Osborn shoes first look book


One of my first posts on this blog was about Osborn shoes. I love their individuality and quirkiness and I was so excited to see their new look book for winter/spring 2010/2011. What is also great is these shoes are hand-made in a time honoured old-world totally sweat-shop free environment and each shoe is signed by the maker as a testament to the sense of pride for the maker, as well as its wearer. The materials are also fairly traded and locally sourced, so not only are they super fashionable but also good for everyone involved. I love the whimsical images in this look book and the little behind the scenes film is inspiring.

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Outfit and beautiful little things


So I thought it was finally time to do a outfit post,this is my first one since giving birth.
So just lovin the bike indie look at the moment.

Quick run down - Shoes - River Island, Jeggings - H and M, Vest - Firetrap, Jacket - Gifted

My favourite part of Christmas is not the big presents but the little ones...and here are a few gifts I would love to have under the tree

I am in love with these rings but Scottish designer Holly Wilcox. She creates such beautiful pieces and is such a talented designer. I stumbled across her work while looking through some blogs. Her inspiration comes from natural surroundings, drawings and photography. I strongly recommend you check her blog out.

Don't know why I like this statement necklace so much but I do. I find the sharp angles and straight lines interesting and eye catching. You can pick this up for only £16 from Urban Outfitters.

I had to put this little feathered head-piece up as my bargain Christmas buy from H and M, it's on sale and is only £1.99!!!!

And for the home I really want this Love word lettering, only £10 from Next
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Beautiful books for kids


reading books
Mr A loves story time 

The wonderful world of reading is a great joy to give to your children. From a very small age, children can learn to appreciate a good book. With babies and toddlers, you can introduce picture books and short reads so that child can begin to learn about reading and how to use the imagination. Once a child begins grade school, they can begin to learn how to read and use their skills to enjoy the most beautiful books. There are several classic reads that you can introduce to your child so they can learn the magic of reading and build a healthy love of learning.

reading outside
We introduced books and stories to Mr A from a young age

Introducing Your Child to Beautiful Books

As your child begins to learn how to read, you can begin to introduce new and exciting books. Take your child on an exciting adventure in their mind with magical books featuring amazing children, monsters, fantasy and more. Below are a few examples of classic books your child will love.

Roald Dalh
James and the Giant Peach is one of my favourite Roald Dahl books (image)

James and the Giant Peach

In this book, follow James as he goes on an adventure with several creatures inside a gigantic peach! The book was written by Roald Dahl and was first published in 1961. 

Children's classic book
I loved reading Charlottes Web with my mother when I was younger (image)

Charlotte’s Web

Writing by E.B. White, this classic tale of friendship is a heartening book every child should read. Follow charlotte as she learns about life with the help of a few barnyard animals.

Stuart Little

A favorite since 1945, Stuart Little follows the life of a small mouse that is taken in by a loving family. Read along as Stuart enjoys adventure after adventure. 

Secret garden book
The secret garden is another one of my favourite classics (image)

The Secret Garden

With this book, Frances Hodgson Burnett takes the reader on a quiet adventure in an unlikely place. Learn about the secret garden and what lies behind the hidden door of the old estate on the moor.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Another great by Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will take you on a sweet adventure. Follow Charlie and the rest of the children who tour the chocolate factory and learn about Wonka’s crazy treats

Harry Potter

One of the more popular books that has is newer but still considered a classic is Harry Potter. The Harry Potter books are written by J.K. Rowling and take the reader on an amazing adventure in the Wonderful Wizarding World of Hogwarts.

These are just a few books that you can introduce to your child to be able to gain a love of reading. Take into considering your child’s interests to find the best book to inspire your child to continue to read more each and every day.
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It's Christmas!!!


Even though it's winter when I came across these vintage sunglasses I needed to get them, my Russian look is now completed.
 Hey so longtime no write, basically I decided to take the first few weeks with the new arrival (baby Arthur) out to cope with the sleep deprivation, but now he is sleeping through the night things are falling into place well. Also SideStreetStyle is going to become a Unisex blog, yey, with my partner who is in love with his clothes and blog is going to be posting, starting this coming week (full intro will follow). So December is finally here, shopping, snow, chocolate and mince pies. Also Urban Outfitters has finally opened in Cardiff, and has that wonderful "new" smell about it. In other Cardiff news, there is a bloggers meet at at Pica Pica on the 7th December, hopefully I will be able to make it.

So Christmas can also mean, so bad but so good novelty jumpers,which ofcourse is a must get, well for me anyway. Big fur coats (not real fur though) and all wonderful and warm things. I came across these little goodies in the most recent Next Winter collection, affordable, warm and wonderfully festival. Sometimes it can be easy to forget about these high street stores, or overlook them, so I was pleasantly surprised with this Next collection.

Winter luxury - Faux Fur Coat £75, Jeans £28

Christmas style
I love novelty xmas jumpers -  £30

Fairisle Knit Hood £50
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