your whole body.

black toothbrush

2. Invest in a better toothbrush  - a while back I switched to a bamboo toothbrush as I am very keen to make as ethical choices as possible but after a year my hygienist noticed that I was leaving more plague behind than usual. I found personally for me bamboo brushes just aren't firm enough and I was recommended to switch to an electric toothbrush and I haven't looked back 
3. Floss - we really need to start seeing flossing as important as brushing. Not only does it help to get those niggly pieces of food from between our teeth but also helps reduce plague and lower inflammation of the gums.

4. Drink more water - water is without a doubt the best drink for overall health, including oral health. Drinking water after every meal can also help to wash out some of the acidic foods between brushing.

5. Visit your dentist twice a year - keeping on top of your dental check-ups is really important! It means any issues that are starting to arise can be dealt with quickly before they turn into something far worse.

It really doesn't have to be anything drastic but these small daily changes can have a huge impact on your dental health.

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Outdoor Apparel Guide for Women



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We all know that spending time outdoors is good for both our physical and mental wellbeing and the UK has amazing hikes and walks perfect for all levels as well as a variety of outdoor pursuits. Having the right clothing to do the job is important not only for practicality but to help keep you comfortable and safe. Finding the right gear and apparel can be a challenge and you're going to find a lot of brands make heavy assumptions about who is buying their products and why. The important thing is to do as much research as possible and don't be pressed to go for the most expensive option, while quality is really important you can often pick up excellent outdoor clothing one sale or at discount as a variety of outdoor shops or opt for second hand from places like ebay. I believe that getting outdoors is accessible for all and you shouldn't be put off through lack of budget and often we can make do with what we already have, so I thought I would put together a little guide of the essentials you need.

What are the basic essentials?

If you're heading out on a family hike, ticking off a local mountain summit or a spot of geocaching in the woods there are certain essentials everyone needs just to ensure you stay comfortable, practical and safe.

1. Waterproof Jacket - Living in the UK where the weather changes on the hour it's essential to invest in a decent waterproof and it doesn't have to cost loads, places like Go Outdoors and Mountain Warehouse regularly have sales or discounted jackets. I tend to go for lightweight ones all year round and use fleece layers during the colder months.

2. Lightweight Trainers and Boots - I tend to wear lightweight trainers or running shoes on most hikes from spring to autumn. I've read a load of debates about Boots vs Running shoes and lots of longterm hikers recommend lighter running shoes over boots during warm weather. They tend to be more breathable, lighter and can cause fewer blisters. Hiking Boots, however, are very handy during the colder wetter months when you will be navigating mud and need something more waterproof.

Pen Pych

3. Good pair of socks - it's incredible what a difference a good pair of socks can have as they help to keep your feet protected, dry and free from blisters. Cotton socks are not great for hiking and outdoor pursuits as cotton absorbs so much moisture and can become heavy when soaked with sweat and lose their ability to keep your feet warm. Ethical Merino socks are also a great option as they work as an insulator and keep your feet nice and warm while still keeping them dry due to moisture-wicking properties. 

4. Lightweight Backpack - when heading out on a hike or family adventure you're going to need to take some essentials with you such as refillable water bottles, possibly a small umbrella, some snacks etc so having a strong but lightweight backpack is really important. I personally like classic Swedish Kanken which is durable and well designed. 

5. Accessories - depending on the time of the year it's really important to stay warm and dry. So during the winter months don't forget a warm hat and gloves. During summer suncream and sunglasses can come in handy and with all outdoor adventures staying hydrated is very important so get yourself a decent water bottle.

Kids in nature

Of course, if your planning to do other activities beyond just hiking and exploring by foot then you need to look into what equipment you may need. With many things, you can hire what you need, such as climbing shoes if you fancy a spot of bouldering or a SUP board if you want to give Stand-up paddleboarding a go. Although things like mountain biking and even motorcycling on and off road has seen a big resurgence especially for women and you will need appropriate motorcycle casual apparel on hand as well as a good helmet and riding gloves for safety.

While I constantly encourage both my children and myself to spend as much time outdoors, learn new skills and try new things, do adhere to common sense and countryside code. Also if your keen to take part in a new activity always go with someone who knows what they are doing and try a taster day or have a formal lesson so you get the basics down before venturing out on your own.

women surfing

This past year I have really got into stand-up paddleboarding but I have always gone as apart of a group, as well as trying my hand at canoeing, bouldering and getting back into surfing. After attending a Girls skateboarding day at the House Of Vans, there was also an exhibition of VC London which is a collective of like-minded women interested mainly in motorcycling but also other outdoor pursuits. Seeing bikes that had been put together by women has inspired me to learn how to ride a motorbike within the next year and I have already been looking at all the cool motorcycle clothing on sales online! I think I may be treating myself this Christmas.
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Standup Paddle-boarding in Cardiff Bay with Letzshare




I've done a fair bit of Paddleboarding before in some beautiful places such as the River Wye and River Avon but I've never actually done it in Cardiff so when Letzshare put an improvers day together, launching from Channel View and paddling a 6k round trip to the Millenium Stadium, I was like "hell yes" sign me up.

For those who don't know Letzshare is a community that encourages women to get together and try new things or improve on the skills they already have. I have done a surfing session and dry board snowboarding session and well it speaks for itself that I keep rebooking with them. I love the supportive and encouraging atmosphere as well as having the chance to get outdoors and active with like-minded women.

Cardiff SUP

As this session was for those who had dome paddleboarding before and were already comfortable with standing, turning and stopping, it meant we could get on the water a little quicker after a brief safety check. It was also nice to tackle slightly more challenging conditions as even though it was sunny and dry there was at times some serious head-on winds as well as navigating a commercial waterway with riverboats creating wake every 10min or so.

What I love about Paddboaridng is how accessible it is and I always tell people that it's much easier than it looks as the boards, in general, are so buoyant. It helps that I've done a fair amount of surfing as well as skateboarding so of course, one board sport feeds into another but if your looking for an enjoyable low impact sport than paddleboarding is worth trying out. 

SUP cardiff

I love getting on the water so it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday and all the other ladies were fantastic. There was one or two who had an unexpected dip - mainly from the wake created from the boats but everyone had an adventurous spirit. I can't wait to see what Letzshare has in store for the rest of the year so if your Cardiff or South Wales based then do check them out and if you need any more inspo check out my vlog below

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How to add Pops of Colour to any Room



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Sometimes you’ll have a room at home that doesn’t do anything for you. It could be that your living room feels a little bland, your bedroom looks a little dull, or your study is lacking inspiration. When you have a room that does nothing for you, it’s usually because there’s no imagination or colour in there. If you read the recent post about home and interior goals for the summer, you’ll know that a bit of paint can go a long way to refreshing any space at home.

In this post, I’m going to be talking you through some unique walls to add a pop of colour to any room and give it some personality. Maybe some of the tips will help you find the inspiration to refresh a room or get the paintbrushes out of the garage. And to start, we’re going to the bathroom.

Consider Wallpaper or Patterned Tiles for the bathroom!

How does having dozens of flamingos in your bathroom sound? A bit silly, right? Well you do have the opportunity to update your bathroom and give it a colourful atmosphere by having a feature wall. Wallpaper is becoming a trendy thing to have in homes as long as you go out of your way to get a bold print and pop it on just one wall. In your bathroom, the wall opposite your bath/shower will have the freest white space to work with. Embrace it and get a wallpaper that has a funky print or pattern that makes the room seem fun.

You can copy this theme in bedrooms as well. I recommend keeping it upstairs as feature walls can be more distracting in the living room and dining room; both spaces you’ll want to keep neutral.
You can find more bathroom inspiration by reading some of the older posts from the blog here.

Radiators like the rainbow

Think about our favourite colour. Now think of a radiator. Can you imagine having a radiator at home in your favourite colour? Well, imagine no longer! It’s now quite common to get radiators in a custom colour. I’ve seen it in trendy cafes, restaurants and shops, and surprisingly it isn’t as dear as you’d think.

Now, this isn’t a recommendation to get some emulsion out and paint over your radiators; in fact, I recommend that you don’t use paint as regular paint doesn’t take well to radiators. Instead, you’ll want to get a custom radiator colour from Trade Radiators. They’re UK based and do free delivery on orders around the country, so you can do crazy with a pink cast iron radiator or get an orange radiator for the downstairs toilet. You could honestly go colour crazy and do the whole house in different colours if you like, although it will only work if your walls are a basic colour, i.e. white or grey; otherwise, they’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

Refresh your kitchen cabinets

I don’t know about you, but for me, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and if the room is looking a little drab it can stop feeling like a fun place to be in. Kitchens also are a bit of a nightmare to redecorate, but there is one handy colour hack that is quick and easy. If you’ve been watching QE on Netflix, you’ll know that one of Bobby’s little hacks for bringing a room to life is simply painting the kitchen cabinets. It’s a relatively pain-free job that is quick and provides an instant pop of colour. I would only recommend going for strong colours if you can handle them.

By the way, if you’re getting a bit fed up with having a messy kitchen, read this post on five ways to declutter your kitchen

Want more home decorating inspiration?

I love finding ways to update my interior. You can see for yourself by looking at all the home posts from the blog right here.
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A Guide to Glamping with Kids This Summer



bell tent

The summer is winding down and you and your family are looking for one last fun adventure to set off on before school is in full swing. Glamping is an excellent way to dip your toes into camping, without sacrificing all of the modern comforts. You and your family can take a weekend to explore, inspire, and enjoy the final days of summer on a budget!

If you’ve never been camping, or glamping with your little ones, then don’t fret! Taking your children out of their element and into the elements can be a bit tricky but kids usually adjust much quicker than adults. This guide will take you through all the best tips to try out glamping with the kids this summer!

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead for your glamping trip is key to staying organized, keeping the kids busy, and really enjoying your time together, although if you don't mind winging it you can find last-minute availability at some places even during summer. If you do have the time it's worth breaking down your trip into the following categories:

Screen-free Activites

These general categories will help you set the mood for a family break your kids won’t soon forget! Cover all of your necessities, all of your fun activities, and all of the things that will make your trip just a little extra.

Cwmcarn forest pod


Deciding on what kind of glamping accommodation you want to go for will massively impact your glamping experience as each is different & being aware of that is a fundamental step in planning this getaway. There are several options that can suit your whole family. Once you find the right tent, cabin, pods, treehouse and campsite, you can get started on the smaller details.


Bell tents or Ready-Tents are great options for glamping. You can find something that can fit the whole family, is extremely sturdy, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Canvas bell tents usually sleep 4 people comfortably although biggers ones can go to 6. Ready Tents are normal tents that are all set up for you with camping beds (and usually sleeping bags too). There are plenty of great options out there just make sure you do a little research and find a site that offers ones in good condition that can fair bad weather!

Cabins or Pods.

Cabins or wooden pods are a great option. There are lots of campsites, national parks, and private grounds that offer cabin rentals for your family getaway! It’s still roughing it, but with a little more modern comforts than traditional camping as they usually have some sort of heating, either with small electric heaters or if off-grid a small log burner and are a bit more insulated - we stayed in a Pod in November and the temp dropped down to freezing and we stayed nice and cosy. There is usually a small space to prepare food and toilets and showers nearby. There are some really amazing high end Pods out there too that are very comfortable and take the idea of glamping to new levels such as West Hall Glamping which offers glamping holidays in the north east.

yurt Wales

Yurts, houseboats & alternative accommodation

What I love about glamping is how creative some hosts and campsites are, we have stayed in a beautiful Yurt, a converted horsebox, a Military wagon and a traditional Teepee but if you head to booking sites such as Airbnb you can even find houseboats to spend a cosy weekend on, double-decker buses or even hobbit style homes. Of course, facilities will vary and you just have to weigh up what is most important to you. If it's your first glamping trip I would advise not to go too off-grid and have good basic facilities like showers, toilets and places to store food.

Finding the perfect site and the perfect shelter is KEY to planning your glamping holiday! Whether you’re setting off for a weekend in the Netherlands, or finding the best UK holiday destinations, you can find the best spot for your holiday away!

camping coffee


Bringing along the right kind of food on your glamping holiday will make all the difference and keep those hangry moments at bay. If your going away for a weekend do check if the campsite has a shared fridge facility - if not taking a cooler bag with plenty of ice packs will keep things cold for 1-2 days - an extra tip is freezing a 2lt Milk which will naturally defrost over the weekend and help keep the cooler cold for longer. It's also good to note that you should check with the site if they have pots and pans or if you need to bring your own - many places have a shared kitchen or a small kitchenette with your pod or glamp spot but being aware of what that includes is important.

There are lots of options for making your getaway a little more glamorous. Sure, you can make sandwiches and crisps, but you can also have fresh veggies, salad, food to cook over a campfire and why not make your own dips to bring along! Whatever you and your family feel the most comfortable eating under the stars, and in the sun will be best for your holiday.

I would also stock up on some snacks that don't require a fridge such as plenty of fruit and things like olives and nuts, also I always bake either a big banana loaf or muffins as well as flapjack or cereal bars to keep your energy levels up. Don’t forget to try and make everything as eco-friendly as possible - bring refuse bags, try and recycle and use your reusable water bottles!

Your accommodation planned, your food at the ready, you’ll soon be a pro. You can even plan ahead to next summer and do something fun like the family-friendly Big Retreat Wales!

wild child


When it comes to glamping most places provide the basics such as camping beds and pillows but it's always good to check. The Pod we stayed in recently had a full-sized bed with mattress but we needed to bring our own linen and sleeping bags so don't always presume these things are included. Investing in good sleeping bags is essential, we have been using the same season 3 ones for years and they work well from spring right through to autumn.

Some places, however, are very basic and you will need to bring the same as you would if you were camping. Your tent/cabin will set the scale for how big or how many camping beds you can fit into your sleeping quarters. However, spending the night in nature doesn’t have to mean sleeping on the cold hard ground! Find some excellent camping bed options for you and your whole family!

camping with kids

Keeping Kids entertained

What we love most about camping and glamping is stepping away from screens altogether - in fact, we often choose places that have no reception for this reason. Keeping children entertained while glamping is in fact very easy and just the change in routine and staying somewhere new and more connected with nature is all you need.

Saying that there are a few things you could take along to help keep spirits high depending on your location. If you heading somewhere near the woods or countryside do make sure to pack wellies or things you need for hiking as well as binoculars or bug spotting kits. If you're near the beach take sand buckets and spades or if you're in a field then a football or frisbee are really good fun. Really take advantage of being outside and within nature.

Learning not only about the environment, but also about the great outdoors is extremely important. If you can instil a quality outdoor education for your kids to pass on to their children, then you’ve not only done something great for them but for the Earth as well!

eating marshmallows


It wouldn’t be glamping without some extras that make go above and beyond a normal camping trip! Finding just the right touches to make your holiday experience memorable doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are a few “extras” that can make take your campsite from camp to glamp!

Star String Lights
Portable Grill (although do check with the site first as they may have some already)
Portable Lanterns
Solar device charger
Camping chairs
Marshmallows for campfires
Some wine for the parents (or Gin)
A good book to sit back and read

The world is filled with gadgets and gizmos that will not only take your camping experience to the next level, but can also bring a little bit of luxury into your outdoor holiday! Soon you’ll be able to make your way to luxury campsites all over the world!

Glamping with Your Kids This Summer and Every Summer After!

This guide can help you plan your first summer glamping trip with your kids, after that, it’s all
up to you and your family! Find the perfect shelter, pack the best foods, plan family fun, and
make sure to include those little extras that make it magical. Soon you’ll be a glamping
professional and you’ll be busy making memories with your amazing family!

family camping

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Larmer Tree Festival 2019 Review



Kids festival

*I was provided with tickets in exchange for an honest review of Larmer Tree Festival

Larmer Tree Festival has been on our festival bucket list ever since my eldest came onto the scene in 2010 so we were really excited to finally be able to tick it off this year. For those who don't know Larmer Tree festival, started in 1990,  is a three-day music, comedy and arts festival that takes place yearly at the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens and is known for being very family-friendly.

While Larmer Tree isn't as small as The Big Retreat Wales we went at the start of summer, the fact it's capped at 5000 festival-goers means it's still really manageable with young children. This year they had a stellar line up with artists such as Kate Tempest, Gomez, Josie Long and family favourites such as Andy and the Odd Socks. I do have to be honest though and say when we attend a festival as a family we usually just play it by ear and not schedule the day too much as children have a limited attention span when it comes to watching live music, especially when there are so many activities and workshops going on and we like to go with the flow and let the kids lead the way.

Bell Tents Larmer Tree

Lostwoods Larmer tree

As I was attending the festival on my own with my two young boys, 4 & 8, with this being my third solo-parenting festival, I have learnt how to massively prioritise what we do and do not need when camping for 3 days especially when you're limited on what one adult can carry. If your thinking of attending a festival on your own with kids I would recommend looking into glamping options - yes they cost more but it massively reduces the stress of carrying & setting up a tent, which is usually the heaviest thing to carry.  Larmer Tree has plenty of options, including Campeazy which has already pitched and set up tents starting from £125 for the weekend. We stayed with Honeybells bell tents and I can't recommend them more, the tent was beautiful and having thick duvets provided again meant lugging less from the car to the site, which when your on your own is a massive help.

Larmer Tree Festival

Larmer Tree Festival

The campsite and festival site are adjacent to each other and only a 30-second walk away - again great for families and there was plenty of free water stations, toilets and hot showers. Inside the festival, they had some excellent catering options this year with a vintage fire truck that had been converted into a Mac and Cheese store, as well as the popular double-decker tea shop, along with pizza, crepes, burgers and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options - we felt spoilt for choice. As with most festivals, food is a bit pricey but we always make a point of packing for breakfast and a light lunch and treat ourselves to an evening meal out.

Larmer Tree, like most festivals, had different sections or areas, some more family-friendly than others with our favourite being The Wilds and Lostwoods which hosted plenty of crafts, workshops and stories next to a campfire and this is where we spent the majority of our time. We made wands and origami moons in the Wolly Woods, relaxed in the forest reading nook, played musical instruments in the Lostwoods and my youngest absolutely loved the Peachick tent aimed at the younger festival-goers which had an abundance of toys and sandpit area.

Larmer Tree Festival

Larmer Tree Festival

We also spent each evening enjoying the circus skills workshops in the village green, roamed around the Water gardens which offered a lovely haven of peace and tranquillity when you're in need of a moment of calm and made clay animals with the Pottery Parlour. On the last day there is also a vibrant and colourful parade which while we didn't participate in we loved watching and seeing all the creative costumes. There was an endless amount of things for families and kids to do that we literally didn't have enough time to do all of them.

Life music festival

Kids outdoors

While Larmer Tree offers loads for kids it is still very much a festival for all ages and there is still a mix of more teenage/adult performances, comedy and cinema shows in the late evening meaning if you have older children they will be equally entertained and offers scope to return year after year. We really enjoyed our weekend at Larmer Tree and look forward to returning in 2020 and really recommend this festival if you're looking for an action-packed weekend that's not too overwhelming and offers something for all ages.

You can join Larmer Trees Mailing list to be the first to know when tickets are live for 2020 which is taking place 16th-19th July. There are a few options and a payment plan to help spread the cost and under 6's go free.

Glamping Larmer Tree

*I was provided with tickets in exchange for an honest review of Larmer Tree Festival
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A Review of Madagascar the Musical at WMC




* We were kindly provided tickets in exchange for an honest review 

If you have kids you will probably have watched or at least heard of the smash-hit Dreamworks family film that is Madagascar (if your anything like us you have watched it a few times too) and what's not to love about it? It has adventure, friendship, love, trials and tribulations and plenty of cool and quirky characters so needless to say both and boys and I were very excited to be invited to watch the stage adaptation at the Welsh Millenium Centre this week.

Madagascar the Musical follows the eclectic friends, a lion, zebra, hippo and giraffe, escape from New York Zoo and their journey to the island of Madagascar and first experience of "the wild". Just like the film firm favourites such as the Penguins, Lemurs and King Julien are all featured in the stage show as well as the ever-popular "I like to Move It Move It song (do expect dancing participation).

Welsh Millennium Centre

Madagascar the Musical is currently on tour this summer across the UK and is in Cardiff until Sunday 11th August so if you're looking to take the kids somewhere extra special this weekend then I would highly recommend this show, especially with the rain ruining everyone's outdoor fun and here are 3 reasons why.

1. It's perfect for younger children - I took along my 4 and 8yr old sons who were both enthralled from start to finish as this bright, vibrant and face-paced musical kept them easily entertained. I had worried my youngest would get bored halfway through but it was literally only in the last 5 minutes he seemed restless as he was really captivated by the whole show throughout.

2. Offers fun and humour for the whole family - while there are plenty of laughs and excitement for the kids there is also a good dose of adult humour too which made the production not only captivating the children but also for the grownups.

3. Excellent performances - the cast which includes X-factor 2016 winner Matt Terry as Alex the Lion, alongside Hannah Victoria (Gloria the Hippo), Connor Dyer (Melman the Giraffe) and Posi Morakinyo (Marty the Zebra) are all fantastic vocal performers and it's great to watch a cast that is clearly passionate, talented and enjoying what they are doing.

King Julien

Overall the Musical is colourful, fun and highly entertaining with catchy songs and impressive vocal performances while also being easy for little ones to follow. The set despite not being very big is utilised well with lots of movable parts that glide smoothly from one end to another to easily change the animal's location, as well as some creative use of lighting to help set the scene.

Madagascar is without a doubt a feel-good family show that won't disappoint and the Welsh Millenium Centre is the perfect place for it as there is also plenty of other free family activities going on in and around the centre such as the Gaia, the 23ft in diameter earth hanging up in Glanfa foyer, as well as free family craft days every Saturday at the centre.

Cardiff Bay beach with its free sandy beach and paddling pool is also only a few meters away as well as Bricklive Fantasy Kingdom which is an amazing collection of fantasy full-size lego creatures such as a huge dragon and human-sized Wizard.

Welsh Millennium Centre

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Lookiero Personal Shopper Service Review



Lookiero box

*I was provided with a Lookiero box free of charge in exchange for an honest review 

Are you really busy? Do you struggle to find that balance between work, life, family, kids and everything else in between? You want to feel good in the clothes you wear and have your wardrobe updated for the season ahead but flat out have no time to get to the stores - well I hear you! I'm exactly in that position at the moment and because I am so short on time it means when I do get a spare hour or two, when I head to my favourite independent and high street stores I feel completely overwhelmed with choice and end up not knowing what to look for and coming away usually with nothing. That's where Lookerio comes in!

I was invited to try out the Lookerio service which is a personalised styling service delivered straight to your door! Now being someone who is fairly fussy and particular about the clothes I wear as well as being an awkward size (I'm just under 4ft11 so smaller than standard petite sizing) to be completely honest I was a bit apprehensive but wanted to go into this with an open mind.

Firstly I want to explain how the service works and if it really does save you time or is more hassle than it's worth. So, first of all, you create your profile which despite only taking 5mins to fill out is pretty in-depth.

black and white shirt

You start off by taking a quick style quiz which helps your stylist get an idea of your preferences when it comes to your look as well as what fit you prefer so fitted or loose clothing for example. It then asks for things like your body shape, size, eye & hair colour, height etc before moving on to what you're trying to achieve - so do you want to focus on workwear, casual or evening looks. I also like that it asks how adventurous you want to be with your box such as staying with the classics or being open to trying out new trends. It gives you some mood boards to choose from, again allowing your stylist to get a grasp of what you're into, as well as setting a budget for the clothes. Right at the end, it gives you the option to upload images of yourself so your personal shopper can get a real sense of you and what you're all about.

Once all of that is done you simply place your order and wait a few days for your Lookiero box to arrive. Another plus was the clothes come in a cardboard box and all of my garments were packed in paper not plastic which is great to see. You then have 5 days to try everything on and keep what you like and send back what you don't - simple as and you only pay for what you keep, with free deliveries and returns. You can also take advantage of a 25% discount if you decide to keep all 5 items.

Lookiero personal shopper

So what did my Lookiero box consist of?

Firstly I opted for more casual looks and I didn't want any dresses, skirts or scarfs in my box - which I am happy to say was the case. My Lookiero box consisted of a very cool black and white shirt, an instant favourite, then a really nice great jumper with lettering - again this was very me. Both of these paired up really well with the more relaxed regular cut black trousers and small black satchel bag. The only item I wasn't sure about, mainly because of the colour was the coral t-shirt, but I would like to point out it's really soft and I do like the lettering.

I was genuinely surprised at how right they got things - especially the shirt, jumper and trouser combo - these were items I would naturally go for in stores but without any of the searching out for them, here they were all nice packaged and delivered to me with zero stress. All the labels were European and even though I hadn't heard of any of them I was very impressed with the overall quality of the clothing as well as the pricing and felt everything was excellent value for money as well as really time-saving.

grey jumper

So how much does it cost?

While postage and returns are free, the personal shopper service costs £10, however, if you keep at least one item from your Lookiero, the service will be free, there is also a code MYLOOKIERO allows you to try your first box without the £10 charge. Also if you keep all 5 items you get 25% off the entire purchase.

Would I use Lookiero again?

YES! I was impressed with how easy it was to set up a profile, delivery was quick, clothing choices excellent and felt they had really listened to my needs and requirements and both quality and pricing was on point.

peace out

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Exploring Wroxeter Roman City


History Alive

As a family, we love to explore all the fantastic ruins, castles and historical sites that are abundant in the UK. My youngest is especially fascinated with Romans as the moment so when we realised there were Roman Ruins only about 25mins away from where we were staying on our recent trip to Ironbridge we knew we had to visit.

Wroxeter Roman City was once the fourth largest city in Roman Britain and has an impressive array of ruins, artefacts and objects to view as you first enter a small indoor museum which helps explain more about Wroxeter and what daily Roman life would have looked like and helps give context to Wroxeters past. You then wander outdoors around the bathhouse ruins, which was much bigger than I imagined. The grounds are also home to the iconic Old Work which is a 7-meter high basilica wall and the largest piece of the free-standing Roman wall in the country and nearly 2000yrs old at that!

History for kids

Wroxeter Roman City
Old Work - the largest freestanding Roman Wall in the UK

What makes Wroxeter really interesting is the full-sized reconstructed Roman Town House, built using only the tools and materials available to the Romans, making it as authentic as possible. Walking through the house allows you to really grasp what life was like and the house includes a dinning-room, bedrooms, bath-suite and replica Roman furniture. The house also had some pretty fantastic views, in fact, I wouldn't mind living in a house like that today!

Wroxeter Roman Town house

Wroxeter Roman Town house

Wroxeter Roman City is an English Heritage property so admission charges do apply, we paid £18.70 for a family pass and while that is a bit of a chunk we felt it was worth it, especially as we spent a good 2hrs exploring the site and we all found both fun and educational. You also have an audio tour included in that and you can stay for as long as you want. Places like this allow children to get up close to Roman History without the expense of a trip to Rome. There are toilets on-site as well as a small gift shop but no cafe, although there are picnic benches so do bring some light refreshments if your planning to stay an hour or more.

Roman Ruins

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Lets talk Intimate Wellness with Silk'n Tightra


Silk'n Tightra

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It's natural that as we age our body changes and as women we usually adjust fairly well to these changes, we often lean on our friends for support and advice when it comes to feeling confident at any age, reclaiming our bodies and discussing what works and what doesn't with each other. Then when we become parents we again help and share advice with each other because even if your parenting styles are different we find we share similar experiences such as sleep deprivation and the disorganisation that is thrust onto us after becoming mothers. How come then we don't often talk about the more intimate changes we have to deal with after childbirth and ageing? Dryness, pelvic weakness, urine leakage, less sensitivity, diminished pleasure during sex, these are all things we have to face yet why in 2019 is this kind of thing still so taboo?

As a generation, we are throwing out the unachievable beauty standards that have been pushed onto woman for the last century and we are embracing our bodies, in all shapes, sizes and ability, we are learning to love ourselves again without justification or guilt and yet we still do not talk enough about our intimate areas and wellness. We all use facial moisturisers every day to improve our skin and keep it supple, some of us also use body scrubs to improve circulation in places such as our legs and arms, we get new bra's fitted (especially after childbirth) when things start to look a little less perky than normal, we do these things for ourselves, to look after our body as we age and take on different stages in our life, yet we don't do much to keep the wellness of our intimate areas in check even though there are now real options to do it at home.

Silk'n Tightra

So I am happy to have teamed up with Silk'n to help change that and break the stigma as they have developed the Silk'n Tightra, the very first women's intimate health device specifically for women that is clinically tested and proved Bi-Polar radio-frequency energy helps to improve and prevent mild urine leakage, dryness, improve sensation and sexual function and has a tightening and firming effect and can help in restoring your intimate area after childbirth with noticeable results in just 4 weeks. It's really great seeing products like this on the market tailored especially for women and their intimate needs and allows to target issues that may cause embarrassment (although we should never feel embarrassed) and allows us to be able to have some control and take the power back when it comes to our intimate wellbeing.

It goes without saying that having children has an effect on your body, it's an amazing thing to carry a baby for 9 months and I love my post-baby body although it certainly has affected my pelvic floor and bladder and like many mothers has caused some weakness and the Silk'n Tightra really can help with that and I've noticed the difference from using it along with the benefits of tightening back up the skin and muscles.

The Silk'n Tightra can be used externally and internally depending on your needs, what you're comfortable with and what your hoping to target and improve and both uses are safe, painless and non-invasive and allows you to regain the confidence of your intimate area in the comfort of your own home. As I said it's painless, I can vouch for that, although you do need to put aside 20 mins, find a comfortable and quiet place where you can relax and lie down as you will need to stay in the same position for the duration of the session and what I found was this was a great time to read a book (I always struggle to find a moment to do that). You can also control the energy and heat levels and it's always adviced to stary on the lowest settings while you get used to it and after around 2 sessions a week for 4/5 weeks you really do notice a difference.


So what does Silk'n Tightra do exactly?

The device employs Bi-Polar RF energy which is clinically proven to have an effect on collagen tissue and can help tighten and firm the inside and outside vagina, labia and pelvic floor muscles.  It is also designed in a way that it is painless to use and causes no discomfort although you will feel a warm sensation as the 16 electrodes disperse the Bi-Polar RF energy.  This is based on the same kind of treatment you would receive at a clinic but instead of paying a small fortune you can do this in the comfort of your own home, safely for the fraction of the price. The device as I said is also very safe as the built-in heat sensors measure the temperature of the skin during use ensuring your skin never overheats.

The Silk'n Tightra comes in a practical and stylish holdall which is easy to store and comes with a tube of Silk'n intimate gel and also a USB cable and plug that allows you to recharge your device quickly.

As women, we have a right to feel confident about all of our body and we should be more open about that. The Silk'n Tightra can not only help solve vaginal inconveniences without an operation but also improve your sexual wellbeing after childbirth, both of which can have a really positive impact on your mental and physical wellbeing and your relationships. You shouldn't feel embarrassed about changes after having children and it's really fantastic to see more products like this on the market that allow women to take some control of their intimate areas in the privacy of their own home. If you're struggling with the changes that your body has gone through since having children and want to improve the elasticity or sensitivity of your intimate area or improve your pelvic floor then I highly recommend having a look at Silk'n Tightra.

You can learn more about Silk'n Tightra here.
To purchase a Silk'n Tightra from Amazon, Shy To Buy, Current Body and Just Care Beauty 

Intimate gel

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