Transforming your conservatory into a stylish space


Home interior

It's official we have started the property search for what will hopefully be our long-term home and a place we can feel settled. What we are looking for in the next property we buy is potential, the potential to add value, space and to be able to make our own.

The last two properties have both needed work so that is not an issue, as long as we can adjust the layout to suit our needs then it's worth all the hard work and sweat to make it something special. There are a few things on our checklist such as outdoor space, two receptions rooms and preferable a family room that can bring the outside in and a conservatory would be perfect for that.

Conservatories can sometimes get a bad wrap, some people may perceive them as outdated or limited in it's use but this could not be more untrue, if done properly they can be really stylish spaces that add value to your property as well as creating a somewhere you want to spend time in all year round. Sometimes all a conservatory needs is a revamp or a new roof which can lead to a huge transformation without you having to take the whole thing down or spend a lot of money - accordingly, websites such as offer this service and are worth checking out.

nature in the home

1. Bring the outdoors in - if there is one room that is perfect for bringing nature into the home a conservatory is it. Plants are a great way to inject a little bit of colour into a space as well as creating a smooth flow from outside in with matching earthy tones being pleasing to the eye. You can also get creative with how you display different plants and flowers such as using some glass hanging baskets also allowing the natural light to pass through them.

2. Dress up your windows - windows really are the main focus of a conservatory and should not be overlooked, as they are what make this room special and different from the rest of the house. You should always invest in good quality blinds such as specialist ones from Thomas Sanderson. The main benefit for going with a company that specialises in conservatory blinds is that they are made to fit as well as having over 1000 options in different colours and being energy efficient they help regulate the temperature in the room. 

Laura Ashley
Laura Ashley designer blinds

3. Use a natural palette - Conservatories are naturally very light and airy and you don't want to detract from that with anything too loud or overbearing so stick to more neutral shades such as Duck Egg or French Grey. These work well with the outdoor tones of your garden creating a a calm and tranquil space. Personally I would recommend looking at the Laura Ashley paint collection which I have used many times in my own home, this can be paired up perfectly with the Laura Ashley conservatory blinds such as the beautiful ones in the image above. 

energy saving blinds

4. Creating an All-season space - as I have mentioned earlier in this post some people may be under the impression that conservatories are only really used for a limited time of the year, such as spring and autumn when it is not too hot or too cold. It's true that some lower quality conservatories can get very cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer which is why it's firstly important to invest in a conservatory that is well made from a reputable company as well as temperature controlling blinds which can make a huge difference. The Duette® energy saving blinds really do make your conservatory an all year round room fit for any purpose with it's double-layered cellular function that not only reduces heart but also has high sound absorbing qualities making your room as place of peace and relaxation.

rattan furniture

5. Style with natural textures and furniture - a Conservatory really is a special place and somewhere you can break the rules a little bit more and style it in a way thats different to the rest of the house. Keeping in with the natural flowing theme of the outside in I would recommend looking at hard-wearing wicker or rattan furniture that is not only stylish but also perfect for a family home as it's robust and the platted feature also works well with pleated blinds. When it comes to carpet and flooring the same can apply with options such as coir or sisal which will also match the earthy tones of the outdoors. 

As with any room in the house a conservatory should be given as much time and effort into it styling and furnishing as any other space. This will create a natural flow from the rest of the house and not only add value to your property but a room that you can really enjoy any time of the year.

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The Happy Now


life lately

So every month or so I like to go back through my instagram and pick out a few of our favourite memories, the days or moments that made us smile. As they say one picture can mean a thousand words and I think that is so true.

1. We discovered a secret picnic spot and garden near Cardiff which the boys love, it's full of amazing flowers and is lovely and quiet.
2. Reflecting on one of our favourite pieces in the house - this wooden peace sign was the first thing John and I bought together before having kids, for a house that would become a home.
3. We spent a beautiful sunny day strolling around the streets of the Welsh market town -Brecon. We also enjoyed a gentle paddle boat trip down the river Usk.
4. We have been trying to make small green and ethical changes to our lifestyle so I picked up this Keep Cup which is a barista quality glass coffee cup to use on the go, instead of using non-recyclable cups from high-street coffee shops.
5. We finally found time to check out the new Lido in Pontypridd park, the boys loved swimming outdoors and the retro feel of the place is great.
6. John and I went on a very rare date lunch at Wahaca which is just what we needed and this espresso and Mexican hot chocolate combo was a great way to end a wonderful meal.
7. I feel in love with these black and gold wall paper at Locke and Remedy in Cardiff (which also happens to serve amazing pizza) Baby G was less keen.
8. We enjoyed a lovely fathers day in Cardiff, John took my eldest to the cinema while I managed a little bit of shopping before we enjoyed a nice meal together as a family.
9. Earlier this month we ventured over the bridge into England and a fantastic day spent exploring the SS Great Britain and Bristol harbour, which I will share in a bigger post soon.

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Eye of the beholder



Wow it's been a bit of a manic week after an exciting Fathers Day last weekend and getting ready for a little adventure in London this weekend, time has just flown by but I did manage to pop into town and visited on go my favourite shops - Tiger Store and came across these fun sunglasses and couldn't resist picking them up. If anyone is wondering what they say - beauty is in the eye of the beholder - which I think is so true and reminds me that you need to be yourself, love yourself and have fun when it comes to personal style.

Also following on from trying to inject some more ethical style into my wardrobe I picked up this green organic vest from H&M conscious collection and paired it up with my M&S jacket and Karen Millen trousers and Superga shoes which are my go to trainers when running around the city or with my kids. I'm also really looking forward to seeing some friends, old and new at Britmums this weekend so do come and say hi if your there.

Have joined up with Classy Mondays Fashion Linkup 
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Duvets, Dens and Dining




If I could imagine my dream way to spend an evening with the ones I love, it would involve good food, sitting somewhere cosy and luxurious with fairy lights and being wrapped up in my duvet and soft Egyptian cotton while watching my favourite film and getting lots of hugs and cuddles from my boys. Opening up a bottle of bubbly, indulging in some devilishly good chocolate treats and to top it off not having to do the dishes would be perfection.

I don't feel I am alone in thinking the idea of having freshly cooked food brought to you in bed or sitting on pillows in a Bedouin style den is an amazing way to spend an evening. Some of you may have already heard of the pop-up Duvet Dining experiences that have taken place in London, Belfast and Edinburgh recently and are the brainchild of TK Maxx who are celebrating the launch of their fun and creative Ridiculous Possibilities campaign which is capturing the idea that anything is possible in store. They also and set me a challenge to re-create our own DuvetDining experience at home.


Duvet Dining

We are always up for a challenge and thought we would do a child friendly version by creating a whimsical den packed with loads of soft pillows, throws, duvets and soft linens from TK Maxx, as well as other little touches such as vintage tea cups and bohenima lanterns. It can be hard to get both of the boys to sit down and eat together but on this occasion I didn't think it would be a problem and needless to say when the boys came into the room their faces lit up with excitement, they immediately made themselves at home.

Duvet Dining
Some little man really enjoyed himself

We had a delicious afternoon tea delivered for us so we could really experience DuvetDining for ourselves and all our eyes widened when we saw the fresh strawberries, blueberries, scones and brownies and some child friendly sparkling authentic french pink lemonade. My youngest absolutely loves fruit and nearly devoured all the blueberries himself while my eldest divined into the Belgian Chocolate brownie. It was really a magical way to spend an afternoon with lots of delicious food, laughs and cuddles to be had, as well as a touch of luxury.

My eldest kept asking if we could do this every day and even though that may not be practical on a daily basis we are certainly going to embrace more DuvetDining into our lives and with regular deliveries being made each week to TK Maxx stores and at prices up to 60% of RRP, I challenge you to pop into store and see what Ridiculous Possibilities you stumble on to.

Duvet Dining

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Games to stimulate your brain



As a mum, you want to keep your brain active, and a great way of doing so is through games, with many of the best games for stimulating your brain available to download.

You will likely have read about research pointing to a general decline in people’s IQ and concentration levels, and there is something to the idea that modern life, with its relentless focus on technology and what is happening in the immediate moment, is having an adverse effect on our ability to concentrate. At the same time, technology offers solutions to help stimulate the mind. Specifically, there are many games and apps available to download to get your mind working. As a mum, you need an active mind, both for your sake and for that of your children.

What are some of the best games available to help stimulate the brain?

1. Lumosity - One of the most popular brain games available to download. It boasts more than 70 million users worldwide. Lumosity is described as a cognitive science app and uses science to create a number of games to stimulate the brain. Users choose the type of mental functions they wish to stimulate and Lumosity creates a customized routine that can be used daily to keep the mind in shape.

2. Fit Brains - A similar platform to Lumosity, which uses a series of brain games focused on six of the key mental functions. These functions are memory, focus, speed, visual, logic and language. Fit Brains employs a methodology to keep track of your progress and it then makes recommendations on making the challenges more difficult.

3. Eidetic - Memorizing and retaining information is as important to mums as it is to anyone else, and when you live a hectic life – and looking after young children can certainly be hectic – memorizing information might not be so easy. A useful brain game for memorizing anything from phone numbers to bank account information is Eidetic. Simply enter the information you want to remember into the Eidetic app and it then sends you notifications when the app wants you to test yourself. The tests are spaced out over the course of time, ensuring that you get to retain the information for longer.

4. Elevate - Another option, and one that would suit those who find they have little time to spare, is Elevate. It aims to boost memory, reading comprehension and the ability to focus, and does so using a series of exercises that take only a couple of minutes each to finish. Users get a higher score for speed and accuracy and you can track your progress to see what improvements you are making.

5. Traditional Puzzle Games - One should never underestimate more traditional games that challenge the brain such as Sudoko, crosswords of even bingo. As with all of these they can be played online and at home, making it easier to fit in 5 minutes of brain training at day. is that like so many other games, bingo has gone online. Older people will tell you how these traditional games such as bingo is for keeping the mind alert and helps improve hand and eye coordination.

Mums might also like to know that there are some great options online and to download in respect of brain games that they can play with their children. Stimulating your child’s brain is essential in order to create a learning environment in the home and give your child the best start in life before they start their formal education. Choose games that focus on maths and reading in particular, but remember also to choose games that are fun and stimulating for your child. Learning does not have to be dull, nor should it be, and brain games for children can be fun and colourful as well as functional.

When it comes to keeping your brain fit, novelty is a key factor, so try to play those games that have different features and options. Stimulating your brain using games is a great way to keep your mind in shape, and with the advent of smartphones and tablets, you can play online games wherever you are, at a time that suits you.

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Embrace the Force this Fathers Day



No longer are the days when the popularity of Stars Wars was mainly among adults who were old enough to see the original trilogy or the tail end of it. Of course the films have a massive cult status and have always appeal to fans of all ages but never has there been such an influx and renewed excitement with younger children as there is now with Disney taking the reins of the new films. My is now versed in all things Star Wars and has been teaching me all about At-AT's, storm troopers and the force. Star Wars has always been the exception to the rule but even so its great to see it's enthusiasm and love cross so many generations which is why something Star Wars related makes the perfect Fathers Day present, especially one that can be done together as a family.

My 5yr old loves to build lego's and models so I knew these Star Wars activity book and cardboard models from Egmont would be the perfect thing to give his Dad this Fathers Day as this would provide a fun activity for both of them to do. We thought in the run up we would put one of the kits to the test see just how doable it was for a 5yr old and with my help we really enjoyed putting the At-At together as well as going through the puzzles and activities in the book.

He did need some assistance although not too much to make the At-At which is surprisingly durable and very well designed. It took us around half an hour to build and was a great family activity to do together and we have kept the Millennium Falcon to gift to John so that they have something they can do together on Fathers Day.  John being a Star Wars fan and the Falcon being from the original trilogy I know this is going to be something that can really bond over.

The great thing about these activity book and model is they are not super expensive which can be the case with some Star Wars related gifts, coming in at £8.99 and best of all I have one Smuggles Starship activity books to giveaway to one of my readers. It's super easy to enter and the giveaway ends on the 26th of June

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was gift the two sets to try out, build and review for this post, options 100% my own
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Coffee, Cream and Breakfast in Bed


breakfast pancakes

When it comes to special occasions I am all about the small details and the little things you can do to show your loved ones how much you care. It doesn't have to be a big grand gesture or something expensive but rather a home-made card or breakfast in bed, which is always my preference over anything else, so for this Fathers Day I have planned something a little extra special.

Both John and I are big coffee fans, I mean who isn't when you have kids, hello caffeine! We have been trying to refine the art of coffee making at home and I recently upgraded our ageing coffee machine to a Krups Nespresso Prodigy & Milk coffee machine and will hopefully master latte art soon but for now I thought I would put something quick and easy together for Fathers Day as I know I will be short of time with the two kids running around wanting to help.

Coffee capsules

Pancakes in our house is a regular thing on Sunday mornings so I thought I would get creative with my go-to American style pancake recipe by adding a shot of espresso for a morning kick and it actually worked really well topped with some lightly sautéed banana and some maple syrup. John being an espresso lover I thought I would serve this up with a Vanilio espresso Con Panna which is basically a vanilla flavoured espresso topped with whipped creme and chocolate sprinkles. Nespresso also do a Ciocattino (chocolate flavoured) or a Caramelito of which both would work well in place of the Vanilio Grand Cru.


Gluten Free Coffee Flavoured Pancakes

200g gluten-free flour
1 1/2 baking powder
2 eggs
150ml milk
1 shot of Grand Cru espresso
100g greek yogurt
1 tbsp sunflower oil

Mix the flour and baking powder together then add the eggs, milk, espresso shot, yogurt and oil. Blend altogether into a smooth batter.

Lightly grease a large frying pan and drop spoonfuls of batter and cook for 4-5 mins, turning once.

Batch makes around 24 pancakes. Serve topped with lightly fried banana and maple syrup.

These pancakes along with the Vanilla Espresso Con Panna turn breakfast into something really amazing. The best thing about having a Nespresso machine at home is being able to make espressos at the touch of a finger, well in our case your can even connect your phone and do it via your mobile, so adding the shot of coffee took no extra time at all. So why not give them a go this Fathers day because honestly who doesn't like a lazy breakfast in bed, I know I do!


I was invited by Debenhams to create a coffee inspired recipe for Fathers Days, they provided me with the Krups Coffee machine. Personally I would buy this machine as it's amazing, easy to use and makes delicious coffee and would recommend it - this 100% my own opinion.
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3 Lessons I've learnt to create a Low-Stress Lifestyle


happy family

While furthering my education was initially one of the most stressful and challenging things I've ever done as I had just had my first son, the lessons I learned from the experience on reflection have made it easier for me to lead a low-stress lifestyle, or at least attempt to. I always look back to that time and use it as a pin-point in terms of being over stretched and how even when I am feeling overwhelmed now I know I have come a long way personally, financially and in my work.

1. Stress Inhibits and Hinders Decision-Making Skills

We often stress about making the right decisions without even realising that the stress alone is hurting our chances of making logical choices. Being able to look at your own situation from the outside looking in will help you formulate a plan that is based on logic and not emotions or opinions. It's surprising how much stress can interfere with daily life so talking to someone to help put things into perceptive wether that be friends, family or a counsellor or psychologist and with so much of the world being online now you can even access them digitally.

2. Not Worrying is Easier and More Productive

While having genuine concerns is not necessarily a bad thing, there comes a point when debating the possible outcomes in your mind becomes counterproductive. Logically, the thing you're worrying about could either turn out just fine or everything could go horribly wrong, but by constantly worrying about the latter you're actually increasing the chances of that negative result materializing. That might sound like metaphysical jargon, but it really is just another way to say “if you spend your time worrying instead of taking action, the very thing you worry about might become a very real problem.” You have to know how to turn off the worry switch at any given time.

3. Balance Reduces Burden

Have you ever wondered how some of the busiest people in the world still manage to enjoy their vacations? Many of these people are face big challenges but they still manage to forget their worries and have a good time. Well it's something I still need to work on and that;s maintaining a balanced lifestyle, which really is key to keeping stress levels low. Create an agenda that allocates an appropriate amount of work and leisure time, then the only thing left to stress about is sticking to your schedule.

A Little Stress Can Be a Good Thing 

Don't underestimate the importance of moderation when it comes to stress. Too much stress can be unhealthy, but a complete lack of stress can lead to carefree complacency, which can land you in situations that will ultimately increase your stress in the long-term. Thus, try to find a balance that allows you to stress enough to get things done, yet not so much that it affects your wellbeing. If I could go back in time I often wonder if I would of studied something else like counselling or social work and in reality that is still possible with online courses from MSW Rutgers, in fact my brother is going back study and has recently applied to do Politics at the Open University. What are your best de-stressing tips and would you got back to study if you could?

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Top 10 things to do in Helsinki with Kids


Family travel

This year we were lucky enough to tick off a city we have been wanting to visit for years - Helsinki! You may have read my post about the inspiring architecture the city has to offer but I also wanted to share our experiences visiting the Finnish Capital with kids in tow. 

There are so many reasons as to why Helsinki is a fantastic choice for a family holiday or city break with the fact it's so safe, clean, creative and welcoming. We stayed a whole week in the city and could have stayed another week and still would not have been able to see and do everything we wanted to as you are really spoilt for choice. Saying that though we did manage to cram a whole lot in and thought we would share our top 10 places to take kids in Helsinki.

Mr A on the fortress island of Sumenlinna

1. Suomenlinna Island

Suomenlinna Fortress island is one of 300 islands off the coast of Helsinki, it's a World Heritage site and only a 15min ferry from the city centre. You will want to allocate at least half a day to exploring this wonderful place as there is so much to see and do. The island which is home to about 800 residents who now live in converted fortifications and old garrison buildings, has lots of amenities from museums, parks, restaurants and cafes. We really enjoyed learning more about the history of the island at The Suomenlinna Museum and walked over to see the Vesikko Submarine which had served in the second world war. The boys really enjoyed playing with local kids in the little play park next to Somenlinna Church and the views across the bay back to Helsinki are so beautiful. Before heading back to the mainland we popped into the Cafe Bar next to the harbour for a spot of local Cider.

Helsinki Natural History Museum
Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum

2. Natural History Museum

As soon as you step through the doors into this beautiful building with it's stunning staircase, archways and original floor tiles you are faced with a huge Elephant and immediately know it's going to be a great place for kids to explore, learn and have fun. This is not the biggest Natural museum but it is one of the best we have been too, with excellent detailed exhibitions including a floor dedicated to dinosaurs which of course was popular with my eldest. You could easily spend a few hours here and they also have a nice little cafe which is flooded with natural light from stunning floor to ceiling windows.

Sky Wheel Helsinki

Sky Wheel

3. SkyWheel

Over looking the harbour and ferry port the sky wheel offers you the best view of Helsinki. Similar to that of the London Eye but on a slightly smaller scale this offers a unique experience and is really great if your short on time and want to do something fun that gives you an different view of the city as the experience itself only lasts around 15mins. Both of my boys loved looking across the bay at the big cruise liners and the cathedral and we would recommend this (although not if you have a fear of heights).

4. Helsinki Zoo

On a personal level I am always in two minds when it comes to Zoos but after some research we discovered that Helsinki Zoo invests a lot in conservation and biodiversity and the zoo is one of very few located on an island. Both boys are huge animal lovers so when we asked our eldest what was the one place he wanted to visit the Zoo was top of the list. As we were there in Springtime the ferry was not running so we took the special zoo bus from central station which was equally interesting as it was nice to get out of the city and see some of the suburbs. Highlights of the day were seeing the reindeer and big cats as well as the bears which can be viewed from multiple spots including the family friendly cafe.

5. Sea Life

This is a great option on a rainy day but you still want to feel that connection to nature. Very family friendly and lots to see and do with very well informed staff that are more than happy to help. It's a fairly small aquarium but half way through the exhibition they have a little "beach" area for children to play in with buckets and spades and loads of sand. My eldest loved the Eels, Spider crabs and Poison dart frogs. Sea Life is also located near Toulonlahti Park which is a lovely open space to explore with a beautiful lake. 

Rock Church Helsinki
The Inspiring Temmeliaukio Church in Helsinki

6. Rock Church

Temppeliaukio Church or known as The Rock Church is a must see for all ages despite your religious (or non-religious) status as the interior walls are created by natural rock and it's absolutely fascinating and nothing like you have seen before. Opened in 1969 and designed by architects Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen it adds to the design forward Helsinki and is an architectural feat. 

Moomin Helsinki

7. Moomin Store

No so much an attraction but rather if your kids are fans of the Moomins such as my son than a little trip to The Moomin Shop forum near Central Station is worth a look as they literally have everything Moomin from bedding to toys, chocolate, clothes and everything in-between. For those who don't know about the Moomins they are more than just characters from children books they are ingrained into Finnish culture and their gentle, peaceful and liberal but defiant ways are more a way of life.

Helsinki Park

8. City Parks

Helsinki is a very green city with plenty of parks dotting all over the city providing lots of opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy nature. We enjoyed exploring the winter garden around Toolonlahti Bay in the centre of Helsinki, which is great for keen bird watchers, walkers as well as seeing some of the original wooden villas that line the shore of the lake and are a reminder of Helsinki's history. They have also recently opened a little play park at the one end which my eldest loved.

9. Senate Square

Senate Square is located on the oldest part of central Helsinki and if you are limited for time then this is a place to check out as you will find famous landmarks such as the Helsinki Cathedral, the Government Palace and the main building of the University of Helsinki - all architectural marvels. The square is also nice and large with space for kids to run and often has street performers

10.  Sotamuseo Museum 

The Military Museum of Finland may not seem like the obvious choice for children but my son is fascinated with the military (even though I am pacifist I support his interests). What we did find is that this museum is a treasure trove for those who want to know more about Finland's history and how they gained their independence. All the exhibitions are child appropriate and very well demonstrated with the chance to climb into a winter log bunker. There are also lots of machinery, snow ski's and tanks as well as a great little Finnish log cabin cafe with a basic but very local menu and was a very pleasant surprise. 

Packing my Suitcase

Thanks to Visit Helsinki and Finnair for inviting us to explore this amazing city.
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Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide



Nice, France

Are you feeling a little stuck or uninspired in the run up to fathers day? Or simply looking for something a little bit different or unusual? Well I have put together a fun and interesting gift guide which should of have something for everyone, regardless of budget. First of all some of you may already know I have been working with Braun and John personally put the beard trimmer to the test so if your looking to have your man neaten up his unruly beard than the Braun Beard Trimmer is a winner.

Beard Trimmer

If you want to tap into their interests wether he be an extreme junki, a fitness freak or rather prefer to spend his days with a beer in hand and a bbq going then these three options are worth looking at. First is the Black Belt Beer Box from Beer Hawk which includes 4 distinctly different beers along with a black belt beer guide so Dad can begin his journey of discovery, best of all it's currently selling for a special price of £12 (normally £20)

Extreme sports

If you are not 100% sure of what will take your other half's fancy but know he would enjoy something active and outdoors then the Action Adventures smart box which has more than 300 exciting experiences to choose from including adrenaline thrills, action sports and driving and costs £49.99

If your planning to become a little bit more active or want to enjoy family bike rides than any man would be over the moon with one of these super stylish Loft 7i aluminium frame Electra bike which is perfect for the commuter, meaning he can save money and get fit, plus they are made to last and retail for around £450-£600

If the man in your life is more into fashion and style then I have put together a few ideas below that hit the mark with practicality, design and are on trend and perfect for Fathers Day. I know that John always loves to get something he can wear, this is probably because as soon as you have kids the clothes budget tends to go on them than yourself.

Fathers Day

1. Mayfly Woven Nike trainers £90
2. Armor-Lux Heritage t-shirt £ 45
3. Fathers Quarterly magazine £15
4. Fjall Raven Kanken Canvas and Leather backpack £109 
5. Timex X Red Wing Waterbury watch  £79
6. Ralph Lauren Blue Spray £60

I'm working with Britmums and Braun on #TeamSoft v #TeamTickly campaign about how to get the best kisses this Fathers Day. All words and thoughts are my own

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Moving on up - From cot to bed



Happy child

It feels like I blinked and my youngest has gone from a newborn to a toddler in no time and is learning things at such a fast pace. He watches his older brother like a hawk and is so eager to get involved and keep up with him. 

Every morning he climbs over me as we co-sleep most nights and the first thing he does is go to his brothers room to see if he is awake and tries to climb into his bed, which doesn't always go down well with my eldest. As soon as Baby G is up he is going a hundred miles an hour and I think things have happened quicker the second time around such as walking, using cutlery and his communication skills because he has an older sibling to look up too.

toddler bed

Even though like I said we co-sleep nearly every night and my youngest is yet to actually spend any time over night in his own bedroom we feel thats it's not going to be that much longer that he will be ready to go from the travel cot that is right next to our bed to his own toddler bed so we decided to set it up in his bedroom and see what he thought of it.

He immediately climbed on to it and got under the covers, imitating his brother and finding the whole thing amusing. We know it's going to be at least another 3-4 months before we would be happy to let him sleep on his own as he still tosses and turns to much to be safe in a toddler bed as well as being unsupervised if he decides to get up on his own in the night but change is certainly on it's way and we want to be prepared.

kids bedding

Just like with a cot you need to think of comfort as this of course is going to have a massive impact on their quality of sleep, as well as making sure you have a waterproof protector wether they are still in nappies or not. The Fine Bedding company have recently introduce a children's range that offers all  those bedding essentials including water proof protector sheets, washable pillows and duvets all of which is breathable and hypoallergenic.

We do feel like we learnt a few things through trial and error the first time around and thought I would share my top 3 cot to bed transitioning tips.

1. If your child is moving into a new bed it can be daunting change and upset the night-time routine and it will take a time to adjust so try and keep things simple and calm. Invest in a soothing and gentle projection nightlight as well as black out curtains and keep favourite teddies nearby for comfort.

2. Once you change over to a toddler bed ditch the grow bags and start using lightweight breathable duvets as sleeping bags can not only start to be quiet restrictive for a toddler but also cause a potential tripping hazard should they get up in the middle of the night and attempt to get out of bed.

3. Be patient as it may take a while before they settle into their new bed and if you are getting stressed or trying to rush the process they will pick that up and feel less settled. The main thing is to create a calm and safe environment. Also unlike a crib or cot they can now freely get in and out of bed so make sure you have nothing they can trip over or hurt themselves on.

 This is a collaborative post

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