How to take a white kitchen from cold to gold


Cool kitchen

As you may already know when we are not traveling or exploring somewhere new outdoors I am usually indulging in my love of interiors. At the moment we are just doing a few finishing touches to our house before we sell and I have been focusing on the kitchen this past week. White kitchens have been on trend for over a decade or so, and with good reason. The cool clean look is perfect for hygienic kitchen areas, white goes with everything and just doesn’t date if done right and can be a good investment for your home.

However, there’s one obvious flaw in the logic that kitchen designers up and down the land are spending a lot of their creative time addressing. How do you inject some warmth and personality into a space consisting predominantly of hard white surfaces? How do you take the edge off a stark white kitchen? Is it possible to achieve a cosy, comfortable and welcoming vibe in a modern white kitchen to create the beating heart of the home? Here are 6 tricks to show you how it can be done.

Contrast with character furniture

Mix up cool white finishes and built-in kitchen cabinets with freestanding furniture with an industrail feeel or wood to create an exciting contrast. A large preloved dining table will turn a mundane eating space into a cosy place for intimate kitchen suppers while taking the edge of the cool minimalist look. Finish off with mismatched wooden chairs and suddenly your kitchen is transformed into a unique and very personal statement with a family-friendly vibe.

minimalist kitchen

Add more wood

Natural material has a definite place in the kitchen, and wood in particular can be used to warm up an overly clinical white room scheme. Team your white kitchen units with a natural wood worktop, wood shelving or reclaimed wood flooring to add some rustic chic that will completely change the temperature in the room.

Against the neutral backdrop of the sleek white units, experiment with different types of wood to see which gives you the best result. How about featuring an ornate Victorian mahogany mirror, or some reclaimed driftwood pieces? From preloved pine to dramatic wenge, rustic oak flooring to cosy iroko worktops, don’t be afraid to experiment to get the perfect look.

Embellish with decorative tiles

Your kitchen cabinets may be white and contemporary, possibly even high gloss, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a slave to the minimalist rhythm. Printed tiles – whether genuine Moroccan ceramic, antique Arts & Crafts porcelain or mid-century vinyl – will give your kitchen a new twist of personality. Warm up your neutral colour scheme with patterned tiles as a splashback, or by adding a shock of colour or new interest on the floor, such as here

gold tiles

Play with unusual lighting designs

If you want to take the edge off a too white kitchen, it’s a good rule of thumb to stay away from cold chrome fittings and harsh lighting that is more at home in an operating theatre than the heart of your home. Interestingly, lighting design can have a transformative effect on any interiors scheme.

Whether you choose standalone pendant light or suspend matching lamps over your dining table, if you hang them low enough, even the iciest of rooms will suddenly feel warm and intimate. Most lighting designed for living rooms is perfectly suitable as pendant lights for a kitchen. Why not cast the net wide and take a look at decadent chandeliers, industrial factory pendants or delicate stenciled metal shades of generic kitchen lighting?

Paint your cupboards

Finally, if you don’t like your white kitchen cupboards, why not paint them a different colour? Shock, horror and sacrilege, you may think – but actually, why not? A pop of colour will warm up an otherwise uninspiring white wooden cupboard, and if you opt for a soft pastel shade, you’ll keep that chic vibe. Alternatively, get creative by painting the inside of open shelving, or choose a darker shade to add drama to your kitchen interiors. At the end of the day, it’s your choice.

scandi kitchen

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Exploring Rhossili Bay




A place I instantly fell in love with on our recent trip to Swansea and The Gower is Rhossili Bay and I cannot believe we haven't been to this beautiful beach and cliffside spot before. As soon as you pull up into the National Trust carpark you are hit with the most fantastic view across the bay and coastline. You have a few options when it comes to what to see and do here - you can walk down to the long sandy beach, popular with surfers or you can head out for a hike on the Rhossili headland which is what we decided to do, water bottles in hand, eager to build up our appetite for lunch. 

As you start out on the headland path you can see the small tidal island of Worms Head out in front of you,  you can walk all the way to worms head if you plan the timing right as it's accessible for just over 2hrs during low tide but beware many have found them stranded here.

Rhossili Bay

The walk along Rhossili headlands is simply breathtaking with sheer cliffs along one side (do take care with young children) and as it's well maintained by the National Trust making it a great place to reconnect with nature, slow yourself down and free your mind. Both of my kids really enjoyed the walk, spotting sheep along the way as well as watching the surfers below. I can imagine that it gets extremely busy during the summer months but we are planning to go back before the summer holidays to explore this area more and hopefully make it over to Worms head.

As we had spent most of the morning walking we decided to head back and re-energise ourselves with lunch at The Bay Bistro, a quaint and stylish bistro with uninterrupted views of Rhosilli Bay and an array of wonderful baked treats and wholesome lunches.


Chunky chips

While the kids tucked into some chunky chips and baked potato, I opted for their fresh salads which were divine and of course, we followed these up with some coffee and cake. This cafe is a great spot to recharge after a hike or some time on the beach although again it was very busy and we were there during the quiet season so I can imagine there will be queues out the door during the height of summer and for good reason. The Bay Bistro also has a small shop connected to it which sells lots of local Welsh produce as well as handcrafted homewares.

Our hike along the Rhossili bay coastline was the perfect way to spend a morning and this part of the Gower has certainly become a favourite spot for us and we will be visiting again at least another once or twice before the year is out. It's one of those places without any gimmicks but just the simple pleasures of nature, the sea and fresh air.

Colourful homeware

Thanks to Visit Swansea Bay for inviting us to come and explore this part of South Wales. 
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Discovering a city with GPSmyCITY


Self guided walks

When it comes to discovering a new city and what makes it tick I am very much a walker and always have been. As long as time allows I rather walk everywhere to get a real sense of the city and culture as well as spotting all those interesting things you may overlook if your whizzing around on the metro, underground or buses. I have walked pretty much the length and breadth of Amsterdam, London and Paris to name a few and it's just the best way to really get to know a place. What would of made these experiences even better is having a guide in your pocket and that is where GPSmyCity comes in. I just love the concept of this app and is a fantastic way for locals to put together self-guided and easy to follow walks through a city, usually with a theme such as a historical walk or sightseeing one it fits all your needs. There are plenty of self-guided free tours but there is also the option of connecting with other like-minded travellers and doing a paid guided tour with a highly knowledgeable local, the choice is yours.

Exploring Cardiff

I have to say I didn't have much hope that the guide would offer much in terms of self-guided walks for Cardiff as even though it's the Capital of Wales it's a pretty small city in comparison to Bristol or London but I was very pleasantly surprised to see a decent selection for Cardiff as well as Swansea and thought I would try one out first hand.

What I love about these self-guided tours is you can start at any point and take your time, it's up to you how much you want to see and do but it still gives you a good plan for the day. I opted to do the Orientation walk and even though I had seen all these landmarks before I never get bored of learning more about the city we live in as with each sight there is an information blurb telling you all about the history of the place. So I parked up right next to the first stop, City Hall before popping into The National Museum of Cardiff which my kids love. Then you take a stroll up to the vibrant Queen Street past the beautiful New Theatre building towards the iconic Cardiff Castle. Of course I took advantage of stopping for a cup of coffee on Queen Street as this area of Cardiff offers some great places to sit down, relax and watch the city go by.


The app is also always changing and updating as it offers easy ways for users to leave feedback about the walks provided and you could even create your own custom city walk or put a guide together to share with other visitors.

This walk also covered Cardiff Bay which is somewhere I love to explore especially on a warm and sunny day as it's view across the water is so beautiful. As I know the city pretty well I ended up just having a gentle stroll through the Bay but I think the Orientation walk on GPSmyCity is a great way for first-time visitors to explore Cardiff and it's an app that is definitely staying on my phone as we do a lot of city breaks and I am really impressed with how easy it is to use and how much information it offers.

Bay Barrage

I tried all the free features of GPSmyCity and was really impressed with all the guides you can access completely free of charge in all the major (and minor) cities in the world. You can of course also opt to upgrade at less than £10 for the year to have full access to higher res maps, travel articles and no ads, there is also a 3 day free trial of the upgraded version so you can see for yourself although either way the free features are fantastic and I would say this is a great app for those who love travel.

Self guided walks

Review - 100% my own thoughts 
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Win £100 to spend with Frederick Thomas this Fathers Day



So what felt like a really slow January and February the months just seem to be flying by now. I promised myself I would be more organised this year with things like Easter, Birthdays and celebrations as they always just seem to sneak up on me and life is already chaotic as it is running out to a shop at the last minute to buy an underwhelming present isn't ideal. I have got to grips with using a life planner and I reminding myself of things a few weeks before hand to give myself plenty of time. This includes Fathers Day which seems easy enough except it can be pretty hard to find that perfect gift for the man in you or your children's life.

This year Fathers Day is on the 17th June and if your stumped for ideas I might have just what your looking for, the chance to win a £100 voucher to spend online at Frederick Thomas which stocks some fantastic products to add that something special to Dads wardrobe. They have an array of cool, colorful and pocket squares, stylish bags, cufflinks, ties, socks and accessories. It's super easy to enter below and the giveaway ends on the 10th June. If your looking to orders something soon I am also offering every reader a £10 voucher using the code FATHERSDAY13 at the checkout.

Frederick Thomas

The competition is open to UK residents, and you must be over 18 years of age to enter. The
winner will be selected at random from all entries received by the closing date on 10th June
2018. Any entries after this date will not be considered. There is no cash alternative and no
change given if the prize amount is not spent. There will be ONE winner and the prize is as
specified. £10 voucher code for all readers expires 18 June 2018 and cannot be applied to
existing promotions.

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Using a Social Detox as a Therapist




Regardless of what you do, your background, your family dynamic, your size, where you live or how large your social circle is, we all experience up's and downs in life, this is a fact. The body and mind is made to feel certain emotions, it's how we grow and all apart of the learning process. Some days, weeks or years are simply harder than others and often when it happens it feels like it happens all at once.

As i'm now on the other side of what has been a difficult start to the year I wanted to share a little bit about the curve balls this year has thrown for me and how even when you try to just power through there is a point in which you have to stop and gather yourself before it really starts to cause havoc and admitting you need to slow down for a moment is not a sign or weakness but rather a sign that you care for your own wellbeing.

At the end of last year, just before Christmas I felt exhausted and burnt out and not just from work but from the constant juggling parents have to do as well as sheer sleep deprivation as my near 3yr old had still not slept through the night. This left me anemic, foggy, waking up dizzy and low blood pressure and was affecting so many aspects of my life. On top of this, I hadn't long lost my longest childhood friend in South Africa to cancer and I had just learned about a terminal diagnosis of my other closest friend, also in South Africa. It felt like both my new life here in the UK as well as my much loved old life in Cape Town were simultaneously falling apart and as was I.


Now this post isn't a pity party but more about how strong us woman can be when the chips are down but also allowing ourselves to recognise we are feeling overwhelmed and make changes, take time for yourself and ask for help if need be. I have a tendency to try and plow through, especially as I am self-employed and my household depends on both of our incomes, but this year I have made time to take a moment, to breath, to walk, to disconnect from social media and not get caught up in what is a positive and daily tool for my work but can be bad for anyone feeling a little vulnerable.

It can be hard stepping away when you work in social media but I promise things won't fall apart and I'm not even talking about going quite and deleting profiles, just give yourself a phone/screen free day once a week if your feeling a little on edge. Make sure to spend some time outdoors as well as in the company of friends and talk to family, face to face, these will all make you feel more grounded and supported in the real world. I have also learned to say no to things that cause to much work and not enough gain as well as learning to prioritise better and not take on too much. I have written a post before about 10 things to do when life's not going as planned and is well worth a read.

The internet can be a great tool and resource for support and advice but if your feeling off balance than I would recommend avoiding social media platforms or at least try and cut out the noise by only connect with close and supportive friends. If you really are struggling with any kind of issue, big or small then do talk to someone even if it's calling a helpline or using online services such as an online therapist if you don't feel comfortable talking to someone you know.

mental wellbeing

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King Arthur Hotel & Dinning at Swansea's Tallest Building


The Gower

On our recent weekend trip to The Gower and Swansea Bay we checked into the quaint and chic traditional inn that is the King Arthur Hotel in Reynoldston right in the heart of The Gower Peninsular and a great place to switch off and take in the countryside setting and is a world away from the vibrant Swansea City Centre. The King Arthur Hotel offers a variety of accommodation options from double and family sized rooms to character filled self-catering cottages. We had a  spacious family room in a converted annex around the back of the Inn which was perfect for us as it was away from any of the noise of the pub and had wonderful views.

The Gower

As we had a very busy first day Paddleboarding and then an afternoon walking along the pier of the Mumbles we decided to dine in the pub restaurant which is full of character but still very light and airy and the menu is modern and contemporary with great children's options. I opted for a delicious Chickpea veggie burger which was delicious as well as indulging in dessert. It was a great way to end the first day of exploring this beautiful part of Wales. 

King Arthur Hotel

Traditional Inn

On our second day exploring Swansea Bay we started out taking a hike in the Gower before heading back into the city where the kids enjoyed a swimming session at the LC2 leisure centre which has a fantastic indoor pool and slide complex. This really worked up an appetite which was good because we had a booking at The Grape and Olive in Swansea's tallest building, the Meridian Tower, which I was very excited for except I'm not great when it comes to elevators (I got stuck in one when I was younger) but I overcame that and it was completely worth it as the views are incredible. 

The menu is a fusion of modern and contemporary dishes with timeless classics and I was also happy to see a few local products being used on the menu and while it's very family friendly it's also the perfect place for a refined evening out. The kids really loved the food because it can be a little hit and miss when we eat out and the starter skewers were a fair favorite while I opted for the bread and oils to start. 

Grape and Olive

Meridian Tower

Grape and Olive

For the mains I had a Vegetarian style pot pie with sweet potato fries and green beans followed by an Apple crumble pie and both were excellent as was the general consensus from around the table. From start to finish we had great service and we really couldn't fault the food or the breathtaking views at all, so if you're looking for a unique dining experience in South Wales I recommend the Grape and Olive as it's certainly a treat. The foodie scene in Swansea Bay and The Gower is very much alive and throughout our whole stay we had some fantastic meals. If you want to see more of what we got up to make sure to check out my vlog from the trip. 

Grape and Olive

Food Swansea

Thanks to Visit Swansea Bay for inviting us to be their guests and explore Swansea Bay, views 100% our own.
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5 Short-Haul Exotic European Destinations


Exotic destination

When it comes to exotic destinations we often thinks of places like Thailand, Costa Rica or far-flung Caribbean islands but you really don't have to hop onto a long haul flight to find those white sands and crystal blue seas as there are plenty of short haul exotic destinations right here in Europe, making them a great for a mini-escape when you have had frankly enough of the unpredictable British weather. This list could easily be doubled what I am going to share but I thought I would put together a mix of places I have either been to or want to visit and certainly capture that exotic far-flung feeling.

1. Isles of Scilly

Less than a 10-minute flight from Lands End and you are instantly transported to somewhere so unique and special you will wonder why you have never visited before. We spent a week exploring the Isles of Scilly in 2016 and have been dreaming of going back ever since. Every morning we woke up to the most beautiful views and would take barefoot strolls on the beach after breakfast, the Isles move to its own slower time and you easily fall into that relaxing feeling while embracing all the simple pleasures. Despite it being the height of summer while we were there it wasn't busy at all, often finding ourselves alone on our beach walks on St Martins. The Isles are certainly up there with any other isolated beach destination and I highly recommend it.

St Martins
Enjoying St Martins, Isles of Scilly

2. Kotor, Montenegro

Ever since I went backpacking and inter-railing through Europe (before kids) I would hear so many fantastic things about Montenegro and actually headed down that way but detoured up through Croatia and Hungary and ever since have always wanted to go back visit. For those who don't know Kotor is a fortified town on the Adriatic coast and has long been a hot spot for the yachting set but now with easily available flights, it has opened the way to move people being able to visit this secluded bay. Despite it being frequented by the rich and famous there is also a simplicity here as well as four National Parks. stunning lakes and beautiful beaches there is plenty of outdoor fun to be had.

3. Antibes, South of France

If you already read my blog regularly you will know I have a real soft spot for the South of France, having worked and lived there for a few months just before settling down it's somewhere that is very close to my heart, so much so that it was the natural choice for where I wanted to celebrate my 30th Birthday. What I love about Antibes is it's so creative, colorful but slower and more quaint than Nice and less pretentious than Cannes. It has wonderful beaches that are safe for families to swim in as well as plenty of Gelato shops, museums and that laid back vibe that harks ever so gently to years gone by when Hollywood starlets would visit this region to retreat from it all. I've also written a family friendly guide to The South Of France so do check it out.

4. Capri, Italy

This Italian island in the Gulf of Naples is famed for it's natural beauty and youthful hednomism that has been attracting visitors since Roman times and it somewhere that is very high up on my bucket list. There is so much to see and do on this small island including the famous Blue Grotto, a beautiful sea cave with a tiny opening that attracts a lot of tourists. You could also hire your own motorboat and explore the island or go hiking on one of many trails.

5. El Hierro, Spain

Most will not have heard of the island of El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands, as well as the most natural and rugged and is completely self-sufficient using only renewable energy. It has a small airport that connects with Tenerife and is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve which means it has limited construction and while there are hotels and Villas and I recommend you book in advance, Interhome have some on their website, it's an Island very rich in natural wonders including rich forest, lava features and sea cliffs as well as a stunning coastline.

Beach holidays

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Standup Paddleboarding and exploring Swansea Bay



Swansea Canal

If you follow me on instagram you may already know that we recently spent a fantastic weekend exploring Swansea Bay and the Gower and wow what a weekend it was. Even though technically we don't live that far from Swansea as Cardiff is only an hour away we didn't actually realise how much of the Swansea peninsular we hadn't seen, despite having visited Swansea city centre and Mumbles before there is just so much more to this part of South Wales. It was a long overdue trip especially as I am very keen on watersports having grown up surfing in South Africa and the first activity of the weekend was Standup Paddleboarding with Matt from SUP Gower on the beautiful Swansea Canal at the Cyldach Heritage Centre.

Swansea Canal

Having not put my wetsuit on since before having my youngest 3yrs ago I was a little worried it was going to be on the tight side but luckily it was okay and I didnt even need to breath in too much to zip it up. Once all suited and booted Matt took me through the basics on land, showing me the differences in some of the boards, as well as basic health and safety. Luckily the sun was out and it had turned into a glorious morning on the canal as it's such a tranquil spot with plenty of walkers and birdwatchers and a great place for an introduction in to Standup Paddleboarding.

As it was my first time Sup'ing at they call it I spent the first few minutes paddling on my knees and getting to grips with all the equipment although with perfect conditions and a nice calm canal we were up and away in no time, meandering down the canal taking in the relaxing atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Swansea Canal

Swansea Canal

If your looking for a truly fun activity that is perfect for all ages and fitness levels than I highly recommend trying out Stand Up Paddleboarding and Matt is a fantastic teacher and a very experienced one having competed in Sup'ing internationally. If your looking for a more a bit more of an adrenaline hit then you can have lessons in the surf or head out to sea on a guided sup'ing season, all in and around Swansea so whatever takes for fancy from fast to slow that offer it all. 

After about an hour on the canal, smiles all round, we headed back and I have to say I have totally caught the bug and will be Sup'ing again sometime soon. After squeezing myself back out of my wetsuits we were back on the road and heading to The Mumbles, one of the prettiest little harbor towns in Wales and the perfect place to take the kids to fun some energy off. As it was lunchtime we went on the search for food, we had been recommended Verdis which looked fantastic but was full to the brim and impossible to get a table, which only serves to solidify the fact it's very good and we will have to return at some point to give it a try. Instead we decided to head further down towards the pier to see what we could find. 

Swansea Bay

Swansea Bay

We came across The Beach Hut which was perfect pitstops as it was welcoming, family friendly and offered some really great views of the coastline while digging into pizza and ice cream (I mean if you can't eat that at the seaside then when can you?). The interior is fun and colourful and the ice-cream parlor was certainly popular but with so many flavours I can see why. We then had a relaxing walk around the pier and down to the pebble beach, where the kids found some nice seashells and managed to have a quick dip of the toes in the water.

The Mumbles Pier

The Mumbles Pier

We couldn't of asked for a better day to start off our weekend exploring Swansea Bay, we were outside from morning to afternoon and enjoyed every second. We could have easily spent longer exploring the Mumbles but the kids just loved the time on the beach so much that we didn't want to rush them. We then took a slow walk back along the coastline before heading off to The King Arthur hotel on the Gower Peninsular, I will do a separate post about the Hotel but if your looking for a quaint place to stay right next to a traditional pub (but still very family friendly) then I recommend you check this out. 

Swansea Bay

Thanks so much to Swansea Bay for inviting us to discover this fantastic part of Wales. Words and views 100% our own.

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Designing our Dream Pet with PetPlan




Petplan recently got in touch and asked if my eldest would like to have a go at designing his own dream pet and as my 7yr old absolutely loves spending hours drawing and getting creative as well as a keen animal lover I knew this was a match made in heaven. Now I didn't tell him that his drawing was actually going to be made into a real soft toy, I left that as a surprise and what a surprise it was.

Both of my sons grew up with our family dog Sam who sadly passed away last year after a long and happy life and has been really missed by all of us. We have discussed the possibility of getting another pet or as we like to call it a "new member" of the family. My son absolutely loves everything about Cats so I wasn't surprised when that was his natural choice when it came to designing his own dream pet, although this cat is different, it's a superhero cat with wings who flies around helping others. 

designing a soft toy

When it arrived I was really excited to see what it looked like as well as watch my sons reaction when he opened the bag to see his vision come to life. Both of us were so impressed with how exact the soft toy was to his drawing, down to every whisker, colourful detail and slightly off balance wings, it's perfect and has immediately become his favourite soft toy and something he dearly loves. Of course this doesn't replace Sam our much missed family dog but its been a wonderful creative project and have been happy to have the chance to be apart of it.

Ever since I was a young girl we have always had a variety of pets and they have always been treated as equals in our house. If they are sick we would take them to the vet straightaway, care for them, love them the same as any other member of our family. Which is why we don't take things lightly when considering getting another one, for us it's for life and therefore all things need to be considered. One of the most important things firstly is making sure we have the right Pet Insurance because just like people animals get ill, face old age and need extra support which is why if you are considering getting a pet than do check out Pet Insurance from Petplan so you know you can offer your new member the safe and secure home they need.

pet plan

This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own

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Get Active with Cyclefest and Experience Freedom



As my children are now a little older the one activity we love to do as a family is hitting the cycle track near our home which runs all the way along the River Taff from the Brecon Beacons to Cardiff and has become one of our favourite weekend past times that we can do all together as a family because lets be honest it can be pretty tricky to find a physical activity that crosses the age divide as much as cycling does. I have struggled up to this point to fit in consistent physical activities and exercise since having kids. Which is why activities we can do altogether are the best and since my eldest has taken to cycling so much it's become something we really look forward to on weekends and we even have a trailer so our toddler can come along for the ride.

As my fitness and passion for cycling increases, I am always looking for little challenges, whether that be to do longer stretches of our local cycle track or see how long we can stay out on our bikes it's good to have a goal. This summer we have been looking at different ways to keep it interesting and the spark going especially with our 7yr old and I am really excited to tell you about the family-friendly Cyclefest, organised by Experience Freedom which is happening across two different venues over the summer. Cyclefest involves either a sporting route for the more serious cyclists as well as an 8-mile family bike ride suitable for young and old.


Cyclefest is happening at Sledmere, Yorkshire on the 27th May and also in Monmouth on the 26th August and your Cyclefest entry also allows access to the National hosted by the Caravan and Motorhome Club so if you're really looking for an adventure why not grab a pitch, camp and make a weekend of it. Both events are to be action-packed days out with craft areas, street food, bike demos and finisher medals for everyone that crosses the line of the family bike ride.

What we really love about cycling is being able to see parts of the UK from a different perspective, cycle track often take a more scenic route and it's a great way to get outdoors and have some downtime that is also quality family time. I also love the community that comes with exploring this beautiful country on two wheels so I love the idea of coming together with other like-minded families. If you sign up for the event you will also be automatically be entered into a competition to win a 6-night holiday in the Loire region of France. If your looking for an outdoor, cycle friendly adventure Experience Freedom the organiser of Cyclefest has an array of cool glamping and camping pods as well as yurts at over 40 sites in the UK.

Good news I actually have one set of family tickets (2 adults and 2 children) to giveaway to one lucky reader. The winner chooses which event they want to attend and the giveaway ends on the 20th May 2018

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Sponsored post in collaboration with Cyclefest

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Adagio tea review and giveaway


morning tea

I have always been a big herbal tea drinker, coming from South Africa I was brought up on Rooibos from a very early age as it's caffeine free and high in antioxidants and is common place in most homes in South Africa. I also love drinking tea in its most natural form as loose leaf so when Adagio Teas got in touch asking if I would like to review their large range of loose leaf teas I of course said yes.

With so many health benefits drinking a daily cup of herbal tea can be a very positive thing as well as your morning ritual and a calm way to start the day. Loose leaf tea is often in general higher quality and I love that Adagio offer sample boxes which give you the chance to try four different kinds of tea to find of for yourself which one you like best and each sample box has enough loose leaf tea for around 40 cups.

loose leaf tea

I really enjoyed trying out their Honeybush tea which is a sibling of Rooibos, also cultivated in South Africa and naturally caffeine free and subtly sweet with a gentle honey fragrance. Any tea you have in mind Adagio stocks from Chai teas to Oolong, green and Matcha teas and they also have an array of teaware, including their easy-to-use IngeuniTea mug making drinking loose leaf tea a breeze.

What I like about Adagio is that it's artisan teas and blends come directly from the farmers around the world and I have to say I am genuinely impressed with the quality of their tea as well as the variety in choice.

Adagio tea

Best of all is I have a fantastic giveaway giving one lucky reader the chance to win a Glass teapot (worth £30), Glass Mug and 6 sampler sets with the winner being able to pick the flavors they would prefer. This giveaway has a value of more than £70 and is a great way to get into loose leaf tea drinking. It's super easy to enter and the giveaway ends on the 21st May 2018

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