Outfit post and Acne clothing love



So this is my boyfriends first ever blog outfit post....and it's simply because, well for one he loves clothes, very crisp and clean clothes (unlike me who like's abit of the worn in look and ragged edges) and because he was so happy with his recent Nudie Jeans purchase (is really cool denim label that I wish made clothes for women!!) and what was best is they are made out of organic denim, I'm a secret greeny heehee. I thought it was a good opportunity to take a photo :) So anyway I went for ANOTHER casual look (I never seem to make too much of an effort of late, perhaps because it still seems not quite summer but neither spring....not sure where I stand!

 Nudie Jeans, Acne shirt, Van plimsolls

Jeans - Acne, Blue Cardigan - Miss Selfridge, White beaded top - Gadzooks, Shoes - Office, Bag - Salvatore Ferragamo

So since we are both wearing ACNE garments (which was totally accidental) I decided I would stop by their website and see what's new...so this is may favourites from their current season...note Tied-Dye!! As I mentioned in my last post....it's coming back and to be quite honest I am rather excited about that.

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Festival fashion love


So as we are approaching the British summer that always means one thing to me...festivals!!! I love the idea of festivals because it's a time people can at least pretend they are free spirited, if only for a few days, and then back to the day jobs. This time last summer I was living in a Van, wild camping in Cornwall with three Canadians (and I'm not making it up)...I loved living in sandals with the sand between my feet and good times and good music, which is what most festivals aim for. I also love how we still look back on the original Woodstock and early Glastonbury’s and people still pull out the florals and maxi dresses now, as if nothing changed. Although something that did change is we have more now...you can be hippy or rocky, indie or eccentric. I also love to look back at old photos of Woodstock and just close my eyes and wish I had grown up during that time. My I also add...bring back some mellow tie-dye (not super vibrant colours...more like faded mellow)

Festival fashion

Festival hippy
I love these photos from Woodstock 1969

As you no the weather in the UK cannot be trusted at all and therefore wellies are a MUST...so I love it when companies turn boring wellies into fashion must haves....like this little heeled numbers from Sole Mates

Sole Mates
Sole Mates

My current festival fashion look would be this outfit I put together on shmotter, also I am excited about the move from the normal wayfarer style classes to the rounder clubman's...I am all about the round..and feather headbands never fail to make me happy.

Festival Fashion

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Outfit post and summer inspiration


Yey so it finally and I mean finally starting to feel like summer. I really am going to cherish every warm sunny day in the UK. So I just felt like wearing something casual but individual today...I wanted to feel like I was in LA...but not glam LA...more like downtown.

Hat - H&M, Jacket - Topshop, T-Shirt - H&M, Jeans - Levis, Shoes - Converse, Necklace - gifted.

So I have had abit of a tidy up lately and I am trying to sort out about 4 years of photos, digital files and negatives - long task. But anyway I came across a bunch of photos I have taken over the past summers and what I feel capture the essence of summer and I try to look back and inspire myself with photos that have made me happy.....so here are my summer inspiration shots, shot mainly on my Yashica.

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Postcards, creativity and pretty little things


So I have been a bit quiet...but busy too, with lots of updates coming and some BIG news that will be revealed soon :)
So I have joined this online community called Postcrossing - the postcard crossing project, where the goal of the project is to allow people to receive postcards from all around the world, I find it intriguing and exciting and a great excuse to make postcards. Anyway, I have just made and sent my first to a girl in a city in the Russian Federation, I wonder how long it will take to get there? Anyway I got my cute little papers out and this is what I made, I wonder if I should make some and put them on etsy? Any suggestions?


On another not of some crazy creativity I came across this slightly bizarre t-shirt on farfetch, I am not quite sure if I like it or not but do think on the right person it would be pretty cool (someone with a really strong sense of personal style and confidence). It's by the designer Makin Jan Ma and the t-shirt features large multi-coloured bunting details that hangs from triangular alternating black and white panels. It's also not cheap coming in at £179

Well if you read daily newsletters or are in tune with current high street fashion you are probably aware that Kate Moss is launching here Topshop line today. I don't like everything in the line but there are a few key items I would love to have in my summer wardrobe and here are some of my favourite picks...

Kate Moss for Topshop

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Lost style Icon


I know this is a few years past the date...but to me Soko is still one of my personal style icons and I am quite sad that she has stuck to her guns and has still quite the music industry. Ok so her music was never high-end produced but that was the charm of it, a garage sounding french duo who's lead singer is as cute as a button but not with a mouth or lyrics to match. I simple love her quirky individual style and I hope in a way she comes back and is never really forgotten.

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Records and retro love



So I went to Bristol the other day, it's nice to just have a change of city, or a change from Cardiff once in a while. It happened to be during that week when it actually felt like the UK was heading into summer, and I am hoping that wasn't our summer, either way it was wonderful to sit by the harbour with some Pear cider and people watch. There are some great shops in Bristol, including the Cath Kidston store, which has some really lovely summer and beach bags. But my favourite store has to be MOTEL, which is a great store full of new and vintage items, sown little DIY projects, shoes, bags and homely things...I want them all! Anyway that’s where I got this long sleeved stripy cardigan with anchor buttons. Another online purchase that I have made lately is my scrabble "word" necklace that made me smile when I saw it, I simple had to get it, it's from a great little company called Fallen Saint . Also my record collection is growing, slowly, but surely...I am never going to get tired of analogue.

Cardigan - Motel, Black Vest - Firetrap, Leggins - H&M, Ankle boots - Miss B, Necklace - Fallen Saint

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Bags of change, green fashion and song



SO I have been looking for a little Shopping Tote for summer, to go to the beach or carry the odd thing or just to have a change from a more formal bag. I looked at some sweet Cath Kidston bags and an Obey bag, but they seemed alittle bit too flimsy, and would break quite easily. Really next year what I should do is by some fabric and whip one up as they are not hard to make, but when I came across this bag the over the weekend when I was out down Cardiff Bay I just had to get it. It's so strong and sturdy and I love the design and it also happens to be made out of Organic cotton and your not paying a huge price for it and the little coconut buttons on each side are very cute. Check out Bags for Change website, all there products are eco friendly so you really can feel good about retail therapy (although I always do anyway haha)

 My new little tote for summer from Bags of Change :)

 Converse and Mac chillin at Cardiff Bay

Oooh Ooooh Oooh another great little website clothing company I came across the other day which is meeting two of my favourite things, books and clothes. It's called "Out of Print Clothing" and there mission is to celebrate the worlds greatest stories through fashion, a brilliant idea if you ask me. Just like Bags of Change they are also pretty eco friendly, as with every t-shirt bought they donate a book to a community in Africa where they have little access to books. Here are a few of my favourites

So one last thing that sort of round up my weekend/Bank holiday was going to watch Silver Sixties with my mother. It was a stage show with original singers from the sixties doing there hits with an amazing backing band. Now not all of it was for me and I wish I could of taken more photos but because of rules and blah blah blah you cannot take any images when inside. Anyway one of my favourite songs, which is also on the soundtrack of a great film - Darjeeling Limited, is Peter Starstedts "where do you go to my lovely". The lyrics are just so beautiful, especially the first verse

You talk like Marlene Dietrich
And you dance like Zizi Jeanmaire
Your clothes are all made by Balmain
And there's diamonds and pearls in your hair

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Summer needs and the little things



So I am loving the summer collection of Monsoon and Accessorize....so many things I want. I am really hoping for at least some beach weather this year, I know people keep saying the UK deserve a good year - but they really do. I am really into free-flowing clothes at the moment, with a touch of Moroccan/hippy feel to it. I think it's also time to get a little jumpsuit (as seen below). I have also been looking for a little satchel bag for ages, I would prefer to find a vintage 2nd hand one, but I am pretty impressed with this little one from Accessorize and what’s even better is it's only £37. Also you cannot go through this season without a little wedge shoe, and this one just makes me feel at little Rockabilly, which I love :)

Another absolute need, since moving into my new home, is a sowing machine, and I came across this little cute thing on urban outfitters - it's mini and portable and is said to be suitable for all those little DIY projects such as skirt hems and cushion covers - I want and I need!

So it's always a little strange packing up and moving, you realise how much stuff you actually have, it's a great way to de-clutter, but you also have to realise you're moving on and all your things are going to have a new home, including you. I came across these photos I took of my old room and I just feel you can tell quite alot about a person just from the small things they own

acoustic guitarfancy perfume

record player
hip hop music

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