Why I moved to the UK


boyfriend jacket
A younger child free me

My mother is Welsh and my father South African, I spent 19 amazing years in Cape Town, South Africa, the place that will be forever home yet I doubt I will ever live there again. I flew over to the UK at the tender age of 16 as I had been invited to train full-time at a well respected Judo Dojo in Edinburgh, I had some success on what was at the time my future plan but needed to return to South Africa when I was 19 when my father passed away suddenly. This gave me a lot of time to reflect, I had had the chance to live in two different countries and I realised that as much as I loved South Africa in terms of work and school the UK offered better opportunities at the time as well as my mother and brother living in the UK it seemed like the best choice.

As I said the UK does have some great opportunities if you are willing to work and work hard at that. I was lucky enough to achieve my degree in the UK, something that would of been a lot harder in South Africa (and a lot more expensive), the rand is also very weak and the UK's hourly rate is the same as South Africa's daily rate which is why a lot of hard working South Africa's come on working holidays for two years, save up and return home with enough to put a deposit on a house or start their own business.

working holiday
Dancing in Nice while there on a working holiday a few years back

When I returned to the UK I went back up to Edinburgh for a year before deciding to do some more travelling. I really recommend trying out a working holiday, especially if you don't have any kids yet as it's the perfect way to see the world and make friends at the same time and I really enjoyed working in Amsterdam, Nice and the West Coast of Scotland. I had some amazing memories, made friends for life and also fitted in a lot of travelling before heading back to the UK and down to Cornwall. Some how I ended back in Wales, just outside of Cardiff and with two children (how did that happen?). I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to move around, visit some incredible places and do some less than ordinary things like taking a cargo ship from Cape Town to the UK.

Mr A and I in a Cafe in Bristol

After all of this I am very content with were my life is right now but I am also glad that I explored the world before having children and now I enjoy taking them along for the ride as well and seeing things through the eyes of a 4yr old has been very exciting.

If you would like know more about a working holiday check out this page

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Street Style Sunday - Denim Dress



As I have said before it can be pretty hard to find dresses that are post-pregnancy and feeding appropriate but when I came across this simple denim style dress from Zara I thought it would be perfect for a casual summer look, paired up with some gold slip-ons also from Zara and my black Paul Costello bag. John has also recently picked up a Beams Plus summer jacket and shirt and paired it up with Edwin Jeans and Clarks YMC loafers.

As we have been so busy this past month, going away a few times and lots of day trips to London, it's been important to be fairly practical as there has been a lot of long hours on our feet but still wanting to remain stylish, so for summer it's all about loafers, espadrilles and sandals and it's great to wear them while we can as the UK summer is always too short for my liking.

I would love you to come and join in with Street Style Sunday and share anything fashion related.

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Saturday Kitchen




I've been getting to grips with my new Le Creuset pot from House of Fraser, this classic french casserole pot is amazing, beautifully made and looks very stylish in any kitchen and I honestly don't think there is anything better than veggies slow cooked in one of these and there is something very comforting and rustic about it.

I have been craving spinach lately so when I came across a hotpot recipe in Waitress Harvest book I thought i'd do an inspired version of it and it came out better than I thought and was hit with all the family. It's so simple yet tasty and full of goodness plus protein from the chickpeas.

vegetarian cooking

 Spinach, Chick Pea and Potato Hotpot

Serves 4

2 tbsp olive oil
2 onions, sliced
1 1/2 tsp ras el hanout spice blend
400g Chickpeas drained and rinsed
100g fresh baby spinach
500g charlotte potatoes, scrubbed and sliced
1 vegetable stockcube in 300ml water
15g butter

1. Preheat oven to 180c or gas mark 4
2. Heat a little oil in a pan and fry the onions until soft.
3. Put 2/3 of the potatoes into the pot plus all the other ingredients, including the spices and mix together
4. Scatter the remaining potatoes on top and brush with butter
5. Bake in the oven for about 1 hour until the potatoes are golden and crisp.
6. Serve up and top with some feta cheese

Really easy and simple

Thanks to House of Fraser for gifting me with my Le Creuset
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Handcrafted Homewares



If you are a regular reader of the blog you will probably know I was born and grew up in South Africa and I will always have a soft spot for African inspired interiors as well as hand crafted goods so I am very excited about the Unique Crafted homewares coming to HomeSense from the 13th July. What is even better is the range is part of an initiative to help some of the most disadvantaged families increase their incomes so they can afford to send their children to school, in fact income received from selling two baskets could pay for a child to attend school for a term.

flavoured coffee
Flavoured ground coffee £3.99

The range will be available in both HomeSense and TKMaxx and consists of Drums made of Cowhide from Ngeye Traditional Craft group in Uganda, traditional woven baskets and ground coffee which also comes in a variety of flavours. I have my eye on the colourful and creative baskets which I think would make a great addition to our living room space and bringing in some much needed colour.

Both John and I have a passion for interiors as well as travel and to be able to combine cultures and a good cause is a win win all-round as well as a great way to bring a bit of Africa into our home.

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Dorset Cereals B&B awards


farmhouse breakfast

Is there anything more blissful than waking up to the early morning sun shining through the window  of a beautiful house in the countryside, walking downstairs to a breakfast of locally produced produce and all without having to lift a finger? I don't think so and I type this I am sitting in the most stunning farm house in Somerset enjoying one of many amazing B&B's dotted around the UK.

I am so happy to announce that I am working with Dorset Cereals who have paired up with Sawdays to bring you the first Dorset Cereals B&B awards which aims to showcase the top B&Bs the UK has to offer and each month 12 shortlisted B&B's will be posted on the Dorset website where fans can nominate their favourite one.

I have to admit it's been a fair while since I have stayed at a B&B but we cannot wait to share what we have got up to this week, it's been such a wonderful and stress free break on an organic farm with lots of space to explore as well as a divine breakfast to devour.


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Turn your photos into Wall Art



Given the monumental wonders of modern technology, taking pictures is now super easy. In addition to the abundance of smartphones and devices that help us capture the important moments in our lives, there has also been an explosion of tools and platforms that are designed to edit, store and share our pictures as well. One popular by-product of this revolution is canvas printing. From photos of lush green landscapes to family portraits that document your memories, printing your photos on canvas can literarily turn them into fine works of art!

Over the years and through lots of trail and error, we have become familiar with some of the best ways to ensure great looking pictures and what is needed to turn them into beautiful pieces of art on canvas. Let me share some of them with you:

Use the Best Pictures

If you are going for canvas prints the most important aspect to get right is the quality of your images. Selecting the best of your pictures to use for canvas printing will get you optimum results with sharp images and colours that stand out. Tips to remember include controlling your exposure to get the right mood, using the flash when taking photos in low light, and utilising symmetry to get unique art effects.

Personalise your Canvas Prints

One advantage of canvas printing your photos is that the style and methods you can use to create works of art are endless. The following are just some of the most popular ways to get photos printed on canvas:

Photo Collage – unlike conventional pictures and frames, a bulky frame will not separate your photos if you opt for a collage photo canvas. This style will allow you to tell a story or showcase a collection of pictures in a beautiful and seamless way in one frame.

Museum Style Wraps – this option creates a museum art style in the sense that it makes canvas prints appear larger and as if they were floating in the frame.

Gallery Wraps – gallery wrapping is the term that’s given to the scenario where an image on canvas is stretched around the sides of the frame to create a striking and focused effect. This canvas style works well with images that have lots of background or empty spaces around the frame.

Framed Gallery Wrapping – this method can be used to match your homes’ interior and d├ęcor with a floating wood frame in a colour of your choice.

Turning your photos into art with canvas printing is relatively easy thanks in part to many online services that offer such types of services. Using the very best pictures and personalising them to your taste will set you on your way to achieving a truly stand out and arty aesthetic with your pictures. In addition to being a modern, personalised wall art option for any home; canvas photo printing does a great job of capturing our memories and reminding us of those events in our lives that matter to us the most in a simple yet stylish way.

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Street Style Sunday - Thank you



black and white photography

This past weekend has been surreal to say the least. On Friday we hoped aboard the train from Cardiff and headed to Holborn in London for a night at the Montcalm for the two-day blogging conference that is Britmums, thanks to my wonderful sponsors HomeSense. An amazing event that brings together so many different type of bloggers from parenting to fashion, travel and interiors plus any other kind of niche you can think of. The Friday night was also the Brilliance in Blogging awards ceremony and party and Side Street Style was up for the Style category for the second year in a row.

Things have been so manic since having Baby G and I have struggled to find clothes that are "me" since he was born, having to juggle with breast feeding friendly clothing as well as the fact he is in the sling most of the time, I have to admit I committed a fashion faux par by not making as much effort in the past but having time to get nails and hair done with a 3 month old is fairly impossible so I put on a denim dress I picked up from Zara a few weeks back and totally convinced we wouldn't win I sat at the back enjoying the wonderful atmosphere. The thing is we did win *cue very shocked face* and I still cannot believe it now. I was so shocked I think I said about three words before scuttling off stage realising I hadn't thanked anyone and that is something I really want to put right, especially since this blog is very special to our family and all our readers mean so much to us and it's been a blast for more than 5 years.

street style

I was over the moon to find out we had been put forward to the shortlist and then to actually win has been bar far one of the best highlights since I did my first outfit post more than 5 years ago. With everything in life both John and I have changed and grown as well as had kids so we are really grateful that our readers have enjoyed our fashion and style journey over the past few years. It's also given me the boost I needed after having Baby G as like I said I have been having a bit of a fashion crisis and its been getting me down, I know I only had a baby 3 months ago but I struggled with my changing body during pregnancy and it's taking slower to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight than the first time round, which is to be expected but I have still been feeling low about it so this has certainly made me feel better about my body and accept it's all a journey and it will take a long time before I reach the destination.

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Travel with kids - 5 things to pack



Both John and I did a fair amount of travelling before we had kids but nothing really prepares you for taking little ones along for the ride until you actually do it and since having Mr A we gone on some amazing adventures and have become more travel savvy in terms of keeping him entertained on a budget as well as making sure all his needs are met.

ClickStay invited us to put together a post about what our top tips for travelling with kid which you can VOTE for. I would put together a little vlog and blog about 5 budget friendly things to pack to help keep kids entertained while on the road, that is not an iPad. We only recently got a tablet so the majority of our travels have been without any kind of tablet to help entertain our son even on long train journeys from the UK to Europe and to be honest you really don't need one either.

Family travel in Paris
John and Mr A in Paris last year

When travelling with young children you need to make them feel as involved as possible and allowing them to have there own suitcase such as a trunki (we cannot recommend these enough) is a good place to start. Also taking something from home such as their favourite soft toy can also ease homesickness. Another essential is packing things like plasters and Capol just in case as being stuck in a foreign country with a child that has a temperature is no fun.

Here are 5 things to pack to keep kids entertained

1. 100 thing (not 1000 as I mistakenly said in my vlog) for little kids to do on a journey - by Usborn £6.99. The box comes with 50 double side wipe-clean cards with 100 simple and easy activities and my 4yr old love this and keeps him entertained for a fair amount of time and with some of the activities being really educational this is a win win all round.

2.  Are we there yet? Travel Game £6.99 - a really fun and easy card game that you can play on a car or train trip - you get points for spotting things along your journey and the person who has the most points at the end wins. Easy to understand even for young children

3. Auto Bingo by Schmidt £8 - just like bingo, each player get s wipe-clean car with various thing to spot along a car/train or ferry journey and the first person to spot everything on their card wins.

4. Notepad and stickers - our son while spend a good half an hour just sticking and writing in his notepad, it's really cheap and easy and you can also encourage them to start a travel journal.

5. Kids magazines - we don't buy these unless we are going on a trip as they come with stickers, usually a little toy and lots of games and colouring in - they are light and perfect for handbags.

Mr A sticking in his notepad on the train to London

To us travel is all about learning and trying new things and the journey is apart of that, although one must remember that children are different to us and keeping on top of the basics will also ensure a more calm experience so always make sure your children have had enough sleep as well as keeping them hydrated and well fed, just those three things will go a long way in preventing a meltdown while on the road.

train travel

This is my entry for the Clickstay Mummy Blogger Awards,please vote for me 

My Travel Monkey
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Totsbots, rolling & 16 weeks

baby feet

Wow I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by, everything seems to be happening so fast. Baby G started rolling when he was 14 weeks old and follows his brother around the room and really wants to join in with him. He is full of smiles as well as giggles and loves talking to me and in all honesty is such a happy and easy going baby and the breast feeding is still going great and I cannot quite get my head around the fact that in the next two months we will start weaning him on food.


We have been enjoying picnics in the garden as well as many outdoor adventures as well as two trips to London last month. He really loves sleeping in his sling and we have also been getting to grips with using his Totsbots reusable nappies, which has meant slightly more laundry than usual but we are seeing the positive side of not only them being eco-friendly but also economical. We have been putting The Easyfit and Bamboozle stretch totsbots to the test and we like both but the Bamboozle has to be our favourite as it's so soft and fits really well - they are birth to potty nappies so you can change the sizes with simple poppers. We tend to use reusables in the house and if we are going out for a few hours we pack a few disposables as they are slightly lighter but like I said we are still saving money each week and love the fact he will get a lot of wear out of these. We are going to be doing a fair amount of travel over the next few weeks and cannot wait to update you soon with his progress, I'm sure he will be crawling very soon.

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Beautiful Bibico & Giveaway


ethical fashion

If you are a regular reader of the blog you probably already know we love ethical brands, so when I stumbled across Bibico on twitter a few months ago I immediately wanted to know more about this locally designed, ethically produce, fair-trade and organic independent store based in Bath.

It can be surprisingly hard to find clothes that are not only stylish but also produced in a low impact way and that benefits the people who actually produce the clothes such a the cooperative in Nepal who hand knits all of Bibico's knitwear. Most of the knitting is done at home which means they don't have to travel, reducing costs and allowing them to stay close to their families.

Ethical fashion
Summer inspired outfit from Bibico - love the Breton dress for £49

What I love most is the beautiful simplicity that their collection captures with classic designs such as Breton dresses, Aran jumpers and canvas espadrilles, it reminds me of blissful days spent at the seaside or in wellies in a field somewhere in the countryside. 

What I am really excited about is being able to offer one of my readers the chance to win a £100 gift voucher to spend at Bibico, it's super easy to enter and the giveaway ends on the 1st July 2015

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Big Feastival has Food and Fun for Whole Family



Summer music festival

I can be easy to understand why some people get a bit jealous of child- free friends in the summer months. Of course it's always great to see everyone having fun in the sun, but as dedicated record fanatics it can be difficult to see all the amazing Instagrams snaps from some of the best (slightly less baby friendly) music festivals in the world—Wireless, Glastonbury (have been & I know they encourage families but we will be going when the boys are a bit older) etc to name a few.

face painted dinosaur
Mr A having fun at The Beyond the Border festival last year

We are not complaining though as there are now tons of fantastic festivals aimed at not only teens and youthful festival goers but also families with small children and we are actually planning on going to Camp Bestival and Just So Festival this year and we also recently came across an amazing family friendly foodie one that is the Big Feastival up in Oxfordshire. The festival is curated and organised by Blur bassist Alex James and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver for three days of music, food and fun for friends and families. This year's event will take place from August 28 to 30 and will be held at James' private farm in the Cotswolds.

Good food

The Feastival, now in its fifth year, brings together many different flavours of arts and culture for what British Airways calls "an exciting fusion of live music, boutique bars, artisan food stalls and lifestyle markets." Nearly 16,000 people made their way out to the region for last year's event and it's looking like this year's edition will be even bigger

This particular summer spectacular combines all of our favourite loves of terrific live music and great food shared with family for a music festival for a gentler generation. The convergence of family fun is also free of charge for children under 12, making it ideal for a family gathering. There's even a spot just for the younglings called the "Little Dudes' Den." 

Festival footwear

Festival goers will have the opportunity to get down to musical performances from revered DJs like Groove Armada (I see you, baby) and the legendary Grandmaster Flash himself on the ones and twos along with the likes of Roots Manuva, Badly Drawn Boy, Dizzee Rascal and new wave icons Heaven 17. There will also be a dizzying display of delectable dishes and demos from some of the best chefs in Britain including Jamie Oliver, hungry Frenchman Raymond Blanc and new food blog scene queen Ella Woodward.

Did you know that the Blur pop star is actually a passionate cheesemaker and has been crafting both artisan and everyday cheese varieties for nearly ten years? The man has some serious chops when it comes to cheese and even served as a judge at the 2010 British Cheese Awards. At the festival this year, cheese-heads will be in for a treat at "Alex's Cheese Hub," where attendees can take in talks, tastes and even buy some treats from the creamery of the "Coffee and TV" bassist.


According to The Telegraph, the festival also raises funds for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. “I want every child leaving school at 16 to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to understand where food comes from, how to cook it and how it affects their body,” Oliver said. The Food Foundation is a charity with a mission to educate young children to grow and cook fresh foods. It also helps to train those who have left school for careers in the restaurant industry.

Between the family-friendly atmosphere, wealth of fantastic food and impeccably curated musical line-up, one hardly has to twist our arms to get to the Feastival each summer. Who says a couple of geezers have to give up on all the good things in life?

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Monday Interiors - Laura Ashley A/W


laura Ashley fabric

Last week John and I dashed off to London for a little interior and fashion inspiration in the form of the Laura Ashley A/W press day. It's been a while since I have been to a Press Show due to having the baby 3 months ago so it was really nice to be getting back into the swing of things and I was especially excited as I am a huge fan of Laura Ashley, in fact we have Laura Ashely wallpaper in both the nursery and our bedroom. This was also Baby G's first time to the capital, already in his short time here he has done a fair bit of travelling.

Laura Ashley wool

As expected they had the countryside inspired look down to a tee and their kitchen range is all about vintage, wood and creating that homely feel. The China blue collection also caught my eye and is very clean cut with striking prints. What I really enjoy about press days is the creativity that goes into the room sets, I loved the record players covered in floral cut-outs and samples of their wallpaper,  as well as the stunning floral displays dotted around the room sets. Even though it's only June it was lovely to see the wonderful Christmas collection and I already know where I will be buying my decorations from.

floral fabric
How beautiful are these fabrics?

One thing I really want to find more time to do this year is craft and I have a few project ideas I am working on, one is making some new cushions and curtains and I love the two fabrics above which would be perfect for this. I have some gingham curtains my mother whipped up from Laura Ashley fabric a few years ago and it's such a classic style that it will never go out of fashion.

beautiful clothes

I also had a quick browse at their A/W clothing collection, some many pieces I want! There's a lot of tweed, wool and heritage styles, they had some beautiful bags and clutches that I cannot wait to see in store as well as a beautiful Fair Isle style jumper which I can image would be perfect on a cold wintery day sitting up against a fire with a cup of coco. Laura Ashley is such a classic and quintessential brand that constantly manages to stay relevant and on trend without losing it's ionic style. It was wonderful to be invited and the Laura Ashley press show and visiting London was just what I needed injected my soul with some inspiration

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Street Style Sunday - Festival Essentials



Denim dungarees

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend, it's been a busy one for us, with two trips to London this week and another one next week it's been all go recently and this warmer weather has been blissful and I hope it sticks around for a while. With all our recent travels and more to come this summer I am looking for some chill out time at some festivals this year, as you may already know we love a good festival and have taken Mr A to them since he was 18 months old and this year we will also have Baby G in tow.

Denim dungarees
Round sunglasses, Denim Dungarees, Love life tee, black espadrilles - all F&F

As with everything the more you do the better you get so after a few good years we have the camping and festival thing down and have worked out what is worth packing and what simply is not. When Tesco asked me to put together a list of camping essentials from their Summer Boost collection I couldn't wait and for those who don't know what Summer boost is all about it's basically certain departments such as clothing, skincare and camping allow you to double the value of your Tescos vouchers All the clothes in the picture are from F&F except my necklace and I love these practical and stylish Dungarees

festival essentials
Festival beauty essentials

When your camping you of course also need some basic beauty essentials, I tend to only take exactly what I need as you really don't want to be carrying around any unnecessary weight so my Must Have's are - a Babble filter water bottle as keeping hydrated is so important for your skin, especially on a hot day. Some Maybelline Baby Lips intense care balm, Barry M nail varnish and Garnier Cleansing wipes as it's not unusual to go 2 days or so without a shower. My other major essential is a blow up camping bed, don't think for a moment you will be comfortable on a small foam roll or yoga mat, it simply won't cut the mustard and you will look awful in the morning without some king of rested sleep. 

What will you be doing this summer? Jetting of to somewhere hot? What will you be wearing? I hope you can come and join in with Street Style Sunday and share you style inspiration 

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Tips for eating Al Fresco with HomeSense


Outdoor picnic

One of my favourite things about summer is being able to eat outside, it really make my soul sing wether it be fresh mornings with a croissant and a cup of coffee, a midday picnic or evening sundowners on a warm evening. It's a summer tradition that is also a favourite of my son, in fact we have already had a fair few picnics in the garden and if it was up to him we would eat outside everyday.

eating al fresco

As you may already know I have collaborated with HomeSense in the past and being a hunter for a good deal and my passion for interiors I am naturally a fan of HomeSense which offers up to 60% off the normal retail price and they have some amazing pieces in at the moment to enhance your garden, summer al fresco gatherings and picnics.

Here are three very simple tips for eating Al fresco

1. Keep the food simple, fresh and enjoy a more tapas style affair such a hummus and veg sticks, cut up fruit, lightly dressed salads, pitta breads, bring colour to the plate and food you can share with others.

2. Make it special - dress your table or picnic blanket up with some pretty plates or if it's an evening affair some nice candles. We have such a short summer so why not make the most of every warm day we have.

3. Relax - let your children run free and enjoy nature, it's what summer is all about and eating outside makes it far less formal than sitting down at the kitchen table so just relax and let them have fun.

colour blocking
Lantern £12.99, Aztec throw £24.99, Two tone cushion £24.99, Blue tray £9.99 All from HomeSense

I cannot wait for hot days and long warm nights, our aim is to truly savour any good weather we have this year and enjoy every minute.

HomeSense are my sponsor for Blogtacular
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Lunch at Babylon, Kensington


The roof gardens

Earlier this week we jumped on the train from Cardiff for a much needed day out in London, it feels like it's been forever since both John and I have had the chance to be back in the Capital together, in fact when you have a family it can be a bit of a struggle having any quality time together. We think it's very important to make time for yourself as an individual as well as a couple so when Virgin Experience Days asked me to choose an experience I thought would be perfect for treating the man in my life in the run up to Fathers day I couldn't wait to surprise John.

The roof gardens

Opulent interior

I am fully aware of how much John does, he works long hours and happily gives any of his free time to spend with our sons and very rarely complains, he is in all honesty a very dedicated father so it was wonderful to raise a toast to him over a three course lunch in the beautiful surroundings that is Babylon, a Roof Terrace on the 7th floor overlooking Kensington.

herbed bread

poached egg

The entrance to Babylon is just off Kensington highstreet and you take the elevator up to the roof terrace on the 7th floor with stunning views across the city. The staff were exemplary right from the word go, not once did we have to pour our own wine or sparkling water and they where all extremely knowledgable about the menu, the ingredients and service was seamless throughout our meal.

As soon as we sat down we where offered some freshly baked herbed bread with olive oil and some sparkling water while we decided on what to have from the lunch set menu. We both went for the same starter, the vegetarian option of poached egg on baby asparagus and spring onions and pea style mini falafels which was beautiful presented and a we both enjoyed every single bite. Our meal was accompanied by an Italian white wine as recommended by our waiter.

white wine

Babylon Restaurant

All the dishes were perfectly proportioned, the starter was just enough as we like to enjoy each course as they come without getting to full to early on into the meal. For the main I went with the Beetroot and Halloumi Koftas on a pea puree served with salad leaves and it was delicious, with a hint of heat it felt indulgent without being too heavy. John opted for the Slow roasted Pork Collar which he said was cooked to perfection and beautifully presented.


Babylon Restaurant

Onto desserts and John had the roasted apricots and cream while I had the loose salted flapjack with caramelised bananas and rum ice-cream, we both took our time to enjoy and savour each mouthful, throughout our meal we could not fault the food which was served straight from the kitchen to our table. To end off our relaxing lunch we enjoyed an americano with some Petit Fours as we soaked in the atmosphere of this bustling and vibrant restaurant which attracts some very stylish clientele as well as families.

Colourful doors

After our meal we went for a little stroll around Kensington, such a beautiful London borough dotted with private parks, beautiful townhouses and amazing boutiques. There really isn't anywhere like London, so colourful and exciting and we are actually here later this month for a few days and if we have time we may pop back to Babylon as well as The Roof Gardens which was having a private at the time we were here as apparently they have four resident flamingos we would love to say hi to.

The Babylon 3 course meal with a bottle of wine, coffee and petit fours costs £85 from Virgin Experience Days and we highly recommend it, if your looking to eat somewhere really special with faultless service, fresh food and a stunning location then this would be perfect, especially for Fathers Day

Thanks to Virgin for inviting us to experience Babylon. 
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