Christmas at Celtic Manor


festive decor

So earlier this month I was kindly invited to an afternoon of wonderful conversation, beautiful table decor and of course some delicious tea and cake at the Celtic Manor - a stunning 5 star hotel on the outskirts of Newport as part of #MyCelticXmas. It was lovely to be given the chance to preview their Christmas Cream Tea and I can honestly say I was not disappointment at all, from beginning to end the whole experience was seamless and was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Christmas pie truffle

Christmas tea party

handmade cakes

When I arrived I was greeted by the friendly staff and offered a drink before be shown to my seat alongside some other lovely local bloggers. We had a quick briefing about the what the hotel offers and what to expect from the day and an insight into the new Celtic Manor blog which is really worth a read. I am already planning to return to take the little man to the Winter Wonderland which sounds amazing.

cute teapot

Celtic manor cream tea

After the briefing we were introduced to the head pastry chef who walked us through some of the amazing creations that would be on offer with the Christmas cream tea. After which they served some Mulled Wine in cute little teapots, it smelled divine but due to the pregnancy I had to pass it up but oh how I do love mulled wine but the loose leaf peppermint tea more than made up for it. Once they brought out the food I couldn't wait to try all the dainty cakes and sandwiches, especially the christmas pudding truffle. The photo above is the meat option but they catered for myself and Alice who was sitting next to me with vegetarian three tiere which included some yummy mini cheese tarts, scones, mince pies and marzipan cups plus lots of other tasty treats.

handmade treat

homemade scones

To finish the day off we were handed custom tote bags with some Elemis Goodies and a handmade Christmas pudding biscuit which John wolfed down before I could get a photo of it.

Overall if your looking for somewhere special to take someone you love, family, friends or just feel like having a pampering day out than I highly recommend the Christmas Cream Tea at the Celtic Manor and you can check out the menu here. The beautiful interior added to the festive feeling plus the friendly and knowledgable staff were amazing.

pregnancy style
Looking a little fuller from all the cake (and being pregnant :)


  1. I love afternoon tea, always a treat, but I've never thought of a festive afternoon tea before :)

  2. That looks like such an amazing blogger event!! It is so lovely to get invited to these things and get treated isn't it :)

  3. The event was so lovely wasn't it? Really want to head back in the new year x

  4. Wow that looks gorgeous... great place to take my fiances parents when they visit at Christmas!

  5. That is so cute, what an amazing Cream Tea - love that idea. Love the tea cosy too.

  6. I would have been all over the vegetarian tea, and those cakes - they look amazing! You're looking fab, by the way - I really like you with a fringe!

  7. Wow! Looks great! I wish you would run a competition to win this experience :)

  8. I love all the little festive touches. I also agree with Vicky - you rock that fringe! x

  9. aww what a lovely day! I spot Megan from the Briar Rose too? x

  10. ooooh - those cakes all look amazing!!!


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