A little Amsterdam teaser


Street Art

If you follow us on twitter and instagram you will already know that we recently flew off to Amsterdam with KLM Airlines from our local Airport, Cardiff for a fun filled weekend in this beautiful and culturally packed city. We cannot wait to share our experience with you and how family friendly this colourful city really is. Flying from our local airport meant we had as much time in the city as possible and also meant less stress with getting to the airport in time. As soon as we arrived the little man was intrigued with all the street art, food and vibrant nature of the place. I thought I would put up a few teaser photos before the large posts follow later this week.

Amsterdam canal

Amsterdam canals

boho cafe


  1. Lovely photos - loved following your trip on instagram. Looks like you enjoyed :-)

  2. Lovely pics, I absolutely love Amsterdam, it is so beautifully picturesque and of course cultured ;) x

  3. Lovely photo's! Your boy is super cute! I'm going to follow you on Instagram now so I can keep up with your pretty pictures!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs xxx

  4. Great photos. Amsterdam is one of my fave cities, I've had 3 very different experiences there but never a family trip. I'd love to see more of your trip and how it works with children.


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