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stunning bouquet
Summer florals, outdoor picnics and indoor inspiration (image)

Do you ever wake up and wish that you lived in a home that was truly inspiring for the soul, a place that merged the outdoors, the freedom and wildness of it all with all the homely comforts. Since I was very young I always envisaged that my forever home would be somewhere slightly offbeat, a little quirky, perhaps not to everyones taste but a place I found inspiring and a little bit wild. I like to remind myself of this dream, especially on a Monday when the week feels so long. I thought I would share some images from my favourite Pinterest board - Inspired Living so keep the creative juices flowing throughout the week.

Would love my bedroom to look like this (image)

whimsical living
How beautiful is this blanket teepee (image)
flower child
Says it all (image)


  1. I tend to like more vintage looking home decor as opposed to what you like but I have to agree, I'd love that bedroom!

    1. HI Julie - I too love Vintage style rooms but every now and than I love shaggy chic and hippy style thrown together with lots of colour and patterns :)

      Laura x

  2. Oh the term forever home plagues me. I am closer to it but not quite there. Although I think real forever would involve a move to Ireland Japan or Bali but that's blue sky thinking. Your Pinterest board is probably more realistic ha ha. Great images x

  3. Aww, I wish I was creative enough to set up outdoor picnics like that!!! LOL X


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