Kids Style for All Weathers


Middy Puddles jacket

If you are a regular reader to my blog you will know we believe in spending time outdoors everyday no matter what the weather (well except storms or Gail force wind) but to do that you need to be prepared and dress suitably which is easier said than done when it comes to kids and clothes that are both practical, stylish and long lasting. If your kids are anything like mine and love to run and jump, climb and basically get covered in mud than you need something that is kid-proof so we were really excited to collaborate with Muddy Puddles again as we really loved their summer waterproof jacket from last season.

This time my eldest is putting the Puddleflex jacket to the test and it's great for these slightly colder months as it's lined with a light fleece adding an extra layer of warmth on these wintery days.

Tredegar house

wild child

As some of you may already know I am on a minimalism mission and we are collectively trying to reduce, re-use and only invest in good quality long lasting items and clothing for our home, kids and ourselves. Luckily I have two boys which means that everything that was still in good wearable condition from my eldest has made it's way back down to our youngest so today he is sporting an outfit completely made of up cycled clothes. By reusing clothes is also means we are bringing less into our home and is just one of the small ways you can be a little bit more sustainable.

kids fashion

By investing in decent clothes the first time around it's meant that have been given a new lease of life with our youngest as well as saving us money and I know that my eldest Muddy Puddles waterproof jacket will come in handy in a few years as well. Baby G is wearing a Ben Sherman parka, Fred Perry polo shirt and Mini Club jeans with Vans shoes. 

Kids style

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Work from home? Here are some ideas on making it happen




Not long after I had my first child I made the conscious decision to try and stay at home as long as possible but like most tI needed to have some kind of stable income. I was already blogging at this point as well as doing some freelance writing and photo editing but I needed to approach it with a more business like manner to make it work. With the opportunities that are available on the Internet today, it’s only logical to consider using it as an opportunity to make some money online and possibly a new career. It’s no longer just for business owners and sellers, anyone can utilise it for their own advantage. You never know your business may take off and you need to employ people to work for you, if this is the case you will need to use the best HR software

Here are 5 ways people are doing just that.
Freelance Writing

If you’re an excellent writer, a good living can be made from online writing. There are literally hundreds of websites paying writers, and new market lists are coming out every day. Some sites will advertise what they pay, whereas others won’t, but you can make a few pennies per word. Whether you’re passionate about writing or just want to try it out, it’s a great opportunity to add to your income. You could also start your own blog and once it has grown an audience you can monetise it. 

Become an Online Teacher 

Whether you’re knowledgeable about a specific subject and have the right experience, you could start teaching online. Alternatively, what many people are getting involved in is teaching a language that they’re fluent in. There are millions of individuals who sign up to these courses as learning a new language is a very desirable skill (and often a necessity to some). Thus, if you’re confident enough in your ability and are willing to help educate others, you could make a great deal of money through this method.

Create a business from home 

Start Your Own Business

Starting your own internet business is becoming a very popular way to make money online. You need an idea, a marketing plan, and some basic skills. If you don’t have enough knowledge to develop an entire business, you could simply become an affiliate and sell items through a third-party website such as Amazon. Or, you could create your very own ecommerce website if you have a product or service in mind which you’d like to market. This can be very time consuming and requires a lot of dedication, but if you succeed you wouldn’t regret a single second. 

Online Psychic Readers

Qualified psychic readers are giving online readings on numerous subjects, ranging from finance and career, relationships and love, healing and health and even the paranormal. You’ve got to have the ability to give such readings, but those who do can potentially be in for quite the reward. Customers are eager to go online to chat with a psychic as it’s an extremely convenient way to get advice on support on key issues in their life. 
Become a YouTuber

What started off as a simple way to upload and watch videos has now become a profession to many. There are thousands of YouTubers throughout the world who have developed audiences and started making money through advertising on their channel. Seeing as there are millions of users, you ideally need to provide something unique in order to get noticed. Whether it’s your personality or your content, utilise it to market to an audience and you could become a star.



Making money online has become far easier over the past couple of years, especially for those in the creative industry or have a skill, craft or niche they can excel in. There are thousands of ways to do it, from taking online surveys to selling on eBay, but the above are a variety of 5 professions which could provide you with a greater income. If you’re interested in and have the necessary skills to be able to master one of the above, why not go for it?

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Inspiring a world view with simply toys + giveaway



wooden toys

1. Plan Toys Musical Band Planwood £34
2. Plan Toys sailing boat £10
3. Manny and Simon Red truck push toy £31
4. Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug £44
5. Melissa and Doug Jumbo crayons £5
6. Fat Brain Toy Tobbles £20

There are a variety of views and studies on the idea of simple toys being far more educational and beneficial for children over highly detailed flashing plastic ones which offer everything and leave nothing to the imagination. In simple terms if you take a stick it offers so much opportunity for the child to use his imagination as it can be a sword, a paddle for a boat, a flag, a pillar to keep up a tent, a musical instrument - in fact pretty much anything and it allows for the user to connect with nature and the world around them in a more organic way.

kids train
My sons love their simple train track

As some of you may already know it was my youngest birthday this week and I am taking on a minimalism challenge this year to get rid of 50% of everything I own so when it comes to things like this great thought needs to go into what we pick as it has to be beneficial, offer lots of scope for play, be made well and long lasting. We only got our 2yr old two small presents which we he can take with him on our travels and keeping things simple also offers lots of ways to become more aware of the world around you and there is some great inspiration from this post on the best toys for 2 year old boys (and girls).

The world feels so chaotic at the moment and it's easy for that to find its way into your home but with simple toys you can restore a little calm, such as a box of high quality crayons, my youngest loves nothing better than drawing and that opens up a whole world of creativity and imagination, it also gives us the chance to discuss different themes, what we saw that day, favourite colours and with my eldest practising drawing countries and the world. There is a lot to be said for naturing a playful mind and there are some great online resources about this.

musical kids
My eldest loves his wooden drum 

Musical instruments such as the little drum kit above are also fantastic as music is very therapeutic and enjoyable even from an early age and with older children you can listen to music from around the world together and discuss different cultures. 

Also you can share the importance of less is more and being eco conscious of what you buy from an early age by finding things that are more planet friendly such as Plan Toys Sailing boat which has been made ethically from organic rubber tree wood using non-toxic dye, as well as the Manny and Simon red push truck which comes from reclaimed wood and non-toxic paint. 

I found all of the toys above at which has everything you need for your little ones and has a huge array of fantastic toys and ship internationally and I'm very happy to say I have a $50 voucher to giveaway to one lucky reader, its super easy to enter and the giveaway ends on the 10th March and is open internationally. 

This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal, with a prize of a gift certificate

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Now your Two


happy baby

When your a child birthdays are always joyous occasions full of excitement and the same when your a parent but there is also a hint of the bittersweet. As a mother of course I want my boys to grow up to be strong confident young men but equally its hard to wave goodbye to my baby and enter toddlerhood which is quickly followed by a young adventurous boy and then suddenly pre-teens are around the corner and so it goes on but not to wish the time away, in fact that is the exact opposite because right now I'd like to press a pause button for a while. 2 is such an exciting age, my littlest is full of character and personality and is like a parrot when it comes to talking and copying everything we say and it's been such a pleasure and gift to parent this happy little boy.

forest baby

To not be to melancholy about my baby turning a year older I am actually really excited about what this year holds for all of us. Already he has been on so many adventures with us from France to Finland and loads in between, he is such a happy go lucky boy who takes everything in his stride with a big smile on his face. Isn't funny that you don't know what your child is going to look like or be like but they naturally become the perfect fit for your family, him and his brother are completely different people which is great as their interests are so varied and individual.

happy siblings

The great thing about Birthdays is it's also a fantastic reminder to parents about being mindful and present as I know it's a huge cliche but time really does fly by and these moments while they are so young and full of curiosity is so short lived, I also fear that is I feel so up and down now about my kids growing older who knows how I am going to feel when they leave home for University, I foresee total empty nest syndrome coming on! So here's to you my littlest boy, you make us so proud and we can't wait to discover even more about you over the next year of discovery.

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A New York Bucket list



New York

I love nothing more than planning trips, what we are going to see and do, working out the best way to navigate local transport systems and staring at maps for hours while imagining what is going to be like actually walking the streets of that destination. I still cannot believe that even though I have been to 25+ countries, including the US and even far flung islands like St Helena, I have never been to New York City.

John however has been three times and I know it would be fantastic to go with him which and the plan is to celebrate his 40th at Toms Diner which is in just over 2yrs time. As we do a fair amount of travel there is a good likelihood we may visit this amazing city before than but either way its time to start planning what I would love to see and do. We plan to have around a week in the city and while both John and I have similar interests he is a huge fan of The Warriors movie as well as shows like Seinfeld and have been to Coney Island, Greenwich Village, downtown Manhattan and few spots where they filmed these but I would want to shop for records, browse vintage stores and art galleries as well as walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and spend at least a day exploring Williamsburgh.

Art museum

1. Take in modern art at the Guggenheim

First of all the exterior of this museum which is found on 5th Avenue is iconic in itself and the building design is fascinating for interior lovers such as myself. I also find wandering around the Tate Gallery in London relaxing and inspiring and I know I would feel the same taking in all the greats of the impressionist, modern and contemporary art. The collection at the Guggenheim is always growing and is a museum now engrained in Manhattans history. The museum is also near Ralph's Coffee Shop - another place to visit on my to do list.

2. Explore central park by bike

You can't go to New York and now take a stroll through Central Park and I always think the best way to explore a city is either by foot or bike and with the park being so big and with so much to see, the quickest and easiest way is by bike. So many films have been shot in this park such as the famous lunch scene from "When Harry met Salt" at the Central Park Boathouse restaurant as well as Wollman Rink from "Serendipity" and "Home Alone 2" as well as the park being used as a film location for films such as You've Got Mail, Elf, Sex in City and many more. When it comes to New York Sightseeing a bike tour through Central Park is high on the list.

Central Park

3.  Walk the High Line

For those who don't know the High Line is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the Manhattan West Side. This is a great place if your with kids as there is so much going on from live music, pop-up food stalls, warm summer evenings spent chilling on one of the sun beds or dipping your feet into one of the fountains. There is also the two-block-long Chelsea thicket to explore which has a miniature forest of dogwoods, hollies and a variety of fauna right in the heart of the city.

Street Art

4. Street Art and Coffee Shops of Williamsburg

Williamsburg is hipster central when it comes to finding the next big thing or creative like minded and forward thinking individuals. From what I have heard you will be really spoilt for choice when it comes to cafe culture, pop-up food and street food markets and up and coming independent fashion labels. There is also an abundance of amazing street art as well as weekend flea markets, record stores and of course a visit to Brooklyn Brewery.

Yellow cab

5. Take a yellow cab across the Brooklyn Bridge (and walk back)

Yellow cabs to New York are what Black Cabs are too London and when your in the city you have to enjoy at least one ride in a taxi and why not across the Brooklyn Bridge where you can take that iconic city scape at dawn and then treat yourself to some delicious breakfast pastries at Jacques Torres's Almondine just across the bridge which apparently has amazing Eclairs and Croissants.

Have you been to the Big Apple? What would be on your bucket list for the city of what have you seen that you would recommend as a "must do" when your in the city.

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Keep your heart healthy & support National No Smoking Day



happy living

I don't smoke and luckily none of our immediate family does either as personally, I wouldn't be comfortable with it around the kids. One or two extended family members do however as well as a few friends, some of whom are parents and are really trying to lessen the habit or quit altogether. Being a parent has certainly made me more passionate about being more conscious of how we treat each other and the planet and keeping the air clean is something that affects us all.

The thing with any kind of addiction is that it's not easy to walk away or let go, you need to have support and full support at that without guilt or judgement. The question should never be why you started as there are so many reasons to this, peer pressure, wanting to be accepted or you may have parents or family members who smoke and it simply became a natural progression. What we can do as friends is be supportive to those who are trying to make the change to a healthier and happier way of living, especially on National Stop Smoking Day on the 8th March. It can also be hard to go cold turkey so one should research on how to do it slowly or use better alternatives and while I don't vape it could still be worthwhile reading what are disposable vapes and seeing what the options are. 

National Stop Smoking Day is also backed by a charity that is literally close to my heart - The British Heart Foundation, as some of you may know in in 2014 I had a surgical procedure to fix a minor heart defect, unfortunate the surgery was not successful but it provided a lot more insight into my defect and how to cope with it better & not let it affect my active and out-going outlook on life. Back to March the 8th and No Smoking day promotes giving up through positive encouragement, education on the benefits of stopping and advice on the best ways to quit.


The health benefits of stopping smoking

Most people will know that smoking is bad for our health. For anyone thinking of quitting, spelling out the health benefits of quitting can be a powerful motivator. Here are just some of the health improvements you’ll see, if you stop smoking.

Longer life

Statistics relating to smoking and longevity make for grim reading, with around half of all long-term smokers dying prematurely, from diseases such as lung cancer or heart disease. No matter what age you decide to stop smoking, it will increase the odds of you living to a healthier, happier old age.

Easy breathing

Smoking has a huge impact on your lung function and your ability to breathe easily. In less than a year, people who have given up smoking should see a 10% improvement in lung capacity, and should breathe more easily and cough less.

Reduced stress levels

Whilst some people claim that they smoke to calm their stress levels, it has actually been proved that non-smokers suffer less from stress than smokers. Quitting will reduce your overall stress levels, making you feel happier and calmer.

Fertility improvements

Smoking has a negative effect on both men and women, in terms of fertility. Men’s sperm can be less potent, and women can find it harder to get pregnant. Stopping smoking reverses this, and also reduces the chances of miscarriage and improves the chances of having a healthy baby.

active lifestyle

Improved energy levels

Within just a few weeks of quitting, your blood circulation will improve noticeably, and your immune system will be rejuvenated. You’ll have more energy for physical exercise, such as walking or running, and you’ll be less susceptible to viruses and minor ailments.

Whiter teeth and cleaner breath

As any non-smoker will confirm, smoking causes your teeth to stain and become yellowed, and your breath to smell. All that will improve after giving up, and you’ll also lessen the chances of gum disease or premature tooth loss.

Better skin

Regular smoking can give people a pale, creased complexion, but this can be reversed by giving up. Non-smokers have been shown to have fewer wrinkles and younger-looking skin.

Improved sense of smell and taste

As well as making your clothes smell and your teeth and nails go yellow, smoking cigarettes actually dulls your sense of smell and taste. The toxic chemicals in cigarettes affect the tongue through a process known as vascularisation, making the taste buds lose their shape over time. Smoking doesn’t kill taste buds, but it does make them much less effective at sending signals to your brain about the food you’re eating. Once you’ve stopped smoking, your taste buds and sense of smell will recover, allowing you to really enjoy food once again.

Yoga headstand

The best way to quit

It has been proven that people are more likely to be successful at permanently giving up smoking if they combine a supportive network of friends and family with an initial nicotine replacement so that you lessen your withdrawals. To start with nicotine replacement therapies are more effective than almost any other method of giving up as they ease the user off slowly. These therapies include patches, lozenges, chewing gum, inhalers or nasal sprays as well as more recent effective nicotine replacement e-cigarettes. Also when you are in the process of quitting it's really important to keep yourself busy, take on a new hobby perhaps such as yoga which is very relaxing, also focus on yourself, eating good food and nourishing your body and mind with positivity and supportive surroundings.

You may also through the process realise you are smoking as a crutch for something else and you may need to go to the source of the issue as to why you are becoming dependent on smoking. It's so easy to access health in the form on online Counselling with verified and accredited individuals.

Public Health England has produced an independent review showing that e-cigarettes have real potential for helping people to give up a the beginning of their quitting process and a study funded by Cancer Research UK found that e-cigarettes were 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes although should be used as a tool to quit and there has still be plenty of debate around the topic in the past.

If you or a friend are trying to quit this year the best thing is to have a plan, get organised, surround yourself with people who are going to support you and do things slowly and one day at a time. This approach has a fair higher success rate than going cold turkey and putting your body through massive withdrawals which is hard for anyone to cope with. Do check out the British Heart Foundation for Tips on quitting 

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3 unique sunny European Destinations for Spring


summer sunshine

I always find coming out of winter into spring is the time I start to long for sunshine the most as the slightly warmer days seem to remind one of feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin more than ever. While the UK doesn't really warm up until the middle of the year there are many wonderful and easily accessible places across Europe that make for the perfect break away to top up on your tan and Vitamin D, also travelling this time of the year is perfect for families with young kids as you can benefit from the out of season savings as well as avoiding the stifling summer heat.

When passing local travel agents you see loads of specials for places like Palma, Lagos, Ibiza and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with these destinations some may be seeking a more cultural, historical and relaxing break which focuses on reconnecting as a family, exploring somewhere new and enjoying good food in inspiring surroundings. I thought I would share a mini Wishlist of 3 European destinations that are easy to get too, offer great value and give you the opportunity to spend some much deserved time relaxing by a pool and leaving these dreary wet days behind you.

A harbour in Gaza

1. Gozo, Malta

Gozo is one of the three islands that make up Malta and is situated in Mediterranean sea, only a 3hr flight from London. It is smaller, less built up and more remote than the main island but makes for a perfect place to escape and relax. It still offers a lot however for every type of traveller wether you are looking for a romantic break away or want to get active and partake in some sea kayaking or a family looking for sea, sun and sand. These islands are steeped in history as well as offering loads of hikes, sailing and even surfing and both the local transportation and food is very reasonable. Springtime offers lot of sunshine and warm weather and Clickstay have some amazing Villas on Gozo from £550 a week in April such as this beautiful 3 bed farmhouse with private pool that would make the perfect hideaway.

Goza, Malta

2.  Dubrovnik - Croatia

Dubrovnik with it's stunning walled city on the Adriatic Sea is listed on the Unesco World Heritage Site and is regarded as the "pearl of the Adriatic". Its only around 2hrs 45min flight time from the UK and offers travellers sunshine, history and culture all wrapped up in a visually stunning destination that is also very budget friendly. Some may also be interested to hear that Dubrovnik has featured a fair few times as "Kings Landing" in Game of Thrones and there are lots of "thrones tours" on offer for anyone who is a fan of the series. There are also three public beaches near the old town and plenty to see and do a little further afield as well as some fantastic Apartments and Villas to rent at very reasonable prices.

Walled city
Walled City of Dubrovnik 

3. Piran - Slovenia

Some people may not even know that Slovenia which is sandwiched between Italy and Croatia has a coastline, it's a small coastline but a very beautiful one at that and Piran being the most quaint and visual inspiring of them all. To get to Piran the easiest way is to do the 2 hour flight to the capital of Ljubliana and hire a car and drive down taking in the stunning rural countryside. Piran town is easy to walk and explore and is a very quite and relaxed place where taking in the sunset on the waterfront with a drink is hand is a must as well as a climb to the top of the city walls to get a panoramic view across the coast. There are only a few hotels in Piran but there are plenty of apartments and private lets in the area which are great if your travelling as a larger group or with family.

Slovenia Coastline

All three of these destinations are budget friendly, suitable for families and offer not only time to spend by the coastline but also historical and cultural discoveries and are a little different from the normal springtime sunshine breaks.

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Exploring Tenby & Pembroke Castle


natural childhood

At this time of the year its easy to feel the drag of winter and I always find January and February especially long months and I think if it's possible getting away even just for a few hours can do you a world of good. Last month we decided to bundle the kids in the car and head to Tenby in West Wales for a night, it's one of our favourite places and when the sun is out it's a truly spectacular place to be.

It's only around a 2hr drive and we booked ourselves in at the Premier Inn, we have actually stayed at this one before when I was 38weeks pregnant with my youngest, it was our last trip as a family of three and even since then has had a special place in our heart. The hotel is pretty new to the area, about 2yrs old, the other options are mainly B&B's which are not always the best option when you have two young children running around. It's also located right in the centre of town and close to both of the beaches and all the cafes and restaurants.


colourful houses

cute door

Once we arrived we had a quick coffee in our room before heading down to castle beach for an afternoon of building sandcastles - yes its the middle of winter but the sun was out and provided us with the most beautiful sunset. There are also a few caves on the beach which we enjoyed exploring. What I love most about Tenby is all the colourful and individual houses that look out across the bay and have become somewhat iconic for this area, you cannot help but feel happy passing pink and blue pastel houses. 


West Wales

We stayed on the beach until the sun had sunk below the horizon and then we made our way back to the hotel and some much needed food after a busy day. After food we headed to bed as it was forecast for another sunny day and we wanted to make the most of our time here. We woke up early, filled up on breakfast and decided to spend a few more hours on the beach before heading over to Pembroke Castle which was only about 20mins away.

hipster dad

Tenby beach

Tenby beach

We knew it was only going to be a quick little getaway but with such stunning views and clear blue waters it was hard to say goodbye although we were all keen to tick off another castle on our list of ones still yet to explore. It was pretty easy to get from Tenby to Pembroke and as soon as we had a glimpse of the castle which lies right in the middle of the town, we were all eager to see what was inside.

Welsh castle

Castle interior

Welsh Castle

Pembroke Castle is really impressive and stands on a site that has been occupied since the Roman times. There are loads of rooms to explore and turrets to climb and the staff in the shop where you pay to enter are really friendly and informative. My eldest and I climbed right to the top of one of the turrets where a flag was flying and it was surprisingly very high and gave us a great view of Pembroke Town and the farming land further afield. My youngest also really enjoyed running around in the castle grounds and there is also some stairs going deep below the castle where there is cave called Wogan Cavern and they have found flint tools from the Middle Ages here.

Pembroke castle

Patagonia jacket

Even though our mini break was a rather quick one it really did us a lot of good to reconnect and slow down after the busy Christmas period. We love spending as much time outdoors as possible so the long hours on the beach were bliss for us. We have a few more mini breaks like this lined up over the next few months and cannot wait.  Check out the vlog and see what we got up too

Country Kids
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Street style and my favourite Dr Martens


Pixie cut

It's been a while since I did a street style post and that is mainly because I have been attempting to minimalise my wardrobe and put together a more streamline capsule wardrobe of my favourite pieces - I am getting there slowly, I also want to update my wardrobe somewhat, which I like to do at the start of each year, so on the style front everything is having some what of an overhaul.

I met up with the wonderful Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn and the talented photographer Sarah Lou in Stoke Croft, the creative district of Bristol for coffee, cake and a wander around this visually inspiring place. You may remember last year I did a little work with Dr Martens and their Kids school range, my eldest absolutely loves his Docs and seriously can you get cooler school shoes? I think not.

White denim

Stokes Croft

I have a few pairs, in fact I picked up some a few weeks ago, they are just so long lasting and never go our of style. I wanted to share one of my favourite pairs, while I love the classic black boots I do love the material ones. I paired them up with a white pair of jeans and black denim jacket from Topshop and shirt from Zara.

finger tattoo

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Homemade Cypriot Potato and Leek pasties


homemade pastie

As I've said before I find cooking and making wholesome family meals very therapeutic and I love to try new things. In general our meals have a healthy focus and I have never been a big fan of shop bought pasties and pies but I did like the idea of making my own and cramming them filled with lovely veggies and creating a portable snack when we are outdoors on our adventures.

So when I was set a challenge to create something tasty and would hopefully be a hit with the family, using in season Cypriot New Potatoes from Tesco's, I thought it was the perfect time to try out some cheesy leek and potato pasties - the perfect vegetarian family friendly snack. Of course you can use any potatoes in this recipe but I have to say the Cypriot ones are very tasty and versatile as you can bake, roast, boil or steam them and they are only available in stores until March. I also used Tesco's lighter shortcrust pastry, I have in the past made my own pastry for a variety of different dishes but with this recipe I wanted to focus on making it as quick, easy and family friendly as possible.

homemade pasty

Ingredients - makes 12 small pasties

300g cubed Cypriot Potatoes
2 small leeks or 1 large leek, outer leaves removed, finely sliced
1 tbsp Olive oil
1 tsp dried thyme
150g either smoked or cheddar cheese, grated
2 medium organic eggs
2 Tesco's lighter ready rolled shortcrust pastry
Small side plate or large round cookie cutter

leek and potato pasties

making pasties


1. Placed the cubed potatoes in boiling salted water for around 5 minutes until tender but still holding their shape. While the potatoes are boiling slice the leeks and place in a saucepan, add the olive oil and gently fry for around 5-6 mins until nice and soft.

2. Drain the potatoes and place in a big bowl, then add the leeks and dried thyme as well as the grated cheese and mix together.

3. Crack one of the eggs, briefly whisk and add to the potato and leek mixture.

4. Heat the oven to 180c or gas 4. Roll out the pastry and use either a small side plate or large circular cookie cutter as a template for the pasties. You should get around 6 small pasties from one ready rolled pastry. Crack the other egg in a small bowl - this will be used for brushing the pasties

5. Place about 2 heaped spoons of the potato and leek mixture on each pastie circle. Brush around the edges with a little egg and then bring the edges together and crimp wth your fingers to seal.

6. Place the pasties on a baking tray lined with parchment and brush with remaining egg. Bake for around 25mins until golden.

This recipe is a great way to get your little ones contributing to their 5 a day. Did you know potatoes are fill of good vitamins & minerals such as Vit C&D, folate, iron and magnesium and Leeks are an excellent source of Vit K, B6, copper and manganese.

This is my entry to the #CypriotNewPotatoes challenge on Foodies100 with Tesco
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