We are off camping


We are off to a family music festival, so here is some camping inspiration to get you in the mood to do the same...

forest view


music festival

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Summer style and Park life


Summer style

So we had lovely weather over the weekend and I finally got to wear shorts, comfortably for most of the day without freezing, such a nice change, now just need to work on a bit of a tan. I also got to wear my Boden breton tee I ordered a few weeks ago and I love, along with my new summer espadrilles and organic Nudie tote bag. Nudie - a Jeans and Denim company is becoming one of our favourite brands as it has such great ethics and all it's denim is organic, John has two pairs and they are great, check them out if you get the chance.

Organic tote bag

Summer shorts

 So here is a run down of what I wore

T-Shirt - Boden
Shorts - Next
Cotton Crochet Espadrilles - Ebay
Bag - Nudie Organic Cotton
Watch - Guess

The little man also had his summer style going along with John, who both had a lot of fun exploring Heath Park in Cardiff, which is a lovely large park with lots going on. We loved walking through the forest and woodland area which comes out onto a natural pond with ducks and other wildlife.

outdoor toddler

As you may know from previous posts Mr A has become quite attached to his straw hat and I am sure it's going to feature a many more times, it's great because it offers some protection from the sun, is fun and suits his cheeky personality. His shorts we actually bought last year and only now they fit him. John went for casual outfit with chino's, shirt and superga shoes. Here is what the men wore

Shirt - Woolrich
Chinos - Ralph Lauren
Shoes - Superga

Mr A
T-shirt - Boden
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - Start right boat shoes
Straw hat - Sainsburys

natural childhood
Looking out for newts and ducks

Straw hat

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Long Weekend lovelies



We had a really goodtime this weekend, it's always lovely having a long weekend and quality time as a family. The sun was out on Saturday and Sunday and even though it was raining today it didn't dampen a wonderful weekend. We had a forest walk, explored a new park, baked Spelt Sultana scones, ate good food, climbed some trees, rode on a miniture railway and enjoyed a bbq in the sun with family and some lovely South African Cider.

We had a lot of fun baking some healthy spelt sultana scones with the little man, we climbed trees and I enoyed eating some lovely fresh salad - the one above is roasted vegetables with low fat mozzarella. 

Savanna cider

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Beach time Boy


Barry island

So it's not been the warmest week but it has been fairly dry so we decided to head off to the seaside for a little bit of fun in the sand, which was a lovely change from our normal forest adventures. I feel really lucky that Mr A is not in school yet as it's means that week days are still fairly quiet - unlike the madness of school holidays which means packed beaches and less chilled atmosphere. We headed down to Barry, a beach I would normally not go to but we had a great time, collectingn three very pretty sea snail shells, making sand castles and dipping our feet into the sea - the first time this year. We enjoyed a little lunch on the sand, even though this meant being surrounded by seasgulls of which my little man has no fear and runs after then as soon as they come near.

toddler fun

Even though it was windy we had fun running around and Mr A loved the sand between his toes, as did I. We also went for a little walk up above the beach with beautiful views across the channel and ended the day with small ice-creams and I cannot wait for out next seaside adventure.

feet on beach

beach view
Beautiful view

This week's country kid post is a little short as my laptop is currently in for repairs - boohoo so I am working off a very slow and old computer but couldn't miss one of my favourite linkys - so if your all about the outdoors than why not join up.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Boys Club and classic cars


Ralph Lauren T-shirt

So over the weekend we went to a classic car show at St Fagans -  it was a beautiful day and the cars were shining and glistering in the sun. With an array of vintage morris minors, my favourite being the Morris Traveller, a car I so wish to own and have long summer adventures by the sea in. The two boys were in the their element, with John checking out some American imported classic and Mr A running around like the cheeky monkey his is.

Morris traveller

It's funny how boys naturally love motorcars, it seems simply built-in to their DNA. It was great for John and Mr A to have a real man bonding day, although I have to say I enjoyed as much as them, as I have never liked new cars and my heart lies with the vintage ones.

Straw hat
Mr A also got to try out his new shorts printed with fish and was a present from the Grandmother. I think that his little straw hat may feature in many more posts as he loves it so much and it keeps his head out of the sun so it's a win win all round. He is also wearing a little Fred Perry Polo John bought for him at Christmas time.


After the car show we had a walk around, we visited the farm house and saw the little piglets that are now growing up very fast and had a spot of lunch on the grass. We then took the tractor train up to the castle and went to the "secret" rose garden, which is simply beautiful and a nice quite spot.

Vera shoes

I think this was also the first time John has worn shorts this year, which is a nice change from jeans all year round. He picked this Penguin shorts up last year at one of the only independent menswear stores in Cardiff - Pavilion - check it out if your in town. He is also wearing a Ralph Lauren T-shirt and Vera shoes.

Vera shoes
John wears Ralph Lauren tee, Penguin shorts and Vera Shoes

Russian doll tattoo

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Start your summer here - Wychwood Festival


wychwood family festival

So as you already may know, we love music and we love festivals and we cannot wait for summer to start so we can indulge in these two loves. I know weather-wise it's been a bit of a slow start to the year but fear not the temperature is rising and can you believe it we are nearly into June!

With every weekend crammed filled with music and outdoor options during the hight of the summer we are spoiled for choice but the festival that stands out for us as the start to this all is Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham - which opens it's doors on the 31st May for three days of music, comedy, family fun and much more, with an amazing line up this year including Bill Bailey - Yes THE Bill Bailey and The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, The Wedding Present, The Beat, Kate Nash, Lucy Rose and Mr Bloom for the little ones - this is going to be one exciting festival.

British Comedy
Bill Bailey is the Man!

We already have our sleeping bags and tent strew across the lounge in preparation and we have our fingers crossed for dry weather, even if it's not we are sure it's going to be a great weekend. The other reason we love the idea of this festival so much is it's family friendly credentials - with something for everyone including workshops, healers, cinema, poetry, art, a baby feeding yurt and more plus world food, a beer festival and wine pop up shop what more could you ask for.

family festival
Family friendly fun at Wychwood

As festivals go it is also reasonably priced and have family and quite area camping plus glamping options if you don't like the idea of tenting it. With weekend tickets £120 for adults, £55 for 10-15yr old and under 10's free (unlike a lot of festivals) they have made it possible for the whole family to attend.

So bring on summer, bring on the tunes, good food and very good times and come join us a Wychwood!

British summer music

This is NOT a sponsored post - just sharing our music festival love

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Getting a little summer sparkle


Glittery shoes

So I mentioned Juju shoes a few weeks ago and I loved the little sparkly slipper shoe they did and to my delight someone was selling them brand new on Ebay, in my size, which happens to be a size 3 and quite small and often I can struggle to pick up my size in store. Anyway I love these sparkly little shoes with gold and silver glitter inside the plastic, they are so fun and could be worn to the beach or out having cocktails. I love that the products are locally sourced and the shoes are made in England and 100% recyclable and they use old shoes and grind them up to make new products - how amazing is that!

Juju jelly shoes

I managed to pick these up for £8 but I think they are normally only £18 - so either way they are very reasonable, super fun and a great little shoe to add some happy sparkle to your feet and are great for summer.

Jelly shoes
Love this cute little jelly shoes, great for summer

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Travel Tuesday - trendy Barcelona




In 2007 me and a bunch of friends travelled to Barcelona for a week, we rented an apartment (a very small apartment) and our main purpose was to have fun, celebrate New Years and skateboard. I use to do a lot of skateboarding a few years back, in fact I won the UK Girls Skate Jam in 07 but due to having a bad knee injury and two subsequent knee surgeries I don't do nearly as much as I did.

This trip also happens to be the last time I flew - thats not to say I have not travelled since becuase I have in fact I have travelled to many countries and have done many long and overnight train/bus and car trips all across europe but I have to admit I am terrified of flying, even though I have been lucky enough to fly around 30 times in my life, I have a major fear of flying which has got worst with age, but I hope to face my fear sometime soon.

Sagrada Familia taken on my old film camera

I loved this trip, we used the underground system daily, we walked all across the city, skated along the beach pavilion, ate at local restaurants and went to some great bar's and enjoyed the mild weather even though it was December, I remember one of the days being around 19 degrees which is still warmer than the weather is here today and we are in May already.

barcelona skateboarding
Sunset Skateboarding

tapas restaurant
Full after eating some nice tapas

I loved how vibrant and creative the city was and there is loads of street art and performers, music and independent stores. We had an amazing meal at a vegan juice bar and I loved the old part of the city with beautiful buildings. Our apartment was in an old block, near the sea, with a lovely bakery underneath, perfect for some breakfast treats.

Old town europe

I loved all the street art on display in the city

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Date night and making do outfit


 stylish lady

So being a thrifty person I throw very little away, especially when they have seen me through a lot. I love these Levi jeans although the shape of them has changed - they are skinnies but now are far looser on than originally - this is due to the fact I wore them till I was about 35 weeks pregnant and managed to stretch the denim but in a way it has almost created a boyfriend type jean.

Clarks original shoes
My new ribbon Boden necklace and John wearing his new Clarks loafers next to my ancient pair of wedges

The shoes I have also had for years and are fairly classic  - the wedge is not too high but adds a little bit of lift and they are comfortable and well made although they are starting to show their age but I don't mind, to me they are shoes with character. I managed to pick this HM draped vest top up for a real deal - a few pounds and I love my little ribbon tie Boden necklace.

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Covering your phone in style

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Phones are not what they used to be, I mean they have become our diaries, our life planners, our social networking devices, our cameras, our portable internet in our pocket and last of all a phone and whether you like it or not, most of us would be lost or at least put out if we lost or broke our phone.

Unfortunately, I have had first-hand experience of this, due to living a very active and outdoor lifestyle and also having a very active toddler, when you think of the design of most smartphones - it's basically a huge piece of glass with some plastic around it the combination of everything is not really good and of course ended up with a shattered screen so I am currently nursing my phone which has a screen covered in cracks until I can get an upgrade in two months time.

The sad thing is this is not the first time this has happened in fact it's the 2nd time in 6 months! On both occasions, the phone fell a very short distance to the floor but it was the angle in which it hit the floor that caused the cracks by catching the corner of the phone causing cracks which over time have got bigger and bigger. I suppose in a way it was my own fault, for both I didn't have a cover or any extra protection around the phones, as I look after my belongings and just felt I didn't really need one - how wrong was I, and what makes more more annoyed is I didn't learn from my mistakes, but not next time, that is for sure, the first thing I am going to do will be getting a cover for my next phone.

I love all the amazing designs on the market at the moment and covers are not only useful in protecting your screen but can also be very stylish and fashionable as well as unique and fun making phones in themselves a fashion accessories, with big brands such as iphone using people like Zooey Deschanel it's hard not to be sold. 

There are some great covers out on the market as very reasonable prices from shops such a MobileMadhouse which do covers from £2.50! I have my eye on a few, I love the quirky character ones as well as the more eco-friendly covers, I don't want anything bling but something that is fun, here are a pick of my faves

quirky iphone cover
Case-Mate Iphone 5 Bubbles Monkey £19.90

vintage iphone cover
Polka Dot case red £3.90

Retro Cassette Case Iphone cover £3.90

cute iphone case
Silicone Penguin case iphone £3.90

I also love these natural and eco-friendly options, although a little bit more expensive, you can find them on Esty. I think for my next phone I may have more than one cover - a fun cover and an eco cover

wooden iphone cover
Handmade Bamboo wood iphone cover from Hake Gu £16.85

eco iphone cover
Handmade from recycled tweed, iphone case from ToggleUK £25

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Adventures in all weathers with Country Kids


toddler in nature
Our favourite time is the time spent outdoors

Wow what a week, we have been so busy being outside which is the reason this post is a little late joining the Country kids linky. Since it's been warmer it's meant even when it's groggy or raining we have had fun jumping in puddles and going on muddy mountain walks and when the sun has been shining we embarked on our longest walk - a 2 and half hour trek through some beautiful forest and fields with the little man. This week we have crossed bridges, past beautiful bluebells, encountered an angry bee, watched out for stinging nettles, climbed trees, found wooden swords and explored new ground. We started the week off having fun in Bute Park, then we went for a mountain walk near Barry Sidings and adventured on the Taff trail around Blackweir Gate. Such fun spring brings.

toddler climbing a tree
Mr A tree climbing skills are really coming on
As with all out adventures I actively encourage Mr A to climb, jump, pick up things and investigate his surroundings, he more muddy and messy the better I say. It's really important for children to experience all different kinds of textures and surfaces as now more than ever children are surrounded by plastic toys in the home or flashy technologies such as ipads and really the most stimulating place for active minds is the outdoors.

We are lucky enough to live between the city and the valleys and have a mixture of large city parks, country parks, rural areas, the Taff Trail and the countryside to choose from, for which I am hugely grateful. We often stay within walking distance of the house, or take public transport, we are not afraid of long walks but on some occasions we do drive so that we can venture a little bit further from home.

Barry Sidings
Our muddy mountain walk at Barry Sidings
Saturday was such a beautiful day we decided to walk apart of the Taff trail we had not done before - this turned into a nearly 3hour walk - with a toddler - who loved every second of it and didn't complain once - and who would when you have a forest filled of wonderful sounds and smells to explore.

toddler in the forest

Beautiful bluebells

We came across some beautiful bluebell fields on our walk, a much welcomed sight, I love this time of the year.
beautiful flowers

Blackweir Gate
Running across the mini suspension bridge

straw hat
A happy boy makes a happy Mama
spring sky
These are the kind of spring evenings I love and a great way to end the week
Every week we join up with the lovely people at Coombe Mill and the Country Kids linky - a great place for people to share their love of the outdoors with their family, why not join in.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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