The GLAM Show


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I am very excited to be going to The Glam Show this weekend and so very glad that I am over being sick and this is just what I need. I am just going for the Saturday but it runs for two days, full of fashion, fun, pampering and shopping - couldn't think of anything better. it's taking place at Earls Court and is in association with TV lifestyle guru Nicky Hambleton-Jones. I think it's going to be a pretty packed day as there seems to be loads going on, from Fashion shows to vintage workshops (A MUST!!!), there is also going to be a beauty and hair salon zone, as well as health, body and mind zone...if you need to relax from all the crazy shopping that I am sure will go on. I know that I am going to be hanging out in the Vintage row most of the day. Lots of photo's will follow of course and I will be doing some outfit posts soon, as it's shopping tomorrow for Saturday - yey :). So if your in London this know where it's at
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Getting over the flu with a bold dash of colour



I do apologise for the lack of post's....I have unfortunately been bed-ridden for the past week with the worst flu of my life!!! You would think oh yey I'm in bed for a week I can surf the web on my laptop - oh NO, this is not the case when you have real flu, you literally cannot do anything. Now that I have summons the strength to become productive I felt like a serious burst of colour into my life and while paging through some old Harper Bazaars I came across this Photoshop by Nick Night and even though the shoot is about a year old, the leggings could fit quite well into this season's trend.

I am in love with these Vintage Stephen Sprouse tights from Cherry in New York and the Andrew Logan shoes. This outfit in effect shouldn't work because it has soo many statement items and alit of clashing patterns but there is still something appealing about it.

That woven  Girogio Armani bag is the most wonderful thing, except for the price of course and so are the Balenciaga shoes. I am really loving the huge oversized bangles

Bangles galore....ahh well I feel alittle bit better now - I have had my huge colour injection to keep me going through winter. I am such a staple colour person - love my blacks and navy's, I don't think I will be going this mix matched colourful but I am going to pair some bold's and blacks together.

All photo's by Nick Night
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Inspired by Underwater Fashion





So I have been super busy at University, lot's of photographic projects are taking place and I am now working towards a group exhibition for next year. I have been looking for inspiration and I am totally obsessed with trying out underwater photography - I just love the way clothes look's soo poetic. All of these images where taken by Ric Frazier
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My 1965 trilby




So I recently acquired my grandfathers 1965 trilby and it's exactly what I have been looking for - it's by the British Brand Vero and it's just simply quality...unlike the "remakes" sold in places like H&M (which I have and still love) but the fit on this is great. Anyway this is the first outfit post with what I term my "winter" boots. I am very much into sweaters and jumpers right now.
So it's Vero Vintage Trilby, Le Chateau Jersey, Laura Ashley Necklace, H&M tights, Clarks boots, Ferragamo Bag
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Inspired by Black and White Fashion


Kate Moss

 Vogue photoshoot
(Photo's from Vogue Oct 2009)

Lilly Allen

 Pringle of Scotland
(Tatler Nov 2009)

It sometimes seems strange that one would use black and white in fashion since fashion can rely on colour so much, especially when making a statement. But then again black and white also put more emphasis on the designs, the style, the tailoring. It also can create a dark and mysterious or rocky and edgy mood and reminds us of the classic and chic styles of French Film Noir. Personally, sometimes I feel black and white works better, it's striking and simple and allows for one to see the clothes without distraction, also it can heighten the lighten effects and create better shadows.
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The Pant Shoe



I happen to stumble across this pant shoe today and while trying to get my head around the concept my first instinct that despite what is simply a bizarre idea, I like them. I think because of the unusual lace running up the leg that makes the pants so interesting to look at and the combination with a traditional sneaker seems to somehow work, I would pair this up with a plain loose black vest and a fedora hat for a street look. You can see more weird and wonderful shoes at

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If your in London do go and check out the show-studio exhibition at Somerset house, it runs until the 20th December and is well worth checking out. has been online for 9 years and is the brain child of fashion photographer Nick Knight. The exhibition is based on the themes of  Process', 'Performance' and 'Participation', and showcases over twenty projects from Show Studio's archive. As soon as you enter the exhibition to step into the mirror room...which you could literally spend hours in, mirror's on the ceiling, floor and all around you like a dome of observation. Leaving that you are confronted with huge over 10 feet tall Naomi sculptures with different images being projected on to her. You get a real sense of involvement in this exhibition, you can touch everything, pick it up, listen to audio and even call the good looking model sitting in the room. They have a cool collection of small class plates with lipstick kisses from famous models alike including Agnes and Kate Moss. The exhibition also host's a beautiful collection of various designers outfits, photographs and really inspiring fashion films.

Had a lot of fun in the mirror room - so a quick outfit run down - Gerard Darel Jacket, French Connection Top, Next jeans, MK shoes, Mulberry overnight bag, H&M Beret

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DIY and Boyfriend Blazer



I love fitted jackets and black blazers so I am sooo happy about the Boyfriend blazer making a comeback. I like to pair smarter items up with old or thrifted or DIY items. This outfit is - Re-styled Alexon Boyfriend Blazer, Zara black top, DIY Dickies shorts, Belt bought at Camden Market, C&A tights, MK shoes bought in Amsterdam.
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Juergen Teller and Marc Jacobs's Lola


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Marc Jacobs lola

I am totally obsessed by this advert, I don't know what it's simply drawing me towards this product like a moth to a light. Maybe it's the simplicity, the nude make-up, the youthful stare, the in your face bare documentary style that the German photographer Juergen Teller is so well know for. Besides doing the current Marc Jacobs adverts, Teller has photographed nearly everyone in the fashion industry from Kate Moss, Lily Cole,Sophia Coppola , Victoria Beckham and Vivienne Westwood, aswell as Bjork just to name a small few. Here are a few selections of my favourite photographs from Juergen Teller.....

Sofia Coppola
Juergen Teller

 Juergen Teller
(All photo's by Juergen Teller)

Jurgen is the master of effective simplicity....I love his harsh flash and almost cheap looking shots - it's so bad it becomes so very good and that what I love about his photographes.
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Spotlight on......Jean-Pierre Braganza



He seems to be the one everyone is whispering about but those whispers are getting louder and for good reason. At London Fashion Week I just feel in love with Jean-Pierre Braganza's designs....they are straight, edgy and to the point with bold colours and architectural shapes. I felt like they reveal enough but still hold a sense of comfortability and masculinity in a dress to feel empowered. I also love black....I just do...and I love with his designs black seems to be the basis and then colour is added on top of this. Jean-Pierre said in an interview that he lives and breaths hard rock and industrial music and you can totally see this in his designs, he recently designed some piece's for Nine Inch Nails. He was also personally selected by Karl Lagerfeld to showcase his work as part of Innovation's Protégé Project in 2008.I expect big things are going to happen for this talented designer.

                                                        Photo's taken by Me at LFW

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Denim Day's



For some reason I am loving wearing shirts at the moment.....and this is another thicker (better for the coming winter) shirt and I simply love denim. This was just a casual outfit for photography school. Shirt - W Collection, Necklace - House of Fraser, White vest - Bodens, Black Jeans - Next, Shoes - The Office
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