A low waste Pledge All parents can commit too


Low waste living

Last week I went to a fantastic and inspiring Warrior Women event in Cardiff, the theme was Environmental with an excellent panel made up of an ethical blogger, a Vegan cafe entrepreneur and a ZeroWaste shop owner. Having a personal interest in being more environmentally aware I found the talks very interesting, full of positivity and hearing each ones story and journey was empowering. The only (tiny) disconnect I had is that none of these women were mothers, now being an independent woman who doesn't appreciate being put into the box of "motherhood" as a single summary of my life and interest and insist on being seen as a Woman, Sister, Daughter, Parent, Business owner and Freelancer, I also cannot deny the massive impact having children and a family have on a household and one's ability to be more eco-conscious.

I also know from personal experience that one cannot even surmise the impact without going through it first hand, believe me I was one of those who felt parenthood would have minimal change on how I choose to live and the kids would just have to tow the line, no matter how sure you are of that fact (and I was sure!) it's simply never going to the case - compromise is something you have to learn to deal with. While the panel was very knowledgable and inspiring & I in absolutely no way want to diminish that, it would of been nice to hear from someone juggling not only with work, modern womanhood, low-waste living but also everything that goes along with the never ending, exhausting (but also rewarding) job of being a parent and how with severe lack of time, balances it all because frankly I really need some tips!

I also feel with the constant barrage of pressure on parents to do things the right way - breastfeed, make your own purees, feed your kids only organic food, ban screens, be present, but still be independent and work, be presentable (on zero hours sleep), opt for wooden toys not plastic toys (easy to say until your kids is having a fit because they want a superzing toy), school runs, life admin, after school activities, play dates, cook meals from scratch for fussy eaters, constantly look after and pick up after not only yourself but the kids, be exhausted from morning to night and on top of that try and live as low waste as possible in a world that doesn't make it easy to do so. Gone are the pre-kid days of being able to do your weekly food shop at 4 different stores (which I used to do) because you have the time and the money instead you have to rush around the supermarket in 25 mins because the last thing that a toddler wants to do is food shopping and he is happy to share that dislike with the whole store! No wonder we don't have time for self care! Also because of these society pressures I have moments of feeling like a failure on a weekly basis - crazy because it shouldn't be that way but sadly true.

I'm in no way saying that living a lower waste life isn't possible and yes we should be prioritising it as it's something we should aim towards it but the one thing I've learnt from being a parent is you cannot do it all and you have to choose your battles wisely otherwise you will burn out. Another big factor is budget, most parents simply do not have the disposable cash they did pre-kids and it's something that is often overlooked because we feel pressure to purchase the more expensive eco product because its the right thing to do despite the possibility of it causing financial pressure and stress. I'm not saying for a second that there are not cheap alternatives but on the opposite scale as with everything there are expensive ones too.

So I wanted to share 5 small and budget friendly ways to lower your waste and be more ethical that I truly feel are doable without causing you any more work, stress or cost to your life.

1. Ditch the Straws

I can't even remember the last time we had a straw in the house, it was at least 6-7yrs ago. Its the one plastic item you can ditch all together without a need for a replacement - I know they have steel and paper options but to be completely honest kids (and adults) do not need straws at all! Also when eating out, unless they have a paper straw option simply ask for no straw! This is a completely no cost change that anyone can do.

2. No More Plastic bottles

The biggest change we have made as a family over the past few years is ditching fruit juices and squash and opting for just water, in a reusable water bottle. This has also saved me bucketloads as the kids never ask for drinks when we are out and about anymore and know I always have water in my bag. Again prices have dropped and you can pick up reusable water bottles for as little as £1

3. Get yourself a reusable coffee cup

A few years back there was less options on the market when it came to reusable coffee cups and while I love my KeepCup is was the slightly more expensive option but these days places such as M&S, The Works and outdoors shops sell decent ones for £3-4 and you save money at many high-street and independent coffee shops when you use your own cup!

4. Mix it up with Charity Shops finds

This is a great option for saving money and recycling clothes and it's something we have started to do more and more. Children grow at a rate we struggle to keep up with so popping into your local charity shop and seeing what they have on offer can save you a lot of money and stop you using those budget fast fashion retailers on the high-street. Again it comes down to compromise as sometimes you simply cannot find what you need but it's worth checking our your local stores first before opting for new clothes.

5. Always carry a shopping bag

The worst thing is having to pop into the local shop for something and realising you don't have a bag on you! Always having one or two reusable shopping bags can not only save you money but reduce your plastic waste. The same goes for when you do your big weekly food shop, leave your jute bags in the car or by the front door so you don't forget.

The main thing is to simple do what you can with the time you have and not to beat yourself up about it if things don't always go right. I think as a society we all have to make some changes to ensure the wellbeing of the Earth for generations to come which is why I am asking parents to make a pledge to try do the 5 things above - which to be honest are very low-cost, save you money and don't add any extra to your to-do list. If you are looking to take it a step further than watch my vlog below about 10 ways to be more zero waste and it's worth a watch - it covers these steps and 5 others. On another note if you are Cardiff or South Wales base I also encourage you to check out the Warrior Women Events, you won't be disappointed and I have always come away with loads of ideas, inspiration and new friends.

*I purchased my ticket to the Event and this is in no way affiliated with anyone
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4 Life Hacks for Parents Flying with Kids



flying with kids

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As a parent, you may love the idea of traveling with your young children, because you can think of no better way to expand their horizons and cultivate their curious minds than by introducing them to new countries, new cultures, new people, new sights, and new experiences!

However, as we know from the Star Wars movie franchise, there is a dark side of the force out there somewhere — and for so many parents out there, it is that dreaded time in the air. Indeed, while some kids love flying and decorate their rooms with pictures and models of airplanes, many kids would almost rather go to the dentist (almost!) than board a flight. Of course, they are too young to know or care how airplanes work. But that is beside the point. They know what they like, and they know what they are not keen on and for some flying is firmly in the latter bucket.

Fortunately, if you’re the parent of an unwilling or unsure passenger, then you don’t have to limit your adventures to destinations that can be reached by car, bus or train. Here are 5 great life hacks that can help turn an in-flight nightmare into a smooth, stress-free flight for all involved — including you!


1. Aim for an early morning flight if your doing short haul as they are usually less crowded, and there is a lower chance of delays on takeoff and landing, making it a less stressful trip all round despite the early wake up call. We did this on our trip to Amsterdam a few years ago. If you are going for long-haul an overnight flight is always the better option as you have a chance of getting them to sleep and hopefully passing the hours quicker.

2. Mitigate the impact of air pressure on young ears by having your child drink warm water as soon it is safe to do so after takeoff, and especially within about 45-minutes to landing. The swallowing actions helps relieve pressure, and the warm water is hydrating.

3. Bring kid-friendly snacks to avoid any hangry moments. Unfortunately, most airlines don’t cater particularly well to kids so having a few nut-free breakfast bars, fruit and savoury snacks is a good idea, just double check before you leave what you are allowed to bring on board in terms of consumables. Here is a post I wrote about snacks to pack on a trip.

4. Pack kid-friendly activities. While some airlines have back-of-seat screens and kid-friendly programming, don’t count on this (especially since those back-of-seat screens tend to have a mind of their own, and work as often as they don’t!). Instead, you can bring age-appropriate puzzles, sticker books, travel games and audio books. Also packing their favourite toy can bring comfort and ease any feeling of homesickness.

train travel

Bottom line

When your child gets older, he or she will either learn to endure flying — or better yet, even enjoy it. But for now, it’s up to you to try and minimise the discomfort, fear, and boredom. It’s not an easy job and there is no magic wand. However, the life hacks above should help make your mutual time in the air as tolerable as possible, and set the stage for a great adventure in an exciting place! 

Of course there are always other options if your children (or adults) really do fear and dislike flying or are looking for more sustainable ways to travel. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will also know that we love a good road trip and I have driven all across South Africa, UK and parts of Europe and if you really wanted to do it in style you could hire a classic car restoration service to refurbish an old classic! We often opt for the Eurostar if we are heading to Europe and have also taken the Ferry from the UK to Holland twice. 

flying with kids

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Why Iberostar Llaut Palma is top of our family travel bucket list



*Sponsored Collaboration with Iberostar and Tots100

The one thing I have learnt from travelling with kids is it often comes with compromise and it can be hard to find the perfect location, accommodation and activities that fulfil everyones needs especially if your looking for that true relaxing break away with a touch of luxury. While we have done many trips away that are more focus on the kids needs everyone now and then its important to make sure as parents we also look out for our own needs too so finding a place that seamlessly combines both is key. Good news is I feel I have found the perfect spot, which also happens to have a real focus on sustainability and is going straight to the top of our bucket list this year. That place is the five star Iberostar Llaut Palma hotel in Majorca and if you are in need of persuasion then let me tell you why this hotel is getting the thumbs up from us and best of all is they have a variety of options from full inclusive (with loads of ice-cream included) to room only, giving you extra flexibility.

Mallorca luxury

1. Location

When it comes to a relaxation break that also has enough going on for kids location is key! Iberostar Llaut Palma location is breathtaking with unrestricted views across the Bay of Palma, I can just imagine waking up here, enjoying a fruit filled breakfast and then taking a dip in the pool or a gentle stroll to Playa de Palma Beach which is only 200 yards from the hotel. Besides the beach the hotel is also near a beautiful pine forest which offers up forest trail walks and the famous La Porciuncula Church is around a 10 min walk and worth a stop. It's also just a few kilometres from Majorca Airport making it a real stress-free transfer when travelling with kids and if you decided to hire a car the hotel has parking on site.

Stylish reception

2. Stylish Family Accommodation

From the moment you walk into the light and airy reception, a-dawned with natural textures, wood panels, plants and nature you know your going to be well looked after with wellness in mind even when travelling as a family. What I really love about Iberostar Llaut Palma is how modern and stylish yet accessible it is for families especially with the pool-view junior suites which offer reasonably priced luxury suitable for all. The family rooms all come with free wifi (which lets be honest is essential with kids), double bed and sofa bed, balcony with a view, premium bedding, coffee machine and some come with two person jacuzzi bathtub which is a real treat. I would also like to point out that Iberostar is focuses on reducing plastic consumption and has eliminated all single-use plastics from rooms and other area of the hotel which is fantastic news and is part of their wave of change movement.

Stylish hotel Mallorca

3. Hotel Facilities

When we travel we have stayed at a variety of hotels from luxury to airbnbs and cabins in the wood but as standard we usually avoid places that are too child focused in terms of what is on offer and like to find a middle ground which is why Iberostar Llaut Palma appeals to us so much because it has more than enough to entertain children without compromising on the needs of adults. Along with a beautiful outdoor pool with plenty of sun loungers there is also an indoor pool, children pool and relaxing garden plus as I mentioned the hotel is only a short walk away from the beach meaning when it comes to getting in the water there are plenty of options. While the kids are having fun splashing around why not pop into the Spa for a spot of pampering with a variety of treatments on offer or if you feeling more active head to the gym, you can also hire bikes and take a family ride around the island. When it comes to food there is also plenty of options including 3 restaurants on site from the relaxing Korai to the more upmarket Katagi Blau.

Stylish restaurant

4. What to do near Iberostar Llaut Palma

While there is plenty to do, or not to do if relaxation is on top of the list, you may want to explore more of the local area. While many sights are in walking distance such as the Port of El Arenal which is around a 20min walk, if you have young children with you it would be a good idea to hire a car as there is tons to see and do nearby from fun attractions to cultural sites and here are 4 fantastic places to check out.

1. Aqualand El Arenal - an action packed waterpark suitable for all ages and sure to be a big hit with kids young and old and only a short drive from the hotel.
2. Basilica of St. Francis - a breathtaking 13th century church in Palma, typically Majorcan and a great way to get a little local culture in
3. Iglesia La Porciuncula - as mentioned earlier this beautiful crystal church is a piece of art in it's own right with 39 stained glass windows which both young and old will appreciate.
4. El Nino Surf Centre - only 2 miles from the hotel if your looking to try something new such as paddleboarding (highly recommend) or kayaking as a family then this is the place.

family beach fun

If your looking for a more exotic and far flung option or just really want to get away from it all and opt for long haul destination then the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites in Jamaica offer up a sun soaked Caribbean family break away you won't forget. It's all inclusive luxury family friendly accommodation with again plenty for all ages to do and certainly one to consider if you want to get away from Europe and head somewhere really special.

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Choosing Goals over Resolutions this year



Like most people when it comes to the New Year its a chance to make a fresh start, to try new things and leave any negativity from the previous year behind and usually this is done with making new resolutions which I have done for the past few years. Something however changed in my outlook going into 2019 with my main priority to drop the guilt! I found last year I succumbed to stress for a variety of reasons and a lot of the time I would beat myself up about not doing a good enough job, being a present parent, eating healthy enough etc and I started to wonder why that was? Why was I always aiming for this weird idea of what perfection was and should look like than rather enjoying all that I had and giving myself a break when simply trying to do the best I can.

Most mothers will be aware of "mum guilt" which is sort of thrust onto us whether we like it or not as the media simply backs up the perfection we are meant to achieve - this applies not only to mothers but all woman as society lays out what it is we should look like, earn etc to obtain happiness but this just isn't realistic or particularly healthy.

Saying that I am all about trying new things, about making improvements, tackling areas of your life you are unhappy and using the New Year to put things into perspective and learn from any mistake you made the previous year. However I don't feel strict and unrealistic resolutions is the way forward and can often set ourselves up for failure right at the start of the year which is why longer term goals is something I am more interested because as they say slow and steady wins the race. If you are looking to lose weight or eat better then avoid any crash diets or major restrictions which are not sustainable and make a long term doable goal and don't beat yourself up if you slip up every now and then - it's called being human!

When it comes to my own goals what I would like to achieve this year is

1. Being more organised! I know that organising key parts of my life will free up a lot of space. Last year I felt at times that both the house, work, lack of childcare and personal relationships where in chaos simple because I was trying to do it all without enough hours in the day. This year I am putting things in place such as regular childcare, reducing clutter and having a better work station and working hours to make things clearer and cleaner and easier to deal wth. I know this won't happen over night but I have already started to put together daily doable lists to ensure things get done.

2. Continue to Minimise
Last year I set myself a minimalist challenge - it doesn't have a time limit and is pretty open ended and something I am still working on and I have learnt it's pretty hard to minimise a home with kids but I am getting there slowly and feeling the benefits of less clutter in my house and this is something I want to continue doing.

3. Celebrating good food
When you have kids cooking can go a little out the window at times and despite the fact I love to cook and enjoy it, it comes down once again to being organised and good time keeping skills. When your doing school runs, swimming lessons, gymnastics etc things like pesto pasta can be the quickest option but this year I want to make sure that at least a couple of nights a week we try something a little different and celebrate fresh food that is fun and interesting. It doesn't need to be complicated, expensive or take a long time but looking into quick, fresh and colourful food to also inspire the kids to have a passion in eating well.

4. Make time to have fun

I think that its really important to prioritise time for fun and self care and there really does have to be a balance between work, parenting and down time, including screen-free time that allows you to be more present in the activity.

This year is all about making small improvements, taking my time and not feeling guilting when things go wrong and most of all to laugh, have fun and enjoy 2019 to the full.

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My top Family Travel and Lifestyle posts of 2018



Well can you believe it it's 2019! Last year was a bit of a strange one in general, so much happen around the world, moments that tore communities apart and moments that brought different cultures together in beautiful ways. Personally I too had so many wonderful highs but also a few lows, there were changes in quite a few areas of my life from personal to work, both for the good and not so good but my boys and I made it through to the other side and had plenty of laughs along the way and I am not one for boring, we like life on the go and have some very fond memories we made in 2018 and are now looking forward to what the next year brings and feeling really positive about 2019.

As always I am very grateful for every reader that finds there way to my blog and takes the time to enjoy the content, leave comments and feedback and enjoy following what myself and the boys get up too. So I thought I would share my top 10 Travel posts and top 10 Family Lifestyle posts and top 10 style & Interior posts of 2018.


We had some fantastic adventures this year and had the chance to explore some amazing places, this is just a small selection of what we got up too.

1. 5 Reasons to Visit South Devon
1. Tips for surviving long layovers with kids
2. The Ultimate Pre-Holiday Checklist for Families
4. A Weekend in Shrewsbury
5. Cofton Holidays Devon
6. A Weekend Guide to Historical Durham 
7. The Ultimate Autumn Family Camping Bucket list
8. 5 Family travel bloggers you need to follow
9. An Unexpected guide to Bath
10. Paddle boarding on the River Wye

This year I wrote on an array of family lifestyle topics and learnt a fair bit along the way too. Here is what my readers enjoyed the most. 

Family Lifestyle

1. Getting outdoors with Kettler
2. Why Free play is so important 
3. Small Changes that make a big difference
4. Organic on the Go with Little Freddie
5.  5 Ethical Products that reduce plastic and give back
6. Covering our bases with Bassetts
7. A Day in London with Nickelodeon
8. 6 Meaningful ways to fit more exercise into your life
9. Dinosnores and Airbnb Base Camp at The Natural History Museum
10. 17 Family friendly things to do in Cardiff when it rains 

I hope you stick around for another year. Of course I also feature a fair amount of style and interior posts as well and may do a separate top list for those as well. If there is any content you really want to see then do leave a comment or send me an email as feedback is always welcome.

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Simple ways to improve your home in the New Year


interior style

I don't know about your but the New Year always makes me want to make a bit of a fresh start when it comes to my home and interiors. I know they talk about Spring Cleaning but I'm always all about New Years cleaning and decluttering and getting rid of any negative spaces that are bringing me down. Now there is a huge misconception that when it comes to a home, whether that be a house or flat, that it's going to cost a lot of money to make any improvements, well that simply isn't the case. You don't need any major upgrades to make it feel refreshed so I thought I would share a few simple ways to make changes in your home that will with no doubt be positive ones.

1. Be a Minimalist

The movement towards less is more is really here to stay and not just a fad. As our lives are getting continually busy and manic, having a declutters and simplified home is key to feeling calmer and less overwhelmed. Also as we see an increasing issue with plastic, packaging and excess stuff now is the time to minimalise your home as well as investing in things that can be reused. Here are a few reasons why the miminalist lifestyle may help you

natural light

2. Fresh coat of Paint

One of the easiest and most economical way to refresh a room is to give it a new coat of paint and it's surprising how it can really transform a space. Going for a lighter shade can also make your home feel bigger and brighter and opting for white can also compliment a more minimalist interior. If you decide on doing it yourself make sure to start off with the smaller rooms first such as a bathroom and hallway that way you should get the hang of it before taking on larger spaces such as a living room.

3. Organise your closet

As with tip number one an organise closet can make you feel more on top of things as well as give you time to focus on de-cluttering your wardrobe and donating any clothes you have not worn for a year to a charity shop or if in very good condition why not make a little money and sell them on places like ebay. This will also help you free up some space.


4. Review your energy and gas

I always thought I was really on top of my Gas and Electric bill but last year I noticed our monthly bill kept creeping up and up despite not using any more. I know there are always plenty of adverts on doing price comparisons but it's so worth it as I did one and found an ethical provider that saved me around £500 for the year! Thats a huge savings and money I can put towards home improvements.

5. Set some DIY projects

I'm not talking about any huge DIY projects but something small like upcycling some old chairs or updating your light fixtures. When we moved into our home the previous owners left a metal and glass outside table which had gone a little rushy but after a day of sanding down and re-painting and cleaning up the glass it looks fantastic and we often enjoy brunches outside during the summer.

6. Get rid of those pests

It really doesn't matter who clean and hygienic your home is you can still have issues with pests and I talk from experience. In the UK most of the issues are down to spiders, ants and rodents although growing up in warmer climates we had things like Arizona scorpions to deal with, lucky not an issue in Wales. A few years back we had to call pest control out as we live next to a beautiful river but unfortunately that did attract rodents who seemed to be getting into our kitchen via a few holes in our kitchen extension that had be done before we purchased the property. Luckily the issue was resolved but it's important to keep on top of so if you start noticing things like droppings, markings or an increase in insects etc take action rather than waiting for it to get worse.

7. Try a new layout

If you are starting to feel in a bit of an interior rut then why not re-evaluate your current layout and consider changing it to make spaces feel more flowing and spacious. It can be a bit of trial and error although that can be half the fun of it. By making simple changes from just moving a couch or sofa can really change the whole feel of a room.

house plant

8. Bring in Nature

Most people are aware of the popularity of houseplants over the past few years and there are some many positive benefits to bring more nature into your home. As well as being visually appealing, houseplants are also know to improve air quality, help you breath easier as well as being good for both your mental and physical wellbeing. Here is a great article on 5 health benefits of house plants.

At the end of the day it really doesn't need to cost you loads to make your home feel refreshed going into 2019 as well as making it a more sustainable home and hopefully increasing the value a little along the way too.


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