5 Top Tips To Make Learning Fun


Since having Mr A at home we have found that we have naturally started working in a certain way, we love outdoor learning as this seems fun and natural to us, as well as painting, drawing and crafting a lot these days and have made a learning station for him. For the first time we have also started to embrace technology, something I was pretty strongly against but with heavy supervision we have seen some benefits from things like learning eggs and fun maths games. Of course this whole journey and experience is a learning curve for all of us. We can see the benefits for Arthur dealing with real experiences every day such as counting change when we go shopping or having to pay the bus driver, how long it takes us to drive places and socialising with his friends who are of slightly different ages. He has really started to come out of himself and grow into his own person which is such an exciting thing to witness. We don't always get it right but so far it's been pretty fun.

Oxford Botanical gardens
We love learning about things first hand, outdoors, like this outing to the Botanical Gardens

For some children, studying or learning new things can be hard. There are some teaching techniques that you can do, but it is also important to make learning fun for them. Whether your child needs algebra help or a tutor in science, there are plenty of ways to make learning extra fun for them. By doing this, you can make sure that they understand new concepts and at the same time, retain the information that you teach.

Mr A learning about the seasons and finding acorns

Here are the top five tips to make learning fun:

Do fun activities. Learning the traditional way can be a bore for some children. Incorporate fun activities when teaching kids new things to make it enjoyable for them. For instance, after teaching a lesson, create a fun game to test students if they understood the lesson well. You can also do outdoor activities that will encourage children to stay active.

seasonal crafts
We enjoy festival and seasonal crafts to help learn about that time of the year 

Go on a field trip. Sometimes, it is better for children to learn outside the classroom. You can go on a field trip with the entire class and visit a museum, a historical site, a factory, or any place where the children can do hands-on activities that will allow them to understand their lessons better. Check local museums or places where you can hold outdoor classes. 

leaf spotter sheet
We love learning outside with simple spotter sheets

Experiment. Encourage children to do experiments based on the things that they learned in school. Experimenting is fun for children, as they get to do an activity by themselves and see the results before their eyes. This is especially useful for science topics that are quite difficult to understand without hands-on experience.

Use technology. Children nowadays are so interested in technology that they tend to neglect what’s in front of them. What you can do is take advantage of their interest in technology and purchase educational games that they can play while learning at the same time. There are plenty of programs available, and you just have to choose the right one for your child.

outdoor learning
We love going on treasure hunts for things like conkers

Scavenger hunt. For younger children, you can encourage them to learn preparing a scavenger hunt where they can learn about the great outdoors. There are different locations you can use including your own backyard, camping grounds, the beach, or the park. Include interesting things to find and ask the children questions about their discoveries.

creative interiors
Create a space that encourages learning (image)

It's also really important to create space no matter how big or small within your home that encourages learning - this may simply just be a desk with some basic storage for things like paints, pens, crayons and bits and bobs to encourage creative play and crafting.

fossil finding
We love experimenting with things and keeping it hands on

These are some of the things you can do to make learning fun for children. Allowing your children to have a bit of fun when learning new things can help keep them interested in the subject. It also gives them the knowledge that they can learn, even when they are outside the classroom. It is best to start them young, so that as they get older, they know how to keep themselves entertained while learning.

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  1. some lovely ideas, I work with pre school children and it is very important to make it fun for them!!

  2. What great ideas, thanks for sharing. I used to love going on treasure hunts as a child x

  3. Some great ideas. I think getting outside in nature is really important for children and their learning process. I remember so many field trips from when I was younger. I think it's the experience that really sticks with you.


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