Just a day for taking photo's and Ugly Sweaters


So I am getting geared up to start my 365 day project next year - where you take a photo everyday. I love film though - so it may be abit harder, but it's a good motivation to get out and about and take some snaps. I have just bought this knitted jumper, which I practically live in now...it's so nice and warm. Also I bought a pair of jeggings/pull on jeans (not in this pic) but whoever invented those is a genious - I am in love with them!!!

Knitted Jumper - Miss Selfridges
Jeans - Levis
Shoes - MK from Amsterdam

Also I am totally in love with ugly jumpers!!! The uglier the better haha, I mean what would christmas be without novelty sweaters anyway?? So after looking on the net, I came up with some of my favourite jumpers, I also saw a great printed horse jumper in topshop the other day - which I need to get!!! Also what I didn't know is that people actually organise ugly jumper parties!!!


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Art Exhibition and photographic work


So I am very happy to share that I will be part of a group exhibition taking place in Glasgow next month at the Long Gallery in the Tron Theater. Hopefully I will get the chance to go up for the preview but it's a few hours from where I live. Here is the offical poster for the event and my work that will be on show :)


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Let it Rain


So this is going to be a busy weekend, but hopefully full of wonderful happenings. Saturday night I am going to big dinner with friends, lot's of wine and food and tipsy ramblings, it should be fun....but what to wear?? I bought a cute dress a while back that I have never worn out because I was not happy about the length, so I've pinned it up and tucked it in and an all round better fit :)

Sunday with be full of fashion frolics with the Wales Fashion Showcase, which I am really looking forward to and a full write up will follow. Ahhh how winter has suddenly come upon me...it's been creeping slowly and then wham it's here....dark mornings and nights and sudden need for thick winter coats (my favourite) but I could not help but wear this skirt and tight combo today, just made me walk with a spring in my step

Skirt - Warehouse, Jersey - Laura Ashley, Parka - bought in SA years ago, Shoes - The Office
Knitted hat - H&M

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Preppy and Peppy


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So once again just a quick inspiration post for the week....been soo busy but good news as many outfit posts are going to happen in the next week and lots more dedicated blog time - yey :) Also going to the Wales Fashion Showcase on Sunday so that should be fun fun fun. I am also in the process of a major clean out of the wardrobe, doing a total clean out, which is more tiring that one thinks. Anyway I am currently in love with the preppy mod look and I NEED this little tutu style skirt by Paule Ka, it's a dream.

All Photo's courtesy of Oct 09 Glamor
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