Easy Sunday Morning


lying in bed
Sometimes I wish I could stay in bed all day (image)

We make life what it is, we see the things we want to see. On sundays I like to look for the whimsical, the lazy, the cosy, the calm to the start of the day. Is there really anything better than a lazy sunday morning with american pancakes (preferable made by someone else) and a fresh cup of coffee wrapped in a soft quilted throw in a wonderfully light kitchen with large windows...well we can all dream and why not I say...life is too short not too.

beautiful coffee
How cute are these (image)

breakfast in bed
What I want to wake up too (image)


  1. I agree lovely, this is how I wish my weekends went too - love the images you've chosen also. That coffee looks yum!

    Hugs Michelle Elyse || www.ladywoolf.com

  2. I like the sound of that kind of Sunday morning even if it is far removed from my reality!


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