Family Adventures of Late


family adventures

Wow what a busy first three months of year! We have certainly managed to pack a whole lot of adventures in both close to home and further afield. Despite its being fairly cold, life has been very colourful and action packed and we have made the most of every single dry day we have been given (as well as preserving in the cold and wet too). Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks.

1. We tried out a new cafe in Llandaff North called Coffee Rex, they make excellent Italian coffee as well as these delicious Waffles

2. Cotton Twist were kind enough to send some party bag fillers for my son's birthday, we had fun making the superman masks. *Review*

3. We spent time at one of our favourite places in South Wales - St Fagans Outdoor Museum. A unique family friendly museum that takes you through the history of life in Wales.

4. If you follow me on social media you may know that I recently spent a weekend exploring Manchester with Hotel Indigo, do check out my blog post and vlog  *Press Trip*

5. This month the boys and I decided to take a little road trip over to Bristol! Such a vibrant city filled with so much street art.

6. Finally found the time to visit The National Botanical Gardens of Wales, it was pretty chilly but we loved exploring the big glass greenhouse.

7. My sons love history and are especially interested in Roman History so we often take advantage of not living that far from Caerleon and the Roman Amphitheatre

8. Enjoying dusk at Penarth Pier, a lovely coastal town near Cardiff.

9. Taking in the view from Garw Forest, could see all the way to sea from this vantage point. This hike was part of a trip I took recently with Love The Valleys. I can't wait to share more about the trip with you all.  *Press Trip*
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How my star sign has influence my interior choices


Star signs

*Commissioned by Fishpools

Whether you are a believer in the Zodiac or not, I find my personal experience is that most people do tend to have the typical traits of each star sign. For example I am a Virgo and I certainly possess many of the traits of this star sign, for example being loyal, analytical but also a bit of a worrier and can be over critical of myself and the more I read about Virgos the more I see a lot of myself within that.

Virgo is also an Earth sign and they typically enjoy the outdoors which of course I do as well as keeping things simple and organised which lends itself to the Scandi interior style, which if you read my blog you will know I am a huge fan off and I am constantly trying to declutter to achieve this more in my own home. I feel that we often overlook our own inner intuition that speaks to us and guides us to create a home that is genuinely happy, relaxed and content. We see this naturally within Feng Shui and the minimalist movement which aims to provide us with a more calm environment longer term rather than some of the brash trends we follow seasonally and are not sustainable long term.

I have always believed in less is more but that doesn't mean my own home isn't in need of an update, so the select pieces I do want to bring into the home have been thought through and I rather invest in a long term, quality item then lots of mediocre items that are not built to last. I have been asked by Fishpools, an interiors and furniture store which have longevity in mind, to create a little summer board inspired by my star sign and interior style. Here are my choices and I love each piece, what would you choose?

Interior picks

1. Spiral Mustard Cushion £25
2. Sophie Conran Colour Pop Bowl £9.99
3. Smeg Kettle in Cream £125
4. Trinidad Hanging Rattan Chair £299
5. Mineral Liquid Soap Dispenser £16
6. Newman Lantern large £59

I feel like these items not only fit into my minimalist aesthetic I am trying to achieve as well as being practical and stylish as well as timeless which is what I really want when picking something new for my home. Do you know your star sign and do you think it's impacts the decision you make when it comes to your interior or lifestyle choices? If not what not have a little read and see if you connect with your signs traits? Fishpools have an excellent article all about star signs and interior styles and it's really worth a read. 

interior design

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Sign the Worlds Largest Mothers Day Card



mothers day love

Mothers day is a time we get to stay thank-you to that special person in our lives who has undoubtedly sacrificed a lot throughout the years and even if that person is no longer here anymore than this can also be a time of positive reflection and sharing memories together as a family. Being a parent myself, mothers day to me is all about the simple things and not about materials good and my kids know that all I really want is a hand made card because to me thats all that really matters (of course a nice magazine or little treat won't go amiss but it's never expected) as well as a relaxing walk outdoors with my boys and I'm happy.

mother and sons

Mothers Day is also a time for gratitude and I am continuously grateful to have two healthy children as well as my own health, to live in a fairly stable country (let's not talk about Brexit) and being able to provide healthy meals, a warm home and some holidays, well I couldn't ask for anything more. So I am really grateful to be apart of WishYoo and No More charity (which is dedicated to preventing domestic violence and sexual assault worldwide), Global Mothers Day Card campaign. 

Worlds largest card
Sign the worlds largest digital mothers day card

The campaign is hoping to surpass the World Guinness Record for the largest collaborative greeting card, which will need more than 4000 signatures to achieve this. Luckily things like technology is on our side and no paper needs to be wasted as we can all signed this global digital greetings card! I've signed the card and it only took a a minute and helps raises fund for this fantastic women's charity and it just amazing being apart of something so global and exciting. If you have a spare moment do pop over to sign the card and leave a special message for your loved ones this mothers day.

*Written in Collaboration with WishYoo and No More 
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How to Protect your Skin from the Effects of Traveling


skincare travelling

Travelling is something that we all love to do, but it is also something that might not have such a positive impact on your skin. We all like to embrace that laid back carefree holiday vibe, swimming in the pool or sea and sitting in the beautiful warm sun trying to get tan. Whatever you choose to do when you’re out and about, the right skin care is always needed especially if your visiting a very hot or very cold destination as your skin will need more care during these times. Before we begin I also want to say that if you are planning on taking a flight I also recommend having ear wax removal, done as build up can cause you to have an uncomfortable flight, also a build-up of ear wax can cause pain, hearing loss and dizziness which you don't need while travelling.

Back to skincare and long journeys can also take their toll on your skin so some thought and simple preparation need to be taken - but it's really easy.

Top Hacks for keeping skin in check while travelling 

1. Stay Hydrated - this is my number one tip and is so simple! When travelling make sure to drink plenty of water and take a refillable bottle with you. Staying hydrated aids the skin looking fresh, healthy and helps get rid of toxins.

2. Moisturise

Aeroplane cabins and hotel rooms can dry out your skin as well as a change in a climate so using a daily moisturiser morning and night is essential for keeping your skin looking for feeling good.

3. Protect your skin

If you are heading to a warmer destination then you must take suncream with you, don't be tempted to go without as getting burnt causes serious damage to your skin. Suncream shields you from harmful UV rays, lowers skin cancer and prevents premature ageing, so yes it's very important. 

4. Try and keep to a healthy diet

Harder said than done when on holiday but it's still a good idea to try and eat as much fruit and veg as possible and avoid too much-processed food. Some Skin-healthy foods include avocado, watermelon (perfect for those hot days), oranges, sunflower seeds and dark chocolate.

5. Get enough sleep 

When we travel we often find our own personal routine goes out the window and even more so when you have kids but it's still just as important to get enough sleep and keep those dark bags at bay. Sleep helps your skin repair itself and keeps you looking fresh so aiming for 7-8hrs still applies no matter what country you're in. 

water bottle

What Vitamins and Nutrients to Look for in Skincare Products 

Squalane oil is one of the ingredients that you need to look for in the product you are thinking of using. This is going to combat any ageing that happens in the skin. This is due to the fact that when the skin is dry, it can cause wrinkles and creases to form. Squalene oil provides the moisturising that is needed.

One of the products that not only holds this oil, but a number of other ingredients including the vitamins that are needed to help with smoothing the skin are Matrixyl. This is a great product that is highly regarded in the skincare world as one that helps with ageing and dryness.  There is also a beneficial way to go about getting youthful skin and you can use Timeless Vitamin C serum to bring with you. Offered in a small bottle, slip it in your bag and head out on your next adventure.

Just make sure to bring your skincare products with you whenever you are heading out to do some travelling. You want to make sure that you are getting all that you can get out of the routine that you do. Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer because of it. 

protect your skin
*Collaborative post 
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A weekend guide to Manchester



Manchester weekend

*Written in Collaboration with Hotel Indigo

I love taking my boys on city breaks but there are certainly times when I know I would be able to enjoy other aspects of a city if I was there child-free and I also believe that taking some time out from parenting is really important and being able to fully immerse yourself in a place without restrictions and time limits. Last year I spent a weekend exploring Durham with Hotel Indigo and I really felt refreshed after what was my first proper child-free break. I truly believe these kind of mini breaks can be very positive for your own wellbeing so I was extremely excited to be collaborating with Hotel Indigo again and this time heading up to the cool and colourful northern city that is Manchester.

Getting around the city

Manchester is a very well connected city with excellent high speed train routes from across the UK, a bustling airport and of course, you can also drive into the city. I took the train from South Wales and was in the heart of Manchester in under 3hrs. Once here, there is a excellent tram network within the city centre and it's also very walkable.

Manchester Hotel Indigo

Where to Stay

If you're only going to be in Manchester for 1-2 nights you want to be as central as possible which is why the Hotel Indigo Manchester is the perfect spot, right next to Victoria Station and only a short stroll from the vibrant Northern Quarter. Being central takes a lot of stress out of a short weekend break as you want to spend as much of your time exploring instead of commuting in from a hotel on the outskirts which isn't ideal for a short break.

Feed your soul

When it comes to eating and drinking out, you are really spoilt for choice in Manchester, especially in the Northern Quarter where around every corner there is some kind of hip coffee shop or laidback late-night cafe so before going on the trip, I called out to all my travel savvy friends on Instagram for the best tips and wasn't disappointed. I managed to fit in a fair few places during our stay and here were our favourites not to be missed.

Siop Manchester

Siop Shop

A bilingual Welsh English shop that sells some of the best coffee around and an array of vegan doughnuts! Yes please! I mean we had to stop of this Welsh inspired cafe, it would have been wrong not to and we were not disappointed at all! Sitting in the heart of the Northern Quarter, filled with colourful and creative art this cafe had a real buzz about it with people coming in and out and this popularity is for good reason, well worth a visit.

Night and Day Cafe

If you're looking to embrace a slice of Manchester music history, then why not have a pint over some lunch or late night snack at the Night and Day Cafe which is located opposite the famous Piccadilly Records and Magma bookstore and you cannot miss this cafe with its bright orange exterior. Night and Day has played a pivotal role in the Manchester music scene with bands such as the Arctic Monkeys and Manic Street Preachers and also has a pretty good drinks menu to boot.

Manchester weekend guide

Manchester weekend guide

Yard and Coop

Wandering around the Northern Quarter late one evening during our stay, we came across the stylish and spacious Yard and Coop which may be the home of buttermilk chicken but it also has a pretty good vegetarian menu too, including crumb coated halloumi nuggets and curried caulibombs. The atmosphere was relaxed and service very friendly and they have a fun cocktail menu and I can personally recommend the Jimi Hendrix.


If you're looking for an upmarket meal, then Mamucium is the perfect spot. This is where we spent the first night as it's located on the ground floor of Hotel Indigo yet very much its own space. It is passionate about Manchester as it prides itself in using locally-sourced ingredients and recreating well known dishes with a Mancunian twist and I was personally very impressed with how knowledgeable the staff are. Whatever you are looking for, whether it be eating Al a carte or just a light nibble before heading out, Mamucium has something to tantalise your taste buds.

Hotel Indigo Manchester

A Spot of History

Manchester isn't just all about music and fashion but also is steeped in history, despite it feeling like a very modern city, there are some real gems that are worth checking out and the ones listed below are all free!

Manchester Art Gallery

This gallery hosts some fantastic touring exhibitions and a prime example of this is that while we visited the city, we were lucky enough to see a display of 12 drawings of Leonardo Di Vinci and also a Martin Parr exhibition (iconic UK photographer), both equally impressive and inspiring. The museum also houses a gallery cafe and shop.

Manchester weekend break

Chetham's Library

Chetham's Library is the oldest public library in the English-speaking world and has been in continuous use for over 350 years and is housed in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, dating back from 1421. The library is less than a 2-minute walk from Hotel Indigo near Victoria Station and we found our tour which is run by volunteers fascinating and insightful. What I didn't know before visiting was that you can also sit at the writing table used by Karl Marx!

Manchester Cathedral

Located around a minute from Chetham's Library you will find Manchester Cathedral which is one of fifteen grade 1 listed buildings in Manchester and has some stunning stained glass windows inside. While I am not religious at all, I found buildings like this beautiful and the light inside is stunning and is the perfect spot for photography enthusiasts.

Manchester weekend break

Culture Haven

For those who do simply want to visit Manchester to embrace the youthful culture, then you won't be disappointed as there is really something for everyone. I would recommend strolling around the Northern Quarter and go street art spotting, record diving and vintage clothes hunting because this part of the city has it all. It's also worth taking heading over to the second largest Chinatown in the UK which also has an array of restaurants and bakeries. Manchester is world renowned for its music scene and every night there is some kind of gig or live music happening and in a way it's a rite of passage for any music lover to see a band live so take advantage while you're here.

Manchester has firmly become one of my favourite city breaks in the UK and is the perfect place for a child-free weekend away.

Do check out the Travel vlog of everything I got up too over the two days in Manchester and hopefully it will inspire you to visit this fantastic city and also stay at the amazing Hotel Indigo

*Written in Collaboration with Hotel Indigo 

Manchester Northern Quarter

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Win with Jasmine Harper this mothers day


star necklace

I'm really excited to be able to offer one of my readers the chance to win a £25 gift voucher to use at Jasmine Harper online who have curated a chic and high end feel collection without the big price tag, so you should be able to pick up a piece for both yourself and your mother or special person in your life. They have a fairly small collection but still have something for everyone from the classic to the more edgy pieces.

I picked out this beautiful petite celestial star necklace and love it! It's simple, delicate and understated but stylish and adds a touch of fun to any outfit and it's also ageless making is a great choice to pair up with a sibling, parent or best friend.

star necklace

It's super easy to enter the giveaway and will make the perfect surprise for someone special this mothers day. The giveaway ends on the 30th March and there will be one prize of £25 digital gift voucher to be spent in a single transaction. UK delivery is free

£25 Jasmine Harper Gift voucher giveaway

star necklace

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Hotel Indigo Manchester - Best Location in Town


Hotel Indigo Manchester

*This post is in collaboration with Hotel Indigo 

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have recently collaborated with Hotel Indigo and headed up to Manchester, one of the most colourful and creative northern cities for a much needed child-free break. The last time I visited Manchester was over a decade ago and that was only for a couple of hours en route to Scotland so I was really looking forward to exploring everything this fashion forward city has to offer and I will be sharing my weekend guide with you very soon but for now I want to concentrate on Hotel Indigo Manchester and why it's the perfect spot for a vibrant weekend away.

Now as you may already know I am very passionate about staycations as the UK has so much to offer and many people seem to overlook that. With such excellent public transport networks in the UK you don't even need a car to get to most places and the train from South Wales to Manchester was much quicker than anticipated being just under 3hrs. The train usually comes into Piccadilly Station but was diverted to Oxford Street station so while I had planned to jump on the tram that would take us straight to the hotel we decided to Uber it instead although this was the only time we used a taxi service during the whole weekend as the city is easy to walk and has a nifty tram network.

Hotel reception

hipster cafe

Hotel Indigo Manchester has one of the best locations for a child-free break as it's only a short walk from the Northern Quarter which is without a doubt one of the most youthful, bohemian and vibrant parts of Manchester and also the best place to get food anytime time of the day or night. Plus, you also have the Football Museum right outside the hotel and Chetham's Library and Manchester Cathedral less than a minute's walk away.

The hotel is very new having only opened last year but it has still retains a strong connection to the cities past which is seen straight away as you step through the front doors into the original Victorian part of the building with exposed brick and high ceilings with cotton mill baskets hanging up giving a hint to Manchesters industrial past, this is followed throughout with small touches around the hotel.

hotel bedroom

Hotel view

After a quick and easy check-in we headed up to the 12th floor and one of the most breath taking views I've had from a hotel room with floor to ceiling windows looking out across the city. Hotel Indigo certainly makes style and comfort a priority and you quickly feel at home as the hotel rooms provide you with everything you need and a little more as each room is spacious with a desk, should you need to work, and extra seating to sit down and enjoy a glass of bubbly or simply soak in the view, and of course super-fast Wi-Fi. The bathrooms are fairly small but chic and have the spa feeling to them with a large rain shower.

After getting settled in I headed out across the city on the tram to meet up with a friend who was actually in Manchester for one day and we grabbed a bite to eat and had a little time to walk around and get more acquainted with the city before I headed back to the hotel and had some down time before heading downstairs for some cocktails.

As it had been a busy day I didn't want to go far and instead take advantage of what was on site so decided to head to Mamucium, the very hip hotel restaurant on the ground floor which is very proud about its heritage and serves up dynamic menu with many locally sourced ingredients - this passion was evident from the waiter who was very knowledgeable about the dishes on offer. We decided in the end to enjoy two sharing platters and cocktails and simply enjoy the surroundings (and having a moment without the kids). Both the food and ambience were sublime and I was really looking forward to waking up and enjoying breakfast in the morning.




It was bliss not having to get up before 8am and actually have a bit of lie in then taking a relaxing stroll downstairs to the smell of fresh coffee and pancakes. I'm a big fan of hotel breakfasts and find that often impact the way you feel about your stay and I was nothing but impressed with the efficient service and delicious food on offer. The ricotta pancakes were a dream as was the eggs Florentine and there were also plenty of vegan and healthy options to get you in gear for an action-packed day around the city.

Hotel Indigo Manchester

The hotel also has a separate Scandi-inspired Cafe with light bites and a great place to stop and refuel as well as a relaxing lounge area and 24 hours health and fitness centre should you feel inclined to burn off all that amazing food. Hotel Indigo is exactly the kind of place you want to stay for a child-free break away with on the best locations in the city meaning you can really stake advantage of the late-night cafes and bars as well as the culture, retail and historical sites.

If you enjoyed reading this then pop over to my review of the Hotel Indigo Durham and a weekend guide to Durham - another northern city not to be missed.

* This post and Press-Trip is in collaboration with Hotel Indigo. Views are 100% my own

Hotel Indigo Review

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Win a £50 spa voucher with Spabreaks this Mothers Day


Park Plaza spa

* Collaboration with Spabreaks

As soon as you become a parent your life instantly changes (obviously for the better) and can take a while to fully adjust, especially with the immediate and sudden lack of time for yourself! We all know that Self Care is really important so being able to treat your mother, or yourself to an indulgent moment of calm can be real bliss. I also feel personally that unless a present is sentimental, practical or serves a purpose than I am trying to keep clutter down for my own sanity so I find myself leaning towards experiences over things when it comes to gifting which is why I am really excited to be able to give one reader the chance to win a spa voucher, just keep reading to find out more.

So if your feeling in need of a little TLC,  I've teamed up with to offer you the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy a day of utter carefree indulgence with a spa voucher worth £50! These nifty little vouchers mean you can choose from a wide range of locations across the country to find your perfect spa experience. 

date night

Whether you’re looking for a soothing massage, cleansing scrub or to simply make use of some of the fantastic facilities on offer at the over 800 venues in the UK and Europe such as steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs, has something to help everyone relax and unwind. If your in need of a little inspiration then do check out my review of Park Plaza's Sunday spa break which combined an amazing meal and spa treatments for the ultimate mini break away from the kids. Of course I dont think many people need persuading to spend some time relaxing and chilling out. Terms and conditions below and the giveaway ends on the 21st March 2019 

Spa day

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

- Voucher to the value of £50 only.
- Subject to availability at selected venues only. Voucher does not include travel, accommodation or any other miscellaneous costs and cannot be exchanged for a cash alternative.
- Vouchers are non-transferrable, non-exchangeable
- Vouchers are valid for 12 months and must be redeemed by (12 months after comp begins)

- The voucher can be redeemed at any venue by calling our Spa Experts on 0800 043 6600 / 1800 939 113 from Ireland on online via can pick a date, location and package best suited to their individual needs and wishes. If chosen package exceeds the £50 voucher limit, any excess will need to be paid by them at the time of booking.
- More information can be found at:

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Smooth Legs? Simple shaving hacks for busy women


smooth legs

Being a feminist and a supporter of woman doing what they feel is right for themselves and their bodies is very important to me, so should you embrace body hair I applaud you, I have gone through fazes of doing this although at other times I like to have smooth legs - the choice is yours. If you do like having smooth legs for summer then here are a few easy hacks to achieve this no matter how busy you are.

Shaving (should you do it) doesn't have to be a necessary evil and with all the fancy razors and shaving accessories out there on the market it can be difficult to know if what you’re purchasing will work for you or just end up being costly and a waste of time and you might be wondering what you need to know about hair removal. Knowing the basics will have real results no matter if your razor is budget friendly or high end.

So, with that in mind, these super simple tips, should have you one step closer to a more silky finish.

1. Never dry shave!

Many of us have learnt the hard way, I know I have, and when your busy or in a rush it seems like a good idea but it never really is. Dry shaving only leads to cuts, grazes and skin irritation so you should always try to soak your legs and the hairs beforehand. Some skin experts recommend shaving towards the end of your bath or shower time, just so your skin will have had enough time to soften. When your hairs are hydrated, they’re easier to cut. It’s that simple!

2. Exfoliate

This is something personally I have overlooked for a longtime because 90% of the time I am in a rush  but it really is worth it. Exfoliating before you shave helps in removing all the dead skin cells on your legs will stop them getting clogged in your razor. Then you’ll get a much closer, and better shave - makes so much sense right?

cool tattoo

3. Replace your razors regularly

If you find you have to apply intense pressure to make your razor work, then chances are that your
blades or the whole razor if it’s a disposable one, needs replacing. When you shave your razor
should glide across your skin and remove hairs with very little pressure. So if you’re pushing into
your skin then change them asap!

4. The direction

There are many disputes about which direction you should shave in. However, general consensus is
that you should shave against the direction of hair growth. So, as the hairs on your leg grow
downwards you should shave upwards to get the best possible shave. Starting from the ankle and
making your way (gently) towards your knees.

Don’t be afraid to bend!

We’re so used to seeing glossy commercials of models shaving their glistening legs with a pointed
toe – that they don’t give a very accurate blueprint for us real ladies. When it comes to
areas like you knees that are bumpy, uneven surfaces with folds of skin, it’s not as simple as bending
over gracefully and tickling the skin with your disposable. Don’t be afraid to move your body as
needed to reach those tricky areas! When you get to your knees for example – bend them! It’ll make
the area flatter and easier to cover with your razor.

shaving hacks

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Why Body Positivity is for everyone!


Body positivity

Written in associating with Betterhelp 

The past year has been a real game changer for the media and seeing more diversity (although still not enough) in advertisement, magazines, tv etc with people celebrating their bodies and taking to social media to share their story and normalise the notional that their is no such thing as the perfect body and to love the one you have no matter what shape or size and I personally feel it's been a really positive moment and one everyone can join in with.

Saying that a lot of people have the impression that Body Positivity is only about weight and it's not at all, it's really about so much more than that! Nearly everyone goes through some kind of internal battle with themselves or has unfortunately been the subject of mean words. I know this has been the case for myself which is why I am a supporter of the Body Positivity movement. Yet I have had a few messages over the past year when sharing Body positivity related content saying that I don't fully understand what the movement is about or what people are going through and this is simply the case, as I said every person has some kind of battle they are dealing with and no matter how big or small it's all relevant.

Growing up in South Africa, which is fairly tall population and being only 4ft10 meant that I stuck out like a sore thumb along with wearing pretty androgynous clothing as a youth and teen (and still now) meant that I have had at times some means words thrown at me. I've always been pretty good with standing my own ground and trying to not let words affect me badly except but truth be told at times it did on occasion and also meant I had a bit of an obsession with flat forms for a while to make me taller.  The thing is mean words can have a real affect on your mental wellbeing especially when it's over a period of time so celebrating your body for what it is, telling the world we are all different and don't all look like 6ft models with perfect hair and spot free skin because even that is not a reality in itself.

self care

When I was younger I was also left out of certain social events because of my size - while most of my friends around in their teens looked a lot older and would get into over 18 venues easily I however did not I find this hard and yes there were times I wanted to change my body and appearance but now I love being petite and a tomboy because I have worked on myself and have learnt to value my wellbeing, mental space and my body and I feel over this past year I have taken even further steps in my acceptance and love for myself.

With more and more people suffering from low self esteem, mental health issues, depression and anxiety, it's really important to instil a positive way of looking at ourselves and also realise that not everything we read or see online and in social media is not always a true reflection of someones life but rather just the best bits and should be taken with a pinch of salt. We should never be made to feel less than or less worthy and it's really important to work on that and also speak out if you are feeling vulnerable  or bullied in some way. However the damage can often be done earlier in our lifetime and it's about working through that, websites such as Betterhelp has some fantastic advice on things like anxiety, self esteem and feeling better about ourselves.

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