Nausicaa National Sea Centre, France



Last week I wrote about our experience of taking the short channel crossing P&O ferry from Dover to Calais as well as our fantastic stay at the rural Hotel Du Parc near the small Northern French hamlet of Hardelot. The absolute highlight of the trip was spending the best part of a day exploring Nausicaa, Frances National Sea Centre which is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year. 

Located in the coastal city of Boulogne-sur-Mer, the sea centre sits on the sand, looking across a long beach and straight away you can feel the connection between man and the ocean. This place is so much more than just an Aquarium, they have a real passion for conservation, education and both kids despite the age difference equally enjoyed it. 

France National Sea Centre

As soon as you step into Nausicaa you start to get a sense of just how large this place is and can see why it attracts around 600 000 visitors a year, especially as it's only 2hrs travelling time from both London and Paris making is a fantastic day trip. On a personal level we are very conscious with places like this and make sure to only support business that put ethics and the environment at the forefront and I am glad to say Nausicaa doses it's main mission is to raise awareness of the need to manage the oceans in a sustainable way and their exhibitions carry a clear message of presented in an attractive, non-sensory way that humans are not owners of the sea but stewards and we must learn to use and manage its resources in a rational and responsible way. 

So what were the highlights for Nausicaa for us?

Hands down their new tropical forest inspired exhibit which was visual so colouring and engaging for children. It's created a real space to showcase biodiversity in a fun way for children with a variety of frogs, snakes and chameleons. Both boys where also captivated by the Jellyfish display which are so mesmerising. There is also a cool balcony bar overlooking the mangrove swamp and is the perfect place to stop half way through exploring this massive centre and enjoy a drink, fish and people watching and some simple French dishes. 

Nausicaa also offers seasonal events with Taste Week coming up this October which is hoping to encourage people to consume seafood responsibly and raise awareness about over fishing and the need for sustainable use of the ocean. October also hosts Shark Week and will be running a special program.

We have put together a little vlog of our Northern France adventure and we highly recommend visiting the National Sea Centre if your looking for a day trip that is not only family friendly but also inspires learning about the importance of looking after our sea and coastlines.

Thanks to Nausicaa for inviting us to visit the National Sea Centre 
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Blazers and Bank Holiday style



Monochrome fashion

What a wonderful end to a bank holiday, after a bit of a rainy start it was nice to finish with a blast of sunshine and some time spent in Cardiff at the Street Food Circus and then a walk through the park. You can really sense that change in season with the days slowly getting cooler and more jackets are making there way out from the back of my wardrobe. 

I also treated myself to this cute organic Cactus printed tee from one of my favourite ethical brands People Tree and managed to get this for a real steal in their sale and adds that little bit of colour to what would be a straight monochrome outfit. So this weekends street style outfit is Karen Millen trousers, People Tree t-shirt, Wallis blazer, Doc Marten shoes and an Anchor and Crew necklace. 

I have to say secretly I am quite looking forward to Autumn, don't get me wrong I absolutely love summer as it's my favourite season of all but there is something so lovely and cosy about Autumn, as well as watching the leaves change and getting the big chunky sweaters out. Who else feels the same? 

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Taylors Tea and saving Bees



bee mug

I feel with age and each year passing I've started to see a more defined picture of myself, what I stand for and believe in and the type of legacy I want to leave behind for my children. As I get older my passion for the environment, outdoors and nature has grown year on year and as a household we aim to consciously leave as little impact on this earth as possible. As they say one person cannot make much of a difference but if we all made small positive changes together we really could make an impact.

If your interested in gardening and the environment, like most people will know our precious native British honey bees have been in decline but a whole 50% over the past 25 years which really is a very scary thought when so much depends on them. The sad thing is a lot of their decline is down to us and how we treat this beautiful planet of ours, the pollution, pesticides and man-made changes to their environment so when Taylors Of Harrogate got in touch to tell me they were giving something back to the bees and providing them with the most amazing Grand Budapest Inspired Hive.

Grand Budapest Hotel

They also sent us a little starter pack with wild flower seeds and our own mini bee hotel to make our garden as friendly and welcoming to bees and pollinating insects. One section of our garden has been purposely been left to grow wild with a few brambles and blackberries hanging over the garden walls with an abundance of hedge woundwort, roses and various other creepers, there is also a little bench and it's my favourite spot to relax in on a warm day while watching the kids run around. Near our wild spot is a little walled shelf where we have placed our original bug hotel which has become home to a few solitary overflies, spiders and woodlouse and now our new mini bee hotel stands proudly next to it and we are hoping the nearby flowers will attract some new residents to it.

rose bush

bug hotel

There are so many simple and easy ways to help protect and attract bees to your garden, courtyard or even balcony and these small actions can lead to big change. Remember the worlds crops and flowering plants rely on insects such as bees, wasps,  hoverflies and such to pollinate and without them it would directly affect to food we eat or the tea and coffee we drink. Grow Wild are even giving away a packet of Free Wild flower seeds to help get you started.

Here are the top 3 ways to attract bees to your outdoor space

1. Plant groups of colourful flowers together in sunny spots. They especially love Lavender, Buttercups and Sunflowers.
2. Reduce or preferable stop the use of pesticides in your garden.
3. Provide solitary bees with a safe place to make their home, such as a mini bee hotel.

adult colouring

Another way to help the Bee cause is support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust which is now 7000 members strong and still growing. They are working to stop and reverse the decline of the British bumblebee population as well as educate people about how important these mini pollinators really are.

I am so pleased to be involved with this Taylors Bee Campaign and it's a really positive step in the right direction seeing companies investing time and money into giving back to nature. At the end of the day a world without bees is a world without tea (and many others things too). Taylors also have some amazing new herbal teas out with Rose Lemonade and Spiced Apple being my favourite. They also have an amazing competition running at the moment with the chance to win an all inclusive family trip to Kews Garden including train travel and lunch at the Orangery restaurant, so do check them out.

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Northern France with P&O and Hotel Du Parc


Happy baby

If you follow our family travel adventures on Instagram you may have already noticed that at the beginning of summer we spent a long weekend exploring the small village of Hardelot in Northern France as well as the fascinating sea centre Nausicaa in Boulogne-sur-Mer. 

We have done a fair few short European breaks taking either the Eurostar or Ferry although always as foot passengers so my eldest was extremely excited at the prospect of driving our car onto a ferry and driving off again in another country. The journey from South Wales to Dover  is just over 4hrs so we decided to stay at a Premier Inn on the way down from Cardiff to split up the journey. This meant we were only an hour away from the ferry terminal in the morning making for a far more relaxed start to what would be a long day.

Once we arrived into Dover, the check-in service for our P&O Ferry  was very quick and straight forward despite there being cues later in the season our experience was a positive one. After we had parked our car up before boarding we went for a little walk around the ferry terminal which has views of the ships as well as a cafe, bar and shop. 

channel crossing

Once on board we made a beeline to the open deck as my eldest wanted to wave goodbye to the White Cliffs of dover and I always find leaving port an exciting time. The crossing was a little windy but mainly smooth throughout and there is just enough to see and do on these medium sized ferries that young children don't get bored including a little play area, TV or if you want you can now connect to the wifi. There is also plenty of food options from more formal dining in the Brasserie to a more casual family affair in the food court or coffee shops. 

family travel

Once we arrived in Calais it didn't take long to get back on the road and on our way to Hardelot, a small French costal village around 45 minutes away and close to the northern city of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Finding our  hotel was surprisingly easy (okay so we used a SatNav) despite its wonderful rural location. Hotel Du Parc is the perfect spot for those who want some down time, relaxing with long walks as the hotel is surrounded by areas of forest, golf and horse riding facilities. 


stunning pool

The area is very French and therefore a lot of the hotel clientele is also French which is lovely and added a real authentic feel to the place, although this did causes a few interesting attempts at conversations with the reception staff who were very friendly and patient of our terrible attempts at French (at least we always try). The room was fantastic with a small balcony eating area and more than enough space for a family to be comfortable in for even extended stays. There is also plenty to do onsite including a stunning outdoor pool, sauna,  tennis courts and a small kids play park. The hotel also houses one of the best restaurants in the area although it was fairly formal and would be easier with slightly older children then our own although the bar area had plenty of seating and was a nice relaxing and family friendly space with a small bar menu. 

The small town of Hardelot is only a 2 kilometre walk or a matter of minutes in the car and has a variety of bakeries, cafes, creperies as well as a variety of restaurants and boutique shops and it had a really lovely atmosphere to it. This is certainly an area we would like to explore more in the future especially as we ran out of time to visit Chateau d'Hardelot, a local historical site. 

We only spent two nights at Hotel Du Parc but it was very relaxing and the perfect base for exploring the area including visiting one of the biggest attractions outside of Paris and leading marine centre in France, Nausicaa. I will be sharing our experience of Nausicaa very soon. 

Hotel Du Parc

We were guests at Hotel Du Parc in associating with Nausicaa
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Skinfix Giveaway


skin care

Some of you may remember that I was lucky enough to attend Britmums this year thanks to the amazing Canadian skin brand SkinFix, which has recently landed in the UK and can be found in Boots. Since Britmums we have been putting their essentials baby kit to the test and I have to say it's easy to see why they have gardened so many fans and go on to win a variety of awards. 

Not only has their baby care range helped to keep Baby G's dry skin flares ups at bay but their fantastic Hand repair cream has become a permanent resident in my handbag! As most busy mama's (and Dads) know our hands take a beating with all the multi-tasking we undertake each day from nappy changes to keeping kids entertained, working and everything in-between and this has made sure to keep my hands soft and crack free.

What we have loved most about these products is not only are they clinically proven to help, prevent and quickly soothe skin problems such as eczema, nappy rash and cracked skin but they are also made from natural ingredients and is suitable for the whole family. Plus Baby G loves bathtime now especially as the gentle body wash doesn't cause any irritation or red eyes.

baby skincare

I am pleased to announce as an out-going partnership with Skinfix that I have a baby Essentials pack worth around £45 up for grabs. It's super easy to enter via rafflecopter and the giveaway ends 5th Sept 2016.

The pack contains four of their leading baby products including - 
Skinfix Baby Gentle Eczema Balm
Skinfix Baby Gentle Lotion
Skinfix Baby Gentle Hair & Body Wash
Skinfix Baby Nappy Balm.

I am going to be sharing a far more in-depth review next month as part of Eczema Awareness, including how amazing the nappy balm has been, especially while Baby G has been teething and I honestly highly recommend these products. They may be on the more pricey side of things but the results have been great and also a little goes a really long way.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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A Greener home with Siemens iSensoric


Siemens washing machine

As a family we are very interested in reducing our carbon footprint, making less waste, using what we have went it comes to our food shop and not only being more frugal but also more ethical and eco aware. We have wanted to implement this right across our home and are looking at ways to reduce our energy consumption, so while it may be more ideal to hand wash our clothes - something we did do for a few months last year when our washing machine broke, it's not something that is practical when you have two young children, one of which is still using both disposable and reusable nappies. 

Saying that there are some fantastic new, low energy and highly economical washing machines out on the market, on of them being the new Siemens iSensoric which has an A+++ energy rating which is currently the best rating you can have making it incredible efficient as well as saving you money on your household bills. 

Beautiful Aesthetics, Better Washing 

So what have been our first impressions of the iSensoric, well for one it's nice and compact but also visually aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. We really like the large touch screen control panel which is both easy to use and uncomplicated, making washing a breeze. Also from a safety point of view with young children around it has a built in Child lock you can adjust to your needs as well as a load recommendation which lets you know if the machine is over or under loaded. 

washing machine

Real Results 

As any parent will know with every single wash you will be dealing with a variety of food, grass and outdoor stains across your children clothes (and most likely your own if you have a toddler deciding to rub his sticky hands into your jeans) so you need a machine that is not only economical but also gets results, so I was interested in how this machine would really stand up to the family laundry test.

Having done a few loads I can honestly say that the fact this is so energy efficient it certainly didn't compromise on the results which is fantastic as being a busy mum I certainly don't have time to rewash clothing. This machine also works out exactly how much detergent you need with the clever i-Dos function which dispenses precisely to the millilitre based on the type of fabric, size of load and degree of soiling - clever right!!

washing machine

So far we have been really impressed with our new Siemens iSensoric machine and now are looking into ways of reducing our carbon footprint even more by nature based detergents, drying balls and of course washing on the safest lowest temperature for a clean and hygienic wash. 

We have been provided with the washing machine in exchange for an honest and fair review. So far we have had excellent results and genuinely recommend this product. 
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Kids Style with Petit Bateau


Kids fashion

When it comes to both fashion and travel the French always hold our heart. Both boys had some very cute Petit Bateau sleep suits when they were small and if you ope up their wardrobes the thing you will probably notice first is how many striped Breton style t-shirts they both have.

So when long established French brand Petit Bateau got in touch to ask if we would like to review their summer collection it really was a perfect fit. We decided not to go with the classic strips but rather some cute printed tees and a lovely three tone summer hat which has seen a fair bit of use this year.

Summer hat

First Baby G I picked a vest top, a first for him and I did wonder if we would get the chance to wear it as summers in the UK are so hit and miss but on our recent trip to the Isles of Scilly and the mini heat wave we experienced in Wales a few weeks back meant it's seen a fair bit of action. I love the small and subtle print although I probably should of gone up a size as their clothes are on the small side of kids sizing which is not a bad thing but to get as much as you can out of these cute clothes opt for a size up.

Mr A helped choose his t-shirt which has an outdoor inspired camping print and is perfect for a nature loving boy, especially in summertime. Also I never knew that Petit Bateau did adults clothing and I know I will be picking up one or two Breton jumpers for myself this Autumn and if your looking for something a little fun that captures that european style than do check out Petit Bateau new AW collection.

Wild child

We were kindly PR samples in exchange for an honest review. 
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Mere Soeur



Mere Soeur

I love to support small homegrown independent business, especially those grown out of the creative surge that happens when you become a mother. I came across Carrie Anne of Mere Soeur last year and have watch her awesome business grow on Instagram and have been meaning to pick up one of the printed "Mother Daughter" tees for a while now and finally got around to doing it.


She has just released a baby line of tees and new tote bags, accessories and her iconic boob mugs, she also recently put together an "Art of Motherhood" charity colouring book with all profits going to HomeStart. Like everything else in her collection is celebrates moments of motherhood and doing it your own way.

Mere Soeur

I love that social media and apps such as Instagram have given so many people a platform to share ideas no matter how big or small. Carrie Ann only started off with a few t-shirts and now has a whole line and I cannot wait to see what else is in stall from this mama-fuelled brand.

I have paired up my Mere Soeur Tee with Karen Millen Trousers, a Toyshop necklace and Bronx brogues while Baby G wears a cute Little Bird tee.

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Let them be Superhero's



creative kids

Having grown up in a creative household it's always been important to both John and I to provide our sons with a space that allows them to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. We completely encourage moments of madness, imagination and believing in the unbelievable. 

So when Vertbaudet set my eldest a challenge of putting together his dream superhero I had an inclination it would include Dinosaurs but what I didn't expect is that he would pair it up with super secret Ninja skills  and creating a crime busting Ninja Dinosaur that projects the smaller Dinosaurs from any rogue meat eaters that may be prowling the plains of our back garden. 

Dinosaur costume

I love how free kids feel when they are in character as Mr A spent the rest of the day in this superhero suit, roaring along the aisles of our local supermarket without a care in the world, if only I could be be so unselfconscious as my 5yr old. 


Do your little ones love to dress up? If they do they will love the new competition #VertbaudetHeroes which is encouraging parents to help their little ones design their very own superhero alter ego. Don't worry you don't need to be a professional designer just get creative with what you have in the house such as we did with a little makeshift fabric headband and what my eldest calls his elastic ninja power beam. Once you have put something together simply take a snap and upload your picture to their Facebook before the September 12th for your chance to win a £250 family trip for four to a UK attraction of your choosing. 

dressing up

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Inspiring Mini Explorers through Family Travel


childhood in nature

Before having children both John and I had done a fair amount of travel, together we had tallied up 26 different countries and we both knew that when we became parents our passion for travel was something we wanted to pass on to our kids. Together we have had many a road trip, negotiated busy airports, taken long distance trains and overcome seasickness in the Atlantic and we have learnt a fair few things along the way.

As much as we love exploring cities and we really do they can at times be a bit overwhelming and manic, especially when you have small children in tow so right now with the type of family dynamic we have our favourite destinations are those off the beaten path, more isolated, surrounded by nature offering a space to decompress and slow down.

Childhood in nature

As the world becomes increasingly technology driven it has become a real priority to us as a family to make sure we don't lose sight of the simple pleasures in life such as climbing trees, collecting shells on the beach and making our own fun with what is around us. This is reflected in how we spend our time at home as well with our weekly trips to places like St Fagans, a welsh outdoor museum or our local National Trust properties.

Even though travelling with young children does hold some stress it can also be a great opportunity to reconnect as a family leaving iPads at home and embracing a mindful experience of living in the moment. This can also be done when discovering all the vibrancy and culture of a city space, as long as you do your research first on best places to go with families. We did this when visiting Helsinki earlier this year and loved all the green spaces within the city as well as the islands surrounding it.

wild child
My eldest exploring Huntstile Organic Farm 

So what would be our dream weekend break away as a family? Our top three destinations are The Isles of Scilly, West Coast of Scotland and the Channel Islands, all place that offer up plenty of opportunities to explore, discover and learn. We had a fantastic time last year at Huntstile Organic farm in Somerset where we spent a weekend walking through the countryside, learning about why organic farming is important and what it entails, early morning animal feeds and my eldest bonding with the resident dog. Another spot that is always popular with our kids is Cornwall with it's rugged coastline and we are yet to do a family kayaking or canoeing experience which is something that is very much on our family bucket list of things to do as is horse riding along the beach.

With all our family adventures we use this time to enjoy good food, encourage new taste sensations and embracing local delicacies as well attempting to keeping things simple and unfussy. Picnics and Al fresco eating is always something we embrace as well as heading down to the coast with a basket full of goodies and a beach towel followed by some ice-cream will always be a winner. 

beach fun
My youngest having fun on the beach 

The most important thing for us with any holiday is creating family memories and inspiring that sense of adventure in our kids and it always bring a smile to my face how enthusiastic and adaptable our children have become at the idea of diving into the unknown wether it be a simple low key camping trip an hour away from home or crossing time zones, cultures and currencies they keep us grounded as much as we do them.

What would be your perfect family getaway?

Joules Explorer 2016
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Celebrating Afternoon Tea Week at Park Plaza



Did you know that it's Afternoon Tea Week so if there was ever a time to indulge in some scones and cream now is the time and why not I say? Everyone deserves a little treat every now and then and if you live in or around Cardiff I can highly recommend the Hendricks Gin Afternoon tea at Park Plaza if your looking for something just for adults with a fun and creative twist.

This is not actually the first time we have reviewed the Hendrick Afternoon tea, you can read my other reviews here. It is however the first time John and I have paired it up with a little spa session at Laguna Health and Spa before enjoying the teapot cocktail and indulgent cakes as part of the Hendrick's Afternoon Tea and Spa package. You have the choice of either a Laguna Signature back massage which is what John opted for or a divine Laguna Signature facial which is what I had and it honestly was the best facial I have ever had, perfect for anyone who needs a bit of a pick up.

As part of the package you have access to not only the relaxation room but also the indoor pool, spa bath, steam room and gym. We decided to take it slow after our treatment with some quiet time in the relaxation room which is filled with natural light, soft background music, comfy beds and fruit water on tap. A great place for a couples retreat or a moment of calm for busy parents and we could of easily spent a few hours relaxing here although once our Afternoon Tea was ready we made our way downstairs to the stylish Laguna Bar where the bartender made up the Hendrick Gin teapot cocktail, a divine combination of Gin, Elderflower liqueur, Maraschino liqueur, lemon juice and soda and makes the perfect accompaniment to finger sandwiches, warm sultana scones and artisan cakes and pastries.

If your looking to spoil someone or just want an indulgent lunch date with your partner or best friend then we completely recommend trying out this package. The cocktail is a little strong so do take your time with it but it was real sensation for the taste buds and I loved the mini French macaroons while John thought the rich Chocolate Opera Gateau was a hit. Do you think you will celebrate Afternoon Tea Week?
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A Dad's Guide to Learning Online



As a dad, going back to school may be something that you never saw yourself doing. Perhaps you’ve graduated from college and are already working in your dream career and have decided to further your education in order to pursue a promotion, or maybe you never went to college after graduating from high school and have decided that you want to go back and get a degree in order to be able to work your way up the career ladder and be financially better off. Whatever your reasons for returning to the classroom, mature students – especially parents – face a lot of different challenges.

When I was pregnant with our youngest child John was very unhappy with his role as a shop manager, there was no way to progress and his hours had actually been reduced due to the recession so we both felt it was a good time to go back to college and retrain in a profession he had wanted to get into for years. Luckily he excelled in Barbering and had a real naturally talent and has not looked back and it was the best decision he made. He actually went to college but there are plenty of online courses if you work full-time and that’s why we’ve put together this handy guide for dads who are thinking about going back to school. 

Learning Options

If you’re working full time and don’t want to miss out on precious time with your children, you might be wondering how you’re going to manage fitting studying in around your day-to-day life without making any drastic changes. Luckily, online learning courses are available at all levels, so whether you are thinking about re-doing your high school diploma, taking a bachelor’s degree course or a more advanced degree such as the DNP online (doctorate in nursing practice) from Bradley University, there will be something available for you. 

Why Study Online?

Studying online is a very popular option for dads – and moms! – who want to return to education for whatever reason. By enrolling on an online course, you can be assured of a level of flexibility and control over your own schedule that you certainly would not be offered if you were to take a traditional, classroom-based course instead. This allows you to plan your own study schedule to fit around your work and family life, making it more possible for you to continue working full-time if needed and still tuck your kids into bed at night and read them a story before heading off to your study to catch up on your latest academic topic. Moreover, many certifications nowadays, such as a project management diploma online, could increase your potential earnings and competitiveness.

Financial Factors

When you’re a dad, earning money is essential in order to provide for your family and make sure that your kids have the best that you can offer. When deciding to return to education, it’s understandable that many dads worry about the financial implications – after all, education is renowned to be expensive, and you still want to be able to put food on the table. This is just another reason as to why online courses are great for dads, whether you want to do an English degree or become a doctor of nursing practice. Online courses often have lower tuition fees, and since you carry out most of the work at home, there’s no need to spend extra money on gas to commute to classes. Many online courses will also provide you with free resources, saving you even more of your hard-earned dollars when it comes to buying books!

For many dads who are looking to further their education, online learning is the perfect solution, as it allows you to fit your learning schedule around your family life and study in a way that suits you best.

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Bringing colour into our garden



garden fun

 Our garden, like many gardens in the UK is a work in progress, we try and get as much done as we can when the weather is good which can be infrequent at the best of times although this year we wanted to make it as child friend, colourful and a space we can all enjoy.

Before having Baby G my eldest and I spent each month preparing our vegetable patch, growing seedlings in our greenhouse and having a bumper year last summer although we have taken a break from that this year simply due to the fact my youngest loves our plants little bit too much but hugging them a bit to hard or pulling out our potatoes way to early so instead we decided to focus on making is a place to play and have fun.

outdoor furniture

We initially had my repurposed table and chairs on the decking but Baby G kept climbing up those and onto the table so decided to move them to the other end of the garden and instead put these beautiful deck chairs from Habitat, which is a perfect choice as both boys love lying on them and also I can sit and relax with a book while the kids run around. We know the decking needs to be power cleaned which is something we plan to do in the next few weeks but really pleased with this injecting of colour from the wonderful fabric seating print. 

We have been longtime fans of Habitat even after it left the hughstreet it's still very easy to get your chic fix from their website and everything is so well made with a real focus on design. They have some really beautiful folding garden chairs for sale at the moment for £25 so the time is now to pick those last minute bits and bobs for the garden, especially if your planning some al fresco parties or gatherings while the evenings are wonderfully warm. 

french doors


We have also planted a few wild flowers, sunflowers and kept up a small potato patch and the ivy is starting to grow up our creepers. We also have some brambles coming over our wall from next door which has caused a lot of excitement as now the blackberries are starting to ripen and each day the boys pick a few to eat. We have placed a small bug house and top up our bird feeders to try and encourage as much wildlife into our garden and every now and then we also get to spot our resident slowworms. 

outdoor furniture

colourful garden

 Even though summer has felt little bit stop start I have to say that this time of the year when everything is in bloom and the landscape becomes an array of different colours it's certainly my favourite. We are really hoping for lots more warm evenings spent outside this August and September  as well as a few bbq's. Have you updated your outdoor space this year?


Thanks to habitat for gifting us the deck chairs for our mini garden makeover 

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