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kids bed
How cute is this bed (image)

So with our next little bundle of joy on it way around February time we have been thinking a lot about Mr A's room, he is in desperate need of a new bed as he is still in a toddler bed and it's really time to move to a "big boy" one. We also feel it's time to redecorate his room in a way that reflects his style and provides a fun, interactive and safe environment that he feels comfortable in. We want to have him as involved as possible in the decision making (well within reason) as it's our present to him before the new little one is on the scene. So we asked Mr A what his dream bed would be

1. Somewhere higher up with storage underneath for all his books - like a mid bunk
2. A slide so he could slide out of bed (this probably wouldn't happen)
3. Big enough for his soft toys to join him at bedtime
4. Dinosaur/printed bedding
5. Have a canopy so he can make dens
6. A cup holder for his water at night (I loved he thought of this)

stylish boy
Mr A enjoying his train track in his room

I mean this is his wish list and what we end up with will of course be somewhat different but hopefully we can tick off a few things for him. The first port of call though however is painting his room, we have decided to go with a similar shade we used in his first bedroom which was a beautiful Laura Ashley light blue and would match his homemade gingham curtains perfectly. 

cool kids room
I love this cabin bed with the green splash of colour (image)

We really want to add some prints on the wall and some simple but fun wall art, as well as splashes of colour. Also we are working on a fun storage box for him to keep all his prized processions. We are hoping to create a space that he wants to stay in and will make the transition from being the only child to older sibling.

Time4Sleep put together a little video about a families dream video and this post is part of our entry into Dream Bed competition 


  1. Fingers crossed you win! Cabin beds are so much fun fur little ones x

  2. I'm thinking of making a canopy for Talitha's bed. It's great when they start enjoying their own space. Talitha is so attached to her bedroom, she only sleeps in ours if something is wrong. Just hope she won't mind sharing with her little sister when the time comes.

  3. I would have loved a slide to get out of bed each morning when I was a child, I'm looking forward to see what the finished room looks like x

  4. Love that bed in the first photo!

  5. Gosh can't believe the little on e will be here in Feb - it's coming round quickly! I think Mr A will be really chuffed to have his own proper grown up bed xx

  6. i always wanted a slide on my bed/in the house!

  7. Both of these beds are so cute, makes me wish I was a kid again so I could have one! I love Mr a list btw and also think the cup holder is a great idea x

  8. I love the idea of den-style beds, and I would totally love one for us, even at the age of 31, ha!


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