Discovering the new me at 30


30th birthday in France
Enjoying my 30th with the family in Nice, France 

Turning 30 and celebrating my birthday in Paris and the South of France made me feel nowhere near 30, come on ladies, don’t frown after all age is just a number! Well at least John says I haven’t aged at all, although he would say that. My son seems to believe I just look the same as ever but than again he is only four, even though settling down and having a child has definitely made me mature both physically and mentally, I know I look more tired, my face slightly more worn but that is life and I am so grateful for the one I have. Life is short and we have to enjoy it in every bit, as the French popularly says C’est La Vie. 

Street Style fashion Paris
At my 30th birthday lunch at Ralphs in Paris

We were once walking down by a Village called Charonne, it is the most authentic village present in Paris. The cobbled roads, church in the plateau, it’s quite breath-taking and it reminded me of some of the old and quaint British villages. Strangely, sometimes few of these instances bring you back certain memories. Fleeting thoughts of talks, travels and carefree times with my friends. Well, nowadays it’s a lot different and much harder to take out an extra time to see friends as my son is 4 years old and he is my first priority but luckily I have a few friends with kids the same age which means coffee and park dates which are just as fun. 

Being 30 and being a parent just feels right

But we do all need a break from time to time, even if it's only for an hour, I have also thought it's good to create a balance, something which can be hard when I have the little man at home with me every day but evenings have become time of clam and reflecting as well as work and talking to John. 
I also love to read about the world, different cultures and planning our next adventures, John is an avid reader as well and enjoyed his down time with a book. I know some people like to watch movies or play online games such as bingo from Game Village - I just think whatever gives you peace and mind for a second or some enjoyment than why not and I know bingo games and other such thinks can be relaxing for some and I mean who wouldn't want to hit a big jackpot - I would love to than I could travel the world forever.

toddler baking
We love spending time in the kitchen
Even when the little man is at home we love to get outside and explore the outdoors, or spend time in the kitchen cooking and trying new recipes as we love healthy food and trying new things. As they say home is where heart is and both John and I also have a passion for interior designing. It’s quite a bliss to have varieties of taste and decide on the best that suits us both. Being 30 is just fabulous, you get to explore a newer maturer you. You tend to start defining yourself further. As long as my dear family is happy with me, that’s my absolute joy. You could also find the fascinating part of you that you haven’t explored yet, till then Bon Voyage from me on finding the unique part of yourself.


  1. Fantastic post! I turned 40 this year and wish I had the opportunity to travel but am tied down for the next few years until my husband retires, when we hope to get wanderlust. I totally resonate with the idea of balance and finding your likes and needs as an individual with every passing year.

  2. Firstly happy belated and 30 is just another number you looks great and I think you look even younger. Hope you had fun in France

  3. Wow. Nice and fun way to spend your 30th birthday!


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