That Christmas feeling


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So a big happy Christmas to everyone and one and all. Hope you have all had an amazing past few days with lots of laughs. I have been so busy with my home photography studio - last minute christmas portrait shoots and running around trying to get them printed for clients right. But I always try and make some things as there is nothing like abit of a homemade feel to christmas, another rule that I have is the Tree and the wreath have to be real - no fakes here! I love the smell of a real tree, to me that is the smell of Christmas. One of the other things that is great about this time of the year is you can get up and have a champagne breakfast and no one looks twice mmmm I love champagne in the morning. Here are a few snaps from the past few days - including a sneak peek at Johns new Ralph Lauren jacket which will be in an outfit post soon.

mmmmm orange juice and South African sparkling wine at 8am is the best

Homemade Gift tags....they are so quick and easy to make and make me oh so happy

I love my real wreath...the prettiest on the street

Home made bunting chillin with the Run DMC dolls

Arthur being Santas little helper

My two boys in their new outerwear - John in Ralph Lauren and Arthur in the Swedish made Kozi Kidz fishermans suit.

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Little Mr A wears....stylish son


So to sort of tie in with the post below about Ben Sherman - and please note this is in no way a sponsored post - I am just so lovin my sons new Ben Sherman fishtail parker jacket for 12-18months, a gift from his grandmother, it's seriously like a mini adults one and so well made. He walks really proudly in it and looks like such a stylish little boy.
Mr A wears Ben Sherman Parka, Miniclub jeans, Timberland tee and Clarks shoes.

So the one thing about the cold and christmas I do love is the german stalls in Cardiff, a place where you can warm up with a german sausage and Mulled Wine (mmmm yum yum I love Mulled wine) So first really xmas day caught on instagram

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What a dapper man


So Ben Sherman is one of those quintessential British brands that has been around forever, but there web presence has been somewhat hit and miss, but they have launch a new site that's all slick and shiny. They seemed to have dropped their women's clothes (from the website anyway) and broaden their mens collections and accessories. I have to say we are super impressed with their current look book and thought we would share the love with our fav picks

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Dior Love


So yes I am easily swayed sometimes but adverts - I am simply lovin the current Dior really makes me wish I was french living in's now going on my christmas list.

Miss Dior

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