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So there has been a reason for the lack over posts over the past week - mainly do to the fact the UK had a mini sort of heat wave - and when it is sunny in the UK you really have to make the most of it. Also last thursday I was invited to the Boux Avenue store opening in Bath, and very excited we headed off to the amazing historical city that is Bath for a fun filled morning of lingerie, but on the way we got stuck in two sets of road works, stand still traffic getting into the city and my SAT NAV directing me to the wrong side of Bath...all in all despite leaving with more than enough time I missed the opening - could not believe it! Still had a great day in Bath though - but this sort of ruined what was going to be two large fashion/lingerie inspired posts. Although I have been making good use of the denim playsuit I bought for the opening and wore it on a little outing yesterday.

Summer fashion
Wearing - Denim Playsuit - Miss Selfridge, Shoes - New Look, Watch - Guess, Beaded bracelet - Thrifted, Sunglasses - Thrifted
Summer fashion

It's great when John has a midweek day off and it's sunny, it often means that all the places that would be very busy on the weekend are quite. Like Cyfarthfa Castle...where we took these photos

Men summer style
John wearing - Polo - YMC, Shorts - Gap. Shoes - Veras, Glasses - Rayban

Mens hair
YMC shirt and Ray Ban glasses with the barber hairdo

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A minty Nail Polish


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I love all the pastel trends at the moment, especially all the new nail polish shades, so when I came across this Mint Choc Chip colour I had to get it, it's fun yet mellow and it's part of No.17 Lasting fix range - a range that is meant to last up to five days and chip free colour. I am always chipping my nail polish as most of my work is heavy on the hands, with a toddler to look after on top of that, so I am always up for trying very reasonably priced nail varnish in the hope it may last more than two we will see. 

I was very happy with the colour, my only negative so far is it's quite slow drying time and I am terrible for fidgeting so I usually use speedy 60 seconds nails, but hopefully this will be worth it.

Nail Varnish pastel

No 17 Mint Choc Chip Nail Varnish

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When the sun is out so are we


The one thing you need to learn when you live in the UK is to use every ounce of sunlight to the fullest as the winters are long and the summers are often no shows. The past few days have been blissful so we have spent as much time outside as possible, with John even getting a little sun burnt. We have managed to pack a lot into a few days - helping in the garden at my mothers, running through poppies in Bute park and having a lot of fun at the very beautiful Cyfarthfa castle. Summer is also a great time to wear the things that you have packed away for the winter and now seem fresh and new. Here are some of out favourite photos

blowing dandelions
Blowing dandelions 

Model toddler

Father and Son

Bute Park Cardiff
Running through the long grass in Bute Park

Mother and Son

Our dog Sam

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Chloe Green Does Shoes


So some may know here as a character from Made in Chelsea, others as the daughter of Top Shop boss Sir Philip Green, but now she is making her own name in the world of shoe design as she unveils her very stylish and bold shoe line, available at TopShop. When I first heard that she was going to be doing a shoe line I was not filled with excitement but since seeing the line I am impressed with the uniqueness and creativity of the collection, which has oversized heels and wedges. I know this line has divided some critics with some saying they are ugly, but I feel like they are something new, bold and not for everyone, which is what fashion should be. Chloe Green herself is not conventional and I like that they have used here in the advertising instead of a stick thin perfect model, it's a bit of difficult situation being apart of reality show and then trying to be taken seriously in other aspects and I think one should look simply at the product and I find them catchy and interesting and wouldn't mind a pair in my wardrobe. The prices range form £115 to around £175
Please note this is not a promotion - these are my own views.

Chloe Green

Chloe Green
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Cybher Convention Love


Cybher convention

"because geek is the new chic" - and that is why it's important that blogger conventions like Cybher happen as more and more people are getting involved with the world of blogging - and what is even better is Cybher is for women only. I had been excited all week about going, as I managed to get a ticket to this sell-out event at the last minute. It was also taking place in the heart of London (I never need an excuse to go the big smoke), at the very swanky Northumberland, which means a mini shop for a new chic but casual outfit (needs to be comfortable as it's going to be a long day). I am also rocking my new shorter haircut

street style fashion
Wearing - Faded shirt - Topshop, Jeans - Topshop, T-shirt - M&S Fairtrade, Necklace - House of Fraser, Brogues - Dozzy and Dee 

So on Saturday morning I had to get up really early (5:15am) to get ready for the 6:25am train from Cardiff to London and already at that time of the day people where tweeting about the event and through these tweets I discovered another Welsh blogger was on the same train - Debbie from Johnson Babies blog, it was great to meet someone before actually getting to the venue as it can be a bit overwhelming going to an event not knowing anyone.

I love meeting other bloggers but I knew this was going to be like nothing I had experienced before - about 250 female bloggers in one room - amazing! Every kind of blogger was welcome although it was mainly either fashion or parenting or like mine a mix of both. The organisers had also managed to get some really amazing sponsors in the form of The Leather Satchel company which provided leather bags to ever blogger (love mine), Freya which offered free bra fittings, Palmers for giving out some amazing goodie bags and Pink Lady for the very yummy apples at ever corner. In the Leather Satchel we where also given not pads, pens and Almonds (which got me through the mid-morning munchies)

I love Almonds!

I love these little leather bags we were given

So to start things off everyone went downstairs for some freshly brewed coffee and an array of yummy biscuits before the first seminar. Sian the founder of Cybher opened the day with some touching words and then the floor was opened to the panel of experience and successful bloggers on the theme of - what is the future of blogging? It was very inspiring to see individuals who had created businesses and full-time careers from blogging - whether through setting up social networking sites of their own or ebooks, there is something for everyone.

The other sessions I sat in on included - Digital Diaries and how our children technology is affecting our children. How to make your blogs beautiful by Jo Gifford, a blogger geek workshop (which I learned a lot about customising my blog through blogger) and a very inspiring talk by Cathy Presland about how to get what you want.

I had to leave before the end of the convention to get back home to the little one but I came back with a lot of new ideas and positivity about blogging as well as meeting some wonderful people and I will be back next year for sure. I will be featuring some of the bloggers I met soon....

short haircut

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Anyone for tea?


So I had a family event to attend a few weeks ago (when it was sunny) and I want something that was casual yet chic with a vintage sort of feel to it as the day included tea outside and wanted something fun but it also needed to be fairly smart. I didn't have much time to shop so I was very happy when the first store I went into was Dorothy Perkins and saw this little tea dress. I also paired it up with a little New Look headband, shoes from Office, my mothers bracelet, perky little peach nail varnish and a thrifted Leather Satchel.

Vintage inspired Dorothy Perkins tea dress
Dress - Dorothy Perkins, Shoes - Office, Headband - New Look, Bracelet - gifted, Bag - thrifted

Vintage inspired Dorothy Perkins tea dress

We have also done the draw for The Sphere of life necklace giveaway. We do the draw pretty old skool - everyone who entered has their name printed out and we randomly pick one and the winner is Rosie from the blog - A Pocket Full of Rosie. Don't worry we are running another giveaway soon and if your following the blog you get an automatic entry.

My Sphere of Life

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Eco Fashion love


So whenever possible I always try and support green campaigns, especially when it comes to Arthur, I feel much better knowing that he is wearing organic, fair trade or recycled cotton made in a sustainable way rather than not know where it came from - and possibly a sweatshop (often we don't know how our clothes are made). So this post is about highlighting 3 current campaigns from three very popular fashion labels.

H&M have been stocking organic clothing for a longtime although now they are really starting to expand the line. Everything in the Conscious Collection is made from environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton and linen to recycled wool and plastic (for accessories). They are really showing other retailers the way forward with regards to being green, stylish and affordable and I have to say I am very impressed with their current collection.

H&M Conscious Collection

H&M Conscious Collection

H&M Conscious Collection

H&M Conscious Collection

More high-end brands are also getting involved with good causes such as Tommy Hilfigers Promise campaign which donates 100% of the profits from the collection towards the development of sustainable communities in Africa and so far they have raised more than £800 000. They have also been very clever in teaming up with celebs such as Katie Holmes to highlight the campaign, which of course is for an excellent cause. What I love is the colourful and ethnic design of the garments, being born in South Africa myself, they remind me of home and I love all the products, especially the sunglasses.

Eco Fashion
Katie Holmes supporting the Promise Collection

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger scarf

Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses
When you think DKNY you don't immediately think sustainability but they have recently teamed up with Care - a charity that helps empower the women of uganda by securing long-term vanilla production in Uganda. Since the majority of the local vanilla growers in Uganda are women this campaign is set to help contribute to the improvement of their livelihood.

They are not trying to change the world but through small steps they are making a different. " A drop of vanilla in water from Uganda is the signature ingredient in pureDKNY


Eco Fashion

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Dr Martens first loves


I am loving the collaboration with Dr Martens for the First and Forever Spring/summer 2012 collection. They picked some bloggers and LookBook users to style some of their new shoes - with great success. The campaign is all about your first love with Dr Martens - everyone remembers their first pair....I had mine when I was 13 and discovering Nirvana and Soundgarden. I think they have come a long way though from the typical grunge look and developed the brand into unique everyday shoes. You can share your experience at #FIRSTANDFOREVER. I don't really use LookBook....I have always lean towards chictopia - but that's simply down to time, either way they have some great street style bloggers and loads of inspiration. Here are some of my favourite picks from the collaboration

Doc Martens first love

Doc Martens

Doc Marten brogues

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