Festive Interior inspiration at Ideal Christmas


festive inspiration

Last week I was invited to the Ideal Home Show At Christmas at Earls Court in London thanks to Gocompare.com - one of the shows sponsors. So I got up early and made my way to the city for an action packed day or festive inspiration. It was really hard not be excited by what was going to be install simply by the outdoor winter wonderland in front of Earls Court with beautiful decorated Trees and even snow it was hard not to want to grab a mince pie and mulled wine.

clarks brogues
Ideal home show

I have never been to any of the Ideal Home Shows before and I have to say it was HUGE! So many stalls I didn't know where to start, as well as inspiring talks, food demos, an ice-rink and various eating options. I loved all the Christmas decorations and it has really given me loads of ideas when it comes to decorating our home this year.


food inspiration

My favourite part was the home and Interior room sets that you could walk through - such beautiful styling and well curated styling. I never knew before that I needed or wanted a unicorn but when I saw this piece of Wall decor I feel in love with the whimsical side of it.

festive interior inspiration

Unicorn wall piece
Seriously in love with this unicorn 


  1. I love the Ideal Home shows, I go with my mum sometimes. I've not been to the Christmas one though but it looks amazing, definitely a must for next year I think :)

  2. beautiful styling there - would love to go for some inspiration!

  3. It was a lovely show, I love all your photos.The ice rink was so magical too.

  4. I would have wanted the unicorn definitely, brilliant x

  5. So much christmassy action going on all under one roof - looks fab! x

  6. That looks really festive, looks like you had a great time x

  7. Ooh, so stylish and festive. I love unicorns and would quite like a unicorn in a bauble for my tree now x

  8. Oh I wish I'd gone! Must have been brilliant to get some inspiration :-)


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